Arsenal Engage Radio Silence To Back Emery

Simon Jordan, the failed Crystal Palace owner turned rent-a-gob, reckons no-one would want to manage Arsenal because “the supporters moan about everything”. In reality, what it all boils down to is we’re complaining about a badly-run club. Jordan, of course, is an expert in that.

Radio Silence continues to play at Highbury House this morning – a key point from the recent #wecaredoyou statement – which means only one thing: a siege mentality at the club.

Sadly, it’s the hierarchy who are hunkering down in a bunker and not the squad bonding in a common cause. You know the spirit George Graham so admirably invoked after the points deduction in 1990. Oh, the irony that it was Southampton who succumbed 4 – 0 that Saturday afternoon, taking the punishment for our frustration at events.

At modern-day Arsenal, silence is golden. The board is powerless to act since the Muppet Show is in charge. For Kermit, Fozzy, Gonzo, Beaker, Statler and Waldorf, read Raul, Edu, Vinai, Huss, Enos and Junior.

And as with the television programme, our Muppets are silenced as far as the media is concerned. Not hide nor hair heard from them in months. You might wonder if they like the adulation but are cowardly when it comes to tough times. As I say, you might wonder that but I couldn’t possibly comment.

If they speak out, it’s a vote of confidence, something The Muppet Show is keen to avoid. Instead, they leak to the favoured ones that Sir Chips is thinking of quitting. He must still be on the throne contemplating because it doesn’t take that long to think about it.

Or they tell you that they back Emery. Except they never said anything of the sort, when push comes to shove; it was speculation; paper talk. Plausible deniability.

It’s Like a Kind of Torture…

Even quieter than usual, KSE doesn’t have a word to say. No positive encouragement in the press for a beleaguered head coach. No condemnation, either.

Other under-performing clubs in the division are acting. Spurs sacked Pochettino and yesterday, Everton ditched Marco Silva. Things at both clubs were going to wrong to similar degrees as Arsenal but only one club sticks its’ head in the sand, letting Nero fiddle while the club burns to the ground.

Bravo, Junior. Well done, Enos. Those brave words in the summer about how much fun this season would be and what exciting times lay ahead are as hollow now as they were then. Care to update us on how positive this season has been so far?

The top four was a well-labelled expectation from The Muppet Show before the season began. The end-of-season collapse was redefined as a “near-miss”. It was more sinister than that as the continuing slump in performance levels shows us.

At the weekend, Emery said he needed to go back and analyse where things went wrong. No, no, no! Your analysis is where things went wrong in the first place. I don’t believe I’ve ever come across a football manager who overthinks the game as much as Emery.

The Spaniard is beating himself, trying to be a footballing chameleon when he doesn’t even have the basics right. Until that happens, he is always doomed to fail. Increasingly, he is a tactician caught in a frenzy of self-doubt.

“If they do this, we do that to counter. But what if they then do this? Or that? Of move here instead? We should move here, there and everywhere,” as the magnetic counters whirl around the tactics board in a blur of colour.

The Muppet Show descends into chaos.

…To Have to Watch the Show…

Amid all the running around, Kermit the Frog was always an attempt to bring calm to the situation. I don’t get that feeling about Raul. He, I think, is the source of the infamous “noise” quote. Fans are an irritation, so emotional. Easy to rise in ecstasy or agony.

Judging by the comments I’ve seen, he won’t see many fans on Thursday night. Empty seats were the evidence Arsene Wenger’s race was run at the club and the same is true of Unai Emery.

The question is when will The Muppet Show recognise that?

And more importantly, when will they act on it?

31 thoughts on “Arsenal Engage Radio Silence To Back Emery

  1. potter says:

    It would seem that because of Frankfurt’s supporter ban the club have decided not to sell on exchange or to red members so that disparate followers of the Germans will not get in . This should on one hand ensue a low turn out but also on the other give the club a ready made excuse against media criticism . They are are a slippery bunch , they seem to get their excuses in early.
    It as always will always be down to their investors , the season ticket holders , not to turn up for a high profile game and coming up is the Christmas shopping excuse and the new year lack of transport problems which undoubtably will be trotted out .
    Although we have heard them all before , no doubt we will hear them all again.

  2. YW says:

    > Happy with 2nd

    You’re too ambitious for a place in The Muppet Show, JG

  3. andy1886 says:

    Didn’t know that Everton had ditched Silva yet YW. Would’ve been first btw but was ruled out by VAR.

