You Can Shove Your £250k Up Your Arsenal

For the briefest of moments, it was amazing. My mind swam in ethereal waves as reverie lapped onto its shore. Fred Dinenage, father of a government minister, was now the father of the Premier League’s CEO? The clouds gathered as I wondered if this was the result of government dabbling in eugenics decades ago. The X-Files suddenly seemed real.

I snapped out of it when I realised Mrs Dinnage spelt her surname differently. How disappointing. It’s telling that in an era where fans demand more footballing men on club boards, the Premier League turns to television for their succour.

Good luck, Mrs D; you’ll need it.

Which, I hope, is a similar message to the one Bruce Buck received from Vinai Venkatesham when they asked each club for £250,000 to fund a Tricky Dicky’s leaving present. £250k from 20 clubs; £5m. For a man who earnings over the past twenty years must be close to £15m, if not considerably more.

Five million pounds. I’ll pause while I wait for the blood pressure medication to kick in and the bulging veins on the sides of my head to subside.

A quick flick through the club news sees us issuing statements about modern slavery, funding players at the Amputee World Cup, and £25,000 paid to the Indonesia Tsunami Appeal. I’m sure all those affected by nature’s torrent will agree that the outgoing CEO of the Premier League is worth 200 times more than they are. Think of the big Dick trapped in fuel poverty in his retirement.

It’s nothing short of disgusting. This is a club which can’t even be bothered to force third-party vendors to sign up to the living wage so it will come as no surprise if they prove to be jellyfish on this issue.

Nice Work If You Can Get It

You wonder how Bruce Buck thought his suggestion would (a) be well-received since few chairmen are owners, and, (b) it would be kept out of the press. At what point does some sense of social responsibility kick in with these people? 

The Arsenal Foundation continues to work hard in the community. Think what it could do with another £250k. More good than a bonus to Scudamore.

After a week of stories about Manchester City’s finances which continue to rumble and the Chelsea chairman puts a note out asking for a £5m collective contribution. The detachment from reality is staggering.

And yet it isn’t. This is the Premier League which has zero sense of social responsibility. Which pays lip service to the rest of football and would be quite happy if the rest of football disappeared, leaving them to reap even more broadcasting revenues.

Money is Scudamore’s legacy. He took ‘greed is good’ and gave it go-faster stripes, furry dice, and a “skinny big-t***ed broad” next to him. The sunstrip across of the windscreen told everyone it was “Wayne” and “Kerr” because, he claimed, the ‘y’ fell off. We all know differently.

This is a man who oversaw Lord Stephens inquiry into allegations of corruption which saw no-one banned. George Graham remains tarred as the only corrupt person in the history of the Premier League. Think about that.

And yet in 2006, Ashley Cole and his agent were immersed in a tapping-up scandal. Remind me again of the hardline taken by the Premier League in enforcing their regulations.

This brings you a £5m retirement present.

So, Bruce and cohorts. You give Scudamore’s pot £250k each but don’t be surprised if the criticism next time a rise in ticket prices is announced is a lot more vociferous.

’til Tomorrow.

9 thoughts on “You Can Shove Your £250k Up Your Arsenal

  1. C says:

    Top stuff Yogi, absolutely brilliant!

    On top of that, the reports this morning of the English FA preparing for Brexit by reducing he number of forgein players from 17 to 12. Not for nothing but if they bring this to the clubs, like reports say they will this week, they will be laughed out the room.

    My goodness, they are so out of touch with reality.

  2. Chris K says:

    I completely agree the man doesn’t deserve the ‘farewell gift’ Maybe a gold watch or similiar for length of service…?

    However, I suspect he’ll get it regardless. From a clubs perspective, it’s clear he has brought more money into the league and the clubs have benefitted from that.

    As per normal, not a thought will be given to us the fans, the people who fund this entire enterprise. All that additional TV revenue he’s brought in and he still leaves the british public in a situation where to watch every premier league match your team plays on TV, you have no choice but to break the law… (Or I guess you could move to another country….)

    Successfull Job??? I think not…

  3. ferkov says:

    The George Graham thing is the real ball cruncher.
    Your Tlu not shifting then Yogi. . Ferkall to write about.
    Shrek 34 is on in North London . What a laugh. That’ll warm yer cockles.

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