On Fancy Dans, Torreira, and Even By Football’s Standards, Mad Transfer Gossip

If nations competing at Russia 2018 had theme tunes, England would probably be Dvoøák’s The Symphony No. 9, in E Minor “From the New World” (Op. 95), popularly known as the New World Symphony. Or as you know it, the tune from the Hovis advert. A no-nonsense return to the old days seems to match Gareth Southgate’s squad.

Nigeria would, I think, be George Clinton & co giving Shaft the full Funkadelic/Parliament treatment with Afrika Bambaataa mixing it. Why? Well, this is the coolest clobber seen since Huggy Bear loped onto our screens:

As you might guess, there’s not a lot going on in the Arsenal world. It’s a bit of an 80’s tribute act: Sampdoria are headlining and we’re talking Luca. Torreira, as you know, and we’re talking with the Italians but it’s unclear if anyone’s told him we’re in town.

Apparently, Sampdoria’s sporting director Carlo Osti told the media that “Torreira has a €25m release clause and whoever wants to sign him has got to pay that.”

Arsenal, it seems, are willing to pay more than that so we can pay by instalments. Around €5m more, according to reports.

There’s a sense that something’s happening which is good. The momentum of Unai Emery’s appointment hasn’t been lost which is good. It did cross my mind back then that it would be typically Arsenal if we replaced Wenger and then gave Emery nothing more than a 33-year-old goalkeeper.

Ivan was going to spend the summer spinning away like a top on speed, telling you how good it will all be now the boss is a chapter in the club’s history.


Which isn’t going to happen, thankfully. Such cynicism on my part was misplaced although I reserve the right to reintroduce it at any point in the future.

The weirdest story surrounds Sporting Lisbon. There’s little information about why their training base was attacked, but it was. It seems the trigger was missing out on the Champions League places to Benfica. Having a lunatic president doesn’t help and the sporting head honcho is a lunatic. If you put Gian Maria Volontè at his psychopathic best in the spaghetti westerns. That’s who Bruno de Carvalho reminds me of.

You can understand in the circumstances, why Bas Dost would want out of the club. The coach too, and he’s already left. But it strikes me that some are looking for a sharp exit and quick buck. Terminate the contract, walk away, and into a very nice signing-on fee as there’s no transfer cost.

Which is where the next three come into the thick of the story. Or are acting a bit thick in the story depending on how it pans out.

William Carvalho is linked with plenty of Premier League clubs and likely to leave in any case, although that’s been on the cards for a number of seasons. Will Sporting do a quick deal rather than risk losing out altogether?

Gelson Martins and Bruno Fernandes completed the quartet who filed notices with the Portuguese Securities Market Commission on Monday that they were breaking their contracts with Sporting. According to ESPN, they believe they have “just cause” to do so.

And in fairness, if they were among those who suffered the brunt of 50 masked men who walked in with sticks and belts to hand out a bit of meathead punishment, that’s a fair amount of “just cause”.

You’ve Gotta Be In It To Win It…

El Presidente, it seems, used to be an ultra although he denies the claim. He is, judging by the press coverage, certifiably insane. Erased Facebook posts, media criticism; all the acts of a rampant egoist and as damaging to a club as a majority shareholder who says nothing.

The world of football ownership is an asylum run by lunatics.

The long and short of it is that we apparently made two bids of €30m for Gelsen Martins. Everyone is suddenly an expert on him and he’s now some kind of fantasy signing. Presumably, there were nuanced differences in the bids, e.g. the structure of down-payment and bonuses. If not, that’s taking the whole ‘+£1’ business to a whole new level of tomfoolery.

Other than that, there’s not much going on. Just a reminder that if you want to take part in the ACLF World Cup mayhem competition, email competitions [at] aclfarsenal dot co dot uk. If you’ve already received the spreadsheet, please return by Thursday. There is a prize at the end of this, honestly. I may not have worked out that aspect yet, but there is a prize. Which is nice.

’til Tomorrow.

33 thoughts on “On Fancy Dans, Torreira, and Even By Football’s Standards, Mad Transfer Gossip

  1. ‘Surprised’ there’s been no noise about outgoings especially the number of players who were on loan who clearly are mid 20s and not good enough a la Jenks, Campbell and Akpom et al

  2. Waz,
    I think pre season has to start for that to happen. Unai could mold Jenkinson into a model defender. Yes someone said I might sound great to the accountants, but it does make sense to make use of your money as best as you can. Though Unai Emery may have a dossier on our first team and Europa league teams, the loaned players and under 23 will definitely be a new chapter for him. So he might unearth a gem or two, or extract some more commitment and effort from the supposed deadwood.

  3. Personally I never thought Martin would ever be available given how Sporting operates. Now that he is, I would gladly have him on the flanks.

