Ramsey To Juve: Life Goes On

In old money, Aaron Ramsey earned himself a testimonial to top up his pension as he prepared for life as a publican or bog roll salesman. Now, he gets his ‘testimonial’ in the form of a free transfer. No matchday against Crystal Palace or Crotone; no Cardiff City XI or Carmarthen Town pitching up at the Emirates, just a signing-on fee from Juventus. Cold comfort, I’m sure…

Ramsey, with two FA Cup final winning goals, remains a marmite footballer for fans. It’s baffling to be honest. He turned down Manchester United to move to Arsenal. That’s Manchester United, serial trophy winners, making them look stupid in the process after they trumpeted his signing on their website.

That alone ought to put him into the ‘cult hero’ category. Add in the goals against Hull City in 2014 and Chelsea in 2017, and it’s surely a case of signed, sealed and delivered into the pantheon which houses Charlie George, Anders Limpar, Santi Cazorla and Jon Sammels among others?

Apparently not.

There was the obligatory injury, this time a shattered leg resulting from Ryan Shawcross’ thuggery. The Stoke defender became the victim and almost as inexplicably, nearly became an international colleague.

2013-14 was his defining year; 16 goals and his one season of double-figure returns – as opposed to double-fingered – in terms of goals. He hit ten or more twice more but was never as effective in front of goal again.

It’s one of those moments; go on and inspire or plateau. It was the latter; important in a team sense but bogged down the medocrity of Wenger’s final years. He wasn’t the cause of that nor was he the only ‘star’ dragged from a lofty perch.

That Was Then, This Is Now

There’s an admirable doggedness to his time at the Emirates. A sense of being willing to subsume himself into the team. Playing out of position on a regular basis and not to his individual strengths.

That’s not to make him out as ‘Saint Aaron’; others throughout football do similar but from an Arsenal perspective, Euro2016 provided a stark contrast. Wales played to his strength of a box-to-box midfielder in a way Arsene never did in his latter years.

And those strengths don’t fit in with Unai Emery’s vision of football. Any doubts about that – and it’s hard to believe there are any – come in the deal struck with Juventus. £140k per week; it’s not budget shattering when you consider the money we waste or at the very least don’t get value for.

It is a defining moment in the post-Wenger era. Laurent Koscielny is a stereotypical Wenger signing from the French leagues, Ramsey is the player who epitomises the second decade. A teasing glimpse of an outstanding midfielder but never fully delivered.

We, Arsenal, Ramsey, we all move on. His is a new chapter in Serie A, reminiscent of David Platt in Juventus terms although I’m sure John Charles comparisons – or as a benchmark – will appear. If he’s remembered half as fondly as Charles, Ramsey will have been a huge success.

Unai Emery wants something different. Denis Suarez is mentioned, Yannick Carrasco on the wing; a cultured passer and a pacey player. Both styles ignored Ramsey’s energetic strengths while the Belgian is quicker than Aaron can be.

All of which is basically saying that we all move on. I see no reason – nor have I ever – to abuse the player. I’ve never understood the animosity he endured; there was never a sensible reason for it but then is there ever?

Onwards and Upwards

At the other end of the scale, there are reports that Unai Emery continues his commitment to the younger players in the squad by blocking Joe Willock moving to Sunderland on loan. Reports suggest Aston Villa will be given short shrift if they come knocking for Eddie Nketiah. Emile Smith Rowe’s suitors suffered the same fate earlier in the season.

Loans are very much the talk of the moment, but keeping hold of players is out of necessity rather than a philosophical decision. There’s some element of wanting to develop young players, of having to due to budgetary constraints, but without new signings, there’s no gristle in the squad. Next season might be the right time, however, certainly for Nketiah, to experience first-team football on a regular basis.

As it is, Aaron Ramsey’s future is resolved. Now it’s time to sort Arsenal’s out.

’til Tomorrow.

35 thoughts on “Ramsey To Juve: Life Goes On

  1. C says:

    Ramsey, had his moments but for me he played to slowly and is a player that wants to get on the end up things instead of actually creating them from midfield. While he is here, I hope he doesn’t pull an Ox on us.

