On Luiz and Tierney; Any More for Any More in Transfer Window?

David Luiz trains away from the rest of the first-team Chelsea squad and wants to move to Arsenal…

It’s the kind of dystopian future I dream of. A grey Bladerunner city with cars hovering above the structures as rain pours down. When I wake up, I fear I’ve moved to Manchester…but no, it’s just the Sky Sports Transfer Centre News Ticker.

Sideshow Bob is heading to Arsenal. It’s not the first time we’ve tried to sign him; this time, the Brazilian is painted as a disruptive miscreant. Which is just as well because we’re one light in that department at Arsenal.

The Chelsea PR machine, as the Heil has been rebranded, claims David Luiz, for it is he of whom I speak, has been at the centre of ‘training ground spats’. I wonder how he and Frank Lampard got on when they were players in the Chelsea squads of yesteryear?

A fee of £5m is being touted and for a 32-year-old centre-back, that’s par for the course. We should be able to knock that down if he really is the miscreant Chelsea claim. And given the history between the two, they will probably be more than happy to accommodate our parsimony to take another of their enfants terribles.

Is unduly negative to look at this in the same light as those wondrous Wenger signings, Mikael Silvestre and Sebastien Squillaci? My barometer in this situation is unimpressed. My sixteen-year-old son observed that after Upamecano and Rugani, Luiz was a stepdown. He wasn’t amused. Welcome to Arsenal, son, we’ve been here before.


Nor did he think the comedy value was worth signing him.

If anyone in the squad has a sense of humour, laying out rakes around the training ground is surely worth the cost. It’s got to be; it is in my mind if that’s any consolation.

You might have deduced that I don’t think this is a good signing. The centre-back won everything is a comment I saw last night. Shkodran Mustafi has a World Cup winner’s medal; I’ll leave that there.

To put it into context, Unai won’t be tying a rope around the back four with Luiz and Mustafi at the centre. If he does, it will take five minutes to turn their tether into a cat’s cradle.

On a positive note, the deal to bring Kieran Tierney to Arsenal is all but done. Only his injuries can stop it happening after he caught the sleeper down to London ahead of his medical.

The door marked ‘do one’ is still open. It slammed shut in Alex Iwobi’s face after Everton’s £30m bid for the Nigeria international was sent back to Goodison Park, express delivery. I have mixed feelings about the refusal.

The fee feels a little low for a player with his experience yet it’s probably not that far off the money we’re going to get when he eventually does leave. The caveat obviously is that a fee is not the value you place on him but what someone is willing to pay. David Luiz is probably worth more than £5m in cartoon rights alone.

According to the Sage of Salford, we’ve negotiated Chelsea down from £5m to £8m…

It’s reported that if we don’t sign Luiz first thing this morning, we’ll look at a “more expensive signing”. Or as you and I would put it, a better player.

Yes, you’re right, I am underwhelmed by Sideshow Bob.

Solid As A Rock

As ever, it would be great to be proved wrong. However, after watching Chelsea for a number of seasons, I’m not holding my breath. If Bob proves a success, a rock-solid centre-back at Arsenal, the Blues might wonder where that player was at Stamford Bridge?

Elsewhere, we’re not looking to sign anyone. Not even a glimmer, a scent, a sniff of another player. Three more weeks to sell players to improve the squad but to be honest, it will be a surprise other than those on the periphery of the squad.

Mesut Ozil to DC United? I doubt it will happen without some sort of subsidy from us, to be honest. I haven’t looked but we’d look for £40m+¹ from a European club which must be treble the $$$ record signing in the MLS. That’s my patronising look at transfer fees over the pond, anyway.

Others who may leave? Elneny is one, but Mustafi isn’t going anywhere. Although David Luiz keeps up our error-prone quota…

If Luiz signs, we’re in an interesting position. The defence in the first half at the Camp Nou was well-organised, almost un-modern-Arsenal-like. Can he organise a backline? Does he have that authority? Chelsea’s defence conceded 12 fewer goals than us last season so there was a degree of organisation as Luix played 36 times.

