On Beating Bayern: Are We Headed To The Promised Land?

With transfer business slower than sluggish, Arsenal faced a long hot summer. Step forward the first-team squad; there’s nothing like a win to fill the void where hope has seemingly all gone away.

Some will argue last night is irrelevant and there is some truth to that. If we lose at Newcastle, it didn’t matter that we beat Bayern Munich a month earlier (maybe Fiorentina and Real Madrid as well). We’re still waiting for evidence that a corner is turned. That may only come with new arrivals; a changing of the guard embracing youth and clear thinking.

That’s a gospel for another day. Last night, the same defensive weaknesses were routinely exposed by the Germans, particularly Gnabry and Coman in the second half. The former is no longer a man of great promise; he’s delivering with the chorus of ‘here’s one that got away’ surfacing on anti-social media.

Given his development in the German game, it’s hard to argue that he wasn’t right to go off in pursuit of first-team football.

The luck ran out when Lewandowski headed home with twenty minutes to go; Mustafi took himself out of position with a step forward as Gnabry crossed and the Pole took full advantage of the space in which he found himself. A hand flailed in the air from the Arsenal defender, desperately hoping for his guardian angel to wave an offside flag.

None of the youngsters had a poor game. Eddie Nketiah stole the headlines with his poacher’s goal. We’re close to a third new decade since we began our search, so is he the fox in the box? Certainly, he looked physically stronger, more ready for first-team football than last year.

Headstart for Happiness

He capitalised on the outstanding interplay between Calum Chambers and Tyreece John-Jules. It was the stuff of fairy tales to some extent as the pair carved open the right side of the Bayern defence before John-Jules delivered the kind of cross we need to see more of during the coming season.

Overall, it was an enjoyable match. Fair play to those global fans who do this week after week during the spring, summer and autumn, winter as well making it an all-year-round endeavour. I was fortunate enough to be able to go back to sleep after the final whistle. 4am for a friendly? I need to get a life.

So too do those who believe every transfer story. It’s up to you but call on every ounce of spirit to rise above them. Malcom ain’t coming to the Emirates with Barcelona demanding €55m for his services. Not unless we shout to the top and ‘Mr Short Arms, Deep Pockets’ breaks with the habits of a lifetime and gives us extra transfer funds to visit our favourite shop!

Talking of ill-conceived ideas, Mesut Özil struck a pose with his new hairdo. Initially, it reminded me of Peter Sellers in Dr Strangelove…

But the more I thought about, the more I kept coming back to Pat Butcher…

Anyway, the fallout continues from that letter and Junior’s response. It was a poor response but given the swiftness of the reply, the PR flimflam we got was only to be expected. 

Judging where we are on the pitch happens from August onwards. The other issues raised – safe standing and a European Super League – are ongoing. The same is true of negotiations for Dani Ceballos and Kieran Tierney. Or are they dragging on? I forget which it is…

My Everchanging Moods

Elsewhere, Unai continued the policy of ‘making supporters feel chipper’. We’re close to signing players who will “make a difference” to what he considers “a very good [Arsenal] team”. How much of a difference? Well, Bernd Leno hopes we’ll stop conceding stupid goals. It would be a start…

Others took the view the best way to improve the side is to refine the defence. At present, we’re going into the season with our ‘specialist’ central defenders being Sokratis, Chambers, Mustafi and Laurent ‘Sulky Knickers’ Koscielny. His mate Olivier Giroud spoke candidly about his compatriot’s future, urging everyone to dial it down a notch or two as far as the criticism of Koscielny is concerned. We don’t know the facts, he argued.

A year after Le Depart, Arsene chimed in with a ‘diplomatic’ questioning of the situation. Laurent was a good boy while he was boss but Wenger didn’t know what happened during the interim. Crucially, he didn’t back up the claim Sulky Knickers received a verbal agreement that he could leave on a ‘free’ this summer.

Here’s the only salient fact: he refused to tour to try and force a move. Why we are still waiting to strip him of the captaincy is beyond me. We’ve got five to choose from after all. Still, we’re “thinking” of fining him but are meeting him and his agent this week. Both parties will be lawyered up, which is a sure sign that this is going to be an acrimonious parting of the ways. 

Rob Holding, it is being suggested in some quarters, is back after the September international break. Some suggest on this tour but it’s hard to see him being ready for the domestic game comes the big kick-off. 

You’re The Best Thing

Four Premier Leagues matches, including the annual shellacking at Anfield, will be played by the September break. Our title dreams will be over, which proves Junior right in one sense: we don’t have the squad to win the title. Yes, it’s a quick win for him but at least he can say “See, I didn’t lie…”

Everton Soares is another heavily touted to join with his value anywhere between €40m and €80m. Er, hello… to be honest, the valuations are so diverse that they may as well be created by economists arguing over the impact of Brexit. Woah! Bit of politics; proper nawty.

