Did You Ever and World Cup Round-Up

The sanitising of football continues unabated at the World Cup. FIFA charged both Granit Xhaka and Tubs Shaqiri for their goal celebrations. Crossing their hands, evoking an image of an eagle, is bad. Mainly because it refers to the politics and history of the Balkan region, as well as their own ethnicity. That’s a step too far the gnomes.

FIFA don’t want any of the fellow finalists sensibilities offended. Which is Serbia. They are presumably not the same Serbia whose fans behaviour is subject of a FIFA investigation. Among their offences are the display of political messages which might offend the sensibilities of their fellow finalists. That includes Granit Xhaka and Tubs Shaqiri…

VAR will review the incidents, deciding whether there was a clear and obvious error on the part of the individuals which need punishing. However, given how they missed ‘spearing’ at corners and shoves by German defenders as Swedish strikers are poised to score a goal which would have knocked Germany out of the World Cup.

Instead, Toni Kroos scores an incredible goal – the strike itself, the occasion, the stage of the match – to keep the Germans in the tournament.

Once VAR finishes with Xhaka and Tubs – who sound like stars of a Swiss cop show: “Thun Vice” – they might look at the handbags after Sweden vs Germany. Did Godwin’s Law kick in during the 30-second touchline spat?

That final game overshadowed the earlier matches. Belgium wiped the floor with Tunisia while displaying a vulnerability in conceding two goals which feeds English hopes. The Three Lions bravado glosses over the five goals scored. That was always going to be England’s downfall; we lack a variety of goalscorers. If anything, today’s match against Panama will prove the law that if Harry Kane doesn’t score, nor do England.

It’s a Global Business

Somewhere in between was Mexico’s win over South Korea. There wasn’t the outright sh*thousery of other games with the Koreans earning a reputation as being snide. Leaving a stud in here and there, masking the fact that they are very poor side.

That tends to be the ‘out’ for these sides. We can’t play therefore we shall kick, scrape, and do just about everything to distract from their lack of ability. Unlike the Saudis, football’s enthusiasm has left them and cynicism rules the roost.

After England’s match finishes, Japan host Senegal and Poland face Colombia. A win will see one of the first two qualify and one of the latter two exit. Which you want to hit the road is up to you, but in truth, the World Cup won’t weep if either fails to qualify such was the poverty of the performances in the first game. At a push, Colombia has the inclination to entertain more than the Poles who were bereft of ideas against Senegal.

Away from Russia, there is pressure little going on in the Arsenal kingdom. Ever Banega’s agent apparently met with club officials and is set to be the next Unai we want in midfield. That’s courtesy of the Italian media. Just to clarify, the news that an English club met the agents of an Argentine player who is currently with a Spanish club came from the Italians. Ooookay…

That’s it for today; enjoy your football later on.

’til Tomorrow.

46 thoughts on “Did You Ever and World Cup Round-Up

  1. Morning All or well Jonny

    Looking forward to the match, I must be a sucker for punishment, England always let us down, but not today ..I hope.

  2. Morning YW, and all good post as usual,

    No doubt Fifa will punish Xhaka and Shaqiri as they are shit hot on everything, except of course proper racism

  3. George mcfly to the rescue for the Germans again. They will no doubt now charge and ambush their way to the final again. Familiar feel now shaping up at the world cup. The usual hysteria will grow for us English as we’ve been dining out on the Tunisia win all week, a win v panama and we really will think we can win it and we all will be even more utterly gutted when we get knocked out v the first proper team we face. ( Germany probably) .

  4. I don’t support England but I really hope that would have been a penalty had the goal not gone in anyway, especially since the defenders had already been warned. They really need to sort this corners thing.

  5. Bill,

    Certainly, they look to have prepared well but I suspect their defensive weaknesses will begin to tell later in the tournament. Good opportunity to go deep with so many others underperforming, although a lot of the old hands are slow starters who go up through the gears as they go.

  6. Yogi
    You are showing your age with your 1.11 comment 🙂 great to see a ref with balls, pity we can’t sign him for PL.

  7. England’s 5 goal lead gives them a goal diffeeential of 6 and Belgiums GD is 5 so seemed to keep the 5 goal lead. However, At this point you start to feel bad for Panama. When I used to coach my sons team and we would occasionally play a team that we were beating by 10-0 or some outrageous score. You could never tell the kids to take it easy but you took the best players out and hope the other ream would score.

