Koscielny and Arsenal: It’s Getting Messy…

At the moment, there’s one story in town: Laurent Koscielny.

There are some bizarre reactions to his strike action, with the club on the receiving end because the former French international has given nine year’s service. Nine well remunerated years. Not as well remunerated as some players but with a weekly wage which equates to something like three timesthe average annual wage of the rest of the population.

Steve Bould and Nigel Winterburn both fetched a fee (equivalent today of £1m and £500k) as 36-year-olds when they left after longer and more illustrious service. Koscielny has no right to a free transfer against that background, against any background, which is something his defenders need to think long and hard about. The cult of supporting players before the club is alive and kicking. 

No. Sympathy. Here.

It is stunning that he and his agent so badly misjudged the situation. He was a popular player beforehand but now every mistake he makes will be pounced on and magnified. His age, the natural slowing down as injury and life takes its toll; The viciousness of social media is likely to go into overdrive next season if he stays at Arsenal.

David Ornstein noted on the BBC website that Koscielny felt disappointed by the failure to finish in the top four. He wasn’t happy with the direction the club is headed, the sage of Salford declared. 

That Koscielny is part of the squad which imploded escapes scrutiny. Emery bears ultimate responsibility for that failure but players aren’t absolved of blame. Footballers are among the least self-aware people you will encounter. They rarely, if ever, accept culpability when things go horribly wrong. 

At this point, it’s worth noting neither Bordeaux nor Rennes qualified for next season’s Champions League…

So, Arsenal Are Wonderfully Run Then…

No, not at all. I understand why Emery reacted furiously to Koscielny’s childish behaviour. Raul declaring it a breach of contract underlines the change of attitude in the club’s upper echelons. 

However, going into the new season with a 33-year-old as central to your plans is a questionable policy. That emphasises the football poverty we find ourselves suffering. That’s no-ones fault but our own.

Holding and Sokratis must surely be the first choice centre-backs, injuries permitting. It leaves us with Mavropanos – about whom Ornstein claims there are doubts at the club – and Monreal who is old in football terms. 

If Emery persists with a back three, which I think he will at the start, we face the prospect of Mustafi, who alternates brain farts with breathing, Chambers, who wasn’t good enough for Fulham as a central defender last season, and Koscielny. Or to put it another way, two players we want to sell while the other wants to do one.

It’s a farcical situation and one at which we would be rolling in the aisles if it were at another club. Or is that trolling in the aisles?

The most worrying aspect of this on a personal level is that I have zero confidence in the club to resolve matters before the window closes. Being on tour means little or nothing. Sanllehi and/or Edu can Skype, email, a WhatsApp and even fly anywhere at a moments notice. Distance is nothing any longer.

Thinking Outside The Box

Some continue to peddle the proposition that the hierarchy will tap Enos and Josh up for funds. It’s a forlorn hope, a pipe dream, for which he has no previous with his other sporting franchises. KSE promotes financial probity and sporting mediocrity. Success on the pitch is something which happens to their investments by good fortune rather than any owner strategy.

In Japan, Yokohama offered a creative solution which will appeal to our country bumpkins owners. Shunsuke Nakamura, 41, joined Kazuyoshi Miura to form an experienced forward line. Miura is 52 years young. Expect Edu to be instructed to scout walking football near you…

There’s no other way to describe this situation other than a clusterf*ck. Neither Koscielny nor Arsenal come out of it well. 

However, contrary to my initial thoughts in yesterday’s post, this boils down to a greedy player wanting his own way. And we’ve got enough – and more pressing – problems with other squad members whose best interests are diverging with those of the club.

It’s sapping my natural enthusiasm for a new season and the preseason has yet to get into full swing.

‘til Tomorrow.

14 thoughts on “Koscielny and Arsenal: It’s Getting Messy…

  1. Michael says:

    Morning all

    Surely there is a provision for him to buy his way out of the contract?

  2. YW says:

    The bloke wants a free transfer to receive more wages from a new club. Unlikely he’d recover the £8.8m we’re demanding so not worth his while.

  3. consolsbob says:

    It’s a bloody mess, is what it is.

  4. Bill says:

    Thanks for the post Yogi

    If Kos was a great player it might be different but why would the club want to make a big issue about keeping a player who is not very good anymore and clearly does not want to be with Arsenal.

  5. Two Owls says:

    Put him on the market and get what we can for him. It might represent a loss but the club cannot afford to have him around with any associated negativity. It will drag on the Coach and Players. This should be dealt with immediately!

  6. andy1886 says:

    Tell you what Kos, if you can convince Ozil to do the same we’ll let you cancel your contract. Deal?

  7. C says:

    I’m confused as to why people are killing the club for simply not letting him go on a free with A YEAR LEFT ON HIS CONTRACT. If we are talking a player who wasn’t club captain or who didn’t have a contract or wasn’t a player that played quite a number of matches, sure I get it BUTTT Kos is all of those things. If he wants to leave om a free to get more money then the club is right to take a stance and want a fee.

  8. andy1886 says:

    AFC have to bite the bullet and get rid of Kos now. It’s not about standing firm in the place of player power, the reality is that if we don’t sell him (best case) or release him I would put money on him going down with an injury (either real or just real convenient) within the first two weeks of the new season. Why is it that as soon as the TW opens common sense seems to depart the Arsenal management team?

  9. Two Owls says:

    Far too much dead wood hanging around! Send them on their way and bring in some young vibrant players who wish to simply play football.

  10. andy1886 says:

    Rumours coming out of France that Spurs are trying to out bid us for Saliba btw. It’s never dull being an Arsenal fan during the transfer window!

  11. Dukey says:

    What a shit bunch of players we have at this present time. Only a few likeable. The whole club is in a sorry state at the moment.

  12. St Totteringham says:

    AFC is a badly run club with a bad management, topped by a bad owner who is not interested in any wins, as long as the club is in the PL. stopped expecting anything positive from the club.

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