On Car Crash TV, Recovering & Fulham Team News

I engaged ‘Likely Lads’ mode for today’s football but the report of Jose Mourinho’s demise makes it impossible. Not knowing the score doesn’t matter. Even if United win, Mourinho is getting sacked in the morning claim the ‘ever-reliable’ Daily Mirror. Their line after rivals rubbished the claim is that he’s still getting sacked despite what the club says.

The rivals got their ‘sources’ to claim he ‘retains the backing of the United board’. In doing so, they gave Mourinho a vote of confidence which, as we all know, is one step short of being given the Order of the Boot.

Is it wrong to enjoy the meltdowns and pundits going haywire? Gary Neville spoke sense in his tirade but Paul Scholes contradicted him. The Ginger Whinger is fed up with hearing Mourinho moan about what he hasn’t got. Salford City board meetings must be great with those two contradictory stances.

Neville is ‘angry’ that the board briefed a reporter that Mourinho’s getting sacked in the morning. It’s the ideal time for Ed Woodward to ‘do the dirty’ on the Portuguese. Two weeks until the next game leaves the new man time to familiarise himself with the remnants of his squad. The path of destruction woven through their minds by Mourinho will take longer to heal.

Mourinho is sitting pretty whatever the outcome. If he gets sacked, there’s a £12m present to cushion the disappointment. If not, there’s the knowledge that there is a £12m present hurtling toward him should United continue to underperform.

In all honesty, it would come as no surprise to find out it was his agent who arranged for the story to break. Machiavellian manager requires Machiavellian agent: apply within.

Oh, what a tangled web we weave 
When first we practise to deceive!

Great Scott!

Some of Neville’s points about the United hierarchy resonate with Arsenal fans. Media briefings by the CEO’s ‘office’ or ‘allies’ are always unseemly, undignified; at odds with the deportment expected of high office. It’s no different from them getting involved in office gossip around the water cooler; it’s not what you expect.

But football is an industry built on gossip. Agents do it to the detriment of clubs so why not expect clubs to engage in gossip as well. Arsenal did over the final two years of Wenger’s reign. Ivan knew he couldn’t win the battle with Kroenke’s directly so engaged with the hearts and minds of supporters. Stoking the fires along the way helped his cause; all with ‘plausible deniability’ as the spy films like to say.

We don’t play until tomorrow, as you know, and for some, that’s a reason to bemoan the fixtures. It’s too short in recovery time, you see, after a five-hour flight. That it’s only about an hour or two short of Wednesday evening to Saturday afternoon kick-offs isn’t registering. It’s not much time because English football never gives players much time to recover. ‘Twas ever thus.

Some leagues positively cooperate with big clubs, giving them Friday evening kick-offs if they play Tuesday in Europe or shifting the following fixtures to Monday’s if they play Thursday. FIFA decrees prevent that from happening this time but it must be on the Premier League horizon, surely?

The cash cow is showing the first signs of drying up though. Only overseas broadcasters saved the day in this round of television deals. Increasingly empty stadia on matchdays isn’t going to bring in more cash for the clubs via the small screen. Embracing streaming non-televised games looks increasingly the way forward.

Early Fulham Team News

The club released team news just now with Aubameyang fit for duty. He and Ramsey will, I’m sure, feature on Sunday. The latter’s situation is disappointing the squad but his own agents recently admitted, his stay at Arsenal is over.

Some say drop him, look to the future. I hope Unai Emery is more pragmatic. Use your best players while they are still available and make them aware that a dip in form will see them getting splinters in their arsenal on the bench. Or they sit on the seat with the torn padding, one of the two.

Will he leave in January? My guess is only if it suits him. This is different from the Alexis situation where it felt like he jumped ship in any direction.

Ramsey reportedly has interest from home and abroad. The latter is more likely to wait until the summer where no fee is involved. The former may choose to act swiftly to save a season. Any fee is good for Arsenal in this scenario, so holding out for £35m isn’t going to work. Someone is getting a bargain.

’til Tomorrow.

16 thoughts on “On Car Crash TV, Recovering & Fulham Team News

  1. Jonnygunner says:

    Great post YW….where are all the slackers other than myself today?
    I like Rambo-but he’s never quite achieved(for whatever reason)what his potential holds……so….a bit like when a girl dumps you and says she still wants to be friends…..no thanks Rambo….on your way mate.Thanks for the memories.

  2. fell says:

    Though we always think we’re alone in our misery it’s not only us that’s feeling and objecting to the pernicious effect of TV on our beloved sport,
    Last week in between Maße I attended the Bayern – Augsburg game and fortunately was fore warned by a local lad of what to expect otherwise I think I’d have been shocked by the lack of atmosphere.
    For the first 20 minutes not a sound other than the occasional intake or exhalation of breath at a moment of action and then on the 20 minute marker banners unfurled, flags waved and the stadium erupted.
    The reason? Friday night football. And here in a country with a transport network the envy of the world.

  3. C says:

    I agree, play your best players but in this instance, dropping Ramsey actually is 2 fold: 1. He would be dropped for an inform and more influential Iwobi, 2. It would actually bring more balance to the team.

  4. C says:

    Spuds and the PL should be ashamed of how shitty Wembley looked when Barca came and how shitty it looks today.

  5. C says:

    Also, more on Almiron….anybody that does the whole, “its just MLS” bit needs to know that there really are some talented young players. Bayern just bought a Canadian kid and there are a number of other players who the big clubs are sniffing around about.

    Almiron will give us genuine pace and width and at only 24 years old still has plenty of raw talent that Tata Martino says is ready to be unlocked.

  6. YW says:

    To be fair JG, the only slacker is me. I only got the post up at about 1.45pm..!

  7. ferkov says:


    Like I asked on the last thread, Have we got any reason to believe the Sun?

  8. YW says:

    Anyone who believes any Murdoch paper needs their head testing!

  9. ferkov says:


    It’s a shame of our times (no pun intended) that the tossers that drive the market,scoff at the same troughs as those that are supposed to inform our opinions. Football it seems is even worse than politics . No wonder people are preferring social media, and streaming.

  10. Blue Yonder says:


    Time was (and still is, but changing) that the print media created “all the gossip that’s fit to print” and used it to build circulation, thus profits. Now, it’s more and more electronic with the ads paying the freight. I have 8-10 channels to choose from which carry EPL, FA Cup and CL games but none of them carry the League Cup and only the occasional Europa League game. Personally, I like watching the latter (or would if it were carried here.) Wonder if the TV “attendance” offsets the stadium non-attendance?

  11. Woolwich Freddie says:

    Highly entertaining circus taking place at Old Trafford this afternoon. The sad clown on the touch line is particularly funny.

  12. Jonnygunner says:

    Last minute goal from Sanchez to come back from 2-0 down..

  13. C says:


    No reading it from the Sun, reading it here in the States mate.

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