Stephan is Mr Angry, Ozil’s Bling, and, Are Referees Getting Worse?

The World Cup dominates the skyline, as you would expect. Granit Xhaka took everyone’s minds off the numbing Brazilian win over Costa Rica earlier in the day, with an excellent strike from outside the box against Serbia. Shaqiri’s Cristiano Ronaldo pose after his winner means he wants to be known as ‘stocky’ now, rather than ‘tubby’.

For the pair, the motivation for the clash came from familial, political and cultural reasons. Shaqiri’s boots featured the Kosovan flag in a move that will probably see him fined. Which he won’t give a rat’s arse about.

Overall, Xhaka was Xhaka. The stats look good, he ran a lot, passed a fair bit and quite accurately, but was, I thought, little more than average until he scored. A case, perhaps, of trying too hard?

Stephan Lichtsteiner was interesting to watch. The disciplinary sword hung over him and he did nothing to warrant a booking. For a man labelled as ‘mad, bad, and really quite dangerous’, it’s was a sensible night’s work.

Former referee Jonas Eriksson didn’t like Lichtsteiner. According to the Swede, he’s met several international players and you can’t judge a book by its cover; it takes several meetings to find the true nature of a player. So, how does he rate the new signing?

“I have met Lichtsteiner several times and he is one of the most unpleasant players I met. You cannot talk to him, he gets more and more angry.

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  1. Cray that Serbia didn’t get a penalty for two players holding down Mitrovic. But was an entertaining game and what a hit from Xhaka near broke the net

  2. I hope Emery encourages more shooting from Xhaka cause he really can strike a ball. It will also help open gaps in the opposition midfield and defense because they will have to close down the space thus creating more space.

  3. Back to Blighty tomorrow and In time to immerse myself in the WC, so to speak.

    I have relied on your posts for most of my news asto progress so far, YW and you have done an excellent and very amusing job of it.

    Many thanks.

    Özil is a prima Donna. End.

  4. Not only didn’t Mitrovic get the pen for being mugged by two defenders, it was him called for a foul.
    You see it’s just a simple case of confusion by the ref.
    FIFA told them to cut down on grappling and holding in the penalty area ( they actually sent refs to meet with players and gave them pictures of plays to illustrate what kind of holding would be penalized) but apparently only in one one one situations. Two or more players holding down one attacker is such an unconventional defensive strategy that they simply didn’t figure out it could be an issue 🙂

    Additional meetings are needed with the photographic evidence of the” Mitrovic play” to remedy the situation.

    Unless there are pics of three players holding one attacker down, expect those to go unpunished as well.
    Baby steps.

  5. Indeed, it looks that way, YW.

    Spent three weeks working here with limited time for the more pleasurable aspects of Greece. Although, I must confess, the charms of the place are less every year.

    Blighty, that’s the place for me.

  6. Great post yogi.

    I didn’t watch the game but I did see that highlights and Xhaka has a very cultured left leg. If he can figure out how to play defense in the PL and not give the ball away in bad positions when he is put under pressure he would be a useful player. His lack of mobility does not seem like a good fit for a team that plans to press in the midfield and win the ball quickly. Combine him in the central midfield with Ozil and 2/3 of the central midfield will probably not be very good at pressing which raises some concern but we will have to see how it works out.

  7. No surprise that Ozil is catching some grief in Germany. They see the same things we do but they see him a lot less then we do so it just took them a bit longer. Hopefully Emery can get him to refocus on football, and if then I hope he has the cojones to drop him.

  8. Croatia and Belgium are dark horses in this tournament for me can see them getting far

  9. If Kovacic wants to leave Madrid, I would take him before any other player. I have loved him since he was at Inter strutting his stuff and if he is available or wanta out even for a season long loan with obligation to buy next summer I would do it in a heartbeat.

  10. Great read as always.

    Who calls Shaquiri “tubby”? In this day, one can’t afford to be tubby, and given the ground Shaquiri covers, it hardly seems that Shaquiri is a player that spends equal time in the pub as the training ground. His physique looks more like someone who packs on weight to compensate for his slight stature. And celebrating his goal, he showed us that he was as much brawn as anything.

    Also, Keown was definitely someone who was angry just for being angry. Opposing players have said that he was the worst to play against. He wouldn’t say anything, but would pinch people, and walk over their boots as if it were nothing.

  11. Ozil dropped. Lets see how Germany does and if it was Ozil’s fault for attack and defense like everybody is saying or not

  12. C,

    Its a lose lose for Ozil I believe. They play well he gets abuse they don’t then the team needs an overhaul including Ozil etc.

    Tbh I see why he attracts hate. But he’s a player who performs beat when those around him also play well. When it’s going against you he’s not the type to drag a team back into a game and everyone knows this. He’s an easy target. I don’t blame him for arsenal performances because everyone has under performed for two seasons not just Ozil.

  13. C,

    I’m interested to see how he performs in a team with different tactics. If he’s rubbish then I’m sure Emry will sell next season. Easy as. I want him to succeed whereas a of people seem to want him gone regardless. Still one of best number 10s in world imo perhaps needs a new manager to show him faith

  14. > Xhaka’s average, shrewd judge of a player you then, eh?

    My ability to judge players is ten times better than your ability to read it seems.

