Tottenham Review: A Good Point But…

Tottenham Hotspur 1 – 1 Arsenal

OK, will every Arsenal fan who thinks VAR is going to be a bad thing, please go and stand in the corner and pick up the conical hat with a ‘D’ on it. The rest of us are shortly going to bitch and moan about the officials yesterday.

Football is a fast-moving game and sometimes a linesman struggles to keep up with play. When it’s a free-kick, however, there is a basic position which should be adopted. One which enables the linesman to decide if a player is offside. Had yesterday’s worthless excuse for an official done so, spotting the THREE Tottenham attackers who were offside – Kane included – and we would still have been 1 – 0 up when Aubameyang took his woeful penalty; it was absolutely terrible and a simple save.

That said, how did the officials not spot that Vertonghen’s encroachment? It wasn’t even marginal! The issue isn’t encroachment per se, but if he isn’t that close to the goal when the kick is saved, he cannot take up such a telling position on the goal-line to stop the winner being scored.

What kind of joke officiating is happening in the Premier League. The richest league in the world is flooded with piss poor officials. No wonder FIFA decided that NONE of the English officials was good enough to go to Russia last summer. Taylor is supposed to be the best referee in the country – or one of them, at least – yet neither he or his compadre saw multiple offences.

Unai Emery’s post-match comments spoke of Taylor’s “big personality” which must see him dance on tables as the life and soul of the party. The Spaniard hoped VAR will “help them to be fair for a match like today.” Unless the VAR is incompetent…

That Said, We Weren’t Guilt-Free

Those were the key decisions they got wrong. Rose left studs into Leno’s chest, puncturing the goalkeeper’s shirt but Torreira – rightly – received a red card for a dangerous follow through after winning the ball. Mr Referee Man, we want consistency in applying the Laws of the Game.

Overall, it was a tremendous performance. We worked hard, pressed, hassled, harried, showing Tottenham as the non-league bums they are. The surprising inclusion of Guendouzi worked well, pushing the much-vaunted midfield into nothingness; avenues of sideways passing or easily throttled attacks.

However, we are masters of our own downfall par excellence. Mustafi added another inexplicable cock-up to his long list of catastrophic decisions. He’s genuinely a bloke who would throw petrol on a fire because it’s liquid and liquids put fires out.

The shove on Kane was needless; Koscielny and Leno took good enough positions to deal with the threat. It’s not as if there was no warning about how easily Kane goes down under contact. During the build-up to Ramsey’s goal, Kane, faced with a couple of defenders, shaped to dive at the merest hint of contact. Little wonder Sokratis won the ball so comfortably.

Ramsey’s goal stemmed directly from Kane losing the ball; he’s one of our own, indeed. Aaron Ramsey finished a fantastic counter-attack after the Tottenham attack broke down. Xhaka thumped the ball to Lacazette near the halfway line whose quick spin and delightful through ball sent Aaron Ramsey sprinting clear of the defence, rounding Lloris and holding off Sissoko without breaking sweat with admirable composure.


Nobody could argue with the scoreline beyond us; it should have been 2 – 0. Lacazette’s hapless swing at the ball saw it spin wide instead of nestling in the back of the net. It wasn’t the striker’s day. In the second half, a Mkhitaryan pass found him in the area but his path blocked, he went back to Iwobi, to Monreal whose cut-back was blasted wide by Lacazette. Two minutes later, Emery hooked him.

A man having a better day was Bernd Leno. Whatever Tottenham threw at him, he saved, caught, punched and cleared. A double save as half-time approached, summed up his day. As did getting warned for timewasting early on; this was a man whose view is that to win you need to be professional.

Close to the interval, he was alert to danger. Leno blocked Eriksen’s shot with the rebound falling to Sissoko. Flicking his hand out, Leno diverted the midfielder’s net-ripping shot over the bar. Strong wrists and astonishing reactions protected our lead.

Those key moments relied on unsung performances from others. Mkhitaryan worked hard defensively in what was arguably his best performance for the club. Sacrificing attacking instincts, he did more than his fair share of neutering Mustafi’s incompetence.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the pitch, Iwobi taunted Rose and turned him inside out at every opportunity. He too worked hard on the defensive side of the game, resulting in a solid performance.

It’s a good point overall but leaves us needing Chelsea and United to drop points if we’re to finish fourth. Winning next weekend is suddenly imperative in that chase.

’til Tomorrow.

28 thoughts on “Tottenham Review: A Good Point But…

  1. consolsbob says:

    Ourselves we foot in shot the.

    Simple. Even with the incompetent officials we should have won comfortably.

  2. Terence says:

    “Tottenham as the non-league bums they are”?

