On Grief, Traditions And Checkatrade Trophy

The outpouring of grief from players and supporters of Leicester City over the tragic death of owner Vichai Srivaddhanaprabha and four others in Saturday’s helicopter crash is instructive to the rest of the owners of a football club, not just in the Premier League. He was a rarity; genuinely popular with fans, players and staff alike.

When the Grim Reaper knocks at Enos’ door, there won’t be a similar outpouring of grief from Arsenal supporters. While Srivaddhanaprabha is lauded for respecting the club’s traditions, Enos drove a combine harvester through ours.

Quite simply, Kroenke doesn’t care about the traditions or history of Arsenal Football Club. His motivation for investing money in shares is profit. Tradition isn’t necessarily conduicive to achieving that aim.

Tradition isn’t protected in football so it was with some relief that an important match took place at Wembley. The disgraceful pitch was a dip back 50 years when the national stadium was used for other events with no thought for the football a week later.

Last night’s match a disgraceful indictment Tottenham. Incompetent and arrogant in equal measure, they couldn’t fulfil the fixture on its’ original date. Rather than forfeit three points, the Premier League allowed them to shift the match to a convenient date. Middlesbrough, whose relegation in 1997 came about when they were forced to postpone a game for genuine reasons, appreciated that.

Three years ago, the question of Tottenham’s home games reared its’ ugly head. The Premier League position was crystal clear:

You can’t have 19 homes games with 10 at Milton Keynes and nine at Wembley.

Completely unfair. That won’t be allowed in our competition. They’d have to play in the same stadium for the entire year. For the integrity of the competition.

Richard Scudamore puts Tottenham in a bind


Tottenham won’t care. Levy will argue they built up the biggest stadium-related debt in the history of football to fund the move so they must play at the new swamp as soon as possible.

The other clubs may not acquiesce, it depends on the stage of the season we’re at before it happens. Liverpool and City have their three points so are caught between two stools. Do they vote with Tottenham so that Spurs and potential rivals play at an unfamiliar stadium, hoping it plays havoc with form?

Those rivals may take the view, however, that they don’t want to be guinea pigs for a new stadium. Playing at Wembley has a familiarity about it. The new swamp won’t have that. While it initially disadvantages Tottenham as well, it won’t take long for them to get their bearings.

Which brings us back to the national stadium. The mystique is gone thanks to Tottenham and cup semi-finals. Modern Wembley lacks an aura and is honestly nothing special anymore. Cup finals are great when you win but does Wembley make it any more special any longer? 

The proposed sale made sense from the perspective of investing in the grassroots of football. Also owning Wembley makes little sense in this modern era. Taking England on the road acknowledges that it is the nation’s team and cuts the travel costs for fans. Surely that is the tradition we need to remember? Football without fans is nothing.

Tonight sees the Under-23s take on Cheltenham in the Checkatrade Trophy. The opening group game win over Coventry stood them in good stead with a strong run of form afterwards. Victory tonight, if my hazy grasp of maths is right, puts the youngsters into the last sixteen in the Southern Section. Good luck to them.

’til Tomorrow.

43 thoughts on “On Grief, Traditions And Checkatrade Trophy

  1. ferkov says:

    I thought it was Blackpool in the cup this week?

  2. ferkov says:

    It IS.
    That’s a toughy for the coaches eh.

    Which team do you put AMN, Smith Rowe, and Eddie in??

    Both I hope. 45 for u21s and see how long they last in Carabunga.

  3. C says:

    Absolute quality stuff Yogi!

    Srivaddhanaprabha truly seemed to be a rarity and the outpouring from players, supporters and ex-Leicester family just shows how much he understood Leicester. Hearts and minds are surely with all those touched.

  4. C says:

    As for the U23’s, I wonder how that will play out with the Carabou Cup this week too. Surely the likes of Smith-Rowe, Maitland-Niles, and even Nketiah will featute in the Carabou Cup but who else will get the nod.

  5. ferkov says:


    A pipe dream, but the human in me somewhere hopes that he will not die for nothing. His legacy may be that other club owners aspire to Get in Touch with their Clubs core values and local fanbase.

  6. C says:

    Interesting report saying we are in for Ajax LB Tagliafico for £8million

  7. C says:


    Spot on! I’m fortunate to be from Pittsburgh, PA and support all the clubs their and our owners are viewed in the same light universally, so I understand what Leicester are going through but it is a hope that owners understand that the heartbeat of clubs are the supporters and that will never change.

  8. jw1 says:


    Hear, hear. Same can be said here in Houston.
    (Though our (US) football owner might hire more intuitive head coaches.)


  9. C says:

    Question for the England lot….

    Do you think that FA aren’t coming down on Spuds harshly because, at present, they have a huge chunch of the English squad in their team including Kane?

  10. ferkov says:

    Ha. Yeah ,like they give a fuck.
    Pockets being lined more like

  11. ferkov says:

    Be on the spreadsheet for New Swamp, as unspecified expenses or some such.
    Duck house anyone?

  12. C says:


    Yup, I think we are lucky to have owners who understand and are about the supporters. Little Kroenke here in the States seems to be pushing the clubs he runs in that direction, however slowly, hopefully he can do the same for Arsenal.

  13. lari03 says:

    Reports say Dele Alli of Tottenham signed a new deal to stay at Tottenham for 90k until 2024. I think Ramsey is on 110k at the present, its a very bad sign that we have been paying under performing players a premium to play.


