Tough Choices Ahead For Emery

Preparations for tomorrow’s match in Baku are underway with Unai Emery apparently changing the routine established under Arsene. The players will train tonight in the stadium instead of the last session being in London before travelling.

Whether that’s true or not I don’t know. I can’t say I ever paid that much attention to the subject before but I read it in the paper so it must be true.

Is there much to be gained from one training session in the stadium? It’s a general routine rather than match-specific, I should think. A limber up, limber down, knock a few balls about kind of thing. If it contributes to winning, all well and good. If it helps us perform consistently over 90 minutes, then I’d argue we should be doing the same for every game!

We won’t, of course. I don’t think the Premier League makes provision for such things anyway. It’s a bit far-sighted. Their only interest is in making money and keeping Manchester United successful, according to Scudamore. He must be having kittens this morning as a parade of devils with pitchforks being stabbed into their arses accompanied stories of ghost ships, maladministration, and just generally being rubbish, in the back pages.

And we’re told the standard of football is lower in the Europa League.

The crowds at the matches underline the dying nature of the group format. Rafts of empty seats are commonplace, so too matches being played behind closed doors, particularly in France.

I remember the surprise in the ’70/’80s when West Ham and Manchester United played behind closed doors and at Home Park respectively. The incidence of closed stadiums seems to be rising in a time when the hooligan problem is nothing compared to what it was. Not good news for the UEFA brand.

Leno Me When Times Are Tough

Back to the Arsenal news. Petr Cech is finding out the hard way that three months is the new three weeks. He’s “expected to return to full training in 3-4 weeks” but then again, so was Manuel Almunia. That didn’t end well, did it?

Not that I’m saying the Czech Cech is checking out, but Bernd Leno has four weeks to show why he was signed. In an attempt to sow the seeds of division among the ranks, Unai Emery prefers Cech and will return him to the first team as soon as he’s fit again. Or at least that’s the claim.

I sincerely doubt the journalist making the claim is that well-connected.

There’s a decision which must be made in a month. Two games, thanks to the international break; it’s not much time to claim that prize but it could be enough.

Unlikely though, unless Leno’s distribution becomes outstanding in that time. The Brentford game and forty-five minutes against Watford suggest he is on a par with Arsenal Cech. With age on his side and knowing there is genuine competition for places, Leno should improve.

Should is a powerful word though. We’ve seen promising goalkeepers – Manninger, Wright – come and go. Leno is more established with international caps to his name. His fee was such we expect him to deliver. Usurping Cech is one of those expectations. It has to happen otherwise questions will be asked of those who pushed Leno’s case.

Not the pleasant ones either. With the new management structure comes clear responsibility. I was going to say accountability but when you’re run through an obscure PO Box in Delaware, there’s none of that. There was none of that when we were run out of Highbury House but we’ve been run out of Highbury House, there’s even less.

Pointy Things

Signings are no longer the responsibility of the manager and ol’ Diamond Eyes carries a reputation which he’s got to live up to. With restricted budgets for deals, scrutiny will be high.

Not that having a bucketload of money is any guarantee as those who have tridents being rammed into their arses at Old Trafford will attest. Tridents, that’s what they are, not pitchforks.

Whatever it is, seeing their discomfort brings a tear to the eye. Laughter really is the best medicine.

’til Tomorrow.

34 thoughts on “Tough Choices Ahead For Emery

  1. Pics of squad on the plane this morning.
    Or maybe they are the same ones as the summer tour.
    Hell of a jolly tho if so. Jet lag is the mother of bitches mind. I wonder who has the info on the best approach.
    Dare say it differs from my own.😬
    Hope so otherwise they’ll not be awake in time to play

  2. Leno gets his chance and I for one am glad its finally come. Grading a GK off 1 1/2 matches makes absolutely no sense especially when you consider that GK has the experience that Leno has. I mean if we are going down that route than De Gea, Courtious and many others wouldn’t have made the cut.

    Also, I see Ramsey’s agent company has confirmed he is leaving.

  3. C,

    A deleted Twitter exchange doth not a Summer departure make.
    Also the deleted exchange managed to include the £50 mill Manure repeatedly offered over the Summer. Crowbarred/ completely fabricated is just as likely.

    Gabriel. Swap him for Rambo.

  4. Wailesy,

    Yup, thought because he wasn’t a ‘typical’ Arsene CB many didn’t take to him but he certainly is just the type of CB we have lacked.

  5. ferkov,

    Since I’m not on social media, my mate updates me on things like this. Have to say, it is interesting times currently with Ramsey.

    Ramsey for Gabriel swap, I would much rather swap Ramsey for Guedes so we can get a winger in return.

  6. C,

    He the Valencia winger?
    Good wheels, up and down all night….til subbed. Couldn’t quite get the shots away ,or the crosspasses to feet. Only time I’ve ever seen him mind. Martial has got to be looking for the door tho.

  7. ferkov,

    Yea he is the Valencia winger and still very young. He has loads of potential and I think we could definitely use him or a winger of his ilk.

    Martial is clearly looking for a way out but can’t see them selling to us.

  8. YW, todays offering is up there with your best, a pleasure to read, for me anyway. If I could write half as well, I would more, but alas….

    Personally I would be happy to see him go, never been a big fan of his. He isn’t a bad player, just not as good as he thinks he is imo.

  9. Auba been sick since Sunday.
    There is a lot of it about. Monkey flu I’m told…. but I’m not sure if I’m having my tail wagged.
    Can swallow that. Emery very matter of fact about these things. Cross examination is gladly a waste of breath for the journos. I find his press cons strangely enjoyable.

    As for Rambo. His Mrs is having a maternity scan apparently. Bless. Imagine what the moaning fucker would say. But Emery just tells it straight.
    No problem. We play our best game…next.?

  10. Fucking hell, Barca ripping them to pieces and 2-0 and making it look really easy.

    I remember Pochettino waa coaching at Espanyol and tried to press Barca and constantly got ripped to pieces. So he tries it with Spuds andddddddd they are chasing shadows.

  11. I’m sorry but if anybody questions Busquets as the best DM, they are focused on recency and not reality. Busquets has been the best DM bar none since Pep introduced him to the world from La Masia.

  12. Haha and just that easy, Spuds stop pressing and Messi and Alba make it look like they are playing against cones.

    Absolutely brilliant dumby by Suarez too

  13. C,

    Missed 2nd half. Sounded fun. Gave the Spuds hope then kicked em to touch . Tidy. Both them and Pool got a workout tonite. Hope for a draw at the weekend.
    Wonder how the travellers are getting on in Azerbaijan?

  14. ferkov,

    Honestly, Messi hit the post twice withjn mins of the start if the 2nd half. A MASSIVE deflection helped with the 2nd but in reality, Barca bossed the match and nobody in their right mind woukd have thought Spuds were ever truly in the match. Messi was sublime and Barca never looked like they ever got out of cruise control.

  15. Spurs goals were well-taken but Barcelona were in a class alone.
    The way they carved at will through the Spurs defence into finishing positions, was nothing short of awesome.
    The only way to beat Barcelona is to score more goals than they can, because their defence can be suspect. But all the time it’s that m/f and attack of theirs which is so tasty……. and nasty. 😉

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