No Way, Jose With Emery On The Brink

Football, don’tcha just love it? Niko Kovac may beg to differ this morning after the Bayern Munich coach became the former Bayern Munich coach. Karl-Heinz Rummenigge, the club’s CEO, essentially said things weren’t right and now was the time to act.

So they did. Eighteen months into Kovac’s contract. 

The final straw came in a 5 – 1 defeat at Eintracht Frankfurt. That’s the same Eintracht Frankfurt who are soon to visit the Emirates.

Are Enos and Junior listening? 

Some argue against sacking Emery because ‘Arsenal aren’t that sort of club’. Yet Bayern were exactly the club we wanted to be according to snake oil salesman Gazidis. And without exception, everyone agreed at the time.

Will the Raul and Edu act?

As a delicious aside, Bayern pulled off an outstanding homage to 1980s British sitcoms by appointing Hans-Dieter Flick to head coach, albeit on a temporary basis. Herr Flick has taken charge. The club is searching for a replacement but the terms of appointment are quite restrictive. Apparently, no-one called Mainwaring has managed a Champions League club yet…

It follows a weekend where Jose Mourinho was heavily linked with being the next Arsenal boss. His PR man Duncan Castles, declared in the previously esteemed The Times that the Portugeezer recently dined with Raul and the head coach role was discussed. Just the current coach to sack and the job was his.

Social media duly obliged with a meltdown. It was so typically Mourinho; divisive, setting brother against brother, father against son, while complete strangers received the usual vile abuse.

It definitely was typically Mourinho. In an unusual move, Arsenal issued a flat denial of the story. The pair didn’t dine together and haven’t spoken in five years. Avenue shutdown and door to the club slammed firmly in the Special One’s face.

One Door Closes, Another One Shuts Too

This morning sees more stories emerge in equally unreliable newspapers that the Arsenal squad is split over Emery. 

Some like him, others don’t understand him. The usual sorts of stories usually attributed to unsettled players. Ones who are unfairly – in their eyes – left out of the starting line-up.

This time, I’m not sure that’s the case since the one who believes he has been unfairly treated is back in the line-up.

So, we’re left with works of fiction attributed at their core to completely made up people. It’s the media looking at social media and taking their cue, fixing up to get clicks by the bucketload.

And we fall for it every time.

At the heart of the matter is whether a Arsenal is a modern club or one straddling too footballing eras with the gap growing ever wider: The Arsenal Way.

The one where the club stands by struggling managers until the bitter end, waiting for the end of the season. Terry Neill and Don Howe May beg to differ.

The trouble is that The Arsenal Way no longer exists. It’s a mural wrapped around the stadium to hide the stone cladding and a marketing scheme to make the new home more desirable.

It was left in Highbury when the doors closed after all the furniture was moved out, rattling around with the ghosts of the past.

The Arsenal Way was down to the people. Football continues to evolve further away from the ideals of the past. It’s a good thing for fans to remember traditions and how we used to be. It’s bad for Arsenal to operate in the same way.

We’re At The Crossroads and The Devil Wants To Deal

There is a suggestion that Emery has a month to save his job. Which is halved thanks to the international break. The problem is that we know the fundamental changes which need to happen, won’t.

The defence isn’t going to cut out individual errors nor the collective ones. Our midfield isn’t suddenly going to become freescoring while simultaneously providing a solid defensive barrier. And nor are we about to become any less reliant on goals from Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang.

Unai Emery cannot solve these problems. He’s had ample time to do so and is regressing. 

Raul, Edu: change is coming. We all know it. There is no point in making change when it is too late. 

‘Til Tomorrow.

56 thoughts on “No Way, Jose With Emery On The Brink

  1. Alex Ice Cream says:

    Emery should never have been appointed in the first place so his sacking is overdue whenever it comes. The next available time is now.

    There is no reason to keep him at all, even Freddie as caretaker for a short while could be no worse and at least the players would understand what he requires of them.

    Emery is simply out of his depth. Bruce Rioja.

    Arsenal then should not make the Mourinho Mistake, please, please no. He would be an upgrade on Emery but still no.

