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  1. Hi Yogi.

    You have kept us all entertained for such a long time with excellent blogs. Even if some of us dont post as much anymore we all i would guess still pop in to read your thoughts. You have been a great online virtual public house. I hope you get well soon mate.

  2. Hoping that you’re better soon…best wishes……we will all miss you and your pithy comments

  3. Just relieved that you’re on the mend YW
    I was genuinely concerned 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

  4. Your thoughtful blog usually has been the first thing I read in the morning. I hope you get back to full health very soon.

  5. Thanks for the update Yogi , sending well wishes and health over your way. I’m with C, I think I saw mustafi trying to defend you from illness but decided to step sideways and let the illness directly into your system.

    Now the important thing, are you all going somewhere else to get your arsenal fix? I need to chat with my online forum buddies and miss the banter.

  6. Thrill

    Where does one go? Its a minefield out there of either complete meltdown negativity or dummy spittingness or pom pom waiving madness…this was for me a blog of reason,
    within reason.

  7. Dukey,

    I’m not sure man, that is why I am asking you! Maybe we can all agree to migrate to a blog, and fucking take that shit over with ACLF regulars. Honestly i dont even need posts every day to read. i just want an open forum where we can comment on daily happenings of the squad.

    Agree that folks here are pretty level headed. That’s why we like it. You can call out shit when it happens. You can also give praise. You might be challenged but there are no gangs or clics etc. You wont be hounded out of here for saying ‘WTF MUSTAFI AGAIN YOU PIECE OF CRAP’

  8. thrillbo:
    Thanks for the update Yogi , sending well wishes and health over your way. I’m with C, I think I saw mustafi trying to defend you from illness but decided to step sideways and let the illness directly into your system.

    Now the important thing, are you all going somewhere else to get your arsenal fix? I need to chat with my online forum buddies and miss the banter.

    Agree completely with this, we should consider another option, just like he said, don’t need New posts daily as long as there is a comment section available to banter All things Arsenal.
    What do you guys say??

  9. Sorry to hear of your ill-health Yogi and hope you will be back in harness before long. A spell in the C.I. might be called for!😎

  10. YW, just want to echo the sentiments above. You are badly missed by this poor writer, and you need to get 100% soon, as I’m having to go cold turkey with withdrawal symptoms.

  11. Reallly sorry to here that you’re ill. Nothing too serious I hope. You’ll be in my prayers! Get well soon! 🤒🍵🏥🌄

  12. Hi Yogi,
    Hope you get well soon, we wish you a speedy recovery.
    We really miss the blog and the analysis that goes with it, the comments left by all and try to make sense whats going on with our team and individual players.

  13. seriously speaking, Emery should be held responsible for his disgraceful line up and formation against crystal palace, that is our top 4 hope out of the window cos we will lose the 3 away games…El neny and mustafi should be sold or given to other clubs for free..am better than both

  14. Geez that’s no good mate. Get well soon Yogi.

    Who else is going to put the boot into Mustafi. Actually there’s a line out the door for that gig. Seriously you’d pay for someone to take him away.

  15. Get well soon Yogi
    Always enjoy your writing and it’ll be great when you can repost knowing your fit again. Hope the boys performances can help unlike Sunday

  16. Typical Arsenal not capitalising on favourable results elsewhere. You could bet you house on it. Burnley did us a favour thankfully.

    Our style of play hasn’t really changed under Emery. We are so slow moving the ball and play more sideway passes then any team in the league. Bloody boring to watch.

  17. I’m sure there are lot slike me who never comment but who have missed your regular posts. Hope you are fighting for again soon YW

  18. Yogi…..I was worried when we did’nt get the usual dose of your thoughts on issues for a while.am sorry to hear that,my prayers are with you,get well soon.we will miss you,but that is not as important as your health .wish you speedy recovery.

  19. Wailesy,

    Factor in d personnel,Emery is not a miracle worker……..i sure like this Emery’s Arsenal a way better than latter day Arsene’s one

  20. Wishing you all the best YW and a speedy recovery. Have very much missed my daily dose of ACLF.

  21. I hope you are well soon mate.

    It’s an odd feeling when your consist posts stop. Your posts are already missed here. Despite me being a miserable fucker when ever I post that is.

    All the best.

  22. Wishing you a speedy and complete recovery Yogi. Looking forward to seeing your next posts when you are back in the saddle.

  23. Get well soon YW!! A defeat without the comfort of a sane breakdown after is even more hard to take…

  24. When Arsenal stuff it up on the pitch I experience a disturbance in the cosmic field but have developed coping mechanisms that repair the damage (to me at least) over a day or two. But your putting your pen down, Yogi, has felt far more unsettling. Talk about an addiction! It’s great to hear from you, though, and may whatever distress you’ve been in come to an end soon and completely.

