J-Day: Jack, Jay, Jens – Torreira Confirmed – World Cup Round-Up

A busy day on the Arsenal front with the arrival of Bernd Leno announced moments after yesterday’s post went live. Did I amend the post? Did I…!

It keeps the momentum of Unai Emery’s appointment going, the sense that the club is revitalised, re-energised and re-invigorated. Some think it’s lost a sense of identity, which is a ludicrous claim. That went when we moved from Highbury. The Emirates is the admission that we’re a big business and that our place as the hub of the community has long passed. That’s not (necessarily or entirely) Arsenal’s fault; that’s the nature of modern football.

And it’s also a discussion for another day. Today’s all about comings and goings.

The usual showreels emerged of Leno doing the business. Even saving a penalty, which is a novelty. Naysayers pointed out his weaknesses, as if we expected perfection from the signing. Leno isn’t a Buffon, de Gea or Oblak but right now, we’re not the sort of club they want to sign for. We’ve got to get back to the Champions League on a regular basis before we can sashay into the transfer market and nab a star or two.

We’ve got a good squad and Aubameyang is a great signing. We’ll see how good he and Mesut Özil – whose unimpressive performance for Germany brought on plenty of footballing obituaries – can be under the new coach. It’s a new phase of everyone’s Arsenal career and while reputations count, the reset button is hit. It’s a chance for all to restate their claims and to shake off the cobwebs which grew over their footballing minds last season.

Do I have high hopes for the coming season? I genuinely don’t know, but I like the energy the new coach’s appointment brings to the club.

Hit the Road, Jack

Which is where the goings began. Jack Wilshere’s statement on his departure makes clear why he is leaving:

“My intention throughout these discussions has always been to remain and Arsenal player. I have been on the books at Arsenal for 17 years and have always felt part of the fabric of the club. Such was my desire to stay that I had in fact recently agreed to sign a financially reduced contract in order to commit my future to the club.

“However following my meeting with the new manager I was made aware that although the reduced contract offer remaining, it was made clear to me that my playing time would be significantly reduced should I decide to stay.

“I am sure everyone can understand that at this point in my life and career I need to be playing regular first team football and following my meeting with Unai Emery I came away feeling that it would be very difficult to do so at Arsenal.”

It’s fair enough; he wants to play and Unai couldn’t guarantee it. From his point of view, being a big fish in a small pond is better than being a sprat at Arsenal. No-one can argue with that; the manager has been honest with him and vice versa. Best of luck to him in the future and hopefully, he can have the career his talent deserves.

Jens Lehmann copped the arse at being released – or not being the coaching role he wanted – and sniffed that apparently, the club no longer wants the spirit of 2004 or something equally waffly and bitter. Far be it for me to point this out, but having the spirit of 2004 at the club did us absolutely no good whatsoever.

Russian Roulette

According to Sampdoria president Massimo Ferrero, “Torreira has left for €30million. I bought him from Pescara when no one believed. We bet and we won, paying just €3million. The money that comes in is used to keep the club going.”

Another deal done, with reports of the club ready to talk to Ever Banega as well. Not sure there are many legs on this one without a departure or two along the way.

At the World Cup, Mo Elneny found himself looking at a mid-July return to pre-season training when Egypt were given a lesson by Russia and Dave Ospina is staring a similar fate squarely in the eyes after Japan took full advantage of the early sending off of Colombia’s Sanchez.

Senegal gave an initial boost to my prediction they would be the best performing African nation this summer and Poland were just awful. Imagine Robert Lewandowski’s thoughts: his first World Cup game and the best he manages is a backpass from a free-kick. It all went horribly wrong for them. It wasn’t a good day to have the surname Lewandowski.

Got to love the Poles though. Moaning that the goal should be disallowed because a Senegalese player returned to the field and no-one told them; it’s a novel rule interpretation.

