Arsenal Jobs for the Boys as FA Targets Lost Generations

The international break is over and we wait for the injury news to filter through via dot com. I don’t know about you but I always read their updates in a Dalek voice waiting for the piece to finish, “If he does not recover by then, we will exterminate.” Or give him a big bowl of Smash because I have a feeling I sound more like one of the Martians.

You’ve probably got to be English.

Anyway, on the Arsenal front, it’s the backroom staff who are taking the headlines. Years ago, you had the bootroom or similar at every club. Now, it’s a separate office block; no more cosy chats over a cup of tea, it’s probably all protein shakes and bars.

Yesterday, it was announced Sven Mislintat became technical director and Huss Fahmy (Huss Against?) is now head of football relations. What do their jobs entail that they didn’t previously? Who knows. However, I’m sure Sven and Huss are feeling jolly spiffy this morning and got a spring in their step.

Does this make a blind bit of difference to the squad? To be honest, I doubt it but going forward, it seems to be the right move. It’s brings us into the 21st century although there’s a nagging doubt that this harks back to the 1980s when everyone in marketing was a manager. No staff under them, but they were a manager.

We shall see.

Mislintat’s immediate task is identifying replacements for Danny Welbeck. Raul Sanllehi observed the club must “consider” all options in January despite preferring not to sign anyone. Eddie Nketiah’s name was floated as a potential ‘in-house’ solution.

Reiss Nelson, however, won’t be returning to the club. His stay in Hoffenheim will continue to the end of the season.

Will FA Proposals Really Help English Players?

It’s no surprise Mislintat is taking on more seniority. He was part of the three-man team who selected Unai Emery. They didn’t hear a bad word about the Spaniard but I suspect no-one spoke to Spartak. The club’s then-owner royally put the boot into him at the time.

Not that it matters. Emery is here now and doing a good job; long may that continue.

Which brings us back to Reiss Nelson, sort of. The Football Association decided ‘Brexit’ was a time to finesse the homegrown player rules. It’s objective is to reduce the number of non-homegrown players to 13 in each 25-man Premier League squad.

We’ve currently got 15 players and can easily reduce that to 13 through natural wastage. However, if the FA do follow this course there are potential problems ahead.

In Arsenal’s case, I don’t know if it will increase the playing time of English players. Nelson, for example, is one I’d expect to feature regularly next season. Nketiah might, but I guess the question is whether it’s a good move for English football?

The FA wants to improve the playing time of youngsters, which is fine and a noble ideal. However, they may find the opposite is true. Rather than Nelson being allowed to go on a season-long loan, will Arsenal sit him in the Under-23s so that they don’t encounter any problems with the regulations?

Potentially, the FA’s intentions could have the opposite effect. One thing is for certain, the high valuations of domestic players which stunned Mislintat recently, aren’t likely to reduce any time soon.

That’s it for this morning. We’re almost back to normal with just four sleeps to Bournemouth.

’til Tomorrow.

17 thoughts on “Arsenal Jobs for the Boys as FA Targets Lost Generations

  1. Pete the Thirst says:

    I doubt the Premier League will pay much attention to what the FA suggests. Both are only interested in money.

    Arsenal need to up their game in the youth academy. It used to be a production line of future first teamers. With a huge talent pool on the doorstep in North London there should be plenty of gems to pick from the mean streets.

  2. C says:

    Good stuff Yogi!

    I fancy the new team is clearly settled into their roles. What I found interesting was the comments Sanllehi made about contracts and all, clearly if players don’t want to sign they will be moved on.

    The PL will pay no attention to the FA, can you really see the top brass at Citeh, Chelsea, hell even West Ham and Everton being okay with that, nope neither do I. With that said, I do think Nelson has the absolute makings of a quality winger. When you look, even now at his CV its pretty damn impressive for a 19 year old: PL2 Player of the Season, Bundesliga Young Player of the Month, Youngest player to ever score 5+ goals in the Bundesliga history and that is all with Nageslmanm saying he needs to give more and hasn’t even scratched the surface.