  4. Wailesy says:

    I’m not sure they have……yet.

    Moyes name being kicked around as a replacement. Surely they’re not that stupid.

  5. andy1886 says:


    Surely nobody is that stupid?

    Then again never say never in football.

  6. Randy Thomsett says:

    Not another fucking # statement.

    Planes with banners. Individual players targeted and verbally abused to the point where they want to be anywhere else. And now fucking # statements every few months.

    As a collective, we have become a fucking embarrassment.

  7. Buffalo says:

    Everyone just email the club directly and continuously, that will get things moving. And stop attending games. Football fans are such sheep
    How is Emery still in a job this morning. Its incredible. And that prick Raul S can do one too. Adding sod all except dreadful judgement.
    And where is the kroenke con show. Such a bunch of cowboys, total scumbags

  8. Pete the Thirst says:

    I’ll be there Potter, will you? Or are you Xmas shopping? Thursday nights are great fun in London.

    I think you’ll be surprised at the number of Frankfurt fans that will be in the stadium. The touts will be doing a brisk trade.


    It as always will always be down to their investors , the season ticket holders ,not to turn up for a high profile game and coming up is the Christmas shopping excuse and the new year lack of transport problems which undoubtably will be trotted out .
    Although we have heard them all before , no doubt we will hear them all again.

  9. Pete the Thirst says:

    Have you ever emailed the club? The customer service people there are semi-literate and about as useful as a chocolate tea pot.

    As for stopping attending games. Why? I enjoy going along.

    Everyone just email the club directly and continuously, that will get things moving.And stop attending games.Football fans are such sheep
    How is Emery still in a job this morning. Its incredible.And that prick Raul S can do one too. Adding sod all except dreadful judgement.
    And where is the kroenke con show.Such a bunch of cowboys, total scumbags

  10. potter says:

    Pete the Thirst,

    Unfortunately I gave up evening matches a long time ago . Living 140 miles from the ground getting there and back by train on the same day is not possible with work constraints and a 3 hour solo car drive plus parking and walking to the ground is just not economical or practical. On many occasions I have lost the first half hour of a match and twice have missed the whole thing.
    It’s a shame but for a long period starting in 1956 I hardly missed a home match but then financial circumstances changed and I had to move from london .
    C’est la vie.

  11. Bufallo says:

    Fair enough Pete it’s an individual choice but emptying of stadium would precipitate his demise more swiftly imo…i have actually emailed them and i agree it’s hilarious. Amazed you enjoy it when it’s like this, can’t say i’m prepared to line Kroenkes coffers under these circumstances especially.
    Part of the reason they bought the club in the first place, highest prices in football for fourth place trophy and a placid fanbase. No wonder they licked their lips

  12. Pete the Thirst says:


    Understandable. Just like the thousands that have to leave early to get the last train home etc. They get a lot of grief from others, but in some instances it’s choice of getting home or not at all.

  13. Pete the Thirst says:

    I’m not sure it would. It doesn’t seem Kroenke takes much notice of anything but the bottom line.

    Most of the enjoyment comes from pre & post match these days, but there is still some amusement to be had from this current mess.

    but emptying of stadium would precipitate his demise more swiftly imo…

  14. C says:

    I know the focus is on Emery and as we know, it seems almost imminent but can he please please take Sokaritis with him?!?!

    He is BEYOND SHAMBOLIC and I know Mustafi had his moments last season but so did Sokaritis, only difference was people claimed some of them were because of Mustafi… its clear for all to see, Sokaritis isn’t good enough and needs to be replaced immediately. I mean, he has literally cost us in damn near ever match.

  15. HenryNorrisDialSquare says:

    Well I didn’t see that coming. I think he’s lost the dressing room. He’s got to go but the management aren’t capable of bringing in a suitable replacement. Let’s just get to the end of the season. Hopefully we’ll finish outside of the top 6 and the new manager can just focus on the league and the 2 cups. We’ll be out of the cups fairly early and then the focus can be the league without any interruptions. This would be good for any new manager.

  16. Dukey says:

    Apparently Everton have asked the Premier league if they can bring their game with Arsenal forward to next week because they are in desperate need of some confidence!