That didn’t stop talk emerging of our medical team flying to Brazil to oversee the formality of him being declared fit enough to sign for Arsenal.

*** Breaking news on that one. Gremio are now wanting £32m which given the way sterling is tanking might be a very good deal for us ***

You’ve reached this far, a testament to the strength of your nature!

‘til Tomorrow.

21 thoughts on “On Beating Bayern: Are We Headed To The Promised Land?

  1. Damon says:

    According to TALK sport United have bid 69m Euros for PEA today

  2. Randy Thomsett says:

    Re transfers: all we can do is sit back and watch the money go round.

  3. Paul says:

    I had an odd feeling we would eventually sign Dr. Strangelove. End of days stuff. 😹

  4. C says:

    The one thing that Nketiah needed to add was some strength and he definitely showed that last night….just as Sule and Kimmich. I wouldn’t mind keeping him as CF3 with it looking more and more likely that Aubameyang and Lacazette will start together most matches. Having Nketiah to feature in all the CC and FA Cup matches early on as well as rotating with them two in the PL.

  5. Tony Ikpo says:

    Good to know the young ones are shaping up nicely. Hopefully there will be no injuries to mess things up.
    On Mustafi, I don’t think we do him Justice. He is a pretty good defender who like other players, has a mistake or two in him during the course of 90 minutes. Which footballer doesn’t? His situation is exaggerated because HE IS A DEFENDER. Up front mistakes occur BUT they don’t result in us conceding goals. Missed chances are apparently easier to forgiven. Give him a break will you? He can only get better with more experience and age. This constant criticism can’t possibly do his psychology any good.
    To think that one of the weaknesses of our team, is mental fortitude!!!!

  6. C says:

    Reports saying Everton is close to signing with us and we have sent people down for his medical.

  7. Blue Yonder says:

    Apt biblical metaphor until one remembers that the original team wandered for 40 yrs before finding the Promised Land. Almost seems that long now.
    Still in the Flights of Fancy department: does winning matches in the States make Uncle High Pockets so proud that he is moved to free-up much-needed investment funds? It’s July so one can dream.
    Quite agree that Koscielny should have been stripped of his captaincy already. He is surely going to be so why wait?

  8. andy1886 says:


    Selling Auba to United would be bonkers. Strengthen a rival? Can’t believe we’d be that stupid. Offer them Ozil for a bag of Haribo, a win-win all round (especially if we throw in Mustafi for free).

  9. Alex says:


    And again Özil! You know there is a very thin line between love and hate. Lol Seriously you’re caricaturing yourself, mate.

  10. andy1886 says:


    Thing is we have players in Ozil, Mhiki and Mustafi pocketing around £34m per year while producing very little. Considering our transfer budget this summer is said to be £45m total, giving them away on a free would actually be good business. Would anyone seriously argue that MO delivers value for money at £18m per year?

  11. C says:

    Interesting Emery says he wants one English Captain, fancy he views Holding as that Captain of his 5.

  12. Damon says:


    Probably a very bad idea on my part, but I’m pinning most of my hopes for the season on Holding getting fit, staying fit and picking up where he left off last season.

    To coin a phrase…. he’ll be like a new signing

    If we’re buying the boy to loan back this year, I can’t see us doing much more big business at CB unless we sell a few or give away some of the big earners. I reckon Unai wants a winger or two this window, if he can

  13. Damon says:


    Ignoring his absurd salary for a moment… the fact that the only teams linked with taking him on are in the Turkish league tells you exactly what his output level currently

  14. Damon says:


    I’m having trouble with comments. When I enter my details and click “save my name etc”, it doesn’t save. Been about three times now over the last couple of days

    I wouldn’t like that to jeopardise a potential BOOOM! race 🙂

    I’m using Chrome, if that makes any difference

  15. C says:


    Its not just you mate, I think our back 4 is quite a difference prospect with Holding and Bellerin back there. It was clear that with them we looked like there waz something Emery could build on, without them we looked leaky and inconsistent.

    I will easily admit I had doubts about Holding and he proved me wrong over and over again.

    By all accounts we have signed Saliba and he is set for a loan back to his former club, I actually don’t mind the deal. It allows for a highly rated CB(most in France are comparing him to Varane but with more potential) to develop one more year in a club he has grown and developed in.

    I would imagine our CB’s will be Sokaritis, Holding, Mustafi and potentially Chambers amd or Mavrapanos, Emery is going to give that lot a chance knowing the following season Saliba and Holding will be te CB pairing of the present and future.

  16. YW says:


    Suggest clear cache and cookies. Seems to be the fix.

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