KSE Answer Critics But Say Nothing Of Substance

Pravda, as it was once known, noticed three things during the kids 3 – 0 win in the Kroenke Derby. That’s three things in a three-goal win…

Junior took the PR reins following that letter. He and daddy aren’t owners of Arsenal, he said; they view themselves as “custodians”. It’s a little late in the day to play that card; Enos’ previous (in)actions make it clear he and KSE are anything but custodians. Certainly, their engagement with fans only ever comes when some PR firefighting is needed. His interview on dot com certainly falls into that category.

The younger Kroenke emphasised that contrary to daddy’s infamous comment, he and Pops were committed to winning trophies:

Our ambitions are silverware. Silverware and trophies.

Josh Kroenke’s ambitions for Arsenal

He opened himself up to immediate criticism as well. “I think anything short of [not winning silverware and trophies] is not a success.” You’ve succeeded in being a failure so far then, Junior.

Nothing during KSE’s reign supports the notion that they are ambitious to win silverware, that they are gearing Arsenal up for success. Speaking to Gooners in USA podcast, Junior underlined how far behind the curve KSE is and has been:

It’s no secret we have a champions league wage bill with a Europa League budget right now.  I think that’s a fact. It’s one we’re trying to figure out how to face internally at the moment.  

KSE is not rushing into changing things

The reality is that this is the third season of having “a champions league wage bill with a Europa League budget” and they are “still trying to figure out how to face [it]”. Raul and Vinai bear their share of the blame, particularly the latter, previously a senior executive at the club for a number of years.

My Name Is Dick Law Not Dick Head If You Don’t Mind

However, KSE’s ownership of Arsenal during this time has been nothing short of disastrous knowing the economics. Why, for example, was Ozil given a salary-driven contract at this level? With seemingly no likelihood of league position improving, the club surely had to make it performance-related? In other words, weighted toward bonuses which ‘inspired’ the player to consistently deliver the performances his salary demands. Whether you like it or not, being the club’s highest-paid player ever brings that responsibility.

KSE didn’t stop Gazidis and Law negotiating that deal. The Kroenke’s lack of intervention left the current management – about whom there are a lot of questions anyway – with a millstone.

“The real question is can he be motivated internally and externally to produce that on a regular basis?”, stated Law recently. “Now, it absolutely has to start with a player, the player has to want to. No manager can make a player play if he doesn’t want to. But I know Ozil wants to.”

The question is surely whether Ozil wants to play for Emery? It doesn’t seem that way; neither party is strong enough at the club to force the other out. After losing his battle with Neymar Jr, that may be a blessed relief to the head coach.

Back to Junior. There are no “shortcuts” to success, he said. Nobody thinks there are nor has there been any claim that there are either. Bringing the club back into the Champions League fold is vital but requires “a daily approach to the little things from the top down.”

Ambitions Limited By Fear or Small Minds

A fairly big thing is the squad strengthening. Celtic rejected the latest Tierney bid, not because it was low but too weighted toward add-ons. This isn’t a new complaint; we’ve been ridiculed for an unrealistic approach to the structure of deals this summer with the Saliba deal still not completed reportedly for this very reason.

Celtic, by our approach, are able to make us look like a small club. Worse, parsimonious and run ineptly. Those caps fit too comfortably in the PR battle. However, Junior’s words are also undermined by these sagas. We can’t sell players nor buy them; hardly the actions determined to improve the club’s immediate and long-term future.

Junior thinks we should “be excited” on the basis of future deals. In other words, we’re being promised jam tomorrow by owners who give us no reason to believe they are paying anything more than lip service to supporter frustrations.

He underlined that with his perception of what is and isn’t supporters “jobs”.

In a shock to some, we’re not required to be patient. No, seriously, read the podcast transcript; he actually said that. They want us to be patient; hope for it. However, to claim we aren’t after the last decade requires some serious cojones. Maybe Junior and Pops need to speak with Messrs Sullivan and Gold to find out what fan protests can be like. I’m pretty sure you won’t see hide nor hair of either Kroenke if they were subjected to the mood which swept the White Elephant as the ‘Appy ‘Ammers crumbled 3 – 0 to Burnley.