    Firstly, grow up.

    Secondly, I think you need to understand how tables work.

    Thirdly. Enjoy the Europe League.

  3. Terence says:

    Bless. Removing posts.

    It’s so true of Arsenal fans. Thin skinned and stupid.

  4. jod says:

    Funny how some of the refs mistakes are noted and some ignored. In this case Xhaka’s foul on Kane after 12 minutes which should have been a sending off. But I suppose most fans want a ref who gives decisions their way not one who does his job properly. The reality is English refs are paid a lot of money to do a very bad job and the football authorities try and prevent all criticism of them. No English refs at the World Cup says it all really. Whatever the problems with VAR its got to be better than leaving it all up to people who can’t do their job properly.

  5. YW says:

    Who removed posts?

    So, let’s look at the situation.

    Tottenham: No league titles since 1961. No FA Cups since 1991. No League Cups since 2008. Champions League qualification: 2 seasons in a row (3 seasons in total). Dropped into Europa League last season and knocked out at first hurdle. Homeless.

    Arsenal: Since 1961, 6 league titles. Since 1991, 8 FA Cups. Who cares about the League Cup. Champions League qualification: 20 seasons. One new stadium built and delivered without being homeless.

    Arsenal players who have won more league titles than Tottenham Hotspur:
    Sol Campbell
    Tony Adams
    Steve Bould
    Nigel Winterburn
    Ray Parlour
    Lee Dixon
    Patrick Vieira
    Dennis Bergkamp
    Martin Keown

    And that’s without thinking about it.

    Non-league bums. Yup.

  6. Jonnygunner says:


    Won comfortably?

    Same disease as Wenger? Myopic.

    Enjoy the Europa League

    I think the way things are panning out Terence,that Spurs could well find themselves in the Europa next year….in a stadium that stands you a stack load of money.
    On top of that you might find Kane gone-and-of course,your manager.
    Look at the facts-you have the strongest side that you’ve had for decades,we are very much in transition with a manager in his first season.
    Under Wenger I’d never have held out much hope of going to yours and winning(a draw at best),yesterday we were very unfortunate not to win-you must feel that too if you’re honest?
    We’ll visit your ground on the next fixture with a renewed vigour.
    And just to remind you Terence,for all of the ‘wonderful football’ your club has played,you still haven’t won a thing-nothing.
    What I saw yesterday was a team with a few bullies in it(but dirty) and cheats.Rose,Trippier,Kane,Lamela are all cheating,diving twats.
    You’ve had your time at the top table and you’ve spurned countless oportunities to take full advantage of situations-you really are chokers.You’ve blown it-you’ll be without Poch soon,and your stars will file out of the door soon after.When we left Highbury we weathered the storm-it took a while though.
    Somehow I don’t think you’re made of the same stuff.
    As you said above-enjoy the Europa league next year-its coming….

  7. Welsh corgi cardigan says:

    Am I alone in thinking Iwobis first 45 was exceptionally poor. Did almost nothing offensively ( apart from a shot) and strangely passive defensively. He was there covering ground but doing nothing.

    Maybe he was told to play like that, cover ground and don’t commit yourself. But the rest of our players were fighting and scrapping for the ball. I thought he left Monreal protecting that flank almost by himself.

    I could be severely wrong in this but got really miffed by Iwobis yesterday😣.

  8. ferkov says:


    Most pitiful footballer I’ve seen ever. Danny Rose, opens with Swan dive, even the ref just laughed… should’ve booked him .Set the precedent there. Then gets turned inside out by Iwobi until he gets shifted . Then 3 studs first tackles , one on Leno, comes out snarling at the ref… it’s all so 80’s Argentinian cunting stuff, hard to understand where it comes from.
    And every time he gets tackled, screaming sack of spuds. Bought Torriera a red.
    Hotly pursued by Lamella. His only redeeming feature is that he sits on the bench more. He is an 80’s relic. They are both mentally deranged.

    Not an ounce of flare on show yesterday. Lots of shoving and crying wolf. Loved how Papa and Kos crushed Kane. Glad we dropped the fat prick.

    Terence Fuckwit. Fuck off. Come back when you win something.

  9. ferkov says:

    Welsh corgi cardigan,

    Not really. Think your being harsh. Laca and Auba let us down. End of.
    He did get caught upfield a couple of times, and looked at his laces for a few seconds… which is enough to land his guy Monreal in a world of trouble.
    But that’s how we work too. If a winger gets dispossess, then there is a space to be exploited.
    I thought Iwobi carried the ball well, linked up well, and pinned the wing backs back pretty well. When Spuds had their power play after our goal, he dropped into midfield and tackle well. Got tucked into Sissoko quite a few times.