  8. I did the math wrong. Belgium’s GD is 6 and they scored 1 more total goals so we need to score 1 more and not concede

  9. 6th goal stands even though Kane is offside, what if that’s the decision in a game where it counts and it goes against you,
    There is absolutely no consistency in the use of VAR

  10. I wanted the tournament to go better for the Canal Men but hopefully they will win against Tunisia. Clean sheet would be good for England

  11. Buckagh,

    Mate, don’t think it’s an offside from the replay. …Over confidence can be a bitch, English defense better be careful or no clean sheet…..and they score b4 am done typing 6-1

  12. Bill


    points obtained in all group matches;
    goal difference in all group matches;
    number of goals scored in all group matches;
    points obtained in the group matches between the teams concerned;
    goal difference in the group matches between the teams concerned;
    number of goals scored in the group matches between the teams concerned;
    fair play points (only one of these deductions shall be applied to a player in a single match)
    first yellow card: minus 1 point;
    indirect red card (second yellow card): minus 3 points;
    direct red card: minus 4 points;
    yellow card and direct red card: minus 5 points;
    drawing of lots by the FIFA Organising Committee.

  13. Opus,

    Yeah see that now, apologies to VAR and glad to see it working, I think the referee has set the bar for the tournament

  14. I’m sort of in the dark why VAR wasn’t used when Marcus berg was showed to the ground in a one on one situation vs goalie by the German defender yesterday.

    There was an explanation going along the lines of” If the ref doesnt call it then the panel can ask the ref to review the incident. However if the panel decides that it’s not enough of a blatant offense then they are not required to ask the the ref for a review ”.

    Now by some obscure reason, like they don’t want reigning champions going out early or they dislike Sweden, the panel decided that it wasn’t enough of a penalty situation to ask the ref to review the incident.

    Now, in what parallel universe is that not a penalty and not worth asking the ref to review the incident?

    What a silly bunt of wankers being the VAR panel and in Extension the ever so clean organization FIFA. Same shit different day and the mighty germans can not be expelled in the opening rounds😣.

  15. Surprisingly quite from the all the Englishmen on the blog after the big win today.

    Lewandowski, Wojo and the Polish team underperformed and crashed out despite playing in arguably one the least difficults groups in the tournament.

  16. Bill,

    Bill, I think the English on this blog are worried that England are flattering to deceive. I suspect that we are going to find out, fairly soon, that they are bog standard. They come up against a good side, like Australia, they will crumble.

  17. Lets wait until England play a real team shall we. No offense to Tunsia and Panama but most WIDELY considered this the easiest group with most not even fancying those two clubs to score a goal.

    Poland, I think they haveassively underachieved and if you think that group is easy, then clearly you are struggling with your eyea. Senegal were considered the African team that could potentially make the semi’s with quality all throught that team whether its Mane, Niang, Kouyate, Gueye, Koulibaly, Ndaiye just to name a few. Columbia ooze talent in that side and I know peoplr wrote off Falcao because of his year in England but outside of that year he has and continues to score goals by the shit load(again, another time when a player is thought to be shit because he struggled im England despite the rest of his career being brilliant!) not to mention the rest of the quality in that team. Japan is always a side that works their socks off and the sum of their parts is greater than the individual pieces but they have quality in Kagawa, Honda and a couple others who play for Europa and CL sides throughtout Europe.

    Actually, I think its quite interesting that people judge players on their ability in the PL despite how they have done in other leagues but rarely question why English players both struggle to play in top 4 sides and struggle outside the PL….

  18. Fair enough regarding Columbia and Senegal. Both are good teams. Most other groups have a clear cut top 2. The 4 teams in Group H are pretty even but I don’t think any of those 4 are top 12 teams. I think Poland was the highest rated in group H but it looks like they were over rated.

  19. It’s a real role reversal for you to be telling me that it’s too soon to be getting excited about a teams good form.

  20. Bill,

    Go to say Senegal look really strong to me. They can go deep in this tournament. Big uick strong athletic men throughout the team and they can play too

    There’s a strong chance of England catching them in the next round and I wouldn’t back England to win that one easily

  21. Oh come on YW…….before 8….we understand,is highly unlikely……but it’s gone 9 now.😉

  22. Oh come on c…let us revel in it a bit eh!! Its not like us to even be able to string three passes together at a world cup!

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