    His move to Juve is interesting because they already have a player in Matuidi and even Cann and Khederia. Certainly he doesn’t get in that team ahead of Pjanic, Dybala(who generally plays in the #10), Bentacur.

  2. ferkov says:


    Hard to Pull an Ox, considering he want(s)ed to stay, and we definitely won’t be playing Juve before he leaves.
    Your recurrent assertion that he won’t get in the Juve lineup are noted. As we agreed last week. Your balls are no more crystal ,than Rambos are golden.
    Time will tell. I wish him all the best. And I’ll not be putting his shirt on the fleabay neither.
    All gone quiet on your soccer league winger/10. for now then? Carrasco looks a good player, but why did he get shoved to China??

  3. YW says:

    Dybala is, by all accounts, on his way out and Khedira, too.

  4. ferkov says:

    Yogi. Quality as ever.
    Class scene. My favourite of a multitude of one liners. Who’s gonna be the Jules to your Honey Bunny?

  5. C says:


    Don’t see Dybala leaving, plus they said the same last year when Ronaldo was brought in.

  6. C says:


    I do wish him all the best. Again, just one’s opinion but meh…

    £8.8m wages probably played a huge part along with falling out of favor with Simeone for whatever reason and wanting to stay in contention for the World Cup. Just digging around, found out the club that actually bought him in China is part owner (I think I read around 25%) of Atletico Madrid.

  7. Paul says:

    No wonder Atletico Madrid have been enjoying a higher profile recently. They must have merged with a humongous Chinese mattress maker.

  8. Bill says:

    Great post yogi

    I read that Juve made Ramsey their second highest paid player behind Ronaldo. I can’t imagine they would pay him that much unless they believe he will potentially be a difference making player and a regular starter in their midfield. Myself I think they are over rating him but may be they know more then I do. We have often heard that on this blog that Ramsey plays slowly, dawdles on the ball, can’t pass and doesn’t play defense and hurts the team and I think that is complete rubbish. The idea that he can’t pass seems hard to accept when he is our leading assist creator despite limited minutes. He is certainly been more effective then Ozil for example. I think most of that overly negative stuff is a case of we see what we hope to see rather then what is actually happening. On the other hand I don’t see him as more then an average player and I don’t think he will ever come close to replicating his awesome 13/14 season and I doubt he will be the difference player that Juve seems to believe he will be.

  9. Bill says:

    Ramsey certainly has not done enough for us in the last 2-3 years to deserve a big pay raise especially in view of the fact that we already have done a miserably poor job of managing the wage budget. I hope that most of that poor wage management is left over from the Arsene/Ivan era. If I had to guess I suspect in 2 years Juve and the fans will think that Ramsey has been an ok player who has not hurt the team but they will be disappointed if they are expecting a difference making midfielder. Fans are the same everywhere and I suspect Aaron will catch flack from fans who expected him to live up to the level you expect from the second highest paid player on the team.

  10. C says:

    I know its no concern for us, but my o my Coutinho is fading FAST at Barcelona thanks to Dembele finally showing this season why Barcelona paid so much money for him.

  11. Jonnygunner says:

    Ramsey, had his moments but for me he played to slowly and is a player that wants to get on the end up things instead of actually creating them from midfield. While he is here, I hope he doesn’t pull an Ox on us.

    His move to Juve is interesting because they already have a player in Matuidi and even Cann and Khederia. Certainly he doesn’t get in that team ahead of Pjanic, Dybala(who generally plays in the #10), Bentacur.

    I read this morning from someone at Juve that Ramsey will play between Pjanic and Matuidi

  12. ferkov says:

    I also read the Chinese part ownership reasoning, and ffp / book fudging theory.
    My concerns ,despite that , are , if he’s that good and got a future, and the kind of ambition Unai needs, why be sent, or opt to go to China?
    I hope he got caught with his hands in the wrong pants. That would be most acceptable. Figuratively.
    Running away from a challenge ,just for more money, requires some proven psychological readjustment before he’s up to the PL imo.
    Let’s hope he’s a horrible shagger then.