I’m trying to convince myself but not succeeding. This is Sideshow Bob, FFS…

til Tomorrow.

78 thoughts on “On Luiz and Tierney; Any More for Any More in Transfer Window?

  1. andy1886 says:


    Altogether a good window though I’d say. Bob may not be ideal but at least we have some additional options. Great to get Tierney too.

  2. andy1886 says:

    Although they are still not concluded the Spuds are lining up some interesting deals too. Dybala could still go tits up due to wages (almost at the Ozil level) and image rights and lo Celso looks like a loan with option to buy later. So both clubs will have made significant adjustments. Hopefully ours will be more significant.

  3. Wavey says:

    Morning YW,

    bright and early on TDD…..

    The BBC has it that Sideshow Bob is signing for £8m and Tierney for £25m subject to medicals. They are also saying that the Spuds have reached agreement on Lo Celso and are about to wrap up Dybala and Sessegnon.

    I’m still not getting why we didn’t just take the money for Iwobi and use it to buy a defender. The rumour mill has it that Wolves have had a bid of £30m accepted for Rugani, so we could have done business there. Not surprisingly we have taken the cheaper option instead. There will be those that flag how much we have spent on players like Pepe, Lacazette and PEA. I agree that we have splashed the cash on our forward line, but then we always let ourselves down by being cheap in other positions. There is no way that we can just outscore teams nowadays, it might lead to some interesting score lines but it doesn’t lead to many trophies. Maybe I will be proved wrong and we will pull another CB deal out of the hat as well, but I get the feeling that our business is done and the cheque book has been closed. Still hoping for a few to go out to European clubs in the next few weeks, but we have done our shopping.

  4. Michael says:

    Good morning
    David Luiz, I always had a soft spot for him as a person, but…..hmmm. Tierney, I just hope he is not a new sick note.
    That said a pretty decent transfer window, it would be unrealistic to stretch our “meagre” funds much further. It does look like the club have a bit more about them than the last regime’s TWAT’s.

    JG no sulking 🙂

  5. JonJon says:

    Im not exactley jizzing my pants over luiz.
    but he can play out from the back so i guess thats one dimension he aids us in.
    hopefully hes a replacement for mustafi and we still end up with upmyendo or rugani as well.

    tierney too and todays a good day.

    will be interested to see if iwobis flogged to toffees for obscene amounts of money to help us fund the upmyendo deal but smith rowe needs to stay in that scenario.

    luiz, tierney, upmyendo/rugani today and rauls boat race is my new screensaver.

    and if we can offload a few in the next three weeks abroad i’ll be giving the man 11/10 for this window.

  6. Savage says:

    Luiz ticks a lot of boxes for us, a great signing for where we’re at financially and in terms of some experience to guide our young prodigies. Not sure where you get this “disruptive miscreant” story from. That would have been more suitably applied to Gallas, although hopefully the Chelsea correlation stops there.

  7. andy1886 says:


    As YW said in the post Chelsea have been feeding the story that he’s been disruptive a la Koscielny to force the move. But nonetheless he does bring some positive traits to our back line not least that he’ll have the winning mentality that some of our Wenger-era players were lacking.

  8. Woolwich Freddie says:

    I think I’d be more excited about Luiz as a DM or in a back 3 (a formation I hate). He had a mistake in him in a better organized defense and he and Mustafi together is the stuff of nightmares. I guess as a stopgap it’s not terrible but having spent so much, why not chuck another 20mil on tbe fire and have a shot at winning something this year?

  9. Welsh Corgi says:

    Side show Bob for FS sake. Reality is merging with comedy and Arsenals tw is like a reality show.

    Side show Bob and as YW writes, someone should buy a lot of rakes😆.

  10. Wavey says:


    I’m wondering if he had a falling out with Lampard and Fat Frank decided to demonstrate his authority. Seems to be a bit of a case of cutting your nose to spite your face if he is getting rid of an experienced player to make a point. They can’t sign anyone, so are left a bit short.

  11. jonnygunner says:

    Good morning
    David Luiz, I always had a soft spot for him as a person, but…..hmmm. Tierney, I just hope he is not a new sick note.
    That said a pretty decent transfer window, it would be unrealistic to stretch our “meagre” funds much further. It does look like the club have a bit more about them than the last regime’s TWAT’s.