Nearly as novel as the notion that one player must stay on the pitch while others celebrate. When did that become a ‘thing’? I have never seen a referee allow another team to restart a game when the other team is celebrating; they are usually dishing out yellow cards. Usually, defending teams aren’t alert enough to restart quickly. There are too many recriminations being bandied around.

’til Tomorrow.

82 thoughts on “J-Day: Jack, Jay, Jens – Torreira Confirmed – World Cup Round-Up

  1. So the Wilshere contract dance comes to an end. The right decision all round. His Arsenal career fizzled out over the past few seasons and I expect his ankles will cause some problems for medical teams where he ends up.

    He was a symbol for the 2nd half of Wenger’s tenure. Promised much, but didn’t deliver.

  2. J day really yesterday. Good luck to Jack on his journeys with a new club. I still imagine Ramsey wishes to be sold as he is yet to indicate or announce his signing of a new contract.

  3. The jigsaw is starting to come together for Emery et al. Salomon Kalou could be the final missing piece!

  4. Pete the Thirst,

    Very true, sadly all things have to come to an end. A good end for Jack, because he can get a great financial boost signing for a new club. Hopefully he invests his money well, because I don’t think his body can bear top flight football beyond the next 3 seasons.

  5. lari03,

    Having seen the variety of top of the range motors that young Jack drives around the area in, I doubt he is going to struggle when his football career is over.

  6. I have watched JW, since he was growing up as a promising academy talent who broke into the first team. For a short period, he was an excellent talent, even though he had injury bouts. But then as the PL competition intensified, he was frequently on the treatment table injured during the training and games. He is deluded in thinking given his injury history , he will flourish in another club. The PL with its intensive training regime and punishing schedules is unsuitable for hi. He should think of switching to leagues in countries which have much softer schedules, and France can be his destination-Nice where Patrick Vieira is the new manager is a good option with its warmer weather. I cannot see him lasting for a more than a couple of seasons without injuries.

  7. Good stuff Yogi.

    Leno is quality, quick reflexes, very good distribution, and in the same mold as Neuer and ter Stegen of the modern German GK. On top of that, he is experienced yet still hasn’t hit his prime and has room and time to grow. I think this will be a brilliant signing.

    Thank you Jack for the moments. Lets all be honest here, if Jack wasn’t an Arsenal player, we wouldn’t have gone for him during his loan spell at Bournemouth nor any time since.

  8. Certainly think we should keep Rambo.
    Elneny was a decent back up in the Wenger era, I would hope for an upgrade though. Which means selling someone or 2 with some currency.
    Mustafi for me, and or Chambers, and Ospina.

  9. Phil,

    Here’s a couple questions to consider with Ramsey:

    Would you give him 200k/wk given his injury history?
    If his best position is in CM, how does the signing of Torriera effect him especially since Torriera seemed to be hand-picked?
    Does he really want to stay haven already turned down a contract extension and the club seemingly unsure if they will offer him?

  10. C:
    I’m with you on this C-we said it a couple of weeks back,and I still think it-if Torerria? comes in(which has been confirmed by his clubs official)then I don’t see where Ramsey is going to play.Add his injury record to the mix and its a no brainer for me.I’d be genuinely amazed if he stays.

    Here’s a couple questions to consider with Ramsey:

    Would you give him 200k/wk given his injury history?
    If his best position is in CM, how does the signing of Torriera effect him especially since Torriera seemed to be hand-picked?
    Does he really want to stay haven already turned down a contract extension and the club seemingly unsure if they will offer him?

  11. And Ronaldo scored his 4th goal of the tournament in the 4th minute of the second group game. What a player!

  12. Really sad that Jack is leaving arsenal. In the end his injuries got the better of him and the right decision for all.

    No further news on Ramsey’s contract? He’s had the offer on the table for a while now so we need to sell him and reinvest if he isn’t going to sign.

