Emery’s Three R’s! Ramsey, Readiness and Really Important Stuff

Unai Emery held his the pre-match press conference of his reign yesterday. It might only be Borehamwood but even the boss’ vocal chords must undergo pre-season training.

If the themes didn’t change, that the delivery did. Emery was pleased with the progress being made, that “they are working very hard.”

Which is a shock to some systems, I’m sure.

I jest. Training always looked like a time when the squad’s true natures emerged; the pressure was off, results didn’t matter and there was no-one critiquing their performance. Now, they are on a mission to impress the new boss, suspecting that while they know the probable XI to start games if everyone is fit.

However, Emery isn’t letting on how much of his mind he has made up in that respect.

“They are working with the ambition that I want. I think the quality is high here, and I think together we will work with this quality and the details in the tactics. They will go with my ideas and work with my ideas every day, and this will help them to do these things on the pitch.”

The players, he claimed, are “50%” of the way there, Manchester City is where the focus lies. “For me, the position is for the team to get better day by day, and we plan for the first match against Manchester City,” he said when asked about the title.

Hopes of that seem ludicrous although the last time I remember us being 25/1 before the start of the season, we won the double. That was 1997/98 and probably the last time I looked, to be honest. The target for next season is to be the best we can and while that is the best, I’ll be happy with improving on recent years.


The club’s business is done as far as new signings are concerned. Even though Emery hasn’t spoken to Arsène, the answer over potential signings came straight from the Frenchman’s notebook. “We will only sign a player in the next month if he’s a big opportunity,” he said.

Our reality is that the moths ate the remaining notes in the transfer wallet without sales first. A key player leaving might trigger more activity but if Emery’s wishes are heeded, that won’t be Aaron Ramsey.

“I’m very happy with him. For me, every day, every training session, he has the ambition I want. He’s working with a quality, the type of ability that I want. I want to work with him.”

He made it clear, however, his view is an opinion, one which carries considerable weight. Negotiations, he made clear, are being conducted by others.

“This is one question for the player and for the club. In my opinion, I’ve said to Ivan, Raul and Sven that I think he’s an important player for me.”

In the past, these comments were ascribed to politics; now, it’s the reality of our situation, of our new management structure. If it comes down to it – and ‘it’ is money – then it won’t be pinned on this coach; decisions of that nature are made by others.

That plays a part in Ramsey’s thinking and the shadow of Mesut Özil’s negotiations colours these talks. Arsenal were over a barrel and the trundling noise Huss Fahmy – Huss Against? – can hear is ominous.

For the decision-makers, it’s a case of deciding where a tipping point is. It’s no good saying we’ll make a ‘take it or leave it’ offer because we won’t. We did that with Jack Wilshere and promptly went back with revised terms.

The First Cut-Off Is The Deepest

My guess is our ‘cut-off’ point is January next year. There is less than a month of the transfer window open for buying, each day adding pressure not just in terms of finding a replacement but also integrating a player in the squad.

It might be Steven N’Zonzi but judging by Emery’s words, that’s the only way the Sevilla midfielder joins us.

Anyway, that’s it for today. Tomorrow sees the new season edge closer. Football has come home, but is fumbling drunkenly with the keys at the front door. Four more weeks before it sobers up.

’til Tomorrow.

28 thoughts on “Emery’s Three R’s! Ramsey, Readiness and Really Important Stuff

  1. Jonnygunner says:

    My last day in South West France today…..thanks for the blog YW…..it’s kept me relatively sane for the last two weeks.
    My first visit to this area of France was in 1998…..the year they won it…..is it a sign?…..or hocus pocus…who cares…back to the pool.

  2. Pete the Thirst says:


    Lucky you. Did you see Ras? (small world)

    I was down that way in ’98 for the world cup. Toulouse was nice, if a little boring. Montpelier was great fun. Marseille was just crazy!

  3. C says:

    Emery was straight to point and its truly refreshing, even the semi-political answer on Ramsey felt like a manager who works and wants to get the best out of what he has but if they leave then so be it.

  4. C says:

    Emery on Jack was straight on with it:

    “It was a tactical, technical decision.

    “The conversation with Wilshere was a very good conversation, very directly together.

    “I explained to him my opinion and how I wanted to create the team and that I said to him I was unsure if he is going to play in the XI players.

    “He explained to me the decision is not easy for him but he wanted to chose the best option for him and every time it is with respect.

    “I know this player here is important for the supporters and grew up here in Arsenal but I don’t give him one place in the starting XI and it is for that [reason] he choose to leave here and I respect also this.”

  5. I Odumbe Kute says:

    I like this Unai fella. The work ethic itself seems like a totally new signing Arsenal fans are not used to.

    @YW, you’ve got mail.

  6. Bill says:

    Great post yogi

    After all of those years of stagnation and then the rapid decline of the last 2 seasons, its such a wonderful change to actually think and hope that something might be different this season. I don’t expect Emery to be a miracle worker but I do expect us to reverse the decline and start to rebuild a better culture and a new team identity.