  17. Potter says:


    C : I understand that all of our central defenders get the blame for their inability to play out from the back but individually they are not suited to that tactic . To play in tight places you need quick feet which none of our centre backs do .
    Also they require the midfield to show for the ball .Too often the ball goes to a fullback who plays it inside and either the recipient gets caught or goes back to the keeper . The tactic does not work for us because it invites players on to them and we have all seen the end result

  18. Stu says:


    I know that problem. Having moved up to Worcestershire in 2003, my trips back to the Arsenal for evening matches were few and far between. Although with a half decent rail service (ludicrous prices) it was possible.

    Since moving down to Devon to 2016, I’ve been to one evening match. Got the so called sleeper train out to Exeter – never again! You only get a sleeper bed if you go to Plymouth and beyond, so had a chair, in a very slow train. Didn’t get back to Exeter until gone 3am and then an hours+ drive home. The game was crap (a scraped 1-1 draw) so that didn’t help.

  19. Stu says:


    That’s not what I hear about Plymouth from my daughter, who goes to Uni there! Although, students look at life differently from the rest of us.

    We are closer to Bude, but just inside the Devon/Cornwall border. Proper bandit country! Not even a train for miles, courtesy of that clown Beeching.

  20. Blue Yonder says:

    Good point on Emery’s dithering on strategy, YW. At the risk of over-simplying, surely you assess the overall and individual strengths of an organization and then develop a strategy that builds on that. And then you stick with that strategy, with only occasional tweaks. Starting players whose styles complement each other, as well. Similarly with the lineup. Emery does not have a “first team” that will start most games, allowing for injuries, rest, suspensions, etc.
    Re-jigging strategy from moment to moment is asinine and it’s no wonder the players are be-fuddled. I know I am.

  21. MARTIN VEAR says:

    If Chris Wilder can get a bunch of “No Names” playing decent football, and defend competently i might add, why can’t Emery get our players playing winning football??? Every time my phone “pings” i hope its news of his demise!

  22. Dukey says:


    Bude is very nice, rented a little cottage a few years ago near there.

  23. C says:


    I wasn’t just talking about that mistake, but his play overall.

    As far as playing out from the back, we actually do have defenders in Chambers, Luiz and even Mustafi who are all comfortable with the ball at their feet and playing out from the back. Tend to agree about the midfield, but I also think at times, our midfielders prefer to dribble instead of pass when it should be opposite.

  24. Saa says:

    Allegri rumors on the prowl again… Apparently he has rented /bought a flat in London in anticipation of working in England… M’villa anyone?

  25. Bill says:

    Great post yogi.

    Love the Muppets and my kids we’re fans when they were young. I like Zoot the saxophone player for the band and the Swedish Chef. Statler and Waldorf are also great.

  26. Papa Bear says:

    Let’s be realistic now, of all the available options out there, so many reasons that block the path to ours:
    – Allegri : “Will you give my minimum 250m transfer budget to fix your mess.”
    – Poch : “Revenge $ex (to arsenal) is not his appetite, and Real Madrid, and Man Utd are more appealing to anybody.”
    – Nagelsman: Just been hired at RBL and still a long contract and difficult to prise him away.
    – Rodgers : Who are we kidding? He just blend a good strong squad and will enjoy the ride for at least 2 years time with CL prospect with Leicester next season. (IMO he’s well suited for our free flowing attacking footbal).
    – Benitez: Only a few months in China, and his contract would be a problem.
    – Viera : He is my hero as a player, but let’s face it, he’s been average as a manager.
    – Freddie: Bigger risk than Arteta.

    So all the options out there limit Arsenal to beggars can’t be choosers than to accept the only reasonable option is ARTETA (just hope he can emulate his learning on Pep to the field success.

  27. Wavey says:

    ‘Now we are going to analyse it and find solutions as to whether we are better with three or two centre backs, the balance, and then work out how we can be stronger defensively and offensively,’ Emery said.

    And that is the man in a nut shell. He analyses everything to death and never comes up with an answer. By now he should know how he wants the team to play and in what formation. You can look at as much video footage as you want, but if you don’t know how to interpret it you are wasting your time. He clearly spends hours looking at videos and then has Eureka moments which he tries to explain to the team. Clearly they don’t get what he is on about because he keeps changing every time. The players may take the responsibility on the pitch, but when they look as confused and disjointed as they do, even in the first 5 minutes of a home game, you have to ask what the manager is telling them. if I were the Norwich coach I would have my players flying out of the blocks to ensure we are on the back foot from the off.

    I have no idea what will happen against Frankfurt, but they should turn us over quite easily on our current form. And I’m going, what a fun night that will be. Would be nice to see the team surprise me and put on a performance.

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