Great Expectations Take Time To Materialise

Back in the 50s and 60s, the puritanical among the population sought to prove rock ‘n’ roll was the devil’s work and then when that failed, that the Beatles and others put backward messages which were really satanic prayers on their records. Their children formed the Parents Music Resource Center (PMRC) and these Washington housewives forced and industry to heed their 1950s moral values.

The PMRC needs to up its’ game; Satan is back, twice as cunning and twice as p*ssed off. Not as p*ssed off as the New Zealand cricket team but getting there. Hell’s guardian returned in the form of a sports mogul if we apply PMRC logic here. Enos Stanley Kroenke took his initials ESK and reversed them to form his KSE empire.

It was there all along, folks; we were just too blind to see. It makes perfect sense. Kroenke wears a wig on every public outing; it’s the perfect way to hide his horns. Sunglasses hide the fires in his eyes and nobody wants to share a toilet with him after some mistook his tail for God blessing him.

We have been so slow to recognise this situation.

Fortunately, a public letter circulated today, capturing the mood of the vast majority of fans. Frustration is the order of the day with Enos left in no doubt that the European arm of his collection of franchises isn’t a franchise. It’s a football club with a heart and soul that are being rotted by the greed of modern football and the owners looking to make a quick buck.

Except Enos made it quite clear he is neither looking to win trophies nor involved for just the short-term. They succeeded in the former and are hell-bent on the latter. We are, ladies and gentlemen, royally f*cked.

Stan, Buy Your Man

There is a fundamental miscalculation on KSE’s part. The evil empire is content that the club’s value is rising. Except it isn’t rising as quickly as it should and is in very real danger of falling behind Tottenham on and off the pitch.

In Daniel Levy, Tottenham have a chairman who is commercially astute. Embracing the NFL in London makes a global statement; what do we have? Fraudulent commercial deals, occasional concerts which knacker up the pitch and rare international football matches. Still, we do a nice buffet for meetings and exhibitions.

After occupying the upper echelons of the Premier League, Rich League, and every other financial list going, Arsenal’s self-sustaining model is providing a blinkered view. Yes, we must obey FFP – more the domestic one than its’ European cousin – but other club owners are not shy of investing in their hobbies.

Kroenke’s problem is that he neither likes or understands football. It’s all left to Junior who isn’t proving proactive in returning the club to the position of title challengers. If he did, our commercial deals would surely garner more cash for the club and consequently improve the financials. No? We’ll agree to disagree on that.

The disconnect by the owners is mad, madness, and maddening. Frustrating is another good word to throw into the mix. Fundamentally, however, we are hamstrung by Enos’ craving for money rather than sporting glory. That the two are inextricably linked in sporting enterprises rather passed our owner by.

Money, Money, Money

That’s the theory, anyway, but the reality is very different. Football rewards mediocrity almost as much as success. OK, there is about a £1.5bn prize money differential when it comes to the Champions and Europa Leagues but we still make more money than clubs who qualify for neither. However, in coming years that gap will only widen. UEFA isn’t going to make a more even distribution of money; it has no incentive to.

Arsenal, under the Premier League umbrella, rejected Juventus’ idea of a Super League but only because it was ill thought out. Nothing protected domestic football which the English clubs recognised is their lifeblood. Creating a Super League meant a couple of dozen Harlem Globetrotter style teams without any connection to the cities in which they were born. Think Rollerball but without the excitement.

I’m straying into much deeper territory here, so time to get back on track.

Recent months saw us – the fans – begging for a Liverpool-style transformation. We even acknowledge this won’t be instantaneous but when you’ve endured a decade of mediocrity, what’s another year or two. The trouble is, we are exactly like Liverpool but during the Gillet and Hicks era. A clown-club, leveraged in a holding company for its’ purchase and an asset shoring up values in other group businesses.

The difference is that there aren’t two owners bickering with each other. Unless Stan suffers from split personalities but that’s a whole different ballgame.

Beggin’ Bowl

Gillet and Hicks took Liverpool to the verge of bankruptcy before being forced out by financial institutions. Fans can influence thinking of lenders but it needs something coordinated in the same way everything happened under the Spirit of Shankly umbrella at Liverpool.

If today’s letter is the start of that, then change may happen at Arsenal. However, the pool of buyers is very shallow and no guarantees exist that the next one will be any better. As Enos proved, words in bid documents carry as much weight as pollen in the breeze.

The one thing to bear in mind is that Enos is an old-stager when it comes to fan protests. He’s ignored them in Colorado and his home state. His sense of belonging is measured only by his bank balance. Let’s face it, if you can p*ss off a whole city and not give two hoots, London, N5 isn’t going to hold any fears, particularly for a man rarely seen in the capital and certainly capable of staying away for the rest of his life.

This isn’t going to be quick.

’til Tomorrow.