  10. Wailesy says:

    Yeah I didn’t think much of the game really. A scrap fest. Leno MOTM performance and Miki, Kos, Sok, Monreal and Rambo all put in solid displays. Our pen was a bit soft and Auba should be putting them away everytime. Terrible miss.

  11. Paulie Walnuts says:

    Excellent review YW.

    Always frustrating when we don’t get what we deserve but even more so against the Spuds.

    I don’t see VAR helping us especially as we get plenty of iffy stuff like everyone else. It’ll be more like a case of ‘bloody VAR robbed us !’

    As for Terence….hahaha….you mug … & yes Danny Rose is up there with the likes of Young & Rashford when it comes to blatant cheating. Kane isn’t far behind. Sadly , all Englishmen.

  12. lari03 says:

    I had a premonition we would play a draw. I was pleased with our lead until we got Mustafi-ed and Kane-d again. We seem to be playing with some form, hope our strikers can find their scoring boots before playing Man Utd.

  13. C says:


    Something to think about as a Spuds supporter:

    Even in decline under Arsene we managed to lift 3 pieces of silverware and yet with your strongest squad in a fucking long time yall have won absolutely nothing.

  14. C says:

    We were very unfortunate, how Rose didn’t see at least 2 yellows for diving or a red for trying to boot his studs through Leno’s chest is beyond me. The other thing worth noting is that Kos got absolutely clattered by Vertoghen and Alderweild in the 1st half similar to Kane and nothing was called.

    We played well and Lacazette and Aubameyang missing chances is part of the story. Until Mustafi messed up, our back 4 along with Xhaka and Guendouzi had that Spuds attacked absolutely silent. Ericksen, Kane, Son were finding no joy and the odd time that a Spud attack did get a shot, Leno was there.

  15. ferkov says:

    I guess the Solace in all this perceived injustice, is that we’ve shown them twice this season that they are no match for us. It may have been a draw in numbers, but there’s not a spud out there who will have come off that pitch thinking they’d won their individual , or collective battles.
    And that definitely includes hotch Poch.
    Fuckem , they’re winning nothing.

  16. C says:


    Spot on and just think, that was with Torriera starting on the bench and with a makeshift RB.

  17. consolsbob says:

    Amusing to hear Sky remembering that ther was a top tier before the Prem when they are discussing Liverpool. It does not exist for the rest of us but for them? Well how else can they maintain that they are a ‘big club’?

  18. consolsbob says:

    I suppose that only the spuds last won a title longer ago than that.

  19. Bill says:

    Interesting review Yogi

    I always bristle a bit when we start to criticize the refs. Certainly they make mistakes but I think the way the game is set up makes it imposssible for refs to not make mistakes. The fact that we see this same thing happen over and over and over again in almost every game argues for the fact that the job the refs are asked to do is basically impossible. The same mistakes happen in international games and at the World Cup and mistakes like this have been happening for as long as there has been professional football. The only difference is with slow motion multiangle replays we now know that its happening. I refuse to believe the entire worlds ref fraternity has become incompetent.

    I agree with you that VAR is absolutely needed. It won’t solve all of the problems and there will certainly be some growing pains but the technology is available and it has to be used

    As far as the result goes I think a draw is not bad. I have to admit disappointment with Pea. He was easily our most influentail player in the first half of the season and looked like a potential golden boot winner but he has slowed down.

  20. Welsh corgi cardigan says:


    Ok, can agree with that. I mean we were defensively top notch yesterday. By far much better than we have been for quite some time and there’s a lot of positives to take with us even though a piss poor pen.

    But I didn’t get Iwobis role in this game (could be heat of the moment or coaches order).

  21. ferkov says:

    Welsh corgi cardigan,

    I definitely think Emery tells Iwobi to get up the pitch as much as possible and worry his opponent fullback. He had Trippier and Alderiereld in all sorts of shapes yesterday.
    I think he has got a great engine , and Emery expects him to get up and down with impunity. And he generally does.
    But his Achilles is that he tends to lose the ball softly, and so allows a dynamic counterattack. We all complain about his lack of end product, and that drives we nuts more. If you got nothing on hoof it at the defender. Don’t let them dispossess you. It’s a shame I have to say that, because no one would dream of saying it about Messi, Renaldo, or even Sanchez. Alex sadly is not in their league as a winger. As an all round grafter and linker, I really like him tho.

  22. ferkov says:


    Ha . Love that Sol is top of the list.
    Pure Class.

  23. Laszlo says:

    I’m just happy to read you again. I was afraid that you might quit this blog. No surprise though. My mind just blown up two times as Mustafi and later (rather uncharecteristically) PEA were so lame….

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