    Reading all the comments from your loyal devotees above ought to add muscle to whatever the doctors are prescribing. All power to you!

  25. Hoping for your speedy and complete recovery, Yogi. I like so many others really miss hearing from you on all things Arsenal, and seeing your picture of the day.

  26. Terrible news Yogi. Missing the daily dose of whit and irreverence.
    Haste ye back .
    Where to in the interim indeed. Nowhere else comes close to this community.
    Sick of talking to my family now aswell. Not as sick as they are no doubt. My wife doesn’t even know who Mustafi is , but breaks out in a rash whenever his name is mentioned. Toooooool.

  27. Best wishes Yogi. Get well. I’ve learnt a lot from reading your blog regularly and I feel blessed to be a part of this beautiful group of fans. I’d be waiting for when you return even if it’s gon be booooring.

  28. Well, this is interesting, isn’t it

    I don’t like the term “chokers”, but the core of this squad have been guilty of it too often now.

    Europa league? On the evidence before us, I’d be hugely surprised if we don’t implode in that at some point before getting our hands on the tin pot

  29. Damon,

    This might sound a bit optimistic from me but our Europa form and PL form are quite different.

    You look at how we played against Napoli and wellllll, you definitely wouldn’t have thought the subsequent 2 PL losses and the manner of the losses would have happened. The other thing for me also is that we seem more balanced and solid in Europe….plus FFS we are lucky to have Emery constantly picking Lacazette and Aubameyang together which means Mhkitaryan is only a sub.

  30. I know we were shambolic defensively and outside of Ozil and Lacazette looked extremely abject in attack….Wolves have done this to every one of the ‘Big 6’.

  31. Just popped round and so sorry to hear about your health woes, YW. As Paulie Walnuts said, you make the goonersphere a better place. Wish you a speedy and full recovery and look forward to your posts when you are ready.

  32. Damon,

    Can’t feel confident about the EL at this point. We never seem to come back from a goal down away which exposes the mental fragility of this group.

  33. C,

    That’s the thing mate. We played so well against Napoli in those games, it can’t be an ability thing. To fall that far so quickly, to be that inconsistent, is a mental fragility.

    When shit becomes real, we blow up. We’ve been doing it years now. Last season’s Europa semi final with Athletico? Mental weakness cost us that over the two legs.

    I’ll love to be proved wrong, but think Valencia or Chelsea are more likely winners

  34. The big disappointment is how our defense has gone AWOL again. I had thought may be we finally had that sorted out. We started the game with Ramsey and PEA on the bench and that left Lacazette as the only realistic threat to score a goal and our only real hope was a clean sheet. Its almost always a mistake to overload the line up with ball possession players and having 70% sterile possession and finishing the first half without a creating a decent chance was not a surprise when you start Mkhitaryan and Ozil as 2/3 of your attacking midfield. We are spending about $30M in wages of those 2 and we are getting sideways passing. Both are we past their selling by dates. We need to rebuild our defense and our midfield.

  35. Damon,

    I suspect now that the pressure is off that we may do well against Leicester. But watch out if we get back into 4th. As far as Europa, it will be dicey against Valencia. We will have jitters even at home now after Palace.

  36. Damon,

    I agree but I also think, as far as Europe, we just seem to play better and Emery knows and understands it better. Sure we fell flat and I do think part of it is the players bur I also think part of it is Emery learning the PL as well.

    Having followed Valencia and what we have seen of Chelsea, both sides are as likely as we are to implode or have a mental breakdown.

    The biggest thing for us, moving forward is going to come down purely to how we defend. Attacking wise, one thing was clear yesterday, Mhkitaryan or Iwobi will be dropped for Aubameyang and that is massive for the style we play. Defensively though, big questions still remain, i particular: how will our CB’s and the midfield pivots play.

  37. Personally I think there all knackered. There’s got to be a good few of them that have put in there PB’s for distance covered?

    There’s little point in naming individual players at this point in a half decent season for a new manager.

  38. Dukey,

    Well said Dukey – I like the pub analogy
    All the best YW
    Get well soon
    You have created a wonderful community

  39. Els,

    I think you’re spot on. The tempo is too low. They don’t do the necessary runs. Seeing Jota running passed players with the ball and score, that is what you’d expect Arsenal players do.
    Nketiah made a reallly good impression coming on. Pity he tried to square the ball to Laca, who was a bit slow, instead of bury it himself.

  40. Anderslilya,

    It also explains some of the slightly odd selections. I think the first string are good for 1 game a week at this point.

    Hopefully they’ll be that bit fitter and conditioned to the extra work next season. Does that happen?

    I’m hoping YW is doing good.

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