On Torreira, Ramsey & SuperÖzilFlaminiMan

It’s good to talk, or so Bob Hoskins used to tell us on behalf of what was a nationalised industry which went onto become a globalised profit machine for private investors. Not always, the footballers replied, as years of cliched inanities and profanities littered the airwaves. Then money got involved and suddenly everyone talks really nicely to the media. 

Arsenal led the way. There is some truth in the adage that players are a reflection of their coach. Wenger’s squads were typically well-spoken and well-behaved off the pitch. Mourinho’s squads tend toward boorish, while Ferguson’s were tense, coiled springs ready.

There are always exceptions. Nicklas Bendtner’s mechanophilia is one, Beckham at United another while for Mourinho…no, they are without exception boorish in their behaviour.

Anyway, it was a day off yesterday so everyone took time to talk to the press. Or some spoke to them the night before but it didn’t make the papers until yesterday. Which is a surprise in this instantaneous world we live.

Aaron Ramsey is still look for clues as to why Arsenal pulled out of talks when  “we sort of agreed and I was ready to sign” a new contract. I’m old-fashioned but “sort of agreed” isn’t agreeing; it suggests there was some work still to be done. Nonetheless, he’s right to ask for a reason why. To not know suggests it’s personal. Which it is to him, of course.

Thursday’s commentary team waffled about the armband being a peace offering, as if Arsenal were scared Ramsey would leave. The whole point of withdrawing a contract offer is that you’re leaving. God bless football commentators.

Elsewhere, Brazil and Uruguay announced their squads for the coming friendly. The omission of Gromit from the Brazilian team disappointed, especially as he forms a flexible partnership with Walace.

The Madcap World Of Uli…

Naturally, dot com got in on the act and Lucas Torreira patiently explained that he couldn’t put into words what ‘garra charrua’ was. Five times. God bless him. You can’t help but think his opposite interlocutor had one chance left before receiving a sliding tackle out of his chair.

Graeme Souness claimed as a player he’d thought he was going to have a field day against Torreira because the Uruguayan is short. In the tangerine dream of Sounessland, short means lightweight. Not like butch manly Graeme. In no way was butch manly Graeme a member of a Liverpool squad whose perms and ‘taches made them look like the Merseyside branch of the Village People.

Is patience Unai Emery’s squads’ trait when they talk? Patience because they know it will come right in the end.

Meanwhile, Mesut Özil took a swipe at his critics. Listening to Özil always throws me initially; his voice is deeper than expected and even though I know it’s coming, it still manages to catch me off-guard.

Not as off-guard as the granny who flicks on ‘Country & Folk’ in iTunes and clicks on this. Kenny Rogers finishes warbling about ‘Lucille’ and next up is this:

God bless the madcap world of Apple.

Back to Özil. He is launching something with Mathieu Flamini which will no doubt make the world a better place to live. Except for Uli Hoeness. He’ll rail against anything to do with Özil, blaming the former German international for global warming. Then, dismissing any idea of saving the planet as something the Germans are already doing far better without Mesut’s influence.

Anything to distract from Bayern’s bad start to the season. I almost want Arsène to get the Munich job just so he can ask Hoeness to try and sign Mesut…What larks.

So Good, They Renamed Fray Bentos to Torreira…

The final word ought, on this day, go to the man of the moment, Lucas Torreira. The Uruguayan is the midfield beast we wanted, but like Gilberto, proving that beasts come in all shapes and sizes. While the N’Zonzi’s and Toure’s of this world provide the midfield general template, Kante and Torreira prove it is ability which matters.

There was an interview in the Telegraph a while back in which Torreira was told by a (Pescara, I think) coach that as a centre-forward, he would be third-rate. Try being a defensive midfielder went the logic and the rest is history, as they say.

A song of his own is greatly appreciated by the player – “It’s a beautiful thing. It fills me with so much pride” – and has helped him settle in London. It isn’t rocket science to know this is a player around whom the bigger fish are going to circle in future seasons. It’s been a while since we’ve had a saga, hasn’t it…

’til Tomorrow.

13 thoughts on “On Torreira, Ramsey & SuperÖzilFlaminiMan

  1. Well in J

    YW. I read the same piece, probably quotes from, on SkySports app couple of weeks ago. A winger he was, and was initially overlooked by the Scout picking for the Pescara trip and trial, coz he wasn’t enough like Graeme Souness apparently. Thankfully his coach beat the scout to a pulp for being a complete twat, and changed the paperwork, the rest is history.

  2. I thought about ‘the bigger fish circling’ just the other evening when watching him play YW.Hopefully we’ll win things under Unai and the little terrier won’t want to leave us…..?
    Onto Souness……..that gimp said of Torreira that he was ‘neat and tidy’ but too small to have any influence on a game.One of the other pundits then put it to Souness about Kante being small.
    ‘Ah,but he’s a special player’ said Souness……..so my question is ‘what’s your bloody point Souness?’…….they’re both small,one is small and exceptional,the other is small and well on the way to being exceptional…….fucking halfwit pundits.Its the easiest job in the world with the aid of multiple angled cameras and super slow-mo replays.Just ask Gary Neville,when you hear him going on about teams,and in particular,managers selections-he makes it all so bloody obvious that he could do a better job……he had a go,and we know how that finished.Mr Neville needs a dose of humility.
    Rant over YW 👍😎

  3. The worse part of the pundits, when it becomes completely obvious they have not watched enough football!!!!!! Are you kidding???? You are being paid to watch and commentate, why on earth would you rely on on last year’s narrative?

