Arsenal’s Bould Move For Freddie & Xhaka Can…

The one thing Arsenal excels at is a reshuffle. We do like a good one, no matter who is at the helm. Ivan, Raul, Vinai, Unai; the only one who didn’t was Arsène, with the Frenchman preferring the serenity of the status quo. No heavy metal football for him.

The latest move is on the training side. Freddie Ljungberg forged his coaching reputation at under-23 level and replaces Steve Bould in the first-team set-up. Bould, of course, forged his coaching reputation. Sorry, forged his coaching reputation at under-23 level…

And that is where he returns. Back to the academy, under the watchful eye of Per and taking over a successful team. Good luck to both Bouldie and Freddie in their new roles.

The idea, apparently, is the Freddie will help the youngsters adjust to first-team football and make us more astute with their subsequent sales. Previous sales point to the fact that we have much work to do in this area. We get fees but not as big as other clubs, such as Liverpool.

Of course, it’s easy to point to their successes and our failures. Well, our failures are easily found. However, don’t imagine they are all successful in selling their young and hopeless. No club is.

That’s not to excuse Arsenal. Some of the sales left a lot to be desired. Sell-on or buy-back clauses. Football evolved and we failed to keep pace.

Which first-teamers will still be at the club is open to debate. Stefan Lichtsteiner retired and left a nice social media message which basically said, “So long and thanks for all the fish”.

Heading for Glory

Granit Xhaka is moving to Inter Milan to be closer to Ivan. Close, but not too close; they weren’t that buddy-buddy. His cousin claimed a fee of €55m in a social media post written so badly that Google Translate refused to convert it into English.

Step forward Enver Xhoxa Translate; edit out “the glorious leader” beginning and hey, presto! Others, however, claimed it was a hoax. Xhaka’s performance in the semi-final last night rated so badly that we’ll be lucky get €55.

Of course, it might all be true and Inter are willing to part with that much money. In which case, I’m not advocating biting off their arm but let our full cannibalistic tendencies surface. Feast on the legs and rest of the torso as well.

We’re all long enough in the tooth to know that there’s as much chance of Inter paying €55m for Xhaka as there is us signing Alberto Moreno on a free. Don’t tell me he’s a European champion. That’s a bit like saying Mustafi is a world champion; neither would be if they’d played any significant role in the respective campaigns.

Still, we never imagined Arsène would sign Mikael Silvestre. Anything is possible in football…

Team PEA let the side down when his Instagram account removed all mentioned of being an Arsenal player from the bio, fuelling anxiety in a group of pre-teens. Jack Wilshere trod this path but at least he had the decency to be openly on his way out of the club when he did the same.

Aubameyang may desire Champions League football but it was UEFA Champions League football not Asia Champions League football. £300k per week might change that view but not just yet…

It’s going to be a long summer…

’til Tomorrow.

11 thoughts on “Arsenal’s Bould Move For Freddie & Xhaka Can…

  1. HenryNorrisDialSquare says:

    Thanks for the insight YW.

    Good riddance to the lot of them, as far as I’m concerned.

  2. Aaron says:

    The Arsenal will not sign a defender of any notoriety, and will start the next campaign with 2 guys coming off of ACL surgery, and throwing them into 50+ games. Stuck with an deathly aging cast at the back, a defender who is not a defender, and center back who has played about 2 games before getting hurt, no speed in the midfield, and no one who can dribble past anyone to release pressure from the back.
    It all adds up to 51+ goals conceded, and a dreary year under staN the man and the box of clowns in the front office.

  3. andy1886 says:

    Thing with Xhaka is that’s he’s like Ozil’s little brother. Not quite sure if he really is any good, a few peachy passes per game give his fans something to cling on too but ultimately he doesn’t influence games nearly enough. As for defensive abilities he like Ozil is about as solid as the butter through which the proverbial hot knife passes. So yup, any decent offer and ta-ta Granit.

    Hopefully Freddie’s promotion will be to facilitate some youngsters into the first team squad because if we do actually shift a significant portion of the deadwood then there is no way we can replace them with quality imports. The last thing we need is to replace expensive deadwood with cheaper versions of the same.

  4. Pete the Thirst says:

    Why not push Lacazette deeper into a no.10 role? He likes to come deeper for the ball and he is a decent passer of the ball. That solves the need to play PEA out wide and would solve a few issues (don’t mention the O word). I think he has the ability to play this role and it might give him a way into the French side.

  5. Welsh corgi cardigans says:


    Hi Andy, just thought I’d say something about Freddie being swedish and all that.

    He’s a rather clever lad and quite unafraid of consensus and being contrarian. Not all that well thought of in Sweden as he’s more clever than most and seems to suffer fools rather poorly. He’s done some punting in Swedish television and didn’t really seem have the patience to please audience, punters and hosts which kind of makes you come across (in Sweden that is) as somewhat bigger than your shoes.

    I’m very pleased that he’s going in to coaching and I think it’s telling that’s from our best team with Henrik Larson, Zlatan etc Freddie is the one that goes into coaching.

  6. Blue Yonder says:

    Freddie for Bould is a good swap as the latter was quite stoic on the sidelines and didn’t seem to have a role. I don’t think we’ll see that with Fred.
    As much as I like PEA, now would be a great time to cash in on his Golden Boot. A year or so on and he’s 30 plus and we get far less in a sale. Or (following the preferred Arsenal game plan) he later leaves for free.

  7. Bill says:

    Great post yogi

    I would take $55M for xhaka in a heartbeat. In truth I would take a lot less then that. Xhaka is very good at spraying diagonal passes out to the wingbacks and he scores well in some of the esoteric passing stats that the stat nerds like but he is just not adequate as a defensive mid and part of the reason our midfield is so poor at helping to prevent counter attacks.

  8. Bill says:

    A central midfield with both xhaka and ozil was always going to really poor defensively. I had hoped Torreira might be a difference maker and his energy and work rate looked good early but he also struggled as the season went on and our midfield didn’t look any more solid this year then in years past. Both Torreira and Guendouzi seem like they have a similar skill set. Neither is an ideal fit at the as a true DM but neither provides any sort end product so they are not really attacking midfielders. I think the best position for both is a high energy player who is between the DM and the attacking center mid.

  9. C says:

    Santi back in the Spain squad is absolutely brilliant especially since its because he has played well.

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