On Contracts, Ramsey & More Outgoings

Divination by training bibs never really worked so maybe divination by being on the plane to Singapore will be more productive. It works to a certain extent. Chuba Akpom impressed in Belgium last year and Sint-Truiden agreed on a £2m deal for his services; I hope it works out for him.

Others are less fortunate. Carl Jenkinson may have thought ‘new boss, new chance’; it’s turned out ‘meet the new boss, same as the boss’. Similar thoughts might be running through the minds of Joel Campbell and Jeff’s minds.

The latter in particular must wonder what the future holds. Is he set for another loan spell? Maybe he looks back in Angers, I hear you say. Has Unai Emery seen enough in training and the two friendlies to know his mind about the player? Certainly, it doesn’t look good for him in this instance.

He’s one of eight whose contracts expire next summer. Huss Fahmy is in for another busy time. Directed by the input of the rest of the management team, he’s the negotiator. Goodwill and enthusiasm for the new regime built with swift action but how long will that last if a key player – Ramsey – holds the club over a barrel once again?

I doubt it impacts Unai Emery’s standing, but for Gazidis, it’s an issue. He is the link to last season’s farcical situations with Sanchez and Özil. Maybe the stories linking him to Milan will gather pace now they successfully appealed their ban from the Europa League?

Not that I’d expect him to leave Arsenal this season, having fought so hard to gain power. However, another problematic negotiation with a star player will damage confidence in his management of the club. Is Junior getting ready to parachute into the hot-seat if Ivan leaves?

Make Him An Offer He Can’t Refuse

I flit from being concerned about Ramsey’s situation to a shrug of the shoulders, believing it is what it is. He is a marmite player and some won’t shed a tear if he departs. It would be a mistake to let him leave, but Arsenal are in a weak position yet again.

Contracts are something the club must resolve but it takes time. Returning to the Champions League helps, as well as challenging for the title. A successful club rarely has contract issues with players although Manchester City look like they are about to with Raheem Sterling. You can’t say it never happens, just that it rarely does.

We’ve suffered an endless stream of contract issues since moving to the Emirates. Henry left after one season, Cesc, van Persie, Sanchez, Özil, to name but a few. As a club, we’re on the backfoot with the ‘stars’ and are struggling to find some equilibrium.

We can’t force players to sign nor can we force them to negotiate. The only ‘weapon’ for the club is selling a player but if one is reluctant to negotiate, they want that anyway.

There’s no sense that Ramsey wants out; he’s keeping his options open with the lack of pronouncements. Will a question be asked at the next press conference he attends? More to the point, will anyone push on it once he’s got the bland deflection out of the way?

With a new boss in place, you can’t blame a player for waiting to see if there is any change. Is success as far away as ever or is it just around the corner, a couple of transfer windows away? Form is the answer but form is deceptive. As quickly as embarking on a good run, we can fall into old ways.

A Sign! A Sign!

The question of whether we sell Ramsey before the window closes is answered by his inclusion in the squad travelling to Singapore. If there was the chance of him leaving, he wouldn’t be travelling. Indeed, I think it would be done and dusted by now.

As much as the 9th August deadline leaves Premier League clubs vulnerable to losing cash on subsequent sales, it also puts pressure on overseas suitors to buy early. If an English club can’t land a replacement, there’s no way they will sell unless they want to entice supporter unrest out of its’ slumber early.

More to the point in this case, Arsenal will be content to wait until January to sell. However, I still think he is going to renew. Let the results be the judge of that.

’til Tomorrow.

33 thoughts on “On Contracts, Ramsey & More Outgoings

  1. Michael says:

    Although Ramsey isn’t to everyones taste, mine included, he does bring goals when he is fit, but also leaves gaps…The goals would need to be replaced from someone if he does leave.

  2. AK says:

    Ramsey has been at the heart of the levels of success witnessed at the club the last five years, however, holding out for a bigger paycheck won’t endear him to anyone,least of all those who see him as surplus. We await the results

  3. Gunner90 says:

    In some games he disappears. He certainly cannot tackle and is also very injury prone! He cannot be considered to be world class so I would sell him now and get two replacements in quickly before the window closes.

  4. Wailesy says:

    It will be interesting to see how and where Ramsey fits into a new system assuming we play a new system. He goes alright and probably was our best player along with Nacho last season. Though I I wouldn’t be bothered if we flicked him. I can understand him wanting more than 14O a wk when Ozil bags more than twice that and calls in sick for fun

  5. Bill says:

    Thanks for the post yogi.

    I agree with you regarding Ramsey and I have a feeling that will sign a new contract. I hope so anyway. If we do sell him then we need to buy someone. Going into the season with Elneny and Maitland-Niles backing up xhaka and Torriera as our only real options in central midfield leaves us in a weak position if we hope to fight our way back to 4th place.

