Lazio Review: From Me To You and 4-4-2

Arsenal 2 – 0 Lazio

It’s a watershed moment. Not x-rated and shown on television after 9 pm, nor did parental controls need to be turned off. At the final whistle, the pre-season officially ended.

Or it does in my mind. The players and coaches are all preparing for Manchester City next weekend. Proper football is back.

Last night continued Unai Emery’s unbeaten start to his reign. There’s nothing much to read into a run of three wins and two draws – you can count penalty shootouts if you want, I’m not bothered. Each of the games focussed more on fitness and tactics, and last night was no exception.

Unai Emery started with a 4-4-2, wasn’t happy with the outcome and switched in the second half. He didn’t mince his words about the first half:

Today we played with 4-4-2, to try this system and tweak our mentality, style and ideas, but for me in the first half the possession with the ball and control with the ball wasn’t as good as I wanted. It’s for that reason that we started the second half with three midfielders. I think in the second half we controlled the match better with this system.

He went on to say he was “happy with this performance because they are working very well and improving also.” That’s the crux of the matter: getting players used to change. For most it’s a new concept; gone is the rigidity of 4-3-3, it’s now what the match dictates.

The players on show in the first half contributed. Judgement on 4-4-2 only comes with Aubameyang and Lacazette up front, as well as the regular full-backs. Ainsley Maitland-Niles looks likely to face Manchester City next weekend with Nacho Monreal suffering “a little problem” in his knee, and tellingly, “he’s training every day but not with us.”

Big Game Hunter

There was a first runout for Stephan Lichtsteiner and Lucas Torreira, with Granit Xhaka also returning. When he left an elbow on an opponents face in an aerial challenge, you understand what Lichtsteiner brings to the squad.

Torreira quickly imposed himself on the game and looked comfortable while Xhaka was Xhaka: no surprises and you knew what to expect.

The trio was off the pace of the game while still being competitive. Emery offered no guarantees of inclusion in next weekend’s match but it will be a surprise if Torreira and Xhaka don’t start. Maybe you think Guendouzi has done enough to warrant inclusion. However, it’s a big leap from facing reserve players in pre-season friendlies to the defending Premier League champions.

Emery naturally played his cards close to his chest. For public consumption, he declared he didn’t know who his first choice goalkeeper is. Nor had he decided on his starting line-up next weekend. The ‘Pants-on-Fire’-ometer went off the scale.

Maybe I’m doing him a disservice, but I’m guessing he knows and has seen enough, to put Leno in the XI. Distribution under pressure is the deciding factor if he can’t choose between the pair on other criteria.

Talk after the game turned to Thursday’s deadline. He was suitably non-committal about signing anyone, pointing out we have a big squad. Lucas Perez is reluctant to take a pay cut to move to Sporting Clube. Arsenal are taking a bath on the fee, but that has more to do with how much we overpaid for him in the first place.

Another example of how badly we spent money in the latter half of Arsène’s reign; a failing not only on his part, but of the scouts and others who should have deterred the interest in the first place.

Elmer Thud

There are a number of players in the same boat. A quick glance at dot com shows 29 players listed in the first team squad without the youngsters such as Reiss Nelson or Emile Smith-Rowe who popped up on tour. It’s too big a squad and Emery knows it.

With another 26 days to go to sell, there’s plenty of time to alter that situation. We aren’t going to see any big fees coming in so we’ll be relying on volume to bulk up January’s transfer pot.

Elsewhere, Aaron Ramsey is really vexing some people. I mean, really vexing them. Arsenal should sell him if he won’t sign! The small matter of not being able to force Ramsey to sign a deal or sign for a club which bid for him, is a complication not worthy of consideration.

In a move guaranteed to send his career into reverse at breathtaking speed, Chelsea are once again contemplating a bid for him. £35m. At least we’d be able to afford the £48m being demanded by Barcelona for Andre Gomes…

You see, you thought all this transfer talk was random, didn’t you? There’s a plan to it all. Not the one Arsenal are following, just one cooked up on a fag packet outside the pub where all the smokers stand. Once those sums are done, they get back to glaring at the vapers…it’s an update on West Side Story. Not the Jets and the Sharks, now it’s the smokers and the vapers. This could get nasty, but love will win through.

