On Winter Sales, Speculation Fails & More

You can tell a club’s situation by the stories which surround it. Currently, you’d assume correctly that we’re stuck in a certain creek without a paddle and are pointing an RPG at the centre of the boat.

It’s no surprise to read Granit Xhaka is house-hunting in Milan at the behest of the Snake Oil Salesman. He ought to know the city well enough by now given the interest Internazionale showed in the summer.

As much as his situation is of his own making, it sums up the malaise which consumes Arsenal Football Club at present.

I genuinely don’t see the Swiss international playing for the club again unless there are exceptional circumstances. He commented recently that he didn’t feel in the right frame of mind to return to first-team action for the club. That isn’t a surprise and to be honest, it is in all parties interest if he departs this winter.

Which ought to leave the door open for a long run in the side for Lucas Torreira but don’t count on it. He, according to his agent, isn’t a happy little bunny.

“Torreira is doing well at Arsenal,” claimed Pablo Betancur. “Although the change of role doesn’t make him happy,” he continued to the crux of the matter.

In some respects, Emery paid Torreira a compliment, viewing the Uruguayan as a player intelligent enough to play several roles albeit not very often in the one he favours.

That unsettled the midfielder and left, it seems, a question mark over whether the club wants to keep him. Betancur certainly thinks that is the situation.

His playing days will be seen out at Boca Juniors if he has his way but Napoli is a possibility because it “is an environment very similar to that of Boca.”

Back To Life

Being the international break, stories about discontent are never far away. Last week, it was Hector Bellerin who was the target of an unnamed Italian club. A clue came with the bald man calling everyone to gather round. The Snake Oil Salesman is preparing his pitch.

His agent, Alberto Botines, reckons it’s a lot of talk about nothing. Bellerin, he said, is “focused on the team’s commitments” after his “bad injury”.

A man of the world and given his interest in fashion, it is little surprise to find “he likes Italy.” Botines wants to spill the beans about which Italian club is interested but Ivan told him to keep it all on QT.

With speculation over Aubameyang and Reiss Nelson, you might argue that it is a typical international break. I’d agree to some extent. Worst of all, those whom we won’t be sorry to lose are the ones who don’t attract speculation.

Maybe they don’t sell advertising space?

With the uncertainty over the future of the manager, I would expect a low-key January. Even if Xhaka leaves, I doubt we’ll strengthen the squad. Raul said during the summer that he isn’t a fan of the winter window. It’s a time for panic buying, he said.

We are panic-stricken but not buying, it seems.

England’s Dreaming

The Wembley crowd took one look at Arsenal’s stake to be the so-called ‘worst fans ever’ and put in a belting bid for the title. Joe Gomez copped the flak for being the victim of a lover’s tiff with Raheem Sterling. No guesses which side a sizeable number of the crowd took.

In all this, questions remain over Gareth Southgate’s handling of the handbags. Football dressing rooms are full of quarrels, fisticuffs and cliques. They have been since the game was founded and will remain so until it dies on its’ arse.

It was a situation which should have been dealt with in-house. Instead, it was blown out of all proportion with the punishment ill-fitting the crime, sating only the media.

As it was, England won 7 – 0. The disparity between the sides emphasising the necessity for UEFA to hold a pre-qualifying tournament. They won’t, of course; this is an organisation which thinks having a UEFA Europa Conference as a third club tournament is a good idea.

They can’t even get the format of the other two right but hey, third time lucky?

I doubt it somehow.

’til Tomorrow.

11 thoughts on “On Winter Sales, Speculation Fails & More

  1. Jonnygunner says:

    Not again!!🀠🀠🀠

  2. Jonnygunner says:

    He’s only gone and done it πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»

  3. Welsh Corgi says:

    Darn you’re fast JG😊.

    Without knowing Emery, no personal insight or glimpses in his life and therefore not knowing my head from my arse. I still want to say that he comes across as a rather unsympathetic person.

    Almost a bit cuntish (if I can say that).

  4. Spike says:

    I wont be at all bothered when Xhaka leaves.

    Hes not only not good enough, hes also shown by his recent actions and comments that he is exactly the type of player/human being that we sont need.

    The stuff about Bellerin smacks of lazy shit stirring hackery.

    But the likes of Auba will probably want to leave if we have a shite season. I wonder if the owners are prepared for losing our best players because of their inertia?

  5. Blue Yonder says:

    If Arsenal were blowing everyone away, it wouldn’t matter who was playing where but, since they aren’t, Emery should at least play everyone in their best/preferred position as far as possible.
    I don’t buy all the (rumoured) griping from the players but Emery makes it easy for complaints from all quarters.

  6. Blue Yonder says:

    With all the rumours of players leaving or being lured away, there are very few right now that I would consider untouchable. If they leave, just make sure we can get the max for them.
    The defence is awful, as we know.
    But we’ve also got all this fire-power and yet we’re hardly scoring so if Aubameyang, for example, wants to leave, let’s do it but let’s get a good return – which we should. Yes, he’s getting on but he is also coming off a golden boot.

  7. Spike says:

    Blue Yonder,

    All I’d like is a coach/manager who at least looks like they know what they’re doing. Can see the shortcomings in the squad and addresses them, either internally or by working with the technical dudes and signing a player. You know? Like a decent centre back and defensive midfielder!

    And a coach who IMPROVES the team in terms of results and ideally as well, performance. I dont think that’s too much to ask?

    Yet we all can see that isnt happening. But somehow Atsenal fans are ENTITLED and deluded cry babies? Well, some are clearly!! πŸ™‚

  8. Blue Yonder says:


    If wanting the team to win and/or to at least play with some verve makes me a cry-baby fan, so be it. I believe this team has too much talent to under-perform so consistently.
    I am also disappointed with Emery that he has been unable in a season plus to get them to up their game. However, the same complaints were being made during the last few seasons under Wenger so it isn’t new.
    The players are, when all’s said and done, supposed to be professionals but few are performing that way. New coach? Fine. But will the performances change? Time will tell.

  9. C says:

    Well done yo our Arsenal woman for winning the NLD infront of a record crowd.

    Looking at the men vs the woman at Arsenal is night and day. Woman are on of the best sides in world futbol, if I’m not mistaken have won a couple league and a couple FA Cups while consistently pushing for the CL crown. Then our men, well, at times the less said the better.

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