    JG no sulking

    No mate-I was walking my trusty springer spaniel Merlyn when today’s post came in…..I never take my phone when walking my dog….it’s a ‘gadget free environment!😂’…….how right on do I sound..
    Tierney can play all across the back I read,so maybe Nacho might stay in the LB position for a while with Tierney alongside him?…or the other way round.Like most on here I’m not quite sure about Luiz but we’ll see.
    I’m hoping Everton up their bid for Iwobi today and he’s off,he’s been a half tidy player-he works his socks off,but there’s little or no end result from him,I find him incredibly frustrating to watch.
    I’d love for us to pull a rabbit out of the hat at the last minute and sign a centre back-but,like a few on here,I think the cheque book’s closed……or as Sky annoyingly keep saying ……the transfer window slams shut today…..fucking slams shut ….pff

  12. andy1886 says:


    Could well be. Quite possible they never got on as team mates and Luiz thought “I’m not playing under that w@#£€&!!!! And anything that weakens a top four rival is a good thing.

  13. Bufallo says:

    If we get Tierney and Sideshow Bob this will have been a fantastic window for Arsenal. Would have clawed your arm off if been offered this at the end of last season. Luiz for the money great signing, v happy with him as a replacement for Kos. An upgrade imo

  14. Michael says:

    Looks like Eddie is off to Leeds on loan, I do hope it works out for him and he gets serious minutes.

  15. andy1886 says:

    Dybala to Sp*rs is OFF! Juve pulled the plug on the deal. Perfect.

  16. C says:

    Tierney deal is brilliant business and having the potential of the FB pairing of Bellerin/Tierney, once both are fit, could rival any in the PL.

    Luiz actually ticks a lot of boxes and for all the talk of mistakes and what not its worth noting they had a better defensive record than us and Conte made him the leader of his defense. I also think he offers a player comfortable on the ball and being a senior player to be a stopgap while Holding gets fit and Saliba develops on loan isn’t a bad thing. Kind of reminds me of when Klopp in his first window signed Matip to be serviceable while he built the rest of the midfield and attack and the addressed the CB in the following.

  17. C says:


    Think Bielsa can do wonders with Nketiah. He might be a terrible human being but he is really good at getting the best out of young players and is known for being a insanely detail oriented.

  18. C says:

    2 former Arsenal youth players have turned themselves into quite some players. Bennacer was one of the best midfielders in Serie A last season, arguably player of the tournament at the AFCON in helping Algeria lift the Trophy and now has made a big money move to Milan. Then their is his mate The Jeff who made a brilloant move to Angers and played excellently while continuing to develop and now is on the Monaco as a replacement for the depart Tielesmann.

    Fair play to both of them for taking a minor step down from Arsenal to develop while still in one of the top 5 and then making the step up.

  19. Michael says:

    C @ 11.58
    I think you are spot on, would have been my choice, if I had a vote.

  20. consolsbob says:

    I don’t mind Bob. A bit flakey but capable of some inspired moments.

    Rugani? Well, many say he is another potential Mustafi.

    Good window, in the main.

    Could have culled a few more ideally.

  21. C says:


    Mine too. Could see Nketiah come back a more polished all around CF ready for take the CF3 mantle for sure.

  22. jonnygunner says:

    Bill loves great hair-he’s going to go into overdrive with Guendouzi and Luiz playing together

  23. Bill says:

    Great post yogi

    If we get Tierney and Luis it will be an excellent window. As Jonny says I love great hair and we have 2 of the worlds best.

  24. Stu says:


    Can you imagine regularly having Luiz, Guendouzi, Elneny and Iwobi on the pitch at the same time. Junior would start selling wigs in the club shop!

  25. jonnygunner says:

    I reckon Everton will up their offer and he’ll be off…and Nelson will take his spot

  26. C says:

    Nketiah confirmed at Leeds on season long loan.