’til Tomorrow.

54 thoughts on “Lazio Review: From Me To You and 4-4-2

  1. consolsbob says:

    It will tear you apart again.

  2. Michael says:

    Perez appears to be on his way…An odd signing to begin with, he never looked bad to me when he played, and surely we had all the intel on him prior to signing from our computer analyst partner, so what went wrong?

  3. Michael says:


    Thanks for the advice yesterday, I cleared cache but have a Mac and still have the problem lol

  4. Linestonegunner says:

    Hasn’t it already done so, CBob?

  5. Limestonegunner says:

    Hasn’t it already done so, CBob?

  6. Limestonegunner says:

    I am also feeling the sadness of being unremembered by the blog.

  7. C says:

    Didn’t get to watch the match but the influence Emery is having is noticeable. Changing formations and tactics at half time, Xhaka(yea I know) seemingly celebrating with Nelson but also teaching him, Lichtsteiner Lichtsteinering people and another match where either Lacazette and/or Aubameyang scored.

  8. DALM says:

    and Lac set up Aub – partnetrship ??

  9. Bill says:

    Great post yogi.

    I didn’t get to see the game but it’s an excellent result. 2 things stand out for me. A clean sheet and PEA scoring. The importance of a clean sheet is obvious. PEA needs to have a huge season. He and Lacazette are the only real threats to score a goal in the squad. Its a very tall order but we probably need 40-45 league goals between the 2 of them if we hope to compete for 4th place. Danny Welbeck is the next best option If one of them struggles or gets hurt for any length of time so fingers and toes are crossed that they both stay healthy and in good form.

  10. Bill says:


    I am having the same issue as Limestone and Michael. I cleared the cache and cookies from my iPad but my name and email go away after I post a comment.

  11. Bill says:


    For years we have complained about Arsene leaving the squad short and not having enough cover when we have a long term injured player. I still think buying Lucas Perez was an attempt by Arsene to bring in a player to be cover until Welbeck recovered from injury. I don’t think Lucas was ever meant to play regular minutes. The mistake was to buy a career journeyman who never should have been on a big team and then we compound the mistake buy overpaying in both in transfer fee and wages and now we can’t get rid of him unless we loan him out and subsidize his wages. My guess is the both Arsene and the computer program we use to identify transfer targets were misfiring when we bought him. That happened a lot in this decade.

    If I was Perez I would not even consider taking a wage cut. I would guess his #1 priority is probably to have as much money in the bank as possible to take care of his family when his career ends. He knows he will he will never get another contract like the one Arsene gave him and I doubt any of us would voluntarily take a significant pay cut and give up millions of dollars in wages we could never make up.

  12. Bill says:

    A lot of us thought Perez was mistreated but the managers goal is supposed to be collecting as many points as possible. Giving everyone chances and keeping all of the players in the squad happy should not be part of a managers job description. Every big team in the world has a player or 2 the fans would like to see play more often but not everyone on the squad is going get as many minutes they or the fans hope.

  13. MikeSA says:

    I don’t know if Emery would be prepared to select Gouendouzi for the first game against Citeh, but I do think we’re going to be seeing more of him this season than just in the various cups.

    Based on what I’ve seen so far he’s in a completely different league to the other youngsters coming through.

    Bill does have a bit of a point when he talks about some of the youngsters being inconsistent and id guess a lot of that is down to maturity and a fair whack of non-existent coaching.

    Compared to AMN, Nelson, Smith-Rowe, Nketiah, etc, Gouendouzi looks far more settled and consistent.

    I hope that as he stated recently, Iwobi is maturing and getting to grips with what it takes to be a professional footballer at the top level (something I think Wilshere never really got a grip on – perhaps also from overindulgence and not enough coaching, but some players just don’t have the mental maturity no matter what, so it’s hard to say).