We’ve Done A Really Good Job

I think the greatest concern – or maybe the root concern – surfaced when he couldn’t name one English football club whom Arsenal can emulate in returning to the top four. He responded by pointing out that KSE, in his opinion, has “done a really good job, especially over the last 5-6 years.”

Let that sink in for a moment. We’re following the KSE path to glory, where “if you point to the Los Angeles Rams, if you point to the Denver Nuggets, the Colorado Avalanche, Arsenal supporters should see a model there that says you have elite young talent, led by wonderful coaching, and an environment where every resource is available to them, and that’s what we can provide to Arsenal.”

Every resource except additional funds. It’s telling the KSE approach isn’t bringing success to the Rapids, probably the most comparable of all their investments. Hey ho. Or Hi-ho, since KSE are proving footballing dwarves.

Nothing Junior said is anything other than hastily constructed lip service to supporter concerns. The adverse publicity, particularly the outright criticism of KSE and Enos, may yet force action. But for all the fine words from Junior today, we’re still a club which is not tackling the problems dynamically. No signings this summer yet so we’re left with a squad constructed of straw.

We’re less than a month from the new season. 26 – twenty-six – days until we kick-off at Newcastle. Instead of talking a good game and making the right noises, Junior, how about you and daddy getting off your Arsenal’s? Shove a stick of dynamite up the backsides of the club hierarchy and get deals done. At least give us the illusion of giving a rats arse about the club.

’til Tomorrow.

39 thoughts on “KSE Answer Critics But Say Nothing Of Substance

  1. Bufallo says:

    Quite, this is a kick the can down the road response from Josh. Time will tell of course but suspect this is nothing more than total PR flam, which nobody should be sucked in by. Movement within the playing squad and results on the pitch are what matters now, not the ‘day by day, top to bottom, backroom team’ bla bla bla. If we had a successful club and team the rest would fall into place, including the overall value of Arsenal, but they don’t have a history of gambling the Kroenkes. Not worth the risk, when the value of the club chugs up ‘day by day’ quite nicely, with guaranteed revenue streams coming in from all directions. So we are stuck, lining their pockets, while they makes us into total also rans.
    Hope we at least produce some talented youngsters to enjoy, until they’re sold.

  2. andy1886 says:

    @ Colts

    Thanks for the input on Ceballos, however I’m concerned when the first attribute mentioned is great technique – Wenger loved nothing more than buying players with great technique. Ozil has great technique, so does Mhiki. Does he influence or change games on a regular basis? Does he have pace, power, is he a ‘ard bastard’?. Is he a leader? Those are some of the things we’ve been lacking for years. If he’s going to play nice passes and make fancy patterns in the middle of the park with Xhaka I’d rather we give him a miss.

  3. andy1886 says:

    At least Jr. can be arsed to try and flannel us. Unlike his old man. Still full of BS of course but he might throw us a bone every now again to try and keep the natives on side. Just enough to stop the plebs revolting, after all our governments have been doing that successfully for centuries.

  4. C says:


    He is a do all #8 who is technically really good. For as superb of a passer that he is, he is equally good at picking the ball up off the CB’s and carrying the ball and team forward. I think he does have goals in him but is much more comfortable playing as a double pivot and dictating play. Defensively is tenacious in the tackle but doesn’t go to ground and positionally is really. To think that he won Player of the Tournament at the U21 without scoring a goal goes to tell you how impactful he is and can be.

    You wonder about goals and I would imagine that is why we are chasing(and by all reports are close to) signing Everton(the brazilian).

  5. C says:


    Does he have pace, power…he has quickness and intelligence bur does have pace and power. Technically he is better than Ramsey but positionally he is also better than Ramsey. I think, especially next to Torriera, we would have a brilliant pivot of both technique and tenacity.