  15. MesutsLeftFoot,

    The thing is, playmakers like Ozil will always be easy targets because they are the chance creators and when those around him are playing well or don’t havr theit finishing boots on, nobody blames the finishers its always the creators. When you consider that since his arrival in the PL only De Bruyne (slightly more) and Ericksen(equal) have as many assists and in Europe you can add Suarez and I think Messi to that list and compare what they have had at CF compared to what Ozil has had…its astonishing Ozil is even in the discussion. He will always create chances but, as it is in England, once you are labelled people only focus on that. For instance, everybody applauds Ramsey as the FA Cup hero but as Yogi has written on several occassions and is actually the truth, Ozil was brilliant in both the semi’s and the Finals of the FA Cups we have won since his arrival.

    I still think under Emery and with Aubameyang and Lacazette Ozil is set to show why he has been wrongly accused. I mean the fact that Gooners blame him is honestly a fucking lazy arguement when you consider that Cech led ALL OF EUROPE in errors leading directly to goals and our defense gave up the most goals in quite some time but then a player like Ramsey gets praised despite the fact that 50% og his job os defending.

  16. MesutsLeftFoot,

    Exactly, the other thing people seem to have forgotten is that Ozil is one of the few #10’s who has flourished under Mourinho and then lazy people point to him being subbed off in the 60-70th min but its actually what generally happena when your winning and you want to see the match out. I actually think we could see the best of Ozil especially playing with top quality finishers like Aubameyang and Lacazette for a full season in a high tempo style with a player like Torriera who can get him the ball. No offense to Ramsey but he is in reality a winger/CF trapped in a midfielder’s body and as Lee Dixon always points out, having him as a CM to link attack and defense isn’t his game because he isn’t that good of a passer.

  17. YW I thought Xhaka played well as was above average for him but by no means amazing.

    Interesting to see how he develops under Emery. I’ve also felt he has the potential to be a top class player but needs the right coach.

    Ozil dropped. I thought he was one of the better players in the first game. Can’t believe Draxler has kept his place!

  18. C,

    Germany have no CF. Klose allowed all these technical midfielders to do what they do and have a fox in the box and target man they’ve not got that now he’s retired. It’s like watching us…. Pass pass pass pass no one in box to aim at why muller is coming short I’ve no idea stay up top

  19. YW when do we get an update on how we are doing with our ACLF World Cup predictions?

    I think I had Germany to win the World Cup 😂

  20. C

    Ozil is not the same player that played for Mourinho.

    A player of his reputation and the highest wage of any purely creative player in the history of world football has to do a lot more then “not be the problem”. He has to be the solution but he is no longer that player

  21. Kroos!!!!!!!!!! He has been beyond shit this World Cup and and at fault for both Mexico and Sweden’s goals and he keeps Germany alive!

  22. Adam Singh,

    They so desperately are missing somebody who can shield the back at all cost similar to the way Schweinsteiger did in Brazil. I honestly do ‘t understand why Goretzka doesn’t get the nod next to Kroos.

  23. Awsome!
    Sweden played the whole game to not lose, got what they f’n deserved.
    Watch futbol to be entertained, and attacking futbol when possible, there is a time and place for everything.
    The whole media counted the German team out, did not even call the game, just speculation for half a game.
    Will be an interesting bracket.

  24. Overall, Xhaka was Xhaka. The stats look good, he ran a lot, passed a fair bit and quite accurately, but was, I thought, little more than average until he scored.
    My reading’s fine. Maybe you ought to look at your inability, to write. You pretentious prick.

  25. I was hoping for the Germans to lose or draw which would have put Mexico thru. Mexico has to get a win or draw against Sweden. I think the Germans would have to play Brazil in the round of 16 if they finish second in the group which is the most likely outcome.

  26. Agreeing to pay Ozil 350,000 pounds a week was the definition of insanity. Maybe Arsene decided to leave a poison pill. Emery must be screaming.

  27. No, Timmy, you don’t read.

    I said: “but was, I thought, little more than average until he scored.”

    But you twisted it to say that “Xhaka’s average” which has an entirely different meaning.

    For clarification, you complete cockwomble, my comment says he was average last night. The implication of yours is that he is ‘average’ in every game.

    As you can see, you did not read properly, or if you did, you chose to misrepresent the comment.

  28. Bill,

    No, Ozil did have anywhere near the same finishers. I alwaya found it interesting that you accepted that we didn’t have goal scorers in the team and that Giroud was at best average and Sanchez was the only real goal threat but then condemned Ozil for not making the playera around him better WHILE also acknowledging that scoring goals is one of the hardest things to do and that Giroud, Ramsey, Iwobi, Welbeck and at the time Theo are who they are and won’t start scoring more goals.

    Its like having a top quality jockey but an average horse and training team….at times they will flash but the majority of the time they are who they are.

  29. C

    Your argument falls apart because Mesut has had better goal scorers in the last 2 years then he did during his early Arsenal career but his ability to influence the game has decreased during those 2 years. You have been telling me for years how smart Joachim Low is and it seems unlikely he would have dropped Mesut for one of the most critical games of his managerial career if he really felt as strongly as you do about how important and influential Ozil is to his team.

  30. I doubt Low would have dropped Ozil 4 years ago if the Germans had a must win game in the World Cup but Mesut is not the same player now that he was 4 years ago.

  31. Germany needed to score 2 goals in the second half or their World Cup would be over. It seems logical to think that if Low thought Ozil could give his team a better chance to score then would have brought him on at some point in the second half.

  32. Tim,
    Average last night, with a goal and an “assist” leading to an assist, is not average now is it?

  33. Germans managed without Ozil. Ozil on 350K per week? What a blunder yet again by Wenger-his parting kick!

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