    It also looks like we’re getting back to having some senior pros who are prepared to take the youngsters under their wings and help them develop. It’s great to hear how Lacazette and Aubamayeng are helping some of the youngsters, something I think had eroded somewhat recently for various reasons.

    I have to admit that what I saw of AMN last night did not impress me at all.

    When a player starts show-boating needlessly (which he did on a few occasions), I think he’s lost sight of what his job on the pitch is, and it showed IMO.

    Compare an unwarranted attempted to trap the ball behind with your away foot behind your near side foot to Mikitaryn’s awesome turn and nutmeg to get out of a tight spot, and that’s the difference.

    Mikitaryn pulled off some sublime skill to get himself out of a tight spot, AMN tried to look clever and ended up looking like a klutz.

    As far as Ramsey goes, if there are actually any buyers out there and if he can be persuaded to go he should be sold at this point.

    Unfortunately I don’t think there are any serious buyers at the price mentioned and I doubt Ramsey actually wants to go either. I think he wants to get the best deal he can (he’s entitled to), and is trying to leverage the situation as best he can. Personally I don’t think he’s worth 150k a week but that’s the maximum the club should offer him IMO.

    At some stage he’ll either have to sign or be prepared to find new employers at the end of his contract. I don’t think there’ll be any of the “big” clubs in Europe showing too much interest so he’ll either have to go for a “lesser” club in Europe and maybe even in the EPL if the local big clubs aren’t interested I. paying large wages for someone of his age and ability.

    That said there’s probably a strong chance the club will bend over again and we’ll be blessed with his spinning top impression for many seasons to come…..

  14. MikeSA says:

    A lot of us thought Perez was mistreated but the managers goal is supposed to be collecting as many points as possible. Giving everyone chances and keeping all of the players in the squad happy should not be part of a managers job description. Every big team in the world has a player or 2 the fans would like to see play more often but not everyone on the squad is going get as many minutes they or the fans hope.

    I think there are a few incidents that might suggest Wenger could be petty and vindictive at times, and given his ongoing refusal to fix some serious and obvious flaws in the team it suggests that Wenger’s priorities might not always have been particularly obvious at times.

  15. MesutsLeftFoot says:

    Was able to watch game whilst I’m unable to do anything due to recovery time.

    Fee things did stand out;

    Chambers for the most part looks quite solid as does Holding, but shouldn’t play together. They are far to similar In style and don’t communicate well together in terms of man on shouts etc.

    Lichsteiner was reasonably solid. I’d worth about playing a high line with him however as he’s not that quick but positioning and stength he was good to watch.

    Torriera looked solid too, we’ve missed Sanchezs industrious closing down of players and he brought that back at times.

    We play much better with pace outside…. EN and Nelson with overlapping Iwobi and AMN caused a lot of issues to Lazio in first half. Realistically could have been a few up by half time and should have had a penalty for push on Laca.

    Overall I’d say we seem to have a lot more energy and there was some really good football at times but j still feel there is a sense of something missing in the puzzle…. What it is I can’t say… Perhaps since we don’t know our official 11 and its been so mixed so far. But unbeaten will be good for moral.

    Torriera looked worthy of a start, as does Guendouzi but as YW mentioned, Xhaka is likely to get the nod for experience and authority. Tbh I don’t think Xhaka played badly last night, I just feel he’s a player who is prone to mistakes in bigger matches and slow defensively. Interesting to see if he starts iwobi who has a good game again but as did HM…definitely a few selection headaches as we definitely need pace outwide vs City for attack and defensive purposes.

    For me

    Lichsteiner Sokritis mavrapanos AMN
    Torriera Xhaka
    Iwobi Laca Auba

    Lichsteiner Sokritis mavrapanos AMN
    Ozil HM
    Iwobi Laca Auba

  16. MesutsLeftFoot says:


    Agree… I feel Ramseys agents are culprits behind Chelsea and Liverpool stories to drive his price us. No offence to him, but for price he commands there is better available. He spends half a season injured and it takes him 3/4 games to get back to his stride which enviably ends in a 4 match run then minor or major set back.

