On Legends, Young Players Taking Chances, and Who We Will Sign…

Eventually, I will get a piece down on paper. Yeah, smart-arse, I left out the “worth reading” bit.

Real Madrid cast a big shadow over the club at the moment, with this evening’s match between the ‘legends’ of each club. David O’Leary can at least say he’s managed Arsenal now; it may not be what he quite envisaged, but it’s damn sight nearer than any of us will get.

That would be a story for the public bar: “The day I told Bobby Pires he had to snap into the tackle and now Guti won’t have any more kids…”

Charity matches remain popular. You don’t play games at the Bernabeu and Emirates where 232 people, 4 Labradors, and a whippet are going to turn up. That thousands will is an interesting psychological exercise; are we consciously or otherwise reliving a glorious past or do we, despite protestations to the contrary, still cling to those players as some kind of umbilical cord to our youth?

I don’t know and I don’t care either. I, for one, shall be logging into the official site later on to watch the ageing players display more technique and ability now that I could in my prime. I know, I know; my prime is yet to come is what you’re thinking. If that’s the case, it’s taking its’ own sweet time in arriving.

And I’m well aware that the term ‘legend’ is loosely applied to some of these players but frankly when I look at the current squad, I can see one legend in the making and others who will just turn up because they’ve been asked. In the same as ‘world-class’ is bandied around too easily, so too is ‘Arsenal legend’.

If you wondering who the one is, it is probably Ramsey for two Cup-winning goals.

He Zigged and Zagged

There’s the Arsenal of now, of course. Yesterday, Nigeria came to Wembley and we got to see what the fuss was about regarding the kit. To be honest, had Puma designed that for Arsenal, it would be more agreeable than the trash we’re being served up with next season’s rags.

It was very much a game of two halves. Promising stuff from England in the first half and Nigeria showed what the fuss was about in the second half. The change in formation neutralised Southgate’s formation to some extent although had England’s passing been better the scoreline might have been more emphatic.

Would that he could finish like that for us on a regular basis. I don’t think he would be questioned if he could. Confidence is definitely a key issue with him and like all young players, he plateaued. With Arsenal, as the team struggled he lacked the experience to rise above the collective and like many, his form dipped.

Unai Emery seems to have the energy and overt enthusiasm that the younger players in the squad ought to respond to. I don’t doubt for one minute Arsène lived for football and loves the training aspect of management, but I can’t imagine him being infectiously energetic in how he transmitted his ideas. I don’t doubt the players liked training under him, and that he enjoyed training them.

However, Emery is a more demonstrative man and in an atmosphere where players know they must respond to find themselves in his thoughts for the season ahead.

Iwobi is just one of the players needing to respond. The others are those who aren’t as far down the first-team road, the ones labelled the future. Let’s not forget, that’s supposedly one of Emery’s abilities which sold the Recruitment Team on him.

You Need Hands…

And is also forced on him by the ‘restricted’ budget he’s working with.

That’s not stopping all the talk about Dembele, N’Zonzi, and Oblak whose combined fees are more than the amortised transfer budget we hold. I’d love us to sign those three, but I don’t think we’ll even sign the Sevilla player Emery knows so well.

We might, but the talk is fuelling a sense that something is happening at the club and that’s no bad thing. It’s no different than previous years; it’s June and we haven’t announced any deals. The difference is there are new hands at the tiller.

On which note, Real Madrid are, according to the latest scurrilous reports, set to appoint Arsène as their new coach. Nice to see them giving other teams a chance in the Champions League…

’til Tomorrow.

20 thoughts on “On Legends, Young Players Taking Chances, and Who We Will Sign…

  1. Thanks YW—I like the hope that Emery might help the talented young players keep developing. We have to hope since we don’t seem eager to spend very big despite the various links. But I actually think we will spend on a midfielder and GK but the real question is whether Ramsey has to be sold. The tuniurscare Jack will not accept the deal AFC has offered, so at least one and preferably 2 midfielders might be needed to challenge for the top 4. For all the talk, no one actually announced yet! The WC is nigh, so let’s hope the new brain trust have some unveilings this coming week before the thrilling opener in Moscow, the fossil fuel derby of hosts Russia v. Saudi Arabia.

  2. Speaking of World Cup, YW—any plans for a reprise of the ACLF predictors for WC Rio you organized for 2014? It was a lot of fun!

  3. YW,

    It had to happen eventually! Bill doing his best impression of that fellow who used to have a near lock on posting first and then disappeared in the comments until the next morning. I forget his alias…

  4. What’s with all the Sidney James pics lately yogstaar?

    Is it a nod to our passing manager and his comedic tones..and the fact we can now all carry on again…??

  5. It’s going to work if people are interested – looking for volunteers and there will be a small prize for the one who gets the best score. Contact me at competitions [at] aclfarsenal dot co dot uk

  6. Joel Campbell playing for Costa Rica scores again Norther Island. Should Emery consider him again by keeping him at Arsenal and not loaning him out? In our opinion, he is a better finisher than Welbeck, and needs a chance again say in Europa League games?

  7. I think Big Brover was South African and the Yogi posts would come up in mid day and he had a window open on his computer at work so he knew the second the post came on line and he would always be first.

  8. I’d be happy to see Joel Campbell or Lucas Perez back..woefully under utilized under the last guy.

  9. How to spend circa 70m and vastly improve our squad.
    Leichinstener – free
    Dembele – loan …….or Meyer Free
    Sokratis – 16m
    Seri – 35m
    Leno – 22m………..total spend 73m
    That leaves room for 12 more “foreign players”
    And 8 non foreign players
    Macey or Martinez
    Under 21s
    Mavropanos, bielik, maitland-niles, Da Silva, willock, zelalem, reine-adelaide, nelson, nketiah
    Players over 21 – sold retired released loaned
    Ospina 6m
    Martinez or Macey loaned
    Iliev loaned/released
    Mertesacker retired
    Jenkinson loaned/released
    Bramall loaned/released
    Cazorla released
    Campbell 6m
    Asano loaned
    Akpom loaned/released
    Total net spend………….61m
    If we lose any of our 8 non foreign players, then we have to retain the same amount from either Martinez, iliev, Jenkinson, bramall Campbell, akpom. We could also delist koscielney for the first half of the season

  10. Dembele – loan …….or Meyer Free
    Sokratis – 16m
    Seri – 35m
    Leno – 22m………..total spend 73m

    Lotas of wishful thinking there .

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