    Until the narrative turns, suddenly they become collectively aware of Kante’s contribution to Leicester’s table topping form. Probably, through enough fans highlighting it on social media. Joke after joke being told about Kante’s twin brother or his likeness to the ocean and what not…..then and only then do we hear an opinion that has been reformed by so many of these lazy pundits.

    The Torreira story to blow up….with the slow turn of their latest drivel.

    The only thing in my opinion that makes Neville stand out amongst his peers. A willingness to want to offer more and see his role as more than an earned privilege.

  4. Danny,

    We’ll just watch Wrighty’s interview of Lacazette then. Most of it attempting to justify his own tedious existence, which I’m pleased to say Laca gives him no time, then closes with a little love in for Ozil. He should have eaten his ferkin hat instead.
    I think in a lot of cases ,their egos get in the way of balanced opinions, and laziness as you say. G.Nev as you say isn’t bad on that count. He’s quite a decent self deprecator. Wrighty. Pffffffffffffffffffff.

  5. Excellent article, underscoring as it does how the athletically gifted exist in a bubble. A bubble in which they are pampered and bowed down to as they were when they were talented kids, their every word being hung on. Sure, there are former players who are decent commentators but they’re in the minority.
    The notion in boxing that a “good big man will beat a good small man every time” has been disavowed in that sport for a long time but not, it seems, in football.
    Of course, the networks and related employers are the real culprits. Knowing that controversy begets rating and ratings beget money, they aren’t about to change anything.

  6. YW, if Bayern, Real, Barca come on for him, that means he develops into an outstanding player and gave us a few excellent seasons. We can make money, reinvest and hopefully enjoy our titles. Any PL team coming for him need to be repelled vehemently and it be clear to the player that those kinds of moves just will not happen domestically. Nothing to worry about right now and he has really shown what a proper CM can do going both ways and thereby putting the lie to the claims for a decade that we couldn’t afford someone or just played a different atta king style with no place for someone to do this defensive stuff.

  7. ferkov,

    Thanks Ferkov, I had not watched that, till you pointed it out. Yes more than a few references to himself and his own links to the club. I suspect here is a former player, that as generations pass, sees his own links to the current team steadily loosen. Thanks Laca, for not being completely dismissive.

    Awww Wrighty! I find him more of a niche pundit. Natural, at ease, honest. Something like his former playing self. I see him through a lens effected by the the lofty position he holds in my own Arsenal heart. This has not always been the case, in the mid Wenger years, around the time he hosted on TalkSport, he became so disenchanted with the club, he lost a sense of his own standing and debt to which he owed Wenger and members of the Arsenal hierarchy. Something appeared to change though, as if he understood himself he had gone to far and he changed to become far more constructive and possibly supportive of the Arsenal team. I appreciate an individual who sees, either through guidance or their own reflection that they are not quite who they want to be and changed that. Appreciated this is all guess work on my part.

    I take his actual insight, with the context that he was a predatory striker and an off the cuff one at that.

    My own fondness for him does not allow for myself to bracket him in the lazy pundit club.

    Not like Souness, not like when Özil plays a most extraordinary match, of epic, poetic proportions and within 30 seconds he manages to bring his summations back to “why does he not do that in the big matches”….Gents that’s really helpful, why don’t we spend 5 minutes discussing what he did tonight and why he appears to do things other players, do not do.

  8. YW and LSG,

    Agree with the all the sentiments regarding Torreira, that he could in the future land on the transfer target lists of the elite of Europe.
    I may be wrong here, but I almost seem to wistfully lust for a saga with one of our players being courted by Real Madrid and Barcelona.

    And not for the “running down the contract” nature that attracts all clubs, sniffing a bargain and re-shuffling transfer fees, to signing on fees, but of the kind where you have one of the, if not the best players in their position in the world.

    If that was to occur, more positively where might we be, what would we have achieved. Good times!

  9. Danny,

    Thanks Danny
    I am still in the doldrums with Wrighty, since he appeared to jump ship last year ,and started openly attacking Ozil, and the whole team. In his position as a pundit on national broadcasting, and as an ex gunner, I found it a huge betrayal of trust.
    I’m not saying that what he alluded to last year was totally wrong as observation, but as An Arsenal Man, I felt he duty to care to Our Club should have stopped him short of his open warfare. Like Emery said last week, if we suffer, we all suffer TOGETHER.
    There were too many leading questions in that interview where he was clearly trying to justify / validate his criticisms from last year.
    Laca thankfully saw thru it and didn’t give him his pound of flesh.

    I agree tho, when he delivered open questions ,there is a certain charm and flow to the conversation, along with a smattering of buffoonery.

    Basically, I want to love him again, but while he rakes over old coals, I can’t forgive him, yet.
    Come on Wright, Stop being Right, start doing right.

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