    Personally if someone offers 35mill, sell and buy someone like Banega etc.

  17. MesutsLeftFoot says:

    Watching community shield, City have really done their homework. Hudson O has really had his pace cancelled out. Note to us for Chelsea game in 3 weeks.

    So much pace with city attack, hope Emry is watching. Definitely space to exploit in that midfield though

  18. MesutsLeftFoot says:

    Wish we could get a draw and neither City or Chelsea win.

    City epitomise everything that’s wrong with football and it pains and angers me that BBC/BT/Sky constantly publish articles about how fantastic City are and how amazing Pep G is. Were Tottenham or Man u to win the title, are City going to adopt a pull up your socks, work harder in summer and promote all these youngsters in their ranks who are apparently world beaters…No they’ll spend 100/200 million on the new biggest names to romp the title again the following season. I realise Arsenal buy players in, but we’ve also a lot of promotion from within this season and in past teams

  19. C says:


    For me its:

    ————-Torriera—–Guendouzi or Mhkitaryan

    I would also be willing to swap Mhkitaryan and Iwobi to see what a confident and coached up Iwobi could do in CM as that physical atheltic, but technically really good CM to pair with Torriera behind Ozil.

  20. Noon Gunner says:


    I think I’m with you, C. I though Iwobi thrived yesterday playing slightly deeper. But against Citeh I feel we need sharper defensive players behind Ozil than Iwobi is (or used to be – he seems to be responding to the Unai treatment), so that argues for Mkhi, who made some excellent recovering tackles yesterday. And I agree that Guendouzi is very close to that mix. It looks as though there’s a much older footballing brain attached to his 19-year-old body.

  21. MesutsLeftFoot says:

    Noon Gunner,

    The problem with Guendouzi is do we start him vs City, which we’re likely to lose and potentially ruin his confidence going forward…That’s my only issue

  22. MesutsLeftFoot says:


    Mustafi and Sok don’t have the pace needed for Emry’s high pressing system, City are likely to press up high up the field too, but they have more mobile CB’s and two fullbacks with tremendous pace. Mustafi and Sok, would for me, get caught out by City’s through balls and leave a huge area to run into which is definitely not what we want vs City as Sane and De Bruyne’s pace will kill us if we allow any space.

    If we pressure their midfield, i think we’re got the quality in attack to punish them but my worry is they’re counter attacking based which means a few quick passes vs a high line and we’re exposed, especially since Xhaka isn’t defensive minded only torriera is and whilst he’s quick, Sok and Mustafi (and Lichsteiner) are not

  23. PETER WILLIS says:


    Sadly I don’t think we have a fast CB., so I share your anxiety there, MLF. Unless Mavropanos is quick. I rate AMN’s ability to get back at speed, but he’d be likely caught up in their third.

    Maybe Leno’s got a sprint in him??

  24. Wavey says:

    Afternoon all,

    Watched the shield just now. I know it’s pre-season etc but City are clicking already. They look like a team, whereas Chelsea looked a mess. City have the confidence to play out from the back, even when they are being pressed. They drew the Chelsea forwards onto them and then played into the space that the high press had offered to move quickly up the other end of the pitch. They look very settled already, even with players like Silva and Sterling still to come back.

  25. Bill says:

    MikeSA: I think there are a few incidents that might suggest Wenger could be petty and vindictive at times, and given his ongoing refusal to fix some serious and obvious flaws in the team it suggests that Wenger’s priorities might not always have been particularly obvious at times.


    Some of that may be true but in this case why not just go for the simple explanation. We saw last season when he played for Deportivo that Perez just isn’t that good and arsene didn’t use Perez for the same reason that Emery is willing to let him go and probably won’t use him much if he can’t get rid of him. Neither arsene or Emery has any reason to dislike Perez other then the fact that he isn’t good enough to be playing for a big team. That all makes perfect sense to me

  26. theskywalker says:

    Daily Mail reports Emery was watching the City Vs Chelsea game today at Wembley. I felt sorry for Sarri ( ignore the pun) as he was short of players, and knows now the intensity of PL games. I could see that his scouts will be thinking of placing a bid on Ramsey , and if he does not sign the contract, the valuation should be £50 million. Today, a report says, his agent is denying asking for £300K /w, which I though was high. Not clear what Emery plan is , if he goes. He always thought that he is as good as Ozil, but then he never played in a World Cup and scored goals there.

