On England and Ramsey

I could launch into a diatribe about Scudamore’s bonus but I’ve done that already. Specious justifications for the deal haven’t changed my mood from earlier this week. Despite supporters trusts making clubs aware of their views, the chairmen pushed ahead with the ‘deal’. Arsenal wasn’t among the five clubs which objected; it’s not the Arsenal Way to stop a bloke getting a good payoff.

Yesterday, Reiss Nelson play for England Under-21s in their 2 – 1 win in Italy. It was a bright and confident display with Manchester United goalkeeper Dean Henderson also catching the eye as well as the ball when it mattered.

Calum Wilson scored for the seniors as they beat the USA!USA!USA! 3 – 0. A fair result was probably 8 – 3 to Rooneyland with both sides missing gilt-edged opportunities.

68k waved bye-bye to Wazza whose Rooneyland career is over. It was over before but never let an ego trip spoil the fun. A penny for the thoughts of those players who earned caps but were cast aside without a second thought. You know, the ones who won a World Cup. Or those who managed to score more than one goal in four World Cup finals.

Those who managed not to get sent off in a crucial European Championships quarter-final. And definitely those whose self-awareness recognised boos ringing around a stadium 6,000 miles away underlined how badly the team played rather than boorishly berating fans to a tv camera.

Still, his agent thought it was a great idea and the FA love great ideas. It’s a shame they never have any themselves.

Rooneyland sit on the cusp of reaching the inaugural Nations League finals. Just the small matter of beating Croatia to attend to on Sunday night. The players will be heroes or zeroes because defeat means they are relegated.

Walk Like A Man

I could launch into a diatribe about how years ago, a friendly against beaten World Cup finalists would be considered prestigious. The match sold itself out but now, with two games every international break, nations play twice as many games in front of smaller crowds. You can have too much of a good thing, it seems.

Aaron Ramsey is a good thing the club has had too much of. So much so, he is walking away next summer with Bayern Munich declaring they won the race for his signature. Did they do the same with Alexis? I can’t remember but at this stage, it’s nothing more than premature speculation.

It dashes any prospect of a quick sale in January to raise some much-needed funds. The final shred of contract mismanagement will pass next summer as players walk away or are shown the door en masse.

As per usual, some spurious logic surfaced and the only surprise was that it didn’t come from me. Apparently, it’s baffling how the player of the season last year isn’t good enough to play for the club now. It’s not really; a new coach with new ideas can’t shoehorn a player into the XI without unbalancing an already unbalanced side. Sadly, on this occasion two unbalances don’t make a right.

Ramsey is the player to lose out; it’s a straight choice between the Welshman and Mesut Özil. A Ramsey chipping in 15 – 20 goals a season might make the choice far harder but he isn’t so it really wasn’t a tough decision.

He’ll get over the loss of status, going to a lowly title-challenging club which routinely reaches the last four of the Champions League. They may not be champions when he arrives but with plenty of cash to spend, they will make a decent fist of pushing for it next season


Good luck when he goes and best of British to him in the meantime when he pulls on an Arsenal shirt.

As for Arsenal, we’re apparently using a begging bowl to chase all the stars and starlets around Europe. The battered sign of “Two strikers and Mesut Özil to support” seems to be working with the club signing half-a-dozen players in January.

All this in a transfer window Raul doesn’t like. Boy, will he be good in the summer…

’til Tomorrow.

6 thoughts on “On England and Ramsey

  1. ferkov says:

    Bit upset you didn’t launch into one. Otherwise all good really

  2. thrillbo says:

    Hello all , thanks for the post. RE the ramsey thing, i was actually interested so i went to look up the stats. In the EPL alone, i think he has contributed 10+ goals&assists over the past few seasons which is nothing to shabby. .. However it’s not the 15-20 you mention and he hasnt broken double digits goals or assist in a few years. More like 8 goals, 4 assists, that kind of thing. He had the one killer year ages ago but never got back to that form. Somewhere in the ACLF archive and old post from Bill stating how “we cant expect Ramsey to maintain the 2013 form forever” is floating about and rings true now.

    Enjoy the day and weekend. For those NFL lovers, go BEARS!

  3. Blue Yonder says:

    Makes one wonder whether Arsenal is alone among the top six in having these contract run-down problems, or whether they have company. Either way, it’s a vestige of the Wenger years. And speaking of Le Prof, rumour has it that before Ranieri was offered the Fulham job it was first offered to Wenger, who turned it down. If true, was it the club, the money, or the lack of control? Out of the three, it might be the control part as I don’t see any club ceding him the kind of control he had at Arsenal and which he might feel he must have. The longer he remains unemployed, of course, the less likely he is to obtain a position of much stature. People have short memories.

  4. C says:

    It feels like people have forgotten that Ramsey did turn down a couple contract offers as did Welbeck. The other thing is the difference in the players this season, Welbeck has seemed to up his game, impact and influence to Emery and Arsenal whereas Ramsey has not outside of a moment or 2.

    Watching the Wales v Denmark, and have to say, Ramsey has been the definition of invisible.

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