  6. Paulie Walnuts says:

    They know they’ve been sussed so Waxwork Stan gets his boy to waffle on about how poor we / they are & how we can’t compete.

    I don’t see that going down well with the hard-core, let alone the day trippers but at least the letter has got a response. I’d imagine us playing before half empty home crowds & drifting down the league may ultimately get us another response , but I’d rather we were run by people with a passion & love for the club ….or even football.

  7. colts says:


    no worries, I was in a rush so summed him up with technique. what I noticed was very good ball retention, calmness under pressure, spacial awareness and seems to have a knack for set pieces. doesn’t seem to run into the box like Rambo but has a decent long range shot adding a threat from midfield.

  8. andy1886 says:


    Guess we’ll have to wait and see. Based on past performance there’s still no guarantee we’ll conclude the deal anyway. Couldn’t be any worse than our last loan deal.

  9. Andy says:

    Seen the open letter from Josh? It’s genuinely infuriating and terrifying how they believe no more change is needed at the club…


  10. colts says:


    I’ve got a little more faith in the guy who gargles with gravel and the circumstances surrounding the deal. off the top of my head I can’t remember the last time we took on a season long loan from summer.

  11. Brian says:

    I read the transcript and in no way will his comments appease the fans. Full of BS and waffle. They want a compliant fan base that fills the stadium every home game to cheer on the team (a la gridiron fans), it not being the fans ‘job’ to question management decisions or policy. They have no awareness of European sport. The way to hurt the Kronkes is to not attend home games. When the stadium is empty maybe they’ll be stung into action, though I doubt it.

  12. Bill says:

    I am not defending the Kronke’s by any stretch however, I think part of the reason the Kronke’s have been so passive during most the last 10 years was because they bought into Arsene Wenger’s reputation and Arsene wanted to run entire football side of the club by himself. The Kronke’s just left him alone and hoped for the best. They finally realized it was time for a change but Arsene was doing everything for so many years so they had to start from scratch to rebuild our football operations both in the front office and they were left with a overpaid underperforming squad so they had to basically start from scratch on and off the pitch. The first priority is to rebuild the front office and could argue that not all of the moves have worked have they certainly been more aggressive in the last couple years and hopefully things will start turn around soon.

  13. Bill says:

    I think part of the reason that they kept Arsene for so long was because of inertia and the fact that Arsene was the only football person in the clubs entire organization. It was easier to just stick with the status quo and hope rather then face the daunting task of starting from scratch

  14. Bill says:

    The owner should be the captain of the ship and if the ship is floundering then KSE needs to be one who takes much of the blame. However, I don’t think you want your clubs owners to be micro managers and they should not be getting involved in making football decisions such as the Ozil contract. They need to hire smart football people who can make those decisions

  15. St Totteringham says:

    We fans, who live near the Club know that Kroneke kept Wenger, because Wenger treated Kroenke ‘s money as his own-which means not spending. Also, Wenger and Kroenke had a similar approach-keep the club in the PL and not do too ambitious like finishing in top 4,PL win or CL win. That simple. This Yank is not like Liverpool owner Yank,who believes in wins and trophies. For Kroeke AFC is just an asset in his asset portfolio.
    If fans really care,they should stop attending home/away games and not too eager to renew their subscriptions.
    I cannot see AFC improving and if anything it willslide down the PL table.
    Emery is left with only one approach, as the Club does not spend, has players who are not performing and who are not worth much. Blame Wenger until the cows come home. Emery should develop the academy kids.

  16. Dukey says:

    Does anyone know if there’s going to be another open letter in response to kroenkes open letter responding to the fans open letter?.