  27. C says:

    Noon Gunner,

    I have always been one to think that Iwobi looks set for that midfield pivot role he just needed to learn the defensive side but was unlikely to get it under Arsene. Now would be the perfect time under Emery to see that transition happen. Guendouzi looks like he is ready for match time. Citeh, maybe not in the first match but he certainly needs to be bled in. I agree about Mhkitaryan, think he could really good centrally because he has a bit of mean streak about him and has never been one to shy away from a challenge when he is up for it.

  28. theskywalker says:

    Wenger ruined the team and their prospects in more than one way by acting as Arsenal himself which Kroenke allowed. Emery has the toughest task of reconstruction and injecting morale. Players need to be sold as the cash for buying is very limited- I am puzzled about the latter. Emery needs our support fully as he embarks on reconstruction, and the fix may take several months. The City is able to buy good players citing the CL and Guardiola. But they are not unbeatable as Klopp showed last year.

  29. MikeSA says:

    Bill: MikeSA.

    Some of that may be true but in this case why not just go for the simple explanation. We saw last season when he played for Deportivo that Perez just isn’t that good and arsene didn’t use Perez for the same reason that Emery is willing to let him go and probably won’t use him much if he can’t get rid of him.Neither arsene or Emery has any reason to dislike Perez other then the fact that he isn’t good enough to be playing for a big team. That all makes perfect sense to me


    I’m not disputing that, and I hope you don’t take this the wrong way, but things for you are far too black and white.

    If someone raises a point that doesn’t concur with your very set narrative, you simply dismiss it and continue as if it were never mentioned.

    A simple example, your ignorance regarding de Toekomste the other day.

    I raised this particular issue because Wenger clearly either had different goals to what you described or he had very strange ideas on how to achieve them.

    From that perspective there were a number of players who didn’t get a fair shake, Carlos Vela for one, Pododolski for another.

    There were plenty of examples.

    I’m sure you’ll try and explain as many of them away as you can then just dismiss the rest as part of a trend.

    I try and think about my own perspectives and biases, I’m not particularly good at it though.

    However, I do know that about myself.

  30. Limestonegunner says:

    I would play 352 v City. Forget possession. If we have 40% that will be plenty. I don’t really trust any of our CB pairings but they could be ok in a three. Bellerin is the same as a RB or RWB. With Monreal not fit, AMN is better as a LWB anyway. Ramsey is likely out so forget about the midfield 3. We want Laca and Auba up top scoring. Let’s try Mkhi with Torreira centrally and go for Auba countering with pace behind City high line.

  31. Limestonegunner says:

    So for those who would like it spelled out:

    Bellerin/Lichtie, Chambers, Mustafi, Sokratis, AMN

    Mkhi, Torreira
    Laca and Auba

  32. MesutsLeftFoot says:


    Let’s be honest, City were always going to win today. Settled team, they’ve strength in every position because they’ve got more money than sense. Chelsea imo, made a huge mistake in replacing Conte, he knew the league, he knew how to play against the bigger teams by now and in all honesty did well against most of top 6 teams……If they’d supported him and let him have the players he wanted i reckon he’d have challenged City.

    Everyone raves over Sarri but he’s not achieved anything, he didn’t win league or any cups and i defy anyone to tell me they knew about him 2 seasons ago. I can’t see him lasting long….City aren’t invincible, they’re was moments today that showed they are vulnerable against counters and we’ve the pace to damage them if we can defend cleverly….Take there wingers out the game, easier said than done but i’ve more faith in Emry than Wenger approaching this game, as we knew exactly what Wenger would do, which was the same in every game. defend high, no pressure on ball, try keep possession which ended up with us being caught out vs counters and pace same as every game vs Liverpool

  33. Limestonegunner says:


    Agree with all those remarks. What do you think of my suggestion of 352 and lineup?

