Transfer Talk As Warchest Gets Bigger?

So, did I miss much whilst I was away? A ‘leaked’ video for the new home kit proved the perfect antidote to transfer action or rather, the absence of it. A ‘leaked’ story about bidding for Wilf Zaha fuelled imaginations. Similarly, ‘talk’ of a bid for Harry Maguire built hopes in a similar vein. Another Brazilian christened Gabriel signed to universal indifference; good wishes, but indifference nonetheless.

It’s business as usual, I see.

Inevitably, the lull between the old and new seasons brings out the worst in football fans. Transfer gossip fills column inches with silence, far from being golden, treated as a sign of inactivity. Sloth, even. Our record in this department is strong with gallows humour barely masking the frustration.

Tierney from Celtic? He must be walking from their central European training camp for things to be taking this long. No doubt he’ll sign on Deadline Day when our offer will finally match the Scots having risen in £1 increments.

Raul has his work cut out to live down his parsimonious predecessors. Not that Ivan’s reputation is worth anything after the savaging handed out by Swiss Ramble’s analysis of our revenues recently. Keith Edelman oversaw the move to the Emirates. Gazidis managed to drive revenues down during football’s richest era. Which is some feat when you think about it. Or some feta as spellcheck insisted. Ivan really is the big cheese.

But that is the past and we must look forward, especially with pre-season training not all that far away. The supporters’ utopia of all signings made by then isn’t going to happen. Not even the sales and rarely for Arsenal, most of us agree who is surplus to requirements.

Net Spend Boys

Talking about Manchester United recently, Jacob Steinberg opined in one of the broadsheets that managers of Klopp and Guardiola’s quality are not swayed by just any job. “Managers of [their] calibre want a club with a plan,” he observed. Arsenal, in the manner of Unai Emery’s appointment and our off-the-pitch behaviour since, is a club with a vague idea of what to do but no clue on how to do it.

As the Premier League continues to pillage the fertile broadcast markets, clubs are getting richer. At Arsenal, it’s hard to see that with investment in the squad at a seemingly low level. That’s not necessarily true; our net spend apparently averages £30m over the past decade so the £45m available this summer is a step in the right direction.

The problem is that we’re neither keeping pace with rivals or the general trend of the transfer market. Player cost inflation is rising faster than a net £15m per year. More fundamentally, we don’t have the scouting infrastructure to support a dynamic approach to squad strengthening. Or we didn’t previously; times have changed, maybe our scouting capability has as well. That was one of Sven’s core tasks before Raul handed him his arse and a P45.

One of Raul’s jobs is negotiations and reports this morning claim our transfer warchest is now £75m which by curious coincidence, is a figure very close to the valuation placed on Wilf Zaha. Are the two by any chance related? Or can we just put some more ‘derisory’ offers in on other players? That’s what the Heil mafia think we’re doing although they have yet to accuse Juventus of the same crime following their lowball offer of £49.3m for Johnny Matthis.

I Think We’re A Loan Now…

Arsenal still like to shop though and are hoping to persuade Real Madrid to let us have Dani Ceballos on loan for next season. The abject failure of Denis Suarez last season failed to act as a deterrent to looking at Spain’s big two and bringing their reserves to North London.

I have no issue with these deals so long as we’re not boxed in and forced to take players on a permanent contract at the end of them. By all means set a price at which we can buy but leave that as an option. When we’re the ‘selling’ club, however, only deals which force sales at the end of the loan should be acceptable. I can’t see us getting shot of Mustafi any other way…

Next summer could be momentous for the defence. Nacho Monreal and Laurent Koscielny are in the final year of their contracts, destined to leave the Emirates next year while Mustafi’s contract must be ending at some point, surely? A monument to transfer panic. With Tierney coming in, Kolasinac is likely to leave this summer. He’s one of the few who will raise a half-decent fee rather than us throwing a ‘BOGOF’ sign around his next or something which claims “Will listen to offers”.

The major work required on the squad isn’t just limited to the back four but that’s that most urgent. Can the Transfer Window Action Team Staff do their stuff?

’til Tomorrow(ish!)

30 thoughts on “Transfer Talk As Warchest Gets Bigger?

  1. Dukey says:

    In the words of gary glitter..Hello.hello , its good to be back its…..oh better not.

  2. Mattack says:

    Welcome back YW!

    A return to blogging and a decent adidas kit – it’s been a great week so far

  3. Allen Fryatt says:

    First time on site, just to say good to read your column again,always the most thoughtful of blogs.

  4. nicky says:

    Glad to see you are back to your feisty self, Yogi. Did you receive a letter of relief from the RCN?

  5. Michael says:

    Great to see you back Yogi, you were sorely missed. I hope that your “problem” is solved and you are back firing on all cylinders!! If nothing else you offering today is of the usual top quality and long may it remain 🙂

  6. andy1886 says:

    Welcome back YW, perhaps your return will precipitate a flurry of transfer activity at the Ems. Or not.

    Of those we’ve been linked to I do like Zaha, although VAR may hamper his penalty winning attributes. Tierney is one I would like to see and surely even we should be able to get that over the line. For me loan deals are a waste of what little cash we have, there’s a loan fee plus wages and at the end of the season we still have a hole to fill. I’d rather let a youngster take his chance.