    Allegri has been mentioned but is his English much better than Emery’s? Does he want to come to Arsenal and England? There is not a huge list of suitable candidates but the board have to get it right this time.

  2. Pete the Thirst says:

    That was another poor display against Wolves. The crowd is losing patience with Emery quickly. I thought he would be able to muddle through until the end of the season, but on current evidence it looks like he will be hooked a lot sooner.

    The substitution of Torreira for Saka was a real head scratcher at the time and it led indirectly to Wolves’ goal. Getting more eccentric with each match.

  3. Michael says:

    I suppose Good moaning Herr Flick would be appropriate at Bayern.
    If/ when we lose at Leicester should be the cue to dump him.

  4. Ferkov says:

    Alex Ice Cream,

    Bruce Rioja. That’s good.
    Missed the game. No desire to watch back now. Went as expected. Spineless it seems.

  5. HenryNorrisDialSquare says:

    If any of you are believing what’s happened at Munich is going to happen at Arsenal, then think again. We will not be pushing the eject button until the end of the season. We have money men running the club. It’s not sound business to sack Emery when it’s going to cost to move him on and it’s you’ve effectively doubled the bargaining chips for any new manager coming in mid season. Arsenal will wait till the summer. But what’s to say they will get it right next time? I’ve always been vocal about getting Bielsa or NES. We will lose to Leicester and I don’t expect U.E. to be sacked because of it. Another dismal campaign ahead, but I’m hopeful for the summer. It’s high time the rest of you write this one off as a annus horribilis.

  6. jonnygunner says:


    I’m not in agreement Henry-he’ll corrupt their investment-he’ll be gone very soon(that’s my opinion anyway).
    We’ll know before too long.

  7. HenryNorrisDialSquare says:

    Full of mistakes that post, but hey ho!

    Great as always YW. Could do with adding some “Are you being served” pun’s in there as well. Would suit the comedy styling of Arsenal and Emery.

  8. Noon Gunner says:

    Thanks, YW.

    Those of you who watched the delightful Wrighty interview with Bergkamp that came out recently will recall that at the end Bergkamp suggests he would quite like to coach at Arsenal – not be THE coach, but be part of the set-up.

    Is it an option to put Freddie in as caretaker and ask Dennis to step in alongside him as his assistant?

    One can dream…

  9. Ras says:

    It was a stupid appointment in the 1st place.
    One of the ( preferred) fundamental requirements is that the Candidate must have a working knowledge of English.

    Emery’s French was so great at PSG. He’s further debilitated by fact the fact he has a strong Southern Spanish accent.

    Having had to learn a new Language myself He Emery has had to learn English as well as the Foorball jargon .. flick, pass , header, shoot, volley,1-2, long ball etc. It’s another language in itself.

    His chances of being a success were very limited.

    If my Mom were alive I’d have her fabrique one of Her Special Figures in the guide of Gazidis and insert pins each time a shot is taken, or a goal is scored against us.

  10. HenryNorrisDialSquare says:

    Noon Gunner,

    Sorry buddy but when have the Arsenal, board, owner’s, ever tried to protect the investment on the pitch by being decisive? Trust me, they will wait till summer. And I’m in agreement, any decent potential target won’t be available until then. Bielsa, NES, Rafa, Rodgers.

    Whatever happened to Steve Coppell?

  11. HenryNorrisDialSquare says:

    Sorry Noon Gunner, that was actually for Jonnygunner

  12. Michael says:

    I also have to disagree, as you say the money men are running the show. New contracts have not been signed by Lacca and Pea, it would be far more expensive to replace them than Emery.
    That of course assumes that they might, if a suitable replacement is found and soon.

  13. andy1886 says:

    What with Herr Flick at Bayern and Officer Crabtree (Good Moaning!) at Arsenal they make a right pair.

  14. C says:

    When Emery was appointed, some questioned it but he was a good manager with a good CV. Think he just hasn’t caught the tempo of the PL, does that make him a bad coach/manager, that’s absurd given his CV.

