Sports in the Digital Age: What’s Next for Fans?

In this increasingly digital world of ours, there are many different aspects of the sports world which are changing. While many of them are focused on the players and the referees, there are some which benefit the fans.

Thirty years ago, the idea of pulling a mobile phone out of our pockets to watch a football match on would feel like a futuristic dream but it is very much our reality; who knows where we will be in the next thirty years. Let’s look at how sports are changing in the digital age.

Access to All for All

Sports are becoming increasingly globalised and fans could be spread all across the globe. Technology is one of the ways many are using to keep up with their favourite teams in other countries, with the teams and sports associations are also supporting this.

Take, for example, the NBA Pass. For either a subscription to get all matches or just a one-off fee to watch 24 hours of games, you have access to everything the NBA has to offer.

Watch some of the greatest matches in history or tune in to watch the NBA Finals live; basketball fans are spoiled for choice and we are certain that the other sports will soon follow suit. There has even been talk of an Olympics channel so we can view the events that we want to watch on-demand.


It has been acknowledged that, while interest is still firmly there, millennials’ engagement of sports has been slipping compared to the previous generations. Fewer people are turning up to matches with most choosing to switch to live streaming.

This has had an impact on how the broadcasters and sports associations are trying to engage their players. A cross-platform strategy has so far proven to be effective in driving up engagement that otherwise has not been there.

Including engagement from other sources, for example playing football themed games such as Champions Cup at reputable sites like the NetBet online casino, has also proven a good way to drive up interest from parties whose attention might be slipping.


Technology is improving all aspects of sports rapidly and it won’t be long before we see such innovations heading across into the gaming world. Games like FIFA wow us each and every year with their leaps forward. How long will it be before we see some sort of VR capacity within the games? Actually being able to dive in and experience a game first hand would revolutionise this bracket of the gaming industry.

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