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Unai Emery’s assessment of the current defence begins with Calum Chambers, whom he has declared a ‘keeper’. Not a ‘keeper, but a ‘keeper’. Until 2022, that is, which is one more year than he’s already signed on for so presumably the rationale is to give the lad a pay-rise.

Having struggled to find a centre-back at the club last season, we’ll be swimming in them soon. Sokratis arrives next week with talks supposed ongoing for Caglar Soyuncu. If both those deals happened, it would, by my reckoning, leave us with seven central defenders.

Mustafi is the obvious candidate to leave, but I wonder if Holding is in the same boat? Maybe the latter will go on loan but with Mavropanos and Soyuncu, there’s a lot of young defenders at the club; too many, if you ask me which, of course, nobody did.

Koscielny won’t return until the end of the year, by which time he will be 33. The 32-year-old, for he is that age until his next birthday, may find his pace slowed by this latest injury as others have done in the past. Is he the experienced head in the squad being kept on just to smooth the transition from the Wenger era to the Emery times? The players ‘Bouldie’, if you like?

The younger players are set to benefit most from Emery’s tutelage. Defensive training was at a premium by all accounts under the last regime which we saw the consequence of. It will be interesting to see how the likes of Bellerin, Holding, Chambers, and co., develop. That the significant defensive additions are 30+ is telling; Emery’s analysis of the defence must, on the whole, be positive otherwise it’s fairly certain we’d have seen more investment in key positions for the coming campaign.

Run, Danny, Run

The World Cup returns today with Uruguay facing Portugal and France playing Lionel Messi. A Portugal win would be handy from the Arsenal transfer business point of view but that’s about it.

What to make of the first pair? Uruguay didn’t concede and Portugal always looked like conceding. Everyone will scout Lucas Torreira so we’ll be fully up-to-speed on him before he signs. I’m sure there will be a slew of stats to prove Mesut Özil is a better player than Torreira.

France, apparently, are a bit rubbish when it comes to Argentina so expect them to win. Messi looked ‘sharp’ in training yesterday, which was helpful as he took the session. Jorge Sampaoli’s reputation as a ‘water boy’ grows on a daily basis.

Danny Welbeck meanwhile did a runner from a Russian rollercoaster where the seatbelts appeared to be broken. Back in the old days, pros would have ridden the peaks and troughs without any hesitation. Mainly because of the six heavily armed KGB agents waiting to shoot them if they dared to shift their imperialist backsides off the seats.

That’s it for today. A beautiful sunny one here so take it easy people. Enjoy the beer and footie!

’til Tomorrow.

23 thoughts on “Chambers New Deal, World Cup Stories and Other Stuff

  1. Could be that we’re stockpiking central defenders so we can Three at the back? Similar setup to the current England setup?

  2. I’d be in favour of three at the back. Would be a system that would suit Bellerin and Kolasinac. In tandem it would give us options in how we setup the front three. Lots of ways you can the stars into that and let’s them all remain fairly central, provided the full backs give you your width. The more I think about it the more sense it makes

  3. Damon,
    I’m in favor any system that maximizes our players’ strengths. And yes I like the thinking behind your set up.

    Though given our defensive fragility with 3 – 5 – 2 in the 1st half of Wenger’s final dice throw. I would be somewhat cautious employing that as the default formation. Steve Bould would be wise to remind Emery of this as well.

    4 – 1- 3 – 2 without Ozil

    Or a 4 – 2 – 1 – 3 with Ozil

    In my view, the above offers defensive cohesion in line with the pressing philosophy Emery outlined at his unveiling.

  4. Damon,

    That possibility crossed my mind ad well. It does, as you say, suit the wingbacks in situ and the new arrival on the right. Emery hasn’t really preferred such a system in the past, however. Perhaps his stockpiling is more of a George Graham-style CB hoarding instinct. Perhaps this is why he retained Bouldie?😀

  5. I know it’s very in right now but I don’t like three at the back. Like any system, it can be executed well if everone is on the same page but I just don’t find it that great to watch most of the time. Not really sure why.

  6. Another great post yogi

    I hope we send Mavroponos and Holding on loan for a couple seasons rather then selling. It gives them a chance to learn their trade under real circumstances rather then playing and occasional cup game and just as important it gives the club a chance to see it they are any good or not. Let them go thru the inconsistency of youth stage on someone else’s team. There is no use wasting valuable first team minutes trying to figure out whether they are good enough when we have the loan system as a way to give them a long test drive.

  7. The World Cup has been a mixed blessing in terms of Arsenal players. Players that some of us expect to play well have been very disappointing including Iwobe, Elneny and Ozil. Welbeck and Nacho have hardly played which was expected. The good thing is there is absolutely no reason why these players can’t get be ready for game 1. The only players who have lived up to expectations are xhaka and Lichtsteiner. Hopefully we can add Torreira to the list of having a positive World Cup if we actually buy him.

  8. Hello all, ready for the action. If we want defensive solidity the wise choice seems to be a 442 no? Atletico does it, when bayern was unstoppable for 4 years they had this box between 2 CB and 2 CM, it was unstoppable. Back in the glory days arsenal had a powerful box there too. Seems like we are on track for some more disciplined football which is encouraging. We have enough magicians, let 3 or 4 of them run wild up top. Kind of like the Theo Van NasriGas days, except now it might be some combo of Auba – Mhiki – Lacazette and maybe ozil pullin the strings

  9. Unai Emery from what we read about him, does not favor a 3 man defense. He basically does a 4-4-2 or 4-5-1 or 4-3-3.
    As it stands, our CB options are Mustafi, Chambers,Holding, Mavropanos, maybe Sokratis and Soyuncu may be added but they are yet to be officially announced. This puts the number at 6 CB’s with the return of Koscielny bringing them to 7. Rotation for the cup games could be the deal for the defenders, so as to have an opportunity to give them game time and keep them within the squad.

    Tomorrow is the 1st of July and Pre season starts from Monday.

  10. Its interesting that there is debate about Emery’s system, just listen to the man himself and take a look at his past, he either plays a 4141 similar to what he did at PSG or a 433 whoch basically turns into a 4213

  11. Torreira with a superb and eye catching match. Will we be able to sign him or will more attractive offers be coming his way? Count on that if they get past France. But I still favor France especially if Cavani isn’t fully fit.

  12. Banega was very good again. I’m not sure I really believe the rumours but O would like another CM and Torreira to add to our team.

    Messi was pretty anonymous and peripheral to Argentina’s better periods of attack until the very late stages, and then he didn’t have the finishing touch. The formation was really weird and they were better when Aguero came on, IMO. For France to concede 3, I worry about their defending even if the second was very flukey and the 3rd too late to make a huge difference.

  13. Limestonegunner,

    The Torriera thing is done, Sampdoria already confirmed that and I would imaginetl that everything but the medical is done and dusted. Banega, I would gladly take because positionally he is superb and clearly stilll has plenty of legs left (how many times did he track down Pogba or ran stride for stride with Kante).

  14. Its great that Cech says he wants his future to be at Arsenal but when a new manager comes in and his first presser he discusses keeping possession and as a GK you are shit at distribution and playing with your feet THEN the new team in charge buys a GK with their first purchase, you can say you want to stay and fight for #1 but its CRYSTAL CLEAR evetybody else thinks differently.

  15. Understand that Emery has previously played 4 at the back. But new league and new set of players might make him adapt?

  16. Damon,

    I must agree with you on that.

    Whilst his history might well indicate particular preferences, we’ve just been through the nightmare of someone who refuses to adapt to changing circumstances, so I certainly hope he’s more pragmatic than dogmatic.

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