    So it makes a lot of sense for the new guys to withdraw the contract. We are not getting value for money even with the wages Ramsey’s on now.

  14. ferkov says:


    Spot on.
    Except that it’s The Mirror, so if it looks like a horse and smells like a horse, it’s likely an Ass.

  15. C says:


    Nope, its fact…one of my coworkers is losing his shit(in a good way) that Alli signed a new deal.

  16. Wavey says:


    Its because they are paying to be there.

  17. Wavey says:


    If Alli was already on a contract which ends in 2022 the Spuds have him over a barrel. They aren’t going to let him go to another club unless it is for serious wedge, so they hold him to contract on his current wage or he extends to get more money. He’s only added 2 more years to his contract which suggests that was the minimum they would allow him to sign to. If he’s getting into the prime earning phase of his career he wasn’t going to wait until 2022 on £40k a week.

  18. Pete the Thirst says:

    Wembley is a mess. How the FA managed to spend £1 billion on the project and end up with that soulless lump of concrete is a mystery. Sell it to Khan, make it the home of the London Longhorns and invest the money back into the junior game (doubtful).

    Spurs’ stadium is a long way from being completed. I doubt they’ll be in there this season. the longer the better for us.

  19. Pete the Thirst says:

    Nope. Filthy Lucre.

    Question for the England lot….

    Do you think that FA aren’t coming down on Spuds harshly because, at present, they have a huge chunch of the English squad in their team including Kane?

  20. Mattack says:

    Spuds fans and the Spuds pets in the media will bang on about how they have all their stars on long term deals ignoring the fact that in modern football all this means is that the Spuds will get more money for them when they are sold to clubs that actually win trophies when the stadium debt repayments begin to bite. Same goes for Poch too

  21. Ian says:


    The u23s play in the Checkatrade trophy (or EFL Trophy) tonight Vs Cheltenham (A).
    On Wednesday the first team play at home to Blackpool in the Carabou Cup.

    Separate competitions, the Checkatrade has been going about 30 odd years but has normally only been open to league 1 and 2 teams. In the last couple of years Premier League sides have been allowed to enter U23 sides (and they have to play away from home) and this is the first season Arsenal have entered a team.

    We are in a group with Cheltenham, Forest Green and Coventry who we have already beaten (3-0)

  22. ferkov says:

    Tried the quote thing ,so probably going to be indecipherable.BUT, the real answer to your question is of course that it’s got little to do with FA, as it’s the EPL ,an equally evil empire of old duffers on the take, but entirely separate body from the FA, that preside over the Spuds penalties for pissing everyone else about whilst watching their cash flush down the winter storm drains!
    Same rules apply for lining pockets, and being paid however. The king is dead…etc

    Pete the Thirst:
    Nope. Filthy Lucre.

  23. ferkov says:


    Yeah . U 21s tho, peculiarly. The 23s are too good??
    Be interesting who Freddie gets to risk tonite.

  24. ferkov says:

    From Arsenal website. 1st team training photos.
    Presuming today, then Eddie, AMN ,and Emile SR are all not with the U21s.

    Who is the lad in photo14 ? Seen him in a few sessions now, the ones during the interull i expect

  25. C says:

    Team news:

    Nacho Monreal
    Minor right hamstring. Being assessed ahead of Blackpool (h) on Wednesday, October 31.

    Sead Kolasinac
    Minor right hamstring. Being assessed ahead of Blackpool on Wednesday, October 31.

    Hector Bellerin
    Right thigh. Misses Blackpool (h), being assessed ahead of Liverpool (h) on Saturday, November 3.

    Mo Elneny
    Right thigh. Expected to return to full training in two weeks.

    Laurent Koscielny
    Right Achilles tendon repair. Currently being integrated back into full training.

    Dinos Mavropanos
    Groin injury. Expected to return to full training in November.

  26. C says:


    Haven’t looked on the website but I would imagine its Julio Pleguezuelo who is a ball playing Spanish style CB. He has been with us for a couple of years and is the ying to a more aggressive CB’s yang.

  27. lari03 says:


    Yes I understand that, and the potential benefits of having young players earning in increments proportional to their performance is key. It’s clear why Vinai and Raul don’t think Ramsey is worth more currently.

  28. ferkov says:


    He doesn’t fall over haphazardly does he?😱

  29. ferkov says:


    As long as they are ready fir Liverpool

    One will do.
    The Spanish one .
    Kolas not ready for Sala. AMN , or even Xhaka would stick to him better.
    And at least he’s not a diver, not usually.

  30. C says:


    Haha no he doesn’t fall over.

    Bellerin and Nacho fit for Liverpool. Actually, I wouldn’t want Xhaka at LB, that is a red card waiting to happen but I do want him in midfield next to Torriera sotting behind Ozil.

  31. C says:

    Seems out youngsters got smashed but playing more than 45 mins with 10 surely played a part. Good to see Zelalem back on the pitch after his 2 years of injury hell.

  32. ferkov says:


    Think it’s still going C. 4 -2 down currently.
    I’m following it on Twitter, first time for everything!
    @Arsenal academy

  33. C says:


    Yup, 6-2 but down to 10 for more than 45 mins and a team predicated on attacking, it happens. Personally, I didn’t mind them having a go when they were down 3-1; at that point that was nothing to lose.

  34. ferkov says:


    80 plus minutes mate. Yeah, I hope they feel the same way, no harm done.

    Eddie’s happy on twitter too.! Think he’s getting his chance!

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