On Ramsey and Henry: Two Different Trails

Andy Williams claimed Solitaire was the only game in town but for Aaron Ramsey, it’s how to rekindle his love affair with Arsenal. He hasn’t fallen out of love with club but it seems the club is less enamoured with him than before.

We don’t know the ins and outs of what went on but there are rumours flying around that his agents were part of the problem. They were certainly quick with Twitter putdowns so it’s surprising there are claims they ignored the club.

Not as surprising as the suddenness of Arsenal pulling out of the deal. Or is it? The news filtered out around a week after Ivan Gazidis’ departure from the club was announced. I don’t think there would be much surprise if the two events were found to be linked.

A new management team in place and a different perspective on player performance? It’s bound to happen, particularly with Ramsey who doesn’t fit snugly into Emery’s formation. His is a ‘square peg’ role at the moment; while he could quite easily sit alongside Torreira, there’s no usurping Granit Xhaka from the line-up. Personally, I don’t like Ramsey on the right as it wastes his strengths although it is the only role available.

His situation is another chip away at the foundations laid by Arsene. Form is transient and so is your place in the team. It’s Unai Emery’s way or the highway; the breakdown in talks suggests the latter for the Wales international.

It’s fairly obvious that he doesn’t want to go:

Am I disappointed? That’s a decision that they have made and things happen in football and you just have to get on with it and carry on playing the best I can.

Aaron Ramsey on leaving Arsenal

What Are We Trying To Achieve?

There was suitable vagueness about his immediate future. Unai Emery reportedly said he doesn’t expect Ramsey’s effort to drop and nor do I. He isn’t that kind of player. Even in a bad game, he continues to put the effort in.

After scoring the winning goal in two FA Cup finals, it’s strange he remains a Marmite player. There doesn’t seem to be any indifference toward him; you either love him or hate him.

We have five players out of contract next summer. Two goalkeepers, Lichtsteiner, Monreal, Welbeck; Nacho is in talks but there’s nothing on the other four. Personally, I’d renew Lichtsteiner and keep Cech around for experience to bring young goalkeepers through. A player/coach role with Martinez or Macey as domestic cup goalkeeper.

Welbz? To be honest, if we receive an offer, take it. He’s a good squad player to have and maybe that suits him, but if it doesn’t then so be it. I won’t lose sleep.

Things like this raise questions about Ivan’s leadership. He was, it seems, all-consumed by the power battle with Arsene. Contracts were badly managed with clusters of deals allowed to hold the same expiry date. That we haven’t moved on at any speed is no surprise. Gazidis wasn’t ruthless enough to say ‘sign or sell’. Nor was he powerful enough.

That was then but it drew us to now. More objectivity about players? That’s certainly the new regime in operation. Ramsey slipped from crown prince to pauper. The team of which he was to be the focal point, is now passing him by.

A goal and three assists so far this season isn’t mind-changing form no matter how exquisite the finish. The stats are in keeping with recent seasons but not making Ramsey indispensable. But if you player out of position…

Talking is Easy

Whatever the outcome – be it a sale in January or otherwise – there is no reason to believe his performance levels will dip. He’s in the shop window with a point to prove.

Is this the new way forward for Arsenal? Let’s hope so…

Elsewhere, Thierry Henry is the new Monaco coach. It’s a rapid rise from the ‘hasty’ FAW coaching badge via the Arsenal youth and Belgium. 18th in Ligue Un? If he turns that round into a European place, Henry will be assured an almost God-like status.

It will also the beg the question of the wisdom of falling out with a youth coach who liked the pundit sofa…

’til Tomorrow.


14 thoughts on “On Ramsey and Henry: Two Different Trails

  1. consolsbob,

    I don’t regularly agree with Wrighty, but I think he said it best to the tune of something like: ‘He scored 2 FA Cup winning goals and outside of that one brilliant season(Ozil’s first), has he ever been that consistent or that impactful to be on the wages that have been bantered about giving his injuries and inconsistency, probably not.’

    I tend to feel the same, he is a good player but there are others who are better but also, we could use his wages to get a proper winger. I also don’t think it helps Ramsey that Mislintat, Emery and Sanllehi arw in charge given the quality of midfielders they have not only scouted but managed and seen at their clubs.

  2. C,

    Agree completely and as that one season slips further and further into the rear view mirror, so too do the odds of it ever being replicated.

  3. C,

    C, you’re killing me!

    The truth is anyway.
    I’m always one for the wotifs, and fat ladies singing, so had been wondering, as many have mused, wot happens if no one else comes in for him, at the wages he wants?
    Would we offer him an extension at all now, at an affordable wage? Or has his agents intransigence focused the minds of the three wise men to realise where we need improving, and where we are already embarrassed with riches.

  4. ferkov,

    Truth is a bitch, at least that’s what we say here ij the States.

    Ramsey is a good player but I do think he is one of the players that is a good player but is living off of moments instead of the whole.

    It will be interesting if a club doesn’t pay him what he wants. Of the clubs that have been bantered about, none of them as far as Juve or Barca make sense because of the quality they already have. Manure and Everton makes sense though.

  5. If Ramsey moderated his wage demands, I would like to keep him and give him a chance to play next to Torreira sometimes too. But we could do much with the wages he wants,

  6. consolsbob,

    I am similarly unclear—sometimes it seems a shame to lose him but others I think he’s replaceable. Basically, I don’t think Arsenal’s credibility is at stake over this though so there’s no reason to be exercised by this. Not a saga.

  7. LSG. I am with you about Ramsey moderating his wage demands and Arsenal keeping him. He is just to much of a gifted player to send away from the team.

  8. Two Owls:
    LSG.I am with you about Ramsey moderating his wage demands and Arsenal keeping him.He is just to much of a gifted player to send away from the team.

    Two Owls,

    If he is aware he is so “gifted”, he is hardly likely to lower his demands.
    Loyalty these days in professional sport is sadly lacking. 😉

  9. He is someone, who ,if we let him go, Will, I sincerely hope, have moments that make us regret it. What we won’t see so much of ,as we won’t be seeing much of him, are all those moments of poor touch ,control and delivery in the middle that are the theme of his not brilliant days. Marmite

  10. It may be that the offer that was supposedly on the table for some time was rescinded by the new regime as “time’s up – next”. Either way, he or his agents weren’t accepting it so now we wait.
    It also seems clear that Gazidis/Wenger weren’t prepared to pay him what he wants and I don’t see another team paying him, either.
    As for where he might go – I don’t see how he fits another top six team and anyone lower couldn’t/wouldn’t pay what he wants.
    In light of all this, I really don’t understand his “why aren’t they signing me when I can do this?” expressiveness after that great goal.
    Who can say what the truth is but I feel sure that he would be re-signed long since were it not for the benchmark set with Ozil. And it’s not just Ramsey’s contract that will be affected, for as long as Ozil remains at Arsenal.

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