  34. MesutsLeftFoot says:


    I’d be ok with that line up. It’s such a shame Emry has City and Chelsea in first two matches, then West Ham as well, who’ll be buzzing with new manager and abundance of new players. First 5 matches we’ll be lucky if we’ve got 5/6 points i think, of all teams we’ve definitely the roughest start

  35. MesutsLeftFoot says:

    Ramsey situation is odd, agent says it’s not wage issue, then what’s the issue…I almost don’t believe the small injury. If Barca want him, i say swap deal with Gomez OR dembele season long loan and cash…..But there is potential in this team, no one expected much of Cesc, Hleb, Flamini and Rosicky etc and we should have won the league that year if we didn’t get every striker injured long term.

    i still think December til we see how the team is gonna shape up!

  36. Bill says:


    No offense taken. Generally if the simpler black and white explanation for something is logical and makes sense then it’s more likely to be closer to the correct answer as opposed to the technicolor complex explanation. Take for example the Lucas Perez debate. The simple black and white explanation for what happened probably turned out to be a lot closer to the truth and over the years that has been the case much more often then not.

    As far as the other stuff Wenger was as stubborn as you or I have no doubt he wanted to win and did what he thought was best. I think he shut out players like Podolski Campbell or vela because he didn’t think they were that good. If we look at what has happened to each of them after they left then I think it’s safe to say that he was probably closer to being right then we want to admit. We as fans clearly over rated those players while they were here and that explanation makes more sense to me then believing that Wenger didn’t use them very much because he had an uncontrolled vindictive steak.

  37. Bill says:

    I didn’t watch the game today but last season City had plenty of ball possession but the difference is when they win the ball back their first instinct is to attack at pace and they go into ball possession mode if their first attack breaks down. Our tendency for the last few seasons has never emphasized doing anything at pace and just like Germany or Spain in the World Cup it almost inevitably degenerates to possession for its own sake. Hopefully Emery can change that.

    As far as the game against city next weekend I agree with limestone and I think we will be in trouble if we try to focus on maintaining a lot of ball possession. If we try to play football with them they can counter attack us into oblivion

  38. Bill says:

    I just looked at the line ups Pep certainly didn’t give his players like Kyle Walker or John Stones a month break after the World Cup.

    Strange as it sounds City’s biggest weakness is they don’t have enough firepower if Aguero goes down. Aguero is prone to muscle injuries and they struggled last season after he went down. Sane is really good but not a big scorer and Sterling is not that good and Gabriel Jesus is not close to being as good as Aguero. Unfortunately none of that helps us unless Aguero gets injured before the game next week.

    If we let them hold the ball and keep our defensive shape and keep the score down and then hit them in the counter attack we might be able to pull off a result.

  39. MesutsLeftFoot says:


    Totally agree, First 25 minutes is always the worst for me when playing City or Liverpool as they hit you with everything they’ve got and our best performances vs City in the past have come when Kos man marked Augero out the game and we hassled their midfield with Coq whilst Santi etc picked up anything loose. City are a different animal now i admit, but, they’ve always had that weakness where De Bruyne, Sterling and Jesus if their winning are fantastic but if they’re up against the cosh they struggle (liverpool in champs league etc). Why City’s tactics were as much possession as possible and to hit teams as fast as possible.

    I think it’s worth looking at City’s performances in Champs league….They don’t perform the same as in the league, the difference for me tends to be that European teams set up to contain and hit them later in the game, if you can survive Sane, De Bruyne and Jesus running at you for 30mins seemed to work. Issue there is we 100% did not have that capability.

    I’d like to think a result is possible, but i think 0-2 City purely as we’re still adjusting to Emry’s tactics and style and City have too much fire power. What having unlimited cash does i guess.