  13. ferkov says:

    Just dipped my toe into newsnow. Fuck there’s a storm of bs out there.
    My overriding hope ,and I’ve joked about this earlier in the season, is that Emery is a bullshitter too. And keeping his face straight ,setting up the hand for the dynamic duo to go play.
    You’re probably going to pour scorn on my childish fantasies, so I’m off to the pub.
    Buy buy bye.😬

  14. Pete the Thirst says:

    Good luck to Ramsey. As has been said multiple times if he wasn’t signing he should have been sold before entering the last year of his contract. Thanks Ivan (the Terrible CEO)

    Carasco didn’t impress me in the world cup. He was good attacking but failed to cover his flank when he played as wing back for Belgium. Sound familiar?

  15. Pete the Thirst says:

    I heard rumours that Won Lie Low had been spotted in Madrid.

    No wonder Atletico Madrid have been enjoying a higher profile recently.They must have merged with a humongous Chinese mattress maker.

  16. Mattack says:

    Good luck Rambo. If Juve play to his strengths then maybe it will work out for him and if not then who cares as he’s off our wage bill!

  17. C says:


    Will be interesting to see which means either Bentacur or one of the wings doesn’t play.

  18. consolsbob says:

    It’s a sreaming plie of horseshit, isn’t it? The hangover from the Wenger/Gazidis years I mean.

    What an inheritance for the new team at the top. How much of our riches, such as they were, have been squandered for little return? Meanwhile, the spuds are planning to milk the sale of one of theirs for another fortune. One of theirs, btw, that Arsene turned his nose up at.

  19. consolsbob says:

    That’s a ‘steaming pile..’ btw.

  20. C says:


    For Emery to come out and say we can only do loan deals in Jan, well that is quite the indictment. Wonder how those who defended Arsene and Ivan can defend that?

  21. Bill says:

    The idea that Ramsey slowed the team down and doesn’t like to create and dawdles on the ball is not realistic. I am reasonably confident juve would have scouted him and watched plenty of film. It seems unlikely they would have signed him to a big contract if he really was a type of player some of us have thought. We let our predetermined bias cloud our judgements.

    From juve’s perspective he is still a player with a big reputation who is capable of incredible runs of form where he is one of the best midfielders in the world such as 13/14 season and Euro2016. I think juve is hoping that if he is put into the proper situation he can replicate his best form but to me that is unrealistic. Ramsey is what he is. A decent player who is over rated based on short runs of great form. He struggles with frequent muscle injuries and even when healthy he is certainly not a world class player on a consistent basis.

    I remember saying several times that we should have sold him after Euro 2016 when his value had skyrocketed. He was not as good as he looked playing for Wales that year. It was clear many years ago that Wilshere was never going to be a great player and we should have sold him when his value was still very high. It was also clear a couple years ago that ozil had started to decline and we should never have given him the big contract. That contract was probably the single worst move of the wenger era. We have sold ozil while we had the chance. Chelsea rebuilt their team early in this decade by making logical decisions and selling players rather then letting emotional attachment cloud their judgments.

  22. philmar says:

    For years we had to develop younger talent because we couldn’t buy players as we had to finance a new stadium that would help increase our revenues….and we’ve seen the increased revenues pissed away in ridiculous wages and lost transfer fees. We’ve stopped developing good youngsters. only to watch Spurs morph in to the team we’d hoped we would become.

  23. andy1886 says:


    Steady On! Although I’d agree that the lot down the road have out performed us in most areas of the game over the last three or four years (so much for Kroenke’s financial acumen) ultimately this is their peak and they will only ever be a ‘nearly’ side before they sink back down to their true level. As they say it’s the hope that kills, so let’s keep our fingers crossed that they have a bit more suffering to do yet.

    As for Aaron good luck to him. We all have opinions on players but it’s telling that some of the biggest clubs are prepared to invest heavily in the him whilst last year in a similar position we couldn’t give away the guy who subsequently became our highest earner.

  24. C says:


    Lets not mix facts, the big clubs were reported to be in for him but Arsenal offered a massive wage. Ramsey, on reportedly 140k/wk, isn’t massive wages but with reports early on saying Arsenal offered similiar and didn’t want to go to 200+/wk, if makes you wonder what actually happened especially given it was Ramsey who turned down early contract offers prior and even after the Ozil and Sanchez situation.

