Mesut Told To Do One & Other Stuff

That’s the long and short of it. Unai Emery dressed it up more pleasantly than that, I’m sure, but that was the essence of their conversation according to Ornstein, the man from the BBC in Salford. Moreover, it is one backed in this instance, by the club. At £350k per week or whatever it is, they don’t feel like they are getting value for money.

It’s hard to argue with the club view. Whichever way we look at it, Ozil is inconsistent. And we’ve all had our say about the subject previously, And we’ll continue to do so all the while he is at the Arsenal.

I say it’s hard to argue with the club’s stance but we will…

It’s a long-term problem and we’re focused on the short-term. Which is Chelsea and whether he is fit for the match. Last weekend’s performance was so abject that a fit Ozil is a no-brainer to play. I don’t think he’d have made any difference at West Ham but you have to try anything to improve. Such as playing Lucas Torreira from the start. Or finding an effective way of combining Aubameyang and Lacazette up front.

But the media like to deal with the big topics of the day, such as “Is Mesut Ozil getting married?” Who let Hello! into the press conferences? What next? The Lady asking if ‎Joe Montemurro prefers weft or warp knitting.

The key issue is whether Ozil is fit?

Now? He’s training consistently with his work over the past two weeks and I think he can be.

Unai Emery on whether Mesut Ozil is fit for Chelsea

As it is a home game, I presume he’s in the reckoning for the XI. Plus we need to end a run of what is best described as mediocre performances.

He Won’t Be The First German Out Of The Club

For Unai Emery, the Ozil situation will only be favourably resolved with winning matches. Tomorrow is a match which will shape our aspirations for the remainder of the Premier League season. Win and the gap to Chelsea closes to three points. Defeat is nine points and ends top four aspirations while a draw leaves us with the status quo. Roll out the denim.

Ornstein was at pains to point out that Ozil isn’t a malevolent brooding presence at London Colney. He is apparently working hard on his fitness, smiling and popular with his team-mates. No wonder he’s smiling; while the others are slogging their way through the footballing equivalent of quicksand, he’s picking up £350k each week for not doing that.

While Emery all but ruled out a January move, a loan deal can’t be ruled out. It won’t bring the bounty hoped for, however. We’ll probably end up subsidising his wages all the while Ozil is loaned out which limits our ability to invest in new players.

While all this is going on, Emery didn’t deny Sven Mislintat is leaving the club either. “I don’t know”, he said when asked. As if. They are working together normally but there are no deals currently completed. No Suarez, which is no surprise given our track record of signing Suarez’s, no Hamez and no Carrasco.

We’re finding completing deals quickly challenging under the new regime. Is making deals quickly tough or because of the financial constraints Ivan & Co left us with? Is it just the January window being its usual troublesome self? Whichever way you look at it, the real surprise is that we haven’t yet seen an outbreak of broken cannons across the back pages.

Who thought the first season beyond Arsene would be turbulent, eh?

Nor The Second Either…

Meanwhile, we plough on wondering where Chelsea spied on us this week. Maurizio Sarri surely used the same techniques as Marcelo Bielsa? The Argentine’s modus operandi is surely common around the footballing world?

Not many, however, would have the brass balls to carry out a snap press conference in the way Bielsa did. Above all else, he proved there is room for lunacy, some colour in the monochrome football world we inhabit now.

Certainly, Arsenal are intent on contributing to that in our small way. Per Mertesacker is finding that attending an NBA match rather than watching the Youth Cup win over Tottenham is a sackable offence.

However, he might just be setting a superstitious precedent. We’ve all had the lucky underpants or socks that instigated a win or successful run. Maybe Per’s thought was “if I stay away…” and it worked. Far from calling for his head, we should be lauding his foresight and new age managerial thinking.

Not that Per is the manager; he’s effectively the director and our board set the precedent by not turning up at Brighton last year. Get over yourselves and enjoy the fact that another victory over 5pur2 was recorded…

’til Tomorrow.

23 thoughts on “Mesut Told To Do One & Other Stuff

  1. Michael says:

    Whatever happened to Almiron from the US that we were supposed to be signing this window?

  2. buckagh says:

    Is Wenger back at the club as chief Public relations officer?

  3. Mattack says:

    Still no top managerial role for Arsene….

  4. Dalm says:

    I have finally thrown away my lucky mug. Must make a difference tomorrow.

    If we are too strapped for cash for players let some of the backroom dead wood go too – there is no evidence that anyone of them – in signing new players or resolving contract situations, or shipping players out are doing anything at all….bearing in mind it is their full time jobs….

    Perhaps they are all either cardboard cut out/invasion of he body snatcher copies like Bouldie

  5. Pete the Thirst says:

    Let’s not get too carried away with the politics. It seems there is some pot stirring going on to unsettle the manager.

