Real Madrid Review; Tierney On, Ceballos Off – Transfer Keepie Uppies!

Real Madrid 2 – 2 Arsenal (3 – 2 on pens)

One defeat changed the narrative. Yesterday’s Scottish press claimed we’d thrown our toys out of our pram over Kieran Tierney. After last night’s performance, there’s just a pause in those proceedings. Anyone who watched the match will understand why we must sign not just a left-back but central defensive reinforcements.

If you didn’t watch the match, remember the Europa League final. We were that bad in the second half. The first half was a different story; we looked good, even before Nacho rightly received a red card for handball. Pat Butcher drew a good save from Navas from a direct free-kick; Mkhitaryan ran both sides of the Real defence ragged, ably supported by Jenks and Kolasinac.

Remember the good attacking points because they were hopeless in their day jobs.

Real exploited the Arsenal right ruthlessly when the teams found themselves 10 vs 10. While it was 11 vs 10, nobody noticed how poor Jenkinson’s positioning was. Real didn’t attack. After Sokratis’ dismissal, it was a different story. The Spaniards hit the post, missed numerous chances and in all honesty, it should have been 2 – 2.

A storm raged outside and in the referee’s head. He was so bad that he fluffed his PGMO audition. Arsenal crowded round him to get Nacho sent off following his deliberate handball while Lacazette went from the ridiculous of hitting both posts with his penalty before scoring, to the sublime flick which sent Aubameyang through to make it 2 – 0.

Crowd The Refs

Remember that crowding the ref thing? It came back to haunt us as Sokratis committed one stupid foul and then another in a short time. Real proved no matter how lacking in match practice they are, they never lose their touch at haranguing officials. The Greek centre-back launched the ball toward the moon such was his frustration at the referee’s decision. Like the Arsenal squad which remained on the pitch, he found payback is a bitch.

The commentary team found the best remedy to Zidane making them look arses over Gareth Bale, was to have a 45-minute wet dream over the Welshman. Think Gary Neville’s orgasmic cry but on a more amateurish level and with a lot more guff. They only ran out of puff when he missed his penalty in the shootout.

Real’s goals offered plenty of food for thought. Emi Martinez put in a decent performance for most of the game. He was, however, culpable for the first while the second showed an element of weak hands. I immediately remembered the 7 – 5 win at Reading where he swatted the ball into the net for one of the Biscuitmen’s goals. A trait to be concerned about or just a ‘one-off’ which happened before?

Emery’s game management was questionable. Mkhitaryan, Ozil, Lacazette and Aubameyang lasted until the 75th minute before the youngsters came on. Instantly, our counterattacking improved and Nketiah missed a couple of good chances to score the winning goal. The tour de force saw his tour end as a farce.

Inexplicably, Granit Xhaka remained on the pitch. Another non-descript performance gave way to a player who was absolutely shattered. By the time he ambled to take his penalty, he was out on his feet. Emery lacked options on the bench with Guendouzi and Torreira both absent.

Flip Flops

His options are limited following yesterday’s match. Marco Assensio departed on a stretcher, causing consternation about Dani Ceballos’ loan deal. Unai openly admitted that he didn’t know if the midfielder would join given his current teammate’s misfortune.

Xhaka wasn’t the only flop. Energetic Mesut quickly gave way to Pat Butcher when Sokratis left the pitch. Our ball retention was abysmal, a skill Ozil supposedly possesses in abundance. Mkhitaryan the same; two experienced players who went missing on a reasonably big stage.

Laurent Koscielny’s situation is far clearer. As far as Emery is concerned, the former club captain can do one.

I’ve spoken about him, with respect to him. I tried to be with us in the position here and continue working and finding one solution between the club, between him and us. When he decided not to come here with us on tour, the solution is now only for the club and him.

He decided to be out.

I respect him but I have a responsibility, he has a responsibility, and the club have their responsibility. Now it’s one issue only for the club and him.

My idea is to continue with the players we are working with, and the players that want to be here.L

Koscielny’s Goose Is Cooked

Even the second-half sh*tshow couldn’t find Koscielny a place in the XI…

Defeat allowed the demons from last season free reign. When things go well. we’re good. When they go against us, we lack the collective character to deal with situations. That is the ‘take’ from this tour. That, sadly, outweighs the immense positives the development of young players brings. For this Arsenal, it’s business as usual and that’s no good thing.

’til Tomorrow.

26 thoughts on “Real Madrid Review; Tierney On, Ceballos Off – Transfer Keepie Uppies!

  1. Jonnygunner says:

    We blew it again last night-return to type

  2. C says:

    Watched the whole match and spending 80m on Zaha when its clear we need defenders doesn’t make any sense at this point. Crowding the ref, I get it but the two fouls committed by Sokaritis were just silly and is one of those things that he just does and its not the 1st time.

    I like and rate Xhaka but you can absolutely see why Ceballos was coming.