  3. C says:

    Pete the Thirst,

    To that I would say, our academy has changed significantly starting 2-3 years ago in the development of players like Malen, Mavididi, all 3 Willock brothers along with Maitland-Niles and that lot. If you take a look, our academy has given us some players such as Bellerin, Maitland-Niles, and then 2 Willock brothers have left along with Mavididi and a couple others(the lad who went to Barca escapes me). The problem is that Arsene never played them and instead kept faith in players like Jack.

  4. Paul says:

    Managerial blokes making managerial career moves. Hope it turns out well for them and (especially) for the club. Sanhelli and Venky got into the news a couple of months ago and now it seems to be the turn of these others. At least their names got into your blog, YW. Prospect of actual football getting a bit closer, thanks Dennis. Or in the pantheon, thanks Dennis, Thierry and Robert.

  5. C says:

    I waz reading the news this morning and found out that Arshavin is officially retiring from futbol this weekend and immediately went to go watch his 4 goal performance. What a talent that was as maddening as he was brilliant, he never seemed like he truly fit in the PL because of the need to constantly track back.

  6. Bill says:

    Happy holiday to all my ACLF colleagues. Thanksgiving is one of my favorite American holidays. Everything is awesome here in Texas and Colorado. Really busy and no time left over to sit in front of a keyboard. Early snow has opened the slopes sooner then usual and looking forward to an excellent ski season. Thanks for all the great posts Yogi. Its been a good season for Arsenal so far. Sitting in 5th place and within a 9 iron of the top 4 is certainly better then most of us expected. Credit to Emery and our front office braintrust.

  7. Pete the Thirst says:


    Hopefully a corner has been turned. AMN, ESR & Nelson are promising, plus Iwobi is in & out of the first team.

    Wenger really let the youth set up drift and Brady did very little of note apart from sup some Guinness. The Spanish lads may have come through the academy but they were pinched from La Masia.

  8. Pete the Thirst says:

    How big is that ranch, Bill? Stretching over 3 states. Are you neighbours with Stan & Ann?


    Everything is awesome here in Texas and Colorado.

  9. Michael says:


    Really good to see you back, hope all is well with you and your family.
    Lucky bugger, ski ing in Colorado every year. 🙂

  10. Bill says:

    Thanks for the thoughts. I miss the blog. My wife is the ultimate Mensch and she has gotten us involved in a couple of new time consuming projects. I used to spend some time everyday in front of the keyboard but that does not happen anymore. I still try to read the post and some of the comments on most days so keep them rolling. I hope all of you have a wonderful holiday season.

  11. Blue Yonder says:


    Arshavin started very well and looked like a good acquisition. And then…well, I recall reading at the time that he liked the London nightclub scene a little too much which might, if true, account for his decline. When you consider similar bright starts but eventual failures (Bendtner, Podolski) plus those that reached a plateau beyond which they didn’t or couldn’t progress (Walcott, Ox, Ramsey) it paints a dim picture of development at Arsenal in the later Wenger years.

  12. C says:


    Old friend, glad to hear all is well!

    Have a fantastic Thanksgiving my friend!

  13. C says:

    Pete the Thirst,

    Hopefully a corner has turned but the likes of Bellerin and even Toral and Pleug have come from Barca but all came in around 15-16, so maybe not local but very much brought up through Arsenal.

  14. C says:

    Blue Yonder,

    Not just development but lack of tactics. I mean how many times did we all talk about, especially JJ(speaking of, haven’t seen him quite sometime) our wingers like Podolski and Arshavin spending more time tracking back and our FB’s bombing forward. Shame really because Arshavin was most certainly a talent.

  15. LSG says:

    So glad to see Bill pop back in! Happy Thanksgiving everyone in the States!

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