  17. Phil says:

    We have been appallingly managed since the Kroenkes arrived. Which isn’t surprising considering how inept their ownership of the US franchises have panned out.
    My all time favourite was the +£1 bid for Suarez. A brilliant bit of negotiating skill.
    We agree on a deal with Ramsay, then pull it and let him leave for nothing. Another skilful play.
    Gazadis and co took the ridiculous socialist wage structure that Wenger loved, and went too far the other way. Then once it was clear the strategy had failed , he headed off to cause chaos somewhere else.
    Now the new manager who did , in my view, a very good job in his first year, is left with his hands tied whilst the Scum hijack a deal and the Scots scorn us.
    KSE should leave Arsenal.
    In fact Parliament should pass a law telling them to piss off

  18. Ras says:


    The retort by Josh highlights it’s damage limitation from KSE.

    I think your right Brian it’s good to need further fully coordinated action by the Fan base to get the wig wearing Dinosaur to engage.

    I’ get the feeling that AFC Supporters are viewed as an inconvenience. Upstarts and not even Angelic whom should know their place and not question. Blind faith is what they want

  19. Buckagh says:

    St Totteringham,

    We could be in a never-ending loop of open letters,

    Only thing that will make any difference is a half full stadium,
    Day trippers like spending their money on trophy chasing teams, so big drop off there

  20. C says:

    I wonder will people’s perspective change should we get Tierney and Ceballos in say the coming week

  21. Bill says:


    From your description Ceballos sounds like a players would fit best in the box to box position but we already have Torrierra Guendouzi Elneny and potentially Maitland Niles and Willock who also fit best in that sort of role. Those guys are not really defensive players but they are also not attacking creative players either. If Ceballos better then all of those guys then bring him in. However, what we really need is a true DM and an attacking creative central midfielder who chip in a few goals. No?

  22. Adam Singh says:

    Saliba deal all but done according to Orny. Still don’t quite understand why we are spending money on a CB who will be loaned back. Does this mean we won’t buy anymore CBs?

  23. C says:


    Torriera is a DM in every sense of the word so don’t include him as a box-to-box type. The only thing that Torriera does that most DM’s can’t do is pass because he actually started out as a hybrid ACM/winger before being transformed into the DM we know and love. Is Ceballos better than the rest, yes he is and does the defensive stuff too. Bringing him in would also give us a player in midfield who is capable of breaking up play then through either carrying or passing can spring the quick transition.

    As far as goals, I would gladly take a winger who could chip in 8-10 goals as opposed to relying solely on a midfielder to do that.

  24. C says:

    Adam Singh,

    I do wonder if we are essentially putting down a downpayment for a highly rated CB and then paying the rest or a larger installment next summer. That makes the most sense to me which would do 2 things:

    1. Guarantee us the services of a highly rated and talented CB but letting him develop 1 more year in a team he is settled and comfortable in.

    2. Provide us with funds to purchase a more ready made CB and then next season we see Holding given more match time and Sokaritis potentially be fazed out as the more ‘senior’ CB. Then the following season we have Holding/ready made CB/Saliba along with one of Mavrapanos and possibly Bielik or Medley.

  25. Bill says:


    Torrierra seemed to start out pretty well but he didn’t look like a very good defensive mid for most of the last 2/3 of last season.

  26. Adam Singh says:


    But how much is the down payment? 1/4 of £30m is still £6m which is a lot when we only have a £45m transfer budget.

  27. C says:


    He probably got wore out in his 1st season in the PL, how many players has that happened too….

  28. C says:

    Adam Singh,

    Not sure mate, could be less like maybe we agree to pay in installments and pay a portion of the 1st installment, say 3m and loan him back then pay 9m next summer.

    But 45m doesn’t account for sales such as that of Elneny who is said to be potentially headed to Bordeaux, or the sell of say Chambers.

  29. C says:

    Reports in Brazil say we have agreed in principal to sign Everton from Gremio! I know most won’t know much about him but he would easily slide into the right wing and provide a goal threat.

  30. C says:

    Quite a strong lineup;

    Leno, Maitland-Niles, Sokratis, Mustafi, Monreal, Xhaka, Willock, Mkhitaryan, Ozil, Aubameyang, Lacazette

  31. C says:

    Nketiah comes on and gets the match winning goal after top stuff from John Jules

  32. Michael says:

    Not often we beat Bayern, pre season or not, good stuff.

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