    I have found it increasingly funny that Emery is called a bad manager and Pochettino is called a brilliant manager yet given the CV’s (Sevilla spends less and sells its best players so technically worst off than Spuds) yet what exactly has Pochettino ever accomplished?!?!? I’ll wait…..

  15. Blue Yonder says:

    Excellent and insightful article, YW.
    I’m in the camp that believes Emery won’t be sacked until the summer. But that doesn’t mean the search shouldn’t be under way now. They tried to replace 22 years of Wenger in just a few short months – that was a mistake.
    The Arsenal board should begin now and give themselves time to find the right man.
    And I still think EPL managers should be considered.

  16. Saa says:


    As much as I enjoy your thoughtful and positive comments… I think this pushes it a bit far… It pains me to say that pochettino has made the sp*rs competitive… Yes they haven’t won anything (thank the lord) but at least they compete in big games. He has also taken em to cl final… It’s been 13 years since we smelt that coffee let alone get into the coffee shop… Not forgetting he beat peps men in a two legged semi. I guess what I’m saying is we can’t compare pochettino to Emery… Emery is a poor manager and it’s showing… No where to hide for him unfortunately…

  17. Saa says:

    I also don’t necessarily buy the ex players – manager theory… Yes they would understand our passion but that’s not enough… But I could eat my words if one of them works… I do think Dennis had a football brain like no other so that may work… We need to get our attacking game back though… We are sooo disjointed and it is really disappointing … Yes I know our problems ly at the other end… But I really think we need to attacking coach next just to get the emirates going again…then get the defense working… It’s what klopp did no?

  18. Two Owls says:

    Dump him now. Freddie would do a good job of managing the show.

  19. C says:


    Seriously, so “being competitive” is better than winning trophies? I think all to often people think the end all be all is the PL and there seems to be this thinking that, “If a player or manager can’t make it in the PL then they aren’t a good player or manager.” Honestly, I call bullshit on it. So now we are saying that a manager who has lifted trophies is a worst manager than a manager who has consistently come up short. Emery is a good manager, is he currently struggling, absolutely but then again, where are Pochettino and Spuds?

  20. Spike says:

    Two Owls,

    Yep, Freddie could do the job on a short term interim basis, then get in someone at the end of the season.

    I’m gonna say….

    Erm, some random foreign bloke like Henry Norris suggested.

    I read 7am kick off too. 🙂

  21. Spike says:

    I received my membership pack today. It was pretty naff apart from the woolly hat!

  22. Buckagh says:


    Are you saying Arsenal should stay with Emrey and hope that he can turn this around

  23. Ras says:

    Its evident He has to go but and it’s a huge but who is it the Hierarchy are looking to appoint ? Have they got someone in mind ? Is that person with a Club ?

    I’d your looking at someone who could organize and turn it around and knows the OL Rafa. Only problem he’s in China and it could be difficult. We could do worse.we bring him in to turn things around on an upward trajectory.

    You give Rafa a 2 yr deal. This gives Edu and Raul time to look for a younger long term successor.

    The other alternative Is go get Arteta. He’s ready now to branch out on his own now. He’d be perfect in my humble view.

  24. C says:


    I’m not saying he should stay or go, I’m just saying, this notion he is a shit coach/manager shouldn’t purely be based on his time at Arsenal. Its not going well at Arsenal or in the PL, so maybe the PL is something he is struggling to deal with during the course of the season at present and yet we still sit in 5th.

    Stay or go, who knows, I just want Arsenal to succeed.

  25. Buckagh says:


    I’m not as convinced as you about him being an elite manager,
    Seville although a selling club have always produced good talent and both the club and Emrey made the best of it in his time there although they conceded the thick end of 50 goals a season in the league defensive faults are part of his problem.
    League Un in France is a one horse race for PSG for years now and more goals conceded there than in previous seasons
    In CL they were shambolic.