    Finally the Saliba thing would be so very Arsenal. Buy a player that takes a significant chunk out of your budget and loan him back when we’re desperate for a player in his position would be completely mad, but that only makes it more likely to happen.

    Oh, and on buy-one-get-one-free they should have a choice of Ozil or Mustafi. Screwed either way.

  7. andy1886 says:

    Don’t know if you’ve been watching the Women’s World Cup YW but van de Donk could give Ozil a few lessons on how to impact a game. Certainly has bigger balls that’s for sure.

  8. Bill says:

    Fantastic to have you back Yogi. I hope and pray that your surgical complications have resolved and all of the cancer cells are gone from your body. Prayers for your family also who suffer with you.

    The Swiss Ramble article certainly was not flattering for Ivan and Arsene’s management strategies. What ever happened to the club which always had the reputation as one of the best managed clubs in the world? With regard to our transfer activity, I am happy about the Tierney rumours. A good LB would be an intelligent signing. I would love to have Zaha and he would add something we don’t have but its hard to understand spending that sort of money for him when we have so many other needs. I am happy to see us taking a flyer on Gabriel but I hope we send him on loan for at least.a couple of seasons to see what we actually have. The last thing we need is another teenage wunderkind.

  9. Tim says:

    Welcome back, YW! Best wishes for a continuing recovery.

    The Swiss Ramble article and accompanying figures left me with the sinking feeling that in five years we will be looking back at the Wenger years in their totality and recognizing them as the high water mark for the club. It’s hard to shake the impression of a firm in a downward spiral as long as the people who got it there are still in charge.

  10. Blue Yonder says:

    Welcome back, YW. I’ve had to resort to re-reading previous blogs but now we have the real thing again. Long may it continue.
    Whomever, if anyone, Arsenal bring in, is it too much to ask that they just do it without all the long-drawn-out drama that seems to accompany most acquisitions? I mean, the backroom cast has changed so there’s no reason for the Arsene/Ivan two-step to continue.
    Not sure how Suarez can be considered a failure since he only played a couple of minutes. That’s part of the club strategy that is simply beyond me.

  11. C says:

    Just think, Jenks is still on the books😬.

    Personally, don’t want Zaha for anything north of 40m. Give me Bailey of Leverkusen or Sarr for 30-35m both equally if not more talented but are more consistent.

  12. C says:


    Netherandals, if I remember correctly has 3 Arsenal Women who could show some of our men how to be consistently impactful.

  13. andy1886 says:


    Yes, apart from van de Donk who is (IMO) our best women’s player we have Miedema who knows where the goal is, Roord who we’ve just signed from BM, and we’ve just let Bloodworth go to Wolfsburg – she was probably the best CD we had at the club and that includes the men!

  14. andy1886 says:


    Why would Palace think that £40m is fair when they’ve seen us pay circa £35m each for Mustafi and Xhaka even before prices rocketed?

  15. C says:


    Agree with all of that except Miedema is the best player because she not only knows where the goal is but is the complete striker not only as a target #9 but a mobile false #9.

    Its quite interesting to see how brilliant our Women are not only some of the best in the world but the plan they have compared to what the men are doing and have accomplished.

  16. C says:


    Completely agree but that’s why I don’t want Zaha, give me Bailey from Leverkusen who is an absolutely BRILLIANT talent who has been consistent or Sarr who I think has soooo mich more to offer than he has already shown.

  17. Adam Singh says:

    Welcome back Yogi. Hope you are on the mend.

    Apparently Monreal has signed a 1 year extension. Maybe the Tierney deal is dead.

    £75m is better than £45m but we need well over £100m is we are serious about getting back into the Top 4

  18. Adam Singh says:


    Don’t suppose we got £100m for him?

  19. Blue Yonder says:

    No fee mentioned for Ospina and no reason to think it was a huge amount. We now have a young keeper as back-up, first for some time.

  20. Buckagh says:

    Welcome back YW, glad to see you’re back in the saddle, and in good form.

  21. Randy Thomsett says:

    Back with a vengeance and a great photo too. Sid has got the hots for Anita.

  22. Pete the Thirst says:

    Salut YW!

    So Ospina has gone for around £4m. At least some dead wood is being shifted. Looking at the Adidas promo a number of the players we want to move on feature, not a good look.

    Tierney would be a good signing. Kolasinac can’t play in a back 4 because he can’t defend.

    I’m not sure about Zaha, He is highly rated by Palace fans, but he looks like he can go all prima-donna too. I would prefer a hard working winger like Ryan Fraser from Bournemouth.

    It’s clear it’s going to take a while to wash through the transfer and contract errors made by Wenger and Gazidis. It’s not going to be pretty.

  23. Brian says:

    Pete the Thirst,

    Your last paragraph tells it all. So many bad signings (I don’t include Özil there… He just doesn’t fit Emery’s style.) We are trying to move some on now but nobody wants them.

  24. Dalm says:

    Thanks for coming back to us YW !!

    I was also about to make the point Pete made ref the advert – Ozil is front and centre there and on the website etc –

    can it be that his ‘value’ is in profile and shirt sales and we mere fans aren’t seeing it as we want on pitch delivery……I don’t see Kolasinac having the same impact as a financial draw for the club – but again he’s central.


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