  13. Great post yogi.

    Moving on from a Jack Wilshere is the best thing for both the player and the team. He had a good start to his Arsenal career but like so many others he hit a plateau that was far lower then we had hoped. I have always thought he was a player who was eye catching when he played well but like Diaby his effectiveness never matched the eye appeal. I suspect the form he has demonstrated in the last 2 seasons with Bournemouth and Arsenal are as good as it gets for Jack and whichever team he signs for will be disappointed. All that said I hope I am wrong because you can’t help but like the guy and I wish him good luck when he plays against any team not named Arsenal.

  14. lari03

    Like I said the other day: Messi is a player I would pay to watch but Ronaldo is a player I’d want in my team.

  15. Jonnygunner,

    Yup, and I don’t want people to mistake me saying we should sell him with I don’t rate him because I do just not in the style Emery wants to play with quick passing, quick movement and his iniury history has to be taken into consideration when you consider a high pressing, high tempo side.

  16. We clearly needed a new GK and I hope Jay Leno can rediscover the form that made him a youth phenom. From what I read his career sounds similar to Wojo. Incredibly hyped as a teenager and looked good at first but has not really matured into the star that everyone hoped. He has conceded 95 goals in the last 2 seasons and Joachim Low has dropped him from the German squad so things are not on an upward trajectory for him right now. Even with the concerns, it’s hard to imagine that he won’t be an upgrade to Petr Cech and hopefully a change of scenery and a new manager will motivate him and he will find better form.

  17. YW:

    Like I said the other day: Messi is a player I would pay to watch but Ronaldo is a player I’d want in my team.

    I have always rated Messi a bit higher but in reality it really is a coin flip.

  18. It is too bad Jack leaves and the club gets nothing for it, but if he wants to play regularly and Emery can’t guarantee that I have no problem with the decision and appreciate clear and honest communication. I will miss Jack as a true Arsenal man but we still have Iwobi, AMN and some youngsters coming up.

  19. Afternoon gents,

    It makes sense for Jack to go, given his injury record and his mixed performances both at the club and on loan since his return to fitness. I questioned whether or not we were really missing Jack when he was out with his long term injury. Back then we had a fit Cazorla and Jack seemed to be a luxury. I would have preferred that we sell him for the mooted £30m then, rather than letting him go on a free. It still means that we could do with a genuine replacement for Cazorla (Jack hasn’t looked like he could fill that role anyway), as the ‘park the bus’ brigade seem to struggle against a quality ball carrier.

  20. I’d pay to watch messi or ronaldo. If elneny was playing outside my window I’d draw the curtains!

  21. So long, Jack…

    In any other career, would he have enjoyed 7 years worth of continuous salary payout – including an unjustified pay increase – in return for barely 2.5 years of tangible labor?

    Emery, being a thinking man, probably worked out the odds on Wilshere’s dependability and surmised that he could find a similar or better player with more favorable odds.

    Sentiments don’t belong in the modern game where the margin between winning and losing is slim. Moving Jack swiftly on, is for the best of Arsenal Football Club.

  22. 😂😂😂

    I’d pay to watch messi or ronaldo. If elneny was playing outside my window I’d draw the curtains!

  23. C, Johnnygunner ,
    £200 pw is big coin for Ramsay. So if that is what he is after, then a sale should be at least considered. Be worth £40plus.
    However even with Torreira ( unconfirmed) is coming in, you do need completion for places. Rambo is versatile, and is our only goal scoring mid.

  24. Phil,

    Personally, for me I would rather my pivots dictate play and if they score the odd goal, fine but its not nake or break. I do think if we sell, bringing in another could be beneficial but we also don’t know how Emery views Maitland-Niles and what he thinks of Iwobi.

    Ramsey at 200k(as has been reported so I can say definitively) doesn’t make sense over 5 years given his injury history(that are all hamstrings and thats not even playing high pressing high tempo futbol).

