Another Money-Fuelled Schism, Welbz, and More Transfer Rumours

The early 1990s were a tumultuous time for English football. Graham Kelly, whom I seem to recall as a PR chief before he colluded to bring about an irreversible change in the game, announced his ‘Blueprint for Football’. The heart of it was the Premier League, back in the day called the Premiership I seem to recall.

Money and TV rights were at the heart of it all and once again it is causing a fracture. The ‘Big Six’ want more while the other fourteen are quite happy with their lot. In his final act before stepping down, Richard Scudamore cobbled together a peace of sorts; money from the overseas rights will be shared based on league position. The Six partially got their way, persuading six turkeys to vote for Christmas as well; no doubt they sold it as Easter to disguise their intent.

With Scudamore gone, the 39th game dies surely? I don’t doubt that overseas games are to come; you only have to look at the NFL for the lead. Perhaps we’ll go down the route of Italian football and see a Community Shield in Atlanta or Asia as a starting point.

The sale of rights to Amazon is, to some, the thin edge of the wedge. More money to fork out (£79) as well as Sky’s package and BT; the ceiling, it seems, was reached financially as Sky/BT acted to stop the rampant increases in bidding. There’s a shared platform deal coming and television is fighting back.

Streaming is something mooted previously and enticing Amazon into the fray puts BT more at risk than Sky. However, are streaming season tickets that far away? The Premier League can find a model to work if it wants to and the clubs driving this fracture may see that reality arrive to sate their desire for more money.

The Best Things in Life are Free

With Juventus president openly talking in the British media of a Super League being necessary, English football is driving a schism in football once again. Domestic football is becoming secondary with the sense that the clubs feel they have taken this nation for all the money they can.

If we’re at a crossroads, there is no point in looking for Arsenal to take the lead. Enos is quite happy for the Liverpool mob to be cheerleaders for change; silence is golden as far as KSE is concerned, preferring to do his talking behind the scenes. It would come as no surprise to learn that Enos is stoking the fires and letting Henry inhale. We know what they are smoking on Merseyside.

There was some football thankfully to distract from this. Danny Welbeck (just about) added to his England tally with a diving header from Dele Alli’s shot which Glenda decided was a cross. Welbz headed downward and against the post, but as the cliche goes, they all count.

Despite being hailed as the greatest thing since sliced bread, Harry ‘one of our own’ Kane isn’t England’s top scorer in the squad; Welbz is. Which I’m just staggered by and yet there’s a quiet optimism that England could do quite well, relatively speaking. The last eight would be a success; the bar has been lowered significantly by Capello and Hodgson.

Elsewhere, Bernd ‘Jay’ Leno is back on the radar with Morgan Sanson of Marseille the new kid on the block as far as the back pages are concerned. There’s a Delilah joke screaming to stay in on that one.

And Robert Pires is keen to join the coaching staff, to provide a link between the players and Emery’s staff.

Yeah, Yeah, I’ll Get Around To It…

Finally, to those who’ve ‘signed up’ to the World Cup predictions competition, I’ll send out the info in the next 24 hours. To anyone else who would like to take part, send your details to competitions [at] aclfarsenal [dot] co [dot] uk.

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27 thoughts on “Another Money-Fuelled Schism, Welbz, and More Transfer Rumours

  1. Welbz always does well for England, shame his strike rate doesn’t compare at Arsenal.

    Live streaming. I agree streaming season tickets are probably the way for it to work, but then how does the club fill the stadium? The trade off will be money! If they can make more money from the streaming the clubs won’t be bothered about the match day attendance dropping. They might even lower the prices just to fill the stadium up? Pigs about to take off…

  2. Leno just feels like its going to happen.

    Welbeck is Welbeck, lets be honest. When he scores for Arsenal its almost like an accident most of the time but he always seems to be there or almost there but as a CF3/extra attacker, I would keep him and he does well.

  3. It appears that on the goalkeeping front, it’s a choice between Alisson and Bernd Leno for us. My preference would be the former.