    Good luck to Chuba Akpom. He was a prolific scorer in our youth teams and perhaps the most heavily hyped player to come from our academy since Nik Bendtner and Benik Afobe. As fans we desperately want to see our own players move up the ladder and become important first team players but I think that desperation blinds us to reality. Chuba is just another of hundreds of examples of how much the performances at the U21 level over rates players. It’s not perfect but I think the loan system is the best way to sort out the players true ceiling.

  6. C says:

    Well Yogi, that certainly answered my question on how you feel.

    I honestly think the club, just based on summer rumors, is that if Arsenal can find a replacement than Ramsey is off, if they can’t then so be it. I think the notion of him bagging goals is made more of then it really is, he has had one season in double digits in the PL, the rest around 5-6 but the problem that I have is that if we people only look at his last 1/3 of the seasom but not the first 2/3….prisoners of the moment. Plus, if we talk about midfielders and we play with a midfield 2 or 3, shouldn’t he take some of the blame for the way clubs at all levels have waltzed through our midfield with little to no resistance?

    I honestly think there are better midfielders out there that might not be the goal threat but would certainly solidify the midfield allowing the front 4 mkre freedom to attack and have to worry less about tracking back.

  7. C says:

    As far as Adelaide, I think a loan season to Angers would be perfect to not only let him get first team action(when he played for them it was to rave reviews) but also build his confidence and allow him to hopefully have an injury free season. Injuries have played a part in his stunted development.

  8. C says:

    These reports of talks between Barca and Arsenal getting close to a Gomes deal are again something for me along with the talk of Nzonzi and Banega before, that Ramsey could be sold if a replacement is bought in.

  9. jw1 says:

    Just finished binge-watching Marvel’s ‘The Punisher’.
    Jon Bernthal can certainly play the brute.


    Not sure Ramsey’s situation can be likened to Sanchez nor Ozil.
    Truth be told, the Alexit that resulted may have been the best possible– of that bad situation.
    Even better than the “£60M” we might have lifted from City a year ago– or the supposed “£20-25M” on offer in January? Instead of Sanchez going to Pep– where he likely would have been rehabbed and been a factor in the PL for several more seasons?

    Alexis’ career is in the hands of the man who can misuse stardom better than any Manager alive. And? We ended up with Henrikh Mkhitarayan. Who had a hand in convincing buddy Aubamayang to come along for the ride.

    Arsenal won that standoff IMO.

    Ozil is a ‘horse-of-a-different-color’. He signed. He stayed. Never once made public proclamations, nor, to my knowledge private protestations; causing issues internally. Mesut Ozil saw the light too– when Mkhi and Auba boarded the AFC Express last January. With Laca already in tow? With this array of diverse attacking ability surrounding M1Ö — there’s a chance we may again see the ‘Real’ Mesut Ozil.

    Ramsey? Cool, collected. Negotiable. He’ll stay too I think.
    Ramsey travelling to Singapore– means he’ll be playing, and not signing, until at least upon return– post-July 28.

    Nineteen days till the window shuts.
    Betting Aresenal make at least one more surprising move.


  10. Paulie Walnuts says:

    There’s no doubt Ramsey has quality but I’m not sure UE will play him , Mikki & Ozil together.

    He always seemed to be assured of a place with Arsene but he may be in for a shock this season.

    I’d take the money if we get a decent offer & bring in someone with different talents .

  11. C says:

    Paulie Walnuts,

    Thats the thing, we already brought in that player, Torriera. Xhaka signed a new deal and I imagine that he will be a nailed on (at least at the start but I think he will flourish personally) and Torriera is the modern DM: interceptor, links play, tackles and wants to boss the midfield. I think its no coincidence that tree likes of Gomes and Nzonzi we have chased because Emery likes to have that solid midfield base that breaks up and dictates play, not the skill that Ramsey brings of wanting to get forward and doesn’t play under pressure well.

  12. AK says:

    Paulie Walnuts,

    Ramsey is a player who from the onset UE has deemed integral to his plans. I believe he will be a first team player and if the defensive discpline of the team improves, Ramsey will have his best season yet

  13. lari03 says:

    In my opinion, saying he wants to work with Ramsey is good.

    Big squad, option if Ozil is not available, but not the main stay of the midfield. He’s injury prone, so let’s watch and hope for the best.

  14. AK says:

    Seeing that Toreira came in why is Elneny not being sold?

  15. lari03 says:

    Hi YW, did you just change the font ? or is it my computer ?

  16. Woolwich Freddie says:

    Nice post. I tend to agree Ramsey is testing the waters but might well re-sign. I think he might find us the biggest club in for him, however. I am ambivalent about the player. I think he does well when he has to prove himself a bit, less well the rest of the time. Positional uncertainty and injuries have not helped. Perhaps the new coaching will help overcome some of this but I wouldn’t be heartbroken if he went as long as we reinvested the fee pretty sharpish. Being of Welsh extraction, no complaints if he remains and becomes as good as he thinks he can be.

  17. DALM says:

    Play Ramsay in the right role and set up and he’s great. Plus we need Welsh players.

  18. MikeSA says:

    I won’t slit my wrists if Ramsey is sold, in fact I’d prefer it if he is.