  25. consolsbob says:

    It’s a fuck up, is what it is.

  26. Blue Yonder says:


    That’s sort of my feeling as well. Ramsey will get more playing time but will he be much different? It isn’t as though he lacked playing time at Arsenal when fit, at least until recently. Still, he’s a classy person and I wish him well at Juventus.

  27. LSG says:

    I think Ramsey is a fine player and am surprised he doesn’t fit better into Emery’s approach—actually I think he would if he played next to Torreira. Emery really hasn’t tried this. But Ramsey’s problem I think is mainly that he didn’t learn positional and tactical discipline under AW. Allegri may be able to teach him that better.

    I think he’ll play in a midfield three with Pjanic and Bentancur. We surely could have paid him 150-160/week to stay.

  28. LSG says:


    Totally—no question about it. Should have been sold in the summer or signed.

  29. LSG says:


    What have Spurs won? I have no envy. The team I envy is Liverpool. And even they have not yet won anything. They are a much better model however as a club. But their owners actually care about the team and are trying to win. We have a bigger problem in Kroenke.

  30. Jonnygunner says:


    For Emery to come out and say we can only do loan deals in Jan, well that is quite the indictment. Wonder how those who defended Arsene and Ivan can defend that?
    Nicky will……….

  31. LSG says:

    Dybala… odd if Juve sell him. Great talent but last season wasn’t his best.

  32. C says:


    Can’t see them selling Dybala especially when you consider that he is only 25 and is having a good season and that front 3 of Manzudiac/Ronaldo/Dybala are really starting to gel.

  33. Bill says:


    Ramsey has not been bad this season. He has not been any different then he has for the last couple seasons and I think these seasons are his baseline. I remember a lot of us complaining that Arsene ruined him after the 13/14 season by moving him out wide. The problem was we had ozil and Cazorla so he couldn’t play in central midfield. I remember Dukey saying all Aaron needed was a move back to central midfield and he would be the next Frank Lampard. However I don’t think he was ever that good and 13/14 and Euro2016 were unreplicatable runs of good form. Aaron’s real problem was he raised expectations above what was realistic for his talent level

  34. Bill says:

    I think Ramsey has been close to the same player this season that he has been every season since 13/14. He has not been bad but he hasn’t been a consistent difference making player. He is who he is and I suspect this is baseline talent level.

  35. Damon says:

    Dybala is, by all reports, a nuisance to have around. He’s a good player, but I can understand why he’d be moved on if he’s not pulling up trees. Which he isn’t.

    PEA was reported to be a bit like that, but he appears to be very happy, especially around Lacazette, on and off the field. Good news for us. Furthermore, he is pulling up trees and he’s probably bought himself a tantrum or two already.

    As an aside, I know he’s leading the way with goals scored, but he’s already missed a load of sitters across a number of games, imo. Imagine if he really gets his shooting boots on?!?

    On the Ramsey situation, I don’t think any of the regulars will be surprised to hear me say that Im with Andy on this, completely.

    To C, you say don’t mix facts, and then go right ahead and mix facts! Ozil and Miki came in on mental money, turn in average performances and Aaron asked for comparable money to them, well above what was on the table in a firm offer from Arsenal. In my opinion, AFC made their own bed here and he had every right, in terms of output, to be asking for that kind of money. If you say not, I’ll say lets look at minutes/assists/goals over the last three seasons in our colours for those three players.

    So they reached a deadlock, which drew out over time. Aaron has stated he wanted to stay, but AFC then just pulled the offer completely and said no new deal would be forthcoming.

    Personally, I think that’s an error. Why not reach a compromise and try to sell him? It would salvage a very poor situation. Potentially.

    The fact that when he went on a free the very top clubs of the game went after him tells you everything you need to know, imo. You can’t bleat on about how we fucked up letting Shezzer go for peanuts, only to end up at Juve, one of the European elite and then brush it off as nothing when, essentially, the same thing is happening with Rambo because it suits your narrative.

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