  27. andy1886 says:

    Hmmm, why is it that AFC take soooooo long to conclude transfers? Other clubs seem to finalise deals in half the time. I’m sure both Luiz & Tierney will sign but does it really take all day to have a medical and sign a contract?

  28. C says:

    Not for nothin but it will be interesting to see how Chelsea do without Hazard and how Manure look under Ole having just sold Lukuka. They are banking on Sanchez and Rashford to get goals.

    Top 4 for is very realistic.

  29. C says:


    Luiz might take a bit longer as it seems the Chelsea lychmob are hunting him and his restaurant.

  30. andy1886 says:


    Agree, United have had a poor window once again. Can’t see Ole being in the job at the end of the season. Chelsea? Could still be there or there abouts, Sp*rs will also be in the mix. Our biggest issue is that we have some tough games early on before our new signings have time to gel.

  31. andy1886 says:


    Ah, thought Sideshow Bob might have taken time out to try and murder Bart Simpson again…..

  32. C says:


    Exactly, I’m just not understanding this whole narrative of top is not realiatic. I mean even Lampard at Chelsea, who will get them goals…Giroud? Spuds will be interesting and in the mix.

    Talk of Everton, Wolves and even West Ham is madness given how many point they are off.

    Not just the new signings but also the return of Bellerin and Holding.

  33. adeola adeegbe says:

    Alex Iwobi to Everton still on. Is that a good news? The present management of Arsenal are world class!

  34. captain senderos says:

    Alex iwobi sold to Everton at the last minute

  35. jonnygunner says:

    captain senderos:
    Alex iwobi sold to Everton at the last minute

    I hate to say I told you so….step up master Nelson 👏🏻👏🏻

  36. David Driver says:

    Luiz probably has more skill than any player in our squad
    And I’m not fucking joking.

  37. C says:

    £35m for Iwobi at minimum is whats being reported.

    Have to say, for all the negativity that Sanllehi and his team were getting….when you look at the window they have done some brilliant business. Bring in YOUNG ultra talented players that wr can build a core around.

    Torriera——Ceballos or Guendouzi

    When fit, that XI is certainly capable of getting 3rd. In midfield you can even go with Torriera/Guendouzi/Ceballos.

  38. Spy says:

    Sandy Carol to Toon, great pension move.

  39. Spy says:

    Luiz has more skill than any player in our squad, you have been warned.

  40. C says:


    He is also a master of the dark arts and I actually like the signing. Wouldn’t be surprised at all if he features more than Sokaritis.

  41. Spy says:

    Thank you C, All joking aside he could be the linchpin we need between defense and attack.

  42. Spy says:

    I am happy with this window and am looking forward to season.

  43. C says:

    £35-40m for Iwobi, £10m for Bielik, then smaller £3-10m deals for others along with sell on fees for Bennacer amd Adelaide isn’t bad business at all.

  44. Spy says:

    Let’s face it, we need a winner and a leader, step forward Luiz.

  45. C says:


    I agree especially because with Pepe on board allows for Aubameyang and Lacazette to not always need to start a match together.

  46. C says:

    Raul does it again:

    Alexandre Lacazette and Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang have signed new contracts with the club.

  47. Wavey says:

    Completely crazy situation. If we now don’t get Sideshow Bob over the line it will be a disaster. A CB was one of the main goals all summer.

    Looking less likely that Iwobi will be done either. 7pm deadline is gone so the deals have to be completed now, so why wouldn’t you announce?

  48. C says:


    Maybe its the completion of the medicals and just the actual announcements that need to be done. Figure its something like that instead of the deal actually not being done.

    We will see….

  49. JonJon says:

    medicals need to be passed before a transfer can be completed so if they are not done by now the deals are dead

    if the deals are still to happen its more likely the marketing side of things – i.e. video and photos with shirt and stuff.

    its unlikely both deals are dead at the same time so expect something to come out of the clubs next hour or so.

  50. JonJon says:

    as i type

    weve got bob

    just waiting on iwobi

  51. C says:

    Luiz confirmed.

    That is quite a summer overhaul by Raul and his team. With the rest of Europe still open for business I would not be surprised at all to see Mustafi, and one of Nacho or Sead sold. What will be interesting is to see what happens in midfield…..could Xhaka be sold?