21 thoughts on “Great Expectations Take Time To Materialise

  1. andy1886 says:

    Right on there YW (back to the 60’s again). One minor point, Stan hasn’t been quite as stingy as some would suggest, we have spent, just very very badly in recent years. And the likes of Liverpool spent well and sold well too. For all their Courtinho’s and Suarez’s we’ve had a Gervinho and Mustafi. They seem to have a coherent wage policy too (thanks for Ozil baldy).

    Back to Stan. Both he and Josh have a different business model more in line with their main interests, real estate. Steady as she goes, low risk is the game. Works great in that arena, not so much in sports. But their asset will keep appreciating until the ‘soccer’ bubble bursts. That’s our best hope, we’ll probably see clubs go under but AFC wouldn’t be one of them in that scenario. Let’s hope it happens before the Spuds finish paying for their new stadium.

    As for protests you’re spot on. Stanley wont give them a second thought.

  2. Phil says:

    Excellent as always YW.
    Kroenke is an absolute prick. He is destroying the fabric of the club, and the decay will continue as long as he and his family own the club.
    Arsenal will never again win the title whilst he is involved.

    Ok I might sink back into my hole for a while. Let you enjoy the flukey World victory , and return when the pitch doctoring commences for the Ashes.

  3. jod says:

    “Yes, we must obey FFP – more the domestic one than its’ European cousin – but other club owners are not shy of investing in their hobbies.” So once you take City and PSG (who appear to have a get out of jail free card when it come to FFP) out of it how exactly are the rest of them pumping money into their clubs ? Or is this just another example of Trump style “alternative truths” ? Spurs definitely don’t put money into the club yet have gone past Arsenal in the past few years fairly easily.

  4. andy1886 says:


    Not sure how we won that Phil. In the event of a tie it always used to come down to how many wickets lost which makes more sense, but then I’m just an old fogey.

  5. YW says:


    Equity investment served Leicester and Bournemouth well, not forgetting Villa. Parent company loans at Liverpool for the stand freeing up cash for players. Those are immediate examples. Leicester, for example, are building a £100m training facility, thanks to their owners while still having a bigger transfer budget than us. The latter is critical to Arsenal if we’re to recover our former standing.

    Tottenham went past us for two good reasons.

    1. They earned considerably more than us from PL and CL which coincided with better revenues in those competitions.

    2. Their wage bill is lower. Kane and Alli combined don’t earn as much as Özil, underlining the point.

    Do keep up.

  6. Phil says:

    Not sure either Andy,
    But it’s in the books now. And given the number of near misses in football worlds over the years, a bit of luck was probably due.
    Cracking game though.

  7. YW says:

    See the Aussie establishment is claiming Stokes’ six overthrows should only be five. Should be a tasty Ashes series…

  8. consolsbob says:

    It may be bollocks but….

    We bloody won the World Cup!

  9. Pete the Thirst says:

    The cricket was insane, following a great tennis game.

    It seems there is an uprising starting against Wiggy. Brilliant!

    Shame the same effort wasn’t made against Wenger for the last 5 years of his reign. Captain Arsene and Rear Admiral Gazidis set course for the iceberg that we’re trying desperately to avoid now.

  10. Dukey says:

    Absolutely put through the ringer yesterday. What a piece of great sport. I don’t think I’ve seen anything better, A proper emotional roller coaster. Ben Stokes , what a display. Give him a knighthood!! Bring on the Aussies!

  11. Ian says:


    Whinging Aussies… there’s a surprise!

  12. C says:

    Ceballos on a season long loan, please please please be true!!!

  13. C says:

    Good to see the young players performing well last night. Gabriel played well and showed flashes, Saka though was absolutely brilliant!!!

  14. Ras says:

    Good Afternoon. Good to see YW back on the block scribing again .

    There is an interesting interview with O Giroud on the BBC website. He speaks about Kos and then about the different culture ,mentality between Chelsea and Arsenal. Reading in between the lines it tells All that many of us know is that Arsenal FC has become staid, to comfortable. No desire to win. He compared that to Chelsea where to win is expected .

    Before being able to go forward the issue of having 2 albatrosses in the guise if Mihki and Ozil has to be sorted. Their combined salaries could pay the wages of 4-5- 6 players easily.

  15. C says:


    That is yet another reason why I think people calling foe Emery’s head need to take it down a couple notches. He is trying to change a decade long culture of ‘4th is a trophy’ and to do that in year 1 with most of the same players that were major parts of that just isn’t going to happen.

    People call for a Liverpool style change, but look at the difference between the team Klopp took over and the one in year 2 and last season and moat of those players are squad players or gone.

  16. andy1886 says:

    Don’t know a lot about Ceballos, tbh, what are his main attributes C? Doesn’t appear to offer much in terms of goals so I’d still be asking who is going to contribute from the midfield with Ramsey gone?

  17. colts says:


    just watched him on Brazil scout and appears to be Rambo but with better technique. hats off if they get him, hopefully this loan will be the foundation to buying him if he does really well.

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