A tale of revived fortunes and Club Manager 2019

For years, Arsenal have been on the outside, looking in so far as credibility for the Premier League crown is concerned. The narrative, however, stalled following the appointment of Unai Emery. Rhapsodized about his impressive run with Sevilla and a subsequent imperious stint with Paris Saint-Germain, the Spaniard seemed like the perfect replacement for Arsene Wenger.

By this I just mean the benign, tactically astute Frenchman that gave us some of the fondest memories, rather than the pantomime villain who made us the proverbial butt of everyone’s jokes.

Watching Arsenal these days has taken on a strangely repetitive, albeit impressive, quality. Unai has not only picked us up from the doldrums, but has also brought about a revival of fortunes; one which certainly spells delight for the future.

I believe we’ll end the season with a piece of silverware, and that the best we can eke out in the League is a third-place finish; which will by all accounts be a salubrious outcome given how it’s only Unai Emery’s maiden season on English soil.

For some obscure reason, a part of me feels appreciative of the timing of Arsene’s departure. It allowed us to bring in a manager that was everything but a knee-jerk replacement. It’s hard to find a decorated manager in the modern game. Even harder to find one who will hit the ground running without necessarily breaking the bank.

Club Manager 2019

Have you ever wondered what it feels like to manage a football club? Well, you can experience the full gamut of emotions that come with such responsibility by playing the soccer manager game: Club Manager 2019.

The game is primarily based on cards. You’ll have to open card packs in order to increase your chances of acquiring better players, items and upgrades.

When you join the game, you’ll be handed a relatively simple team, with the ultimate goal of managing it and cementing your team’s place in the annals of history by winning both League and Cup competitions.

You can play several matches, such as league, cup and friendlies, on a daily basis. Each comes with the assurance of being awarded third-place free manager cash (in-game currency) even if you lose.

What’s more, as the manager you will have the absolute freedom of determining line-ups and tactical approaches that best suit your football mantra.

Designed to deliver the ultimate pick-up-and-play gaming experience, Club Manager is a game built by equals, yet with no equal. There is an easily accessible user interface and almost no loading time!

There is in-game assistance fitted with notifications to guide you throughout the game. An in-game chat system to communicate with friends makes Club Manager 2019 it all the more exciting.

Conveniently available on major platforms – PC (desktop or browser), iOS and Android – Club Manager 2019 will be the best online football manager game in the world.

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