    I don’t think he’s particularly wonderful at all (actually I think he’s shit tbh).

    He’s slow, he dawdles on the ball, pulls showboat moves that very rarely come off, has no positional discipline, neglects his defensive duties, tends to shoot straight at the keeper more often than not, and IMO his glory-seeking means he barges into space others are already operating in.

    Apart from all that he’s a serial sick note specialist.

    IMO his “glory” comes ar the expense of the team.

    Captain material?

    Not even close IMO. I suspect there was a reason Coleman took the Welsh captaincy away from him.

    If he does stay it’ll be interesting to see if he can suppress his ego enough to conform to how Emery wants him to play.

  19. Bill says:

    Jw1 @ 5:32

    “ when Mkhi and Auba boarded the AFC Express last January. With Laca already in tow? With this array of diverse attacking ability surrounding M1Ö — there’s a chance we may again see the ‘Real’ Mesut Ozil.”

    Real Madrid had a whole squad full of players they could have sold when they needed to raise cash in 2013. There was a reason they sold us Mesut Ozil. What does it say about a player when he can only be effective when playing on a team like Real where he is surrounded by Ronaldo and a squad of world class superstars.

  20. Bill says:

    A lot of us are hoping that a new manager is going to revitalize players who have been underwhelming for the last few years. Ramsey is as likely or may be even more likely then any player on the squad to have a sudden improvement in form with a new system and a new manager.

  21. MikeSA says:


    For someone who likes fast counter attacks I’d say that Ramsey should be one of the players you’d want gone.

    He is one of the least capable of adapting to that for the simple reason that his thought processes are too slow.

    He doesn’t see or think ahead so when he gets the ball he stops and turns round circles, trying to figure out who to pass to.

    If you want to know why speedy counter attacks break down and the opposition get a chance to cut off runners and get into position, look no further than Ramsey.

    There have been a few players over the years who would not have been suitable for what we surmise is Emery’s proposed style.

    Adebeyor used to stop and pass backwards, killing off counter attacks.

    Gibbs only had his left foot, so if he broke up the wing and didn’t cross (more often than not), then he’d pass backwards, and Iif the ball was then lost he was already well out of position.

    Many things can be coached.

    Positional discipline, tactical movement, even better technique, but some things are insurmountable, speed of thought being one of them.

    Ego s also a difficult issue if it’s counter productive.

    In SA we had a player many years ago, Zane Moosa, that the crowd loved because he’d do all the show boating, standing on the ball (he was a small guy), etc.

    The crowd loved him, but he was crap and ineffective, too busy show boating and losing the ball unnecessarily.

    Much to the public’s horror, the national coach eventually just gave up and booted him out the squad.

    Soon after that we won the African Cup of Nations.

    I dislike Ramsey as a player because he’s very slow and thinks he’s far better than he actually is.

    He’s one of those that don’t know that he doesn’t know.

  22. MikeSA says:

    There have also been several players who are genuinely good and have immense talent, but lack the mental discipline to achieve their actual potential.

    Gascogne was one. Wilshere is another IMO, as was Pennant, Bendtner, and that arsehole who went to Spurs from Blackburn after leaving us and then eventually retired.

  23. MikeSA says:

    I think many people look at Ramsey as a Frank Lampard/Steven Gerrard type player.

    The two never seems to be able to play in the same team for England.

    For me there was a huge difference between the two.

    Lampard was intelligent and humble, worked hard, and got fairly lucky at times (Gary Player once replied to a question suggesting he was a “lucky” player that the harder he practiced, the luckier he got).

    Gerard on the other hand was know as “Stevie-Me” for a reason. He’s not exactly bright either.

    For me Ramsey isn’t anywhere near as good as either, and is more Gerard than Lampard.

    I would have been happy for Lampard to come to Arsenal.

    Not so for Gerard.

  24. MikeSA says:

    Seemed not seems.

    #%^€ autocorrect.

  25. Damon says:

    If they’ve offered him a contract the see a role for him in the squad.

    For me Ramsey is one of the many players who I’m excited to see under a new manager. Bags of talent but been fed too much laissez faire football at club level and seems to have lost his way a bit. It’ll be interesting

  26. Ras says:


    Mike you encapsulate my feelings completely towards Ramsey perfectly.

    Speaking of the Captaincy and Prospective Candidates .I don’t see many whom I’d describe as potential candidates.

    There is no obvious Adams, Vierra, Silva, McClintock etc.

  27. Bill says:


    Ramsey obviously divides opinions but I disagree with your assessment of him. I think he is easily the best suited to any of our attacking midfielders to be part of a high energy pressing midfield. I also think he would be thrive and become influential in the role of attacking midfielder on a team that played at a higher pace and emphasized fast counter attacks.

  28. Bill says:


    As an aside I think Frank Lampard was probably the most positively influential central midfielder in the PL in this century. I wish we had someone who was half as good as fat Frank.

  29. nicky says:

    @Damon & Bill,
    Agree entirely with your summing up of Ramsey. He has captained his country and is the obvious choice at Arsenal FC.

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