    Don’t know what happened at Spartak Moscow communication problems maybe?
    Allowing him to bring all his backroom team to Arsenal was a big mistake imo

    After eighteen months there is no vision, doesn’t seem to be aware of what’s required in this league,
    Others form has just about kept us in touch but we shouldn’t have to rely on that.
    Like Xhaka I don’t think he is cut out for this league

  26. C says:


    Elite manager, never said that but don’t think he is as shambolic as some will lead you to believe.

    Sure Sevilla has always produced talent, but 3 Europa League crowns is nothing to shrug off, especially taking a look at the clubs he beat including a Benifca side that was really good and Klopp’s Liverpool. People talk about Pochettino being good with a limited budget, Sevilla literally sold their best players and bought players not near rhe quality. PSG, sure they are a 1 horse race, but he led them to the most points in Ligue Un history before, as is widely joted and reported, the player revolted because he asked and demanded they work, train and watch video more.

    Is he struggling at Arsenal, yes, I’m not denying that at all, but this notion he is shit is absurd to me. We have seen growth of the youngsters while its actually the more senior players who are failing us. Again, not advocating for him to stay or go, but for all the championing of Pochettino that is going on, Arsene in his shit years coupled with Emery have done, actually better. People point to the CL Final for Spuds, they were in the CL and we weren’t (because Arsene in his last season was diabolical) but look at Spuds and rhey have faltered and also have no silverware to show for it despite having, “all this talent” and an “elite manager”. Arsene at least nabbed us the FA Cup or a few.

    The point I was making is, if people are going to hail Pochettino has some elite manager, then one can’t shrug off Emery who won silverware with Sevilla in a competition Pochettino was in and Pochettino has literally nothing to show for having managed a “talented” squad yet choked in the end.

  27. Spike says:


    I read a post from the dude who dies 7am kick off.
    He was dambing of Emery, said he had been from the off and pointed to his teams from Sevilla Valencia, who had great attacking players, nut Emerys ‘style’ was the same: sit back and let the opposition have shots and possession.

    Weird if true that he won anything!

    If Rafa is an option, it should ONLY be till the seasons end, imo. Next summer is when we need a new ling term coach.

    Vieira? Ten Haag? Arteta? Howe? Who the flip knows!!

  28. jonnygunner says:

    wenger in!!!!

    Its too early for you to be on the sauce JJ

  29. JonJon says:

    i’m surprised dukey didn’t beat me to that one.

  30. kelsey says:

    Sorry but Josh did meet Jose and not at the match Jose attended but after weighing up the options Arsenal pulled out of any further transactions.

    Re Emery: he has a speech impediment even the Spanish find him hard to understand and he has a tutor with him even at the training ground and all this bolloxs that several players are turning to Fredie because they don’t understand Emery has just come out 18 months after Emery arrived.

    I am absolutely sure his days are numbered and in all probability Freddie will take over as interim manager pretty soon..

    Whichever team Emery puts out the defiencies remain the same yet we have some really good players but no balance in the team.Plus 1 goal differece and mid table on points.
    Of course we have regressed.This job is too big for Emery to try and get us back amongt th elite.

  31. Buckagh says:


    I’m not comparing him to the Spuds manager or any other manager, I base my opinion on what I see happening at Arsenal
    He has all the ingredients to compete for top four and the additional bonus of Spuds and M United floundering yet we haven’t been able to pull away from them convincingly.

  32. Noon Gunner says:


    That makes absolute sense to me, Kelsey. To coach a large, multi-cultural squad at the highest levels when you have even the slightest difficulty expressing yourself in your own language must make the job nigh impossible for all concerned. I feel for him at a personal level but this surely must have been detectable by those who interviewed and hired him…?

  33. andy1886 says:

    Eddie Howe seems to be getting some mentions, he was never a favourite of mine but just maybe a proven PL manager with ambition might be the way to go? Seems to be good with the PR side of things too which is sadly also important these days.

  34. kelsey says:

    Noon Gunner,

    I thought the same but perhaps they thought with a tutor his English would improve.

  35. Bill says:


    I am happy that you think emery was a great manager while at Sevilla and PSG but who cares because his past record doesn’t help us. He has done a poor job at Arsenal which is all that really matters now

  36. Damon says:


    I’ve been quietly thinking exactly that about exactly him. He’s always had organisation on the pitch and a structure the team as a whole understand and carry out. In short, he makes them more than the sum of their parts.