  52. Wavey says:

    A good transfer window after all. We got a CB as we needed. Luiz isn’t the perfect option, but he will do a job. He takes a mean free kick as well.

  53. Blue Yonder says:

    Arsenal website mentions only the Tierney deal. Others say Iwobi 34M deal signed and papers submitted by the deadline with medical to follow and that agreement reached by Chelsea and Arsenal for Luiz but that’s all.
    I think the Iwobi sale makes sense all round. Unlike Gnabry and others, he has had every opportunity to establish himself but hasn’t been able to. Not sure where he would have started, or if. So the move works for him, too.
    Really good window.

  54. Wavey says:


    Dot.com is gradually catching up. Got a picture special up there as well now. The marketing team must be on overtime tonight.

  55. Blue Yonder says:


    Oh, yes, thanks.
    I think it’s a good deal for Arsenal. Anything that means Mustafi doesn’t start has to be.

  56. Blue Yonder says:

    Now reported that Iwobi is completing his medical even as we speak, with the price now said to be up to 38M. I guess we’ll have to wait and see.
    TW is fun when your team is participating.

  57. C says:


    Marketing team use to Ivan and Arsene not Raul, Emery and the team.

    Removals and additions from the website, that lots earning their keep now.

  58. JonJon says:

    we could have done with another CB and we could have done with flogging few more wagebill burdens, although weve got another 3 weeks to see how that unfolds, but on the whole i’m quite impressed by rauls work so far.

    its safe to say he can walk upto gazidis and drop the mic.

    thats how its done you useless lying turd.

  59. C says:

    Quick update for myself, Raul and the team have just brought in or gave new contracts to:


    Then moved out:
    Thompson(sold from Academy)

  60. C says:


    I imagine that Elneny, Mustafi and at least one of Sead or Nacho could be sold. What I am really interested in is what happens with Xhaka as its clear Emery wants players at that pivot who are not only brilliant passers but defend, are mobile with work rate who can play quick, track runners and carry the ball.

    With Torriera, Ceballos, Guendouzi and Willock plus Luiz capable of playing there, Xhaka could be sold too.

  61. TH14 says:


    Based on the available players, For Sunday I would play.

    Niles. Liuz. Sokratis. Nacho
    Ceballos. Torriera. Guendozi
    Pepe. Lacasett. Aubameyang

    That should be sufficient enough to take all three points at Newcastle

  62. Ferkov says:

    And keeping him has a captain is good for his pr/ price tag.
    Tho there are limits to such salesmanship. Can’t see Chuckle 2 with the armband soon. Unless he’s having swimming lessons. He’d still sink.

  63. Bill says:

    I think this turned into an awesome transfer window. No way Wenger/gazidis could have pulled off something like this. 4th place does not look out of reach.

    Josh Kronos and his new front office staff looking pretty good right now.

  64. Blue Yonder says:


    Yes, but Newcastle now have Andy Carroll again!!!

  65. Blue Yonder says:

    I think this turned into an awesome transfer window. No way Wenger/gazidis could have pulled off something like this. 4th place does not look out of reach.

    Josh Kronos and his new front office staff looking pretty good right now.

    Agreed. Can’t recall one nearly as productive.

  66. C says:

    Off the top of my head, when everybody is fit here are 2 formations for both home and away that could be both attacking because of the workrate of our front 3 and solid defensively:


    Or (I HATE a back 3)

    Pepe———–Lacazette——-Aubameyang or Ozil

    That is brilliance tactically

  67. Freddo says:

    I suspect that neophyte premier league coach, Frank Lampard, did not fancy having David Luis storming around the dressing room and taking over the team. A wise piece of self-protection. Not so sure it’s good for the team, though. Bit of an admission of failure right from the start.

  68. Mulerise1 says:

    I sure hope we put massive sell-on and buyback clauses in Iwobi’s Everton deal……..sorry to see him go,but a good business never the less.
    This is arguably the best summer we have had in a very long while.
    Yes we are set for season,bring it on!

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