    Chelsea have one major threat: Hazard. Stick close to him and they’ll struggle to create. We’re at home and always raise our game.


  6. Pete the Thirst says:

    Warp…factor 5 Scotty, the Klingons are closing on us

    What was it?
    Weft or Warp?

  7. Bill says:

    Great stuff Yogi

    Its a real blizzard today and can’t leave the house and skiing is out so plenty of time to comment. More keystrokes have been dedicated to Mesut Ozil then almost any player in the world over his career. He has always been an amazing eye catching technical talent but I have always thought that his actual ability to influence results has been over rated. Why else would Madrid have sold him at the height of his career? He is purely a creative player who does not score, does not play defense, does not manage the games or help his team turn defense into attack. Madrid clearly had more then enough creativity in their squad without him and it made sense for them to replace his spot in the line up with a more complete player. Anyone who has watched him play for Arsenal and Germany for the last couple of seasons has to see that his ability to influence the game has been fading. It all leaves Emery in a very difficult position. What do you do when your by far your media superstar, highest profile, highest paid player is no longer effective? I agree that it would have made sense to have Ozil on the bench against west ham but I have to believe Emery has dropped Ozil for football reasons and not because of a personality conflict or because he wants to exert his authority. However, the fans and media are always going to look for some sort of angle and the media is going to be asking about it constantly and it has to be creating some tension around the squad. Hopefully we can find someone to take his wages off our our books next summer.

  8. thrillbo says:

    Cheers all thanks for the write up again lord yogi. Not sure what to except tomorrow but I will watch anyways.

    Ozil is going to sit around playing Fifa this week while collecting more money, in a week, then I will make in the first 5 years of my professional career , dedicating 10,000+ hours plus to building software for some joe schmo who also pulls in 350k a week. FFS lads what I am doing with my life! Ozil, throw your boy thrillbo a bone so he can buy more dipes & wipes for baby thrillbo and get a nice something for Mrs. Thrillbo. Please? It’s only about 5 minutes worth of your weekly wage packet…

    I did some quick math here…

    350,000 week, 7*24 hours in a week is 168. That means he makes about 2083euro an hour, and 34.7166 every minute of his waking life. So if ozil hops onto the internet to play Fifa for an hour while his back hurts, he will be pulling in a cool 2k.

  9. HenryNorrisDialSquare says:

    Bill – Not bloody likely, unless we pay them!

  10. consolsbob says:


    Such has the game come to and we are meant to take their concerns seriously?

  11. HenryNorrisDialSquare says:

    thrillbo, the money isn’t really the issue. It’s the return on value that is! Would gladly pay that for a Messi, Ronaldo, Mbappe or Neymar. Heck, I’d say Aguero, Hazard and Salah I wouldn’t exactly grumble about. But Özil! I’m left feeling a little hard done by.

  12. Blue Yonder says:


    I think you’ve nailed it. And here I was watching the immobile Bould sitting on the sidelines and thought it really was he. The tip-off is that the cutout is still wearing shorts as in the summer.

  13. ferkov says:

    Pete the Thirst,

    Never mind the ferkin klingons, it’s the Scum that’s closing, hotly followed by Wolves. Beam me up Scotty!!

  14. Dalm says:

    Blue Yonder – possibly more than one cut out – or various outfits that can be changed just to keep us guessing

  15. MikeSA says:

    What is truly bizarre about the whole Ozil saga is that the mullets who want to get rid of him and who continually slate him are the very people who are massacring any value and therefore making it close to impossible to get rid of.

    If Emery truly wanted to get rid of him he would need to play him and make him an attractive option for a club capable of paying him his salary want to take him on.

    Trying to “force” him out and acting like a dickhead will achieve nothing other than making him more likely to decide that this is an excellent retirement plan and just pull a Winston Bogarde move , then all he has to do is train every day that he is required to whilst getting paid a fortune.

    Those who fondly imagine he will “just move on” are just demonstrating the same level of lack of understanding when they don’t understand the importance of creativity in the attack that he brings.

    Like a striker, he only has to produce that magic once or twice a game if that’s what wins the game.

    A balanced team is made up of a variety of skills, attributes, and personalities.

    A bunch of players who just run around and look like they have the right “body language”?

    That was Bolton under Fat Sam, Stoke under Pulis, or Wimbledon under Kinnear for some examples.

    Do enjoy that if that’s your aspiration for the team.

  16. ferkov says:


    Don’t disagree at all
    Sadly our defensive players and now even can I venture ‘system’, aren’t up to the task of affording us 3 non defenders.
    Trouble with Ozil and Auba when they try to get back and do defending, they do it so badly that thy compromise any system based on shared responsibility and trust . Much like Mustafi. And Xhaka. This can of worms is bursting!

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