    Which is exactly what we need right now

  37. HenryNorrisDialSquare says:

    If the Europa league was the number one goal as a club when looking for a manager after Arsene’s tenure. Then by all means the appointment of Emery was the correct one. Just on the evidence of last season he got us to the final of that competition and has a proven record of having won it 3 times with the same club and mostly the same personnel during that time. If however the board hired him with the intention of making top four in the PL and consistently competing in the CL then surely we should be looking at those who hired him! His league record at his previous club’s leaves a lot to be desired. Also if the remit was top four, why didn’t we go for someone who knew the league? The recruitment was the problem. Emery is just doing what he does best. Mediocre in the league, strong in the European cups. I expect us to at least make the quarters of the EL and I wouldn’t rule out us making it to the final again and then bottling it. UE will get till the end of the season. As we sit in 5th and the remit is top four. He won’t finish in the top 4 and his time at the club will be up in the summer. Let’s hope those that do the hiring and firing can get it right next time and hire a manager who has a proven track record in the PL. Bielsa would be a risk, but Rafa, NES, Rodgers all know this league. The latter you would find difficult to pry from Leicester as they will finish top 4 and will have CL next season. Although it’s not over till the fat lady sings. Rafa has had a year in China and might take a while to get up to speed. NES is tailored made for us and he would relish the chance to manage us. If a manager can make Ryan Bennett look like a decent PL defender then he should be able to work miracle’s with our boy’s. Because the first thing he’ll tell them to do is keep it simple. No nonsense defending. Get your head on the ball, boot the ball away, stay on your feet, get tight, stay goal side. The basics.

    I’m going to route for our team, player’s and manager. No booing of Xhaka coming from this supporter. Let’s get behind them because if you think about it, there is no other option. We’re intelligent enough to know contempt breeds insecurity. So let’s put it behind us until the end of the season and get behind our boy’s.


  38. Spike says:


    I’ve wanted Howe to be given a go for a while. Of course it’s a gamble. He isnt foreign, considered hip, flavour of the month, but I think Howe has shown he is not like Alladyce, Pulis, Coyle, Dyche…

    Yano? The ugly one dimensional old school british goofball manager, but an intelligent humble decent manager who builds good teams and has turned Bournemouth into a solid PL side.

    Coming straight after Wenger would’ve been a tough ask, but now? Hed get loads of time and good will (well he should do!)

  39. andy1886 says:

    Xhaka stripped of the captaincy. Better late than never….

  40. Paulie Walnuts says:

    After his on field response the club had no other option but to remove the captaincy from Xhaka. He was wrong & deserves nothing less.

    However, although I’m not a great admirer of Xhaka the footballer the behaviour of some of our ‘supporters’ ( at the game & since) has been embarrassing.

    They (we) come across as arrogant, entitled assholes.

    It’s not a good advert for The Arsenal.

  41. consolsbob says:

    Who would have behaved better, and how?

    Xhaka is a victim, if anything, of an incompetent manager and weak leadership in the club, but not the fans at the ground.

    Internet twats? Well, grow up, ditch the social media bollocks and be professional.

  42. C says:

    This ref just fucked up the match, Ajax defender standing still with hands by his side not making a move toward the ball and the ref gives a 2nd yellow. Well, that is poor from the ref to give the penalty but a 2nd yellow, ridiculous.

    They are making it so defenders have to defend with their hands behind their back.

  43. C says:

    Interestingly, a Chelsea player just deliberately handled the ball and the ref doesn’t give a yellow.

  44. Alex Ice Cream says:

    VAR proves that its the officials that are the problem. They are useless – they can see a replay 100 times and still make the wrong decision.

    The decision to give a yellow for that handball in Chelsea v Ajax which was not a even pen was a joke.

    The refs are the problem. Maybe have games reffed by robots?

  45. Anderslilya says:


    And the ball bounced off his hip so it wasn’t going to be a goal threat either.

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