  40. MesutsLeftFoot says:


    additionally, that not giving them a break could come back to haunt them later in season….Especially if they get far i champs league

  41. Linestonegunner says:


    Agree. Play two strikers and put pressure on their back line and sometimes shaky defense. Counter attack. They will be lacking a bit of creativity with de Bruyne and David Silva missing. Sit deep, counter quickly.

  42. Bill says:


    Are Debruyne and Silva going to miss the game?

    I like your line up however I would be a bit concerned about the midfield defensive solidarity of the unit you suggested. It will be Torriera’s first PL game and he has only been with the Arsenal about 1 week. Mikhitaryan has been a forward for most of his career and not played central midfield for Arsenal and Ozil likes to drift around. That midfield 3 might struggle to stay organized and solid against a team that can counter attack in a heartbeat.

  43. Bill says:


    I do love your idea of sitting deep and countering quickly. Teams that are ball possession heavy tend to be susceptible to counter attacks especially if you can frustrate them. I think Pep’s record in the CL is not as good as you would expect over the years for exactly that reason. He eventually runs into a team that can frustrate him and then hit quickly on the counter.


    I agree with your comment @ 10:56.

  44. Bill says:

    I think Real Madrid’s success in the CL is at least partly due to the fact that they can be effective playing either with most of the possession or they can let the other team control the ball and hit them on the counter attack. They can change depending on the opponent.

  45. Limestonegunner says:


    I think they are missing the match—at least de Bruyne likely will. I take your point about Mkh and Torreira in midfield. I just think Torreira is our most defensive midfield player but can pass. Mkh has all the attributes to help break the press and start the counterattack. I don’t expect to win; no one does. So I favor gambling on a riskier strategy to make the most of the tactics best suited to our attacking strengths with 2 good strikers and a weak defense that might do better with 3 CB’s.

  46. C says:

    Chambers set for a medical tomorrow at Fulham on a season long loan.

  47. Bill says:

    Limestone @ 12:54

    Fair enough.

    As an aside. I only saw the highlights of the game today but both goals that City scored were counter attacks. They have the huge majority of ball possession in almost every game but a lot of the goals they actually score come as the result of attacking the goal before the defense has a chance to set up and organize. That is what I meant by they attack at pace as soon as they get the ball.

  48. Bill says:


    I have to admit that I am surprised to see him go but we had to clear some space in the squad and we couldn’t find a taker for Perez so someone has to be sacrificed. We have enough midfielders and AMN could use regular minutes but we can’t send him on loan because he can play full back. I would thought we could sent Mavroponos or Holding before Chambers.

  49. Aaron says:

    Man, if true the Arsenal are mad!
    If Mustafi or Sokratis get injured who is playing inside? Mustafi has had periods of absence. Chambers has looked the best and has the most experience of the rest. Maybe Mav looks better to Emery, I do not know. Unless the Arsenal are selling Ramsey and bringing in another CB or super strong midfielder.
    But, I believe the rumours are $h*te….

  50. C says:


    Rumors have Perez set for finalizing a deal with West Ham. Its brilliant business for Chambers with Kos looking to leave its a way to ensure Chambera continues his development and coming back right when Kos leaves and Sokaritis a year older.

  51. G4E says:

    The Elephant in Defense….

    I really have jitters thinking about Sokratis in defense, playing against the Premier League speedsters like Aguero and Mo Salah, et All.

    He may have the experience to position himself, but he lacks the Premier League pace and I hope it’s not going to be a horrible Crash in Slow Motion.


    At least, I’m happy the we can actually change plans mid-game. Something Wenger probably can’t sleep at night watching.

    He’s on the touch line and talking to his players all the time, something Wenger may have done when we are already 4/0 in 20 minutes but not before.



    I wish he would stay, but we have to remember some players signed for Arsenal because of Wenger. Maybe he feels he will not have the loose freedom play of Arsene Wenger’s years.

    Koscielny is another Wenger child, that will probably follow.


    In any case, let the Premier League Saga begin……..If we can get some decent results against the big 6, and snatch the points playing the mid and lower teams, we may have a chance of fourth with a tad bit of the really good luck.

    We shall see….

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