Arsenal So Hungry For Success They Get The Monchis

Arsenal’s first signing of the summer is, fittingly, a free transfer although that claim is open to debate given that AS Roma announced in 2017 that he joined the club on a four-year deal.

Monchi, the former Sevilla wizard completes a Spanish triumvirate at the helm of the footballing side and three men who talk the same footballing language. With his arrival, will the style Unai Emery wants to employ become clearer?

Monchi described the director of football role as “carrying out the sports planning of a football club” which includes hiring and firing the trainer as much as deciding “the philosophy of the club, the model, hiring and selling players.”

While his role is touted as that of technical director, the remit you sense would be wider. After all, a man linked with a similar role at United and Barcelona is hardly likely to accept a relatively constrained job at Arsenal.

We, of course, play to his strength of wheeling and dealing but if his previous assertion about deciding the club’s philosophy would be one barrier to Sven Mislintat getting this kind of job at Arsenal. We’re not a training ground for someone; experience is required to bring the club kicking and screaming back into top four and beyond.

His record at Sevilla was impressive where transfer profits were vital in keeping the club competitive and eulogies flowed in his direction. A quick glance at Roma’s transfers in the past two seasons shows a rough profit of €120m. It wouldn’t be a tough sell to our errant owner:

“Enos, we’ve identified this great guy to hire”
“How much will he cost?”
“He made a $135m profit in two years…”
“Sign him.”

Stan won’t stand in the way of anyone who increases the bottom line. Or rescues it.

It Never Rennes But It Pours

But that’s our future. A hands-off owner – which means get your hands off my cash – leaves us with no other alternative but to join the Sevillas, Portos and Monacos in generating income by buying low and selling high. Even if we reached the pinnacle of the game, we’re not going to change that philosophy.

The warning comes from Monaco’s collapse about selling the family jewels without a proper plan behind it. That’s not to say Sven couldn’t have come up with one but for Raul, it seems that was too much of a risk. Ivan didn’t care; he strikes me as the sort of bloke who’ll dangle the carrot in front of someone’s eyes only for it to turn out to be a foam one he bought for £1.99 from the petrol station on his way into work.

Within an hour of the draw for the Europa League Round of Sixteen, it was all-change. A successful lobbying against the initial 5.55pm kick-off saw the legs reversed to our advantage, I freely admit. Away first and home second is definitely better. Hopefully and it’s more in hope than expectation, Arsenal will find some way of compensating those who already booked flights, etc.

I doubt that will happen but so hellbent on accommodating television are football’s authorities that they long forgot to consider the impact of match-going fans.

How will UEFA stagger kick-offs if they get their way and play Champions League fixtures on a Saturday. Certainly, complaints now about the number of midweek matches we face will be multiplied in that scenario.

Of course, that essentially means the end of the days of wine and roses for the Premier League. Being subservient to the Champions League for key television audiences? Their revenues are going to take a broadcasting hit; no wonder Scudamore chucked in his ticket with that kind of problem on the horizon.

The clubs will take probably take their toys and play in their own sandpit rather than let that happen.

’til Tomorrow.

7 thoughts on “Arsenal So Hungry For Success They Get The Monchis

  1. MikeSA says:

    I have to admit that I’m a bit torn about whether being at home in the second leg is an advantage.

    At home the opposition scoring can cause havoc based on the away goals rule, so I suspect it depends a lot on what happens in the first leg as to whether its genuinely an advantage or not.

  2. LSG says:


    Hopefully we don’t underestimate Rennes. But coming in between Spurs away and MU at home, this fixture may be an attractive one for some rotation. We know Auba and Cech start but there could be some changes.

  3. LSG says:

    We could use Monchi in earlier. How much does this affect our planning for the summer? Another wasted window we cannot afford. We bought well last summer but not in coordination really with Emery’s hiring. But I’m glad we should at least have a competent person who can work with Emery. This does mean that the club expect Emery to continue next season and possibly longer even with average results.

    I think you are absolutely correct YW that Monchi is a perfect KSE type. Turns a profit on player sales. The question is whether this good business can be used like Liverpool has to fund and fuel high ambitions or just treading water at CL or Europa levels.

  4. YW says:


    Laca is binned for both UEL ties so we don’t have that many options up front.

    Can’t see us facing Spurs or United without him and Auba in the side.

  5. LSG says:


    I was referring to the Rennes away leg being one for possible rotation, so I agree that with Laca out we’ll see him in both league fixtures. Aubameyang is interesting. Will Emery play 2 strikers in both those league matches? I like it when we do but he can be cautious…

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