  25. Ramsey would be best as one of the front 4 at the attacking center mid position rather then as one of the pivots. Hopefully Emery will have the cojones to ignore reputations and drop players who are not as effective.

  26. Ramsey can also be an effective pivot if needed. I would rather have him playing on of the pivot positions as opposed to Elneny or Maitland-Niles. It’s a bit to soon to be using AMN in high leverage minutes

  27. Yup, totally agree

    Ramsey would be best as one of the front 4 at the attacking center mid position rather then as one of the pivots. Hopefully Emery will have the cojones to ignore reputations and drop players who are not as effective.

  28. I think the other thing I am truly looking forward to is having a GK with very good distribution and is comfortable on the ball when its played back to him.

  29. Bill,

    Ramsey for me takes too many touches and slows down play. Its interesting that people always talk about players slowing down play yet as the CM, that is his role and he geta the ball and passes it sideways and backwards. Yes he makes the late runs into the box but not from the deeper position not as the ACM. He would work with a target man but not players like Lacazette and Auabmeyang who flourish off balls played to them off their movement.

  30. Damon,

    Plus if we are talking reputations then I think you have to look at the whole season and not just the last 2 months (similar to what he does every year) if your looking at Ramsey. He was and has been as inconsistent as any player the rest of the season.

  31. C,

    Yes, but I still would prefer him in the 10 role. And his numbers are better than Ozil’s with less game time.

    They were all inconsistent last season, so that applies to pretty much everyone

  32. C

    It’s been 2 1/2 years of inconsistency from Ozil. I suspect Emery will feel obligated to start ozil because of his wage and reputation but I hope Emery has the cojones to drop him if his effectiveness and consistency does not ramp up. If ozil does start I hope it’s on the wing because a central midfield trio of Ozil, Xhaka and anyone else is not going to be very effective at pressing defense and winning the ball back quickly. I suspect Joachim Low started Ozil on the left wing in World Cup 2014 so he would have a more solid central midfield and based on what we saw against Mexico he may have to move Mesut back out to the left again.

  33. Damon,

    My problem with match time is who your playing with. For instance, at the start of the season Ozil was playing but with Welbeck and Iwobo whereas othet times we saw Ramsey playing with Lacazette.

    They were all inconsistent. Personally I much prefer Ozil with Lacazette, Aubameyang and Mhkitaryan as opposed to Ramsey. The other part of thus equation is Ramsey still hasn’t signed and rejected the offet that he was offered earlier in the season. If he doesn’t sign in the next couple weeks, I would sell.

  34. Carlos Vela was good v Germany.
    Much quicker than I remember.
    Another that Wenger didn’t really bond with

  35. C,

    Talked with you about this before mate. Great players don’t use other player’s form as an excuse. They find a way

  36. Damon

    Hopefully the Emery era will be the end of the habit of looking for excuses for inconsistent form and the end of the culture of blaming circumstances outside of our control for problems. The first place our players and manager need to look to find the cause of most problems should be in the mirror.

  37. Bill,

    Ramsey’s whole career is inconsistencies including the last 2 1/2 years. Ozil, we will see what happens but Ramsey speed of thought and always wanting to take a million touches slows us down and he is best as a player making runs into the box and going from there not necessarily working between the lines or being able to make that quick pass in a quick transition. Emery has dropped big name players on big wages (see Thiagi Silva, Kevin Trapp, etc) at PSG.

    I think you should probably take a look at Emery’s track record.

  38. Damon,

    Very true. I look forward to the season to who not only who is still here but how they perform.

  39. Bill,

    Ramsey’s whole career is inconsistencies including the last 2 1/2 years. Ozil, we will see what happens but Ramsey speed of thought and always wanting to take a million touches slows us down and he is best as a player making runs into the box and going from there not necessarily working between the lines or being able to make that quick pass in a quick transition. Emery has dropped big name players on big wages (see Thiagi Silva, Kevin Trapp, etc) at PSG.