  4. Things seem to be inching towards Torriera being ours with Arsenal and Sampdoria apparently agreeing to €30m paid in installments. Terms with thr player are yet to be agreed.

    If we can get him before the World Cup, this would MASSIVE!!!!

  5. Maitland-Niles has signed a new long term contract with Arsenal. Call me crazy but certainly it feels more and more like Ramsey and Jack may not be back.

  6. C:
    Things seem to be inching towards Torriera being ours with Arsenal and Sampdoria apparently agreeing to €30m paid in installments.Terms with thr player are yet to be agreed.

    If we can get him before the World Cup, this would MASSIVE!!!!

    Whatever preconceptions anyone had about our new manager C,he’s cetainly targeting the areas that need it .
    I think Jack’s gone,and while I’d like to see Ramsey stay,with each new signing,his options are going to be limited.Add his injury record to the equation and he might just follow Jack out the door.
    Early days yet but I think Emery is doing well with the targets(proposed).
    Genuinely excited about the new season.

  7. C,

    He kind of looks like the player we wanted Xhaka to be? Mobile and breaks up play but can play with the ball as well?

  8. Jonnygunner,

    Yup, agree with that. I could see Ramsey leaving because if we get Torriera he goes straight into the team because he understands the high (Sampdoria played some of the most high pressing and high tempo futbol in Europe) pressing style and he was central to it all. Ramsey will then have a look around with Maitland-Niles and Emery speaking directly about him and surely Ramsey will look around and might see it better to move on.

    Early days, but like you, I am vety excited.

  9. Damon,

    Yup and at Sampdoria he was brilliant in their high pressing system. He is a superb player and even though he’s short, he is exactly what we need.

  10. Hey mates, Torreira’s height could be a deficiency considering that we need physical presence in DM to battle in EPL. Don’t know much about him. Does he make up for his size in other forms?

  11. Damon,

    O I know mate! To me height is a bit overrated and is more an English team. Give me a short superb futboler over an athletic beast with no futboling brain.

    You, like me know that most Gooners want big, physical athletes in midfield.

  12. Thanks C for dropping the Sagna interview. I believe it speaks volumes about the generational lack of leadership bequeathed from the project youth era. If we get Torreira that would be good, but the height disadvantage means, we could be short on defenders during set pieces.

  13. Pete the Thirst,

    Beaucoup? No pas d tout. Juste une peux.

    Interesting watch the French play the USA le autre soir.

    When Giroud was substituted theMatch literally opened up. Where as with Giroud it was slow, turgid and predictable . The introduction of Dembele made all the difference. It meant Mbappe, Griezmann and Dembele were fluid like water.

    How I dream of Dembele in an Arsenal shirt. If anybody has not seen the Goals that He and Monsieur Aubamayang created whilst at Dortmund I say go look.

    I’d sell Monsieur Lacazette today if Dembele we’re available

  14. lari03,

    Sagna’s interview does speak volumes not only about leadership but to the atmosphere at Arsenal under Arsene in thr last years.

    Height we will worry about, between our CB’s, LB and hopefully a better GK, I think we will be fine.

  15. Yeah I saw the chambers links. He and Perez to Fulham for 35-40m quid wouldn’t be bad business!

    Love the Uruguayan terrier. Great stats and perfect for a double pivot or 433.

    Get him, the Turkish guy, a wide forward and a gk and it’s a pretty solid team! Prefer Malcom over Martin mind, less Gervinho.

  16. Leverkeusen’s signing of a new GK last month has led me to correlate that our chances of landing one Bernd Lino is exponential – assuming Liverpool aren’t encircling him with talk of Champions League tiki taka.

    And if Bruno Fernandes & Gelston Martins are available for free, I’d gladly have both over our much mooted peripheral players who’ve become part of our perennial malaise.

    Callum Chambers to Fulham would be an ideal start to the needed shuffling of cards.

  17. C,

    Griezmann said he’s made his mind up about his future, but won’t announce his until la Coupe du monde a termine.

  18. Torriera looks DONE! Reports from Italy and South America says fee with club and contract wkth player is agreed.

    This is a potential club changing signing with many a scouts in Italy comparing him in talent and style to Verrati but more defensive.

  19. Trapp lost his starting place to Areola. Considering Emery was his most recent coach, it’s safe to say he didn’t rate him highly. Why we would suddenly do so now at Arsenal?

  20. Torreira looks a very composed player. My one reservation is his height. With us already being a vertically challenged squad, he wouldn’t be a solution to a glaringly long term shortcoming of ours. Unless we have someone like Adrian Rabiot playing alongside him.

  21. Borges Spinelli,

    It waa more complicated than that, PSG are a different breed of club so I wouldn’t put too much stock in the way they operate. Its telling though that Trapp made the Germany World Cup squad over Leno.

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