FA Cup, Loans and Have We Signed Anyone Yet?

Mmmmm…Liam Brady, eh…Big Willie…Rixy stroking Liam Brady’s balls into the middle…mmmm….five-minute final…jumpers for goalposts…

How long after last night’s FA Cup 4th round draw did 1979 pop up in conversation? Best game I ever saw, eh…

There you go, I mentioned the “1”-word. Be ready for it on whatever day the match takes place, be it Friday night or Saturday lunchtime. We play Cardiff City on the following Tuesday so unless that is moved, television is going to have to do one. Well, as much as television does one by screwing with kick-off times.

Meanwhile, we’ve appointed a loan manager. Just catching up with the real world, really. Chelsea have two former players in such roles because they have 200+ players at other clubs. We have 7 so it won’t be a taxing role just yet. New regulations – or proposals, I forget which – suggest that clubs won’t be able to loan more than eight to overseas clubs. Domestic club loans and those for under-21 are where Chelsea and their ilk will be screwed.

However, there is talk that FIFA bottling that decision which I struggle to believe…

Loans are a key strand to Arsenal’s business model. You get the loan fee to contribute to costs but more importantly, a player in the shop window. However, as supporters, we tend to look at the loan as a testing ground; will the player make the grade?

There’s a tendency to look at other clubs and think they do it better than us. Quoting a fee Liverpool received for Divock Origi and wondering where our comparable fees are misses the point. Origi is 23 and signed for £10m back in 2014. He’s not a product of their youth academy, he’s a failed signing but one who has 25 international caps.

Always in the Kitchen at Parties

That’s not to say that other clubs don’t do better when it comes to selling youngsters. It’s easy to forget, however, that big fees are rarely received for academy products. They aren’t the norm. Someone somewhere will do the analysis which compares that.

Chelsea, for example, are surely tempted by the £30m Bayern are reportedly offering for Callum Hudson-Odoi. A prodigious talent and one we expect ol’ Diamond Eye or BFG to deliver in coming seasons. Have we had similar players in the past? Of course; hindsight points to selling Jack Wilshere at 18 for circumstances where we might have received a comparable fee.

However, can you imagine the uproar had we done so? We’re close to wanting our cake and eating it as far as the academy is concerned. The reality is that ‘Project Poverty’ worked; we got the message. We want the money to invest in a first-team squad which is desperate for the cavalry to arrive.

The cavalry are taking different shapes each and every day. We’ve been handed a boost in our ‘chase’ for Denis Suarez when the player rejected a move to West Ham. It says a lot when the boost is a move elsewhere being rejected. It’s a long way from an offer being accepted yet we’re supposed to believe this is a positive.

Yannick Carrasco is another being touted as arriving. He’s “given his blessing” to a move to Arsenal after a year in China making loads of money. That will shore his bank balance when he signs for “cash-strapped” Arsenal.

Heading Home

One man seemingly signing for us is Edu. He’s been offered a job in the ‘football operations’ department. Some assume it’s a ‘director of football’ role which it may well be. That job is vacant mainly because it was never officially created but if we can create a loan manager role, why not a director of football role?

There’s also the South American connection which I’ll lazily make. Edu knows the Brazilian league and national squad, as he currently works with them. How long before the ‘Neymar to Arsenal’ rumours start. When they do, remember you read it here first.

Edu hasn’t yet decided to take on the role. It’s just a case of finding his passport…

’til Tomorrow.

9 thoughts on “FA Cup, Loans and Have We Signed Anyone Yet?

  1. Jonnygunner says:

    Well sarcastic today YW…..you’ve excelled yourself 😉

  2. Pete the Thirst says:

    Man United at home in the Cup on a Saturday…Yes please.

    Liverpool recently got £19m from Bournemouth for Solanke. Seems a lot of money…

    …when you compare to the transfer work of our dearly departed economics genius Wenger and legendary CEO Gazidis: Ramsey: £0; Wilshere; £0; Alexis: £0

  3. ferkov says:

    Neymar coming?

    Don’t think mr Emery be too pleased with his d o f for that one.

    Bring on the Scum. They’ve beaten no one decent yet and ollies bubble will burst soon enough, and all the bruised egos will start weeping again.

  4. Dalm says:

    No sign of the defensive kingpin arriving then ?

  5. Blue Yonder says:

    I know it’s still early but next week is the mid-point of the window and I sort of thought the new boys would act quickly (if they did act.)
    Could be they are taking a longer view than just plugging in someone for now. The problem with that is I’m not sure what the longer view really looks like: players coming back from loan/injury or up from the academy? Or something else? Now would be a great time for Mislintat to screw in the diamond eyes and unearth a gem (loan or purchase.)
    It doesn’t seem that Koscielny will be much help this season and who knows about next season. With all the injuries and rumoured/wished for departures, add in Kroenke’s financial chastity belt and it seems some miracles are needed.

  6. Dalm says:

    or maybe it is just the same stuff we have had for years – no money for the signings we need so make do and mend – or buy another attacking midfielder and hope for the best..

    Maybe Mr Wengers hands were tied after all

  7. Camden Monkey says:

    Always very well written and thought out…..

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