    I think you should probably take a look at Emery’s track record.

  40. Rambo has been our player of the season twice I think….elneny ends up finishing behind the tea lady!

  41. Dukey,

    Also mate, your missing the fact that a contract was offered to Ramsey, he declined reports say another offer was made and he has failed to sign.

    Its easy, same with Ozil, Sanchez and should have been with Jack: sign or your sold.

  42. C,
    Rsmsay’s worst period was when Wenger played him out on the right.
    I thought he was pretty solid thus season.
    Are things about his game that can be improved upon?
    But given he played a certain way for so long, I assume he was playing to instructions.
    I am sure with Emery in, the instructions will change, as will Ramsay ‘s game.

  43. Maybe Ramsay wanted to know more about the plans under Emery before deciding ?
    I would have no issue with that

  44. I do agree though , that a deadline is needed. Sign or sell.
    Don’t like players like Jack leaving on a free

  45. I know VAR divides opinion but I am certainly in favor. Its not perfect and the nebulous nature of the rules of football will mean the inconsistency will never be eliminated but the game needs it. Its impossible for even the best ref to get the calls consistently correct and close offsides calls are a 50/50 guess even for the best linesman.

  46. Phil,

    I’m not saying Ramsey is a bad player nor am I saying he couldn’t be useful but I also think we must take a look at the whole.

    We all bitched and moaned all season about how easily clubs sliced through our midfield and how we wanted our pivots to be better defensively, he is apart of that or are we putting it all on Xhaka and Ozil(who was on the flanks for parts of the season)?

  47. Before there were dozens of multiangle slow motion replays no one had any idea just how many missed calls and wrong offsides calls there were. Ignorance was bliss. Now that we can analyze each play I think we need to use the technology to get as many of the calls correct as possible.

  48. Same here. All things considered, I believe that positional setup is the best option for maximizing the strengths, as well as minimizing the weaknesses, of the key players in our current squad.

    I would be happy seeing Mkhi playing in the centre.
    OZil left, Laca right Pea in the middle.

  49. Welkom Herr Leno, bienvenido Torreira a Arsenal FC – un club de futbol con jogadores incomparable en el mundo, que desde siempre ha contado con apasionados partidarios.

  50. Evening Folks. So So sad to see Jack leave, captain Material and arguably the most talented player beside Ashley Cole I have seen coming through the Academy in the past 20 years.

    To me Unai should have said I want you to stay and fight for yr place and the jury was going to be out on JW for next season.

    And with even 30 games under his belt next season we could have parted way with him with decent money from a sale.

    Poor decision for me all round.

    The people who were saying get rid in recent weeks were the one saying “please sign him up” back in Jan.

    Thank you Jack, you are a top footballer who has been unlucky with impact injuries from.a young age. I wish you all the very best in the future.

    That s another player with exceptional talent and winning mentality out of the team after Alexis and I am convinced we have No one else like him in that team in terms of all round midfield play

    After playinv 38 games this season I don’t get this “”playing time would be considerably reduced” nonsense

  51. C,

    Rambo like lampard needs a top quality defensive midfielder next to him, not someone like elneny or xhaka. Then he will shine properly. You can build a team around a player like Rambo who like lampard , Gerrard et el can be very dangerous when let loose. But with a weak partner will get sliced open.

  52. Dukey,

    Its funny you say that because its the same thing I have said about Ozil. Its not that I don’t rate Ramsey, because I do, but not for the style of play that Emery has shown and I like.

    Again, all this means nothing if he doesn’t sign and like Jack, I get the feeling that they would have no problem saying, ‘here is everything take it or thank you and good luck.’

  53. Henderson for example has a lot more energy and drive than elneny. If he was next to Ramsey you’d see a better productive less suspect midfield.