  4. I actually liked the look of Fabian delph yesterday…you can see why pep has kept him. He is very assured on the ball, I’d now make him the main man in that cm. Let’s be honest you must be good if you can get into a pep side.

  5. He is hardly exceptional. Compared to Wiltord during our heyday, Welbeck is distinctly an average player – industrious, yes, but still very average. His assist record isn’t mouthwatering, neither is he renowned for finishing.

    Three days ago, I alluded to a 20 year old who plays in Welbeck’s position in the BUNDESLIGA. Last season, which was also his first, he scored 12 goals and created 6 in 34 games.

    Welbeck, last season, scored scored 10 goals from 43 appearances. 19 goals in 3 seasons, and 26 goals, 10 assists from 123 appearances over 4 seasons with Arsenal. It’s a woeful record for a forward at a top club. In any league.

  6. So a 2 week winter break is being introduced in 19-20 season, I wonder if its a 2 week break or an opportunity for globe trotting tours.
    I may be a sceptic but, I suspect the latter.

  7. Out of interest, how much will people pay for televised football when the new deals kick in? I’ve seen some lunatic figures around.

    I’ll get the ball rollng:

    Now TV for 10 months £330
    Amazon £79
    BT nil.

    Some people are claiming to pay over a grand.

  8. YW:
    Out of interest, how much will people pay for televised football when the new deals kick in? I’ve seen some lunatic figures around.

    I’ll get the ball rollng:

    Now TV for 10 months £330
    Amazon £79
    BT nil.

    Some people are claiming to pay over a grand.

    I did have the full Sky sports package and the sports package with BT.
    I cancelled it some months back and got IPTV… perfectly.I get every match.It costs £140 for the gadget with one years subs,£60 per year thereafter.
    I was with Sky for over 12 years.

  9. Sokratis has taken an age!? More protracted negotiating from us. Need keeper, athletic cm and a devastating wide man and I can’t say I’ve seen much urgency from our new back room team, was it Wenger after all who dithered!?

  10. C

    Typically on a monthly basis although Amazon is an annual fee. BT, for me, is free because I’m a broadband customer of theirs.

  11. Damon

    I tried it a while back and it didn’t work; messed up the comments section but that was probably just the plug-in I opted for. Will have another look at it.

  12. YW:

    Typically on a monthly basis although Amazon is an annual fee. BT, for me, is free because I’m a broadband customer of theirs.

    I’m also a broadband customer YW,and they still charge me for footy….and we are Fibre Optic,so it’s about £40 + per month

  13. YW,

    O got it, just trying to figure out how the tv deals and all find ways to piss people off with how much they have to pay.

  14. Limestonegunner,

    Seeing reports that Arsenal and Sampdoria have agreed a fee for Lucas Torreria and that agent fees are holding up the deal.

    If we get that lad in, that is a massive coup!

  15. Honestly, I get the feeling that Ramsey and Jack might not be at Arsenal if the reports of Lucas Torreria are true along with Maitland-Niles talks. Unless we are shifting out Elneny then it could spell the end for our British Core I’m potentially thinking.

    The other thing is the agent of Soyuncu has said we are in concrete talks over the player and Mislintat has chased him since he arrived in Germany. If he comes I also would imagine that we have seen the last of either Chambers or Holding with the other potentially heading out on loan.

  16. Well, C, compared to some, it seems my costs are low.

    As I understand it, if you have other providers, you’re paying close to £1200 each year which is mad!

  17. Costs me £90 per month.

    I have tried the alternatives but where I live, satellite dish is my only option, which mean bloody Sky.

    On my list of to do’s. Find out what I can trim from the package and just keep sports and the basic.

  18. BT sport isn’t free for its broadband customers. Its already built into the price as BT broadband is typically £10 a month more expensive than any like for like deal with any rival provider.

  19. Dukey

    None of them bar Virgin which just fucked up our road for six weeks laid the cables, match BT for speed around here and that’s what counts.

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