  7. Michael says:


    Out of curiosity, how is competition going, I may have the winner, but the count back is 5/10 can do better, which is reminiscent of my school reports 🙂

  8. nicky says:

    @ Bill,
    I agree with you entirely. We have a new boss, with new ideas and a changed first team.
    Both are entitled to our 100% support plus our patience. Success may take time but I firmly believe it will come.
    Arsenal Football Club have far too much history to fall by the wayside. 😉

  9. Bill says:


    Sorry I did not get back to you yesterday. I don’t think Sterling was the reason England struggled but he caught more flack then the rest of the team because he came into the tournament with higher expectations then Deli Alli or Lingard. Everyone hoped that Pep had turned Sterling into a better players who would be a difference maker. Fair or not the thing happens with Ozil. I don’t think he played any worse then the rest of the German squad but he is the highest profile player in the German squad and he is the one with the highest expectations. I think Southgate made a mistake when he subbed off Sterling but with Kane struggling to find space he needed someone to make something happen and hopefully score that second goal and Rashford probably seemed like his best option. Perhaps he could have used Loftus Cheek but I don’t think he had any midfielders on the bench who could have changed the game.

  10. Ras says:


    Where exactly are you Jonny? Bezier , Perpignan?

    You enjoying the canicule?

  11. Limestonegunner says:


    Yes but I think Kane came in with very high expectations. His goal tally padded with penalties but no goals in the real tough matches has come under no public scrutiny compared to what Sterling deals with routinely. These explanations only get at part of the issue and ignore the unfortunate social realities involved, I feel.

  12. skywalker says:

    Southgate could have changed the formation from 3-5-2 , which he rigidly followed. Agree that Kane gets an easy press, and to me , it appears that there are more ex-Spuds players as pundits . He was slow and appeared to labour more. Kane found that the games were street fights, unlike the Pl games. Taking out Sterling was a mistake, given his pace which disrupted the Croats . Honestly, we could have settled for a quarter-final result, and semi-final was the best result we could expect from this team.

  13. Jonnygunner says:


    Hi Ras
    Tournon d’Agenais-in the Lot et Garonne…..my 30th visit in 20 years…I’m a very lucky fella.
    It is though….a VERY long drive from Norfolk 😎

  14. YW says:


    A quick update: everyone did shit. A couple have France in the final so I’ll tot it up after Sunday.

  15. Bill says:


    I don’t really know much about the social issues in Germany so I can’t comment. From a football standpoint I understand why ozil took a lot of flack. He is the player who had the highest expectations and has been the most written about and most recognizable face in the German squad for most of this decade so he is going to take the most criticism.

    In England I agree that Harry Kane underperformed in the last 3 games and he is probably going to be the most underwhelming golden boot winner in years but he still won the golden boot so it’s harder to criticize. If the tournament had gone a few games more then he would would caught plenty of flack. On the other hand Sterling has not scored for England in about 20 games and there were questions about him before the World Cup started but he still high expectations that he was going to be a difference maker because of record for Man City and when he struggled from game 1 he was the first player that people were going to focus on.

  16. lari03 says:

    I actually felt the semi final game seemed a little like our 2006 final against Barcelona. Your first goal is scored by a defender and your strikers are having an off day. Throwing on your best players from the bench to change the game is often a better tactic in those situations than expecting the strikers to increase their potency. In hindsight, Lingard and Alli had too much game time without scoring or contributing to the goals scored, each had 1 goal apiece in 5 games. There’s still more work to be done on the attack and tomorrow, they should play to win.

  17. Limestonegunner says:


    I think there was much more expectation that the great Kane would be the difference maker than Sterling. He only ever had a high scoring league season this last year. Why was he expected to carry the team’s goal scoring burden? Especially on a team that lives on headers from freekicks, corners? He didn’t finish the several chances he had so no one should go overboard in praising his contributions as a stellar tournament but the reverse is also the case. One really has to go out of one’s way to focus on him.

    As far as Ozil, a footballing perspective is clearly not enough to explain the singular and focused criticism he has been receiving. Normally we would call it scapegoating. But even from a purely footballing perspective, I don’t think it justified. He is not higher profile than Kroos. Ozil plays for 5th/6th place Arsenal not a CL multiple winner claimed to be the best CM in the world. He was pretty bad except for one free kick. Ozil wasn’t awful. He was playing pretty well, not stellar. And I, like you, think we made a mistake paying him so much and would have accepted selling him last summer or Jan. So I am not wont to giving him a pass.

    I think both these two players are being treated unfairly in some quarters for reasons that strike me as worthy of real scrutiny by fair minded people. That’s my only concern on this topic.

  18. C says:

    Emery on Ozil:

    We are here to help every player,” Emery said. “For us Mesut is a very important player. We want to help to be well, fine with us.

    The national team didn’t get the results they want but today he is on holiday, and I want him to relax well and I want, when he comes back with us, to start with a good mentality. I want to work with him with a new way and with an ambition to continue with this quality and to help him to get better with the team.”

  19. theskywalker says:

    Give Ramsey, one short new deadline for signing and if he does not, sell him, after lining up a replacement. We are away how Sanchez’s contract game destabilised the squad.

  20. Michael says:

    I know it’s a friendly today, but damn it, I excited to see us play. A new feeling after an almost endless period of same old.

  21. theskywalker says:

    I agree that Kane who almost disappeared after the first game in the World Cup is let off without comments, where as Ozil is more focused for comments.
    I would say, there are a number of anti-Arsenal pundits, mostly those who played for Spuds and Liverpool who make it a point to target Ozil.
    Put it bluntly, Kane was never there after the first game. Scoring in PL games is one thing but the World Cup games are so different-they are street fights, and Kane was found out.

  22. lari03 says:

    If Emery does well, we can be sure the Spuds will drop out of the top 4.

  23. YW says:


    > I agree that Kane who almost disappeared after the first game in the World Cup is let off without comments, whereas Ozil is more focused for comments.

    Well. aside from the obvious that Germany flopped and England didn’t…

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