  54. Dukey,

    I think Xhaka can and is much better player than he has shown under Arsene. Arsene took his aggression and aggressive style out of him instead of trying to mould it. If Emery can teach him positioning like he did with Nzonzi and Lo Celso than Xhaka will flourish next to Torriera.

  55. Ozil is class. Again needs the right players to supplement him. We need high energy players. I don’t know this torriera, I’m hoping he has the energy…as much as I loved jack , I’m not sure he has the energy we require to move on…would have loved him to stay for obvious reasons though…

    In Emery we trust though…

  56. I never rated Henderson before, but watching him under Rodgers he bossed many games, he’s calm he can pass… Flopp is no mug , he’s klopps midfield man. You don’t stay in this Liverpool quility side under flopp if you are mediocre.

  57. C,

    If elneny was at pool I don’t think he would havr pushed Henderson out the side as and would have been leading pool out in a cl final!

  58. Ramsey instead of Ozil as attacking mid?

    Thats like inviting a lady out to dinner and deciding to pitch to pick her up on a bicycle whilst leaving the Ferrari parked in the garage, just fucking bizarre.

  59. Dukey

    Ozil and Ramsey have been playing with Xhaka as their midfield partner for 2 years and we have been getting sliced open. That does not bode well if we plan to go into next season with Xhaka as the defensive part of our midfield.

  60. I see some oxygen thief is complaining that Ozil has the “body language of a dead frog”.

    Of course that’s a specifically important indicator of football prowess, which is why Opta stats have it right up there alongside the number of times during a match that a player scratches his balls.

    The shit around Ozil is so fucking stupid its beyond belief.

    Apparently he’s the only player on the pitch for Germany in any game they don’t win – no idea where the other 10 players and subs are, but he must be the only cunt on the pitch because its entirely his fault every time.

    I’m surprised the fuckwads in the media haven’t yet blamed him for the losses today by Eqypt, Morocco, or Saudi.

  61. Dukey,

    Torriera was the cog that led to Sampdoria’s play and they were one of the high pressing and highest tempo sides in Europe. Your right about Ozil and its why I think he will flourish with Aubameyang and Mhkitaryan either side of him with Lacazette in front of him and even Welbeck as an option off the bench. The key will be Torriera and Xhaka.

  62. Dukey,

    I don’t rate Henderson as a player but for whatever reason, he seems to be pretty good at being a leader.

    I think the thing that works for Henderson is the players around him doing the work whether its Milner, Wjandinum or previously Can and now Fabinho and Keita. They do the leg work.

  63. Dukey,

    If anything, I think Henderson is good at those balls over the top which work perfectly for Liverpool because of Mane, Firmino and Salah.

  64. MikeSA,

    Trust mate, I would take Ozil over Ramsey 10/10 . I think Ozil actually brings the best out of Ramsey because Ramsey can make his runs and Ozil will pick him out in the box.

  65. MikeSA,

    I agree, the Ozil is lazy as fuck bit needs to be put to bed and its even more funny that people point out Mexico’s goal as to why he is lazy given he was the only none CB eho busted a gut to get back plus, the Mexican player cut back to where Ozil came from and ANYBODY who knows or has played futbol should understand that if your running full tilt 50+ yards its damn near impossible to stop on a dime and turn back in the direction you just came from without doing serious damage.

    Its even more telling that the German camp came out and told them to fuck off.

  66. Leno, he literally is everything we need at GK and is the GK we need and to play in not only Emery’s system but that of a high pressing, high tempo team that values possession.

  67. Ozil’s problem is not that he is lazy or doesn’t have a great left peg. It’s that he’s got a lousy right one and, most importantly, cannot dribble. Pep said that Iniesta taught him how important it was, against packed defences, to have players take on the backline with the ball at their feet. The defenders can shut down the triangles, but it’s very hard to stop a good dribbler, particularly when he gets into the penalty area. Isco is showing that for Spain right now. He really does make the ball talk. He adds a completely different dimensoin to their game. Without him, Spain would be nowhere.

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