    Our attack though, well minus Mhkitaryan and including Willock, look up for and it pressed Madrid.

  3. C says:

    Sky reporting Ceballos is in London to have his medical for the season long loan.

  4. James Edite says:

    Xhaka mustafi are the two worst pieces of garbage I have ever seen…we will never win anything…ANYTHING with them…they must go ..they are walking calamity…Mikhytarian….garbage…for the money he,s paid…GARBAGE…..Nacho…love you…ur a bench at best….kolasinic…u too bench guy at best….kocielny sucked the last year and a half..use to boss and control it…Good bye GTFO….Who does that leave in midfield and defense?…Bellerin..?…way over hyped to me…Holding? Guendouzi…Torreira..?…you could have Jesus and the Lord up front our backs and our midfield absolutely stink…and I’m not letting Oil off the hook either….good attempt to block Marcelo on the initial move..poor disinterested reaction on the pull back and the cross….Top 4 finish this year?…trophies?…any?….GTFOutta here

  5. Dukey says:

    I don’t think I can stomach another season of our defence. If Emery isn’t going to address the problem then he can go back to the bull ring. Surely even kroenke de donkey can see we need some god damn players who like defending.

  6. Bill says:

    Thanks for the post yogi. I agree with Dukey. We need a new manager if Emery doesn’t improve the defense this season

  7. Dcno says:

    It would help to be rid of players that lack situational awareness or basic decision-making skills. Sokratis on a yellow playing for a team up a man and up two goals should never ever ever ever take the foul to give the ref a decision. Far better to give up a goal (which he wasn’t in danger of) than get sent off. Yet he still isn’t too dunce on this team: Mustafi is king while Granit waits in the wings and plots how to get the crown.

  8. YW says:


    Sky also reporting Asensio in London for medical. Guess who we’ll sign…

  9. Francis says:

    Hello, first time to comment but I am a long time reader. I normally read your blogs to get a balanced view but let’s not forget that firstly, it is a friendly in a pre season match. Secondly, u am surprised you called it a defeat knowing fully we drew the match in regulation time. You are simply over reacting to a ‘pre season’ loss which confirms that you are overly negative most times. Cheer up. We follow football for entertainment purpose and for you to cry all doom and gloom just brings out the eternal pessimist in you.

  10. YW says:


    The result of the match at the end of 90 minutes is irrelevant when we know the outcome is decided by penalties. To claim we drew is like saying we didn’t win the 2005 FA Cup;we just shared the trophy.

    I’m well aware it’s a preseason friendly but the defensive collapse and absent midfielders are continuations of last season’s problems. We aren’t, as yet, solving those issues in the transfer window, which has 14 days until it closes.

  11. C says:


    After the performance of Xhaka and the reports of Elneny set to leave…the addition of Ceballos and the promoting of Willock to add with Torriera and Guendouzi, looks much better prospect to form that base that Emery prefers

  12. YW says:

    However, Francis, those who know me will confirm your judgement that I am a miserable fecker 😂

  13. YW says:


    Problem is we don’t have the defence behind them. Watching last nights game, I thought if Emery got the back four functioning, we could do some serious damage on the break.

  14. andy1886 says:

    Arsensio has done his ACL so I wouldn’t count our Ceballos chips just yet. Weren’t both Everton and Saliba due to have medicals yesterday? Best to wait until they’re wearing the colours on before believing anything.

    Meanwhile the headline in the Metro is: “Granit Xhaka describes the type of player Arsenal should be signing this transfer window”.

    To which my response would be: “Someone who can replace the wretched Granit Xhaka”.

  15. C says:


    I completely agree. Sokaritis was very disappointing for me too. Its why 80m for Zaha makes absolutely bo sense at all as we need Tierney at LB and we need a CB.

    I do think out back 4 will be better upon the return to full fitness of Bellerin and Holding but we need a CB and a LB. I like Sead as a rampaging LB but defensively he has gotten better but still has too many lapses.

  16. C says:


    I don’t understand why people are saying the Ceballos deal will be held by the Asensio injury as they play completely different positions plus they were already putting him up for sale.

    I think the Ceballos deal will be fine but it may influence how Madrid deals with Bale.

  17. andy1886 says:

    Nice topical picture at the head of today’s post YW of Boris Johnson’s first address as Prime Minister.

  18. Paulie Walnuts says:

    Welcome Francis,

    If we’re going to spend £80M on an over rated Premier League player ( as if !) I’d rather it was Harry Maguire than Zaha.

  19. C says:

    Smith Rowe going on loan to Wolfsburg would be geeat for all parties involved, if he can get fit.

  20. andy1886 says:

    I see that Sp*rs have signed a new shirt sponsorship deal with AIA worth £320m over eight years (£40m per year). Our Emirates deal is worth £20m per year until 2024, I guess that’s what having a successful team on the pitch does for you…

  21. C says:

    Apparently Ceballos is having his medical and we are only a couple million from Tierney.

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