When to Bet on Arsenal Next Season – And When to Bet Against Your Favorite Team

Sometimes, betting against the big-name team is a lucrative decision. At other times, it can turn into your most embarrassing gambling story. That’s particularly true when it comes to betting for or against Arsenal, but there are times when you need to buck convention and go up against the top team.

When the Opposing Team Stinks

In soccer — or football, for purists — a “stinky” team is subjective. There’s never a guarantee that the team with the best odds will win, even if that team is Arsenal, the mighty juggernaut. You have to research beyond the odds at the book or the point spread, even if Arsenal is practically guaranteed to win.

Take a look at the team’s upcoming opponents, and then check out the performances of the opposing teams. How many wins have they had so far this season? How many draws are on the record? Delve deeper to find out how many goals each competitor averages per match. Check to see if any of the players are either injured or performing poorly. Find out how often the other team plays the underdog and claws its way to an unexpected win. Even more importantly, look back at previous matches between Arsenal and a particular team. Who typically emerges as the victor?

If your research convinces you that Arsenal will win, bet on Arsenal. You’ve backed up your bet with research at this point. The payout might not be very high — payouts for favourites rarely are — but you’re still likely to win. If you’ve not done your research, you can make use of websites like https://www.topfootballtipster.com where you’ll find football betting tips, guides and systems to help increase the possible payout you might end up with.

When You’re Making an Accumulator Bet

Accumulators are popular in soccer bets. They make it even more exciting to wager on the game. Because you can bet on more than one game, and because you lose everything if you lose one bet, every match becomes a nail-biter. Last-minute scoring can change everything. Better still, your winnings accumulate with each successful wager, so there’s an opportunity for an impressive payout.

Since Arsenal wins with predictable consistency, the team is an excellent addition to an accumulator bet. It often represents an easy win, in spite of potentially low payouts. It doesn’t matter as much if those winnings help you to build up a big pile of cash and victory.

With accumulator bets, find a sportsbook that’s knowledgeable about the game. An increasing number of online betting sites focus on soccer, and almost all of them allow accumulators. Since you have the potential to bring in a significant amount of money on this type of wager, consider using Bitcoin to make your bets, since it offers both security and anonymity. Nobody needs to know that you’re balling.

When the Odds Are Against Arsenal

Are the odds ever against Arsenal? It does happen. The sheer number of matches played each season means that a losing streak is always possible. Even when the team has a string of draws, their odds as the favourite can decrease significantly. However, any fan knows that a team can have a bad week or even a bad month. Arsenal fans typically know the ins and outs of the players, right down to their personal superstitions and preferred pregame snacks.

Knowing a team that well has its advantages. Of course, to bet on Arsenal in this situation, you need to do the same due diligence mentioned earlier to make sure that the odds are an anomaly. Don’t bet on Arsenal if it seems like they will actually lose. Again, take a look at the opposing team’s stats. Pay attention to the anticipated point spread. Don’t place a bet on a win or draw for Arsenal simply because you believe no one can beat them. Someone can.

When You’re Contrarian

Contrarian betting is popular, but often misguided. However, you can take a contrarian position to bet against Arsenal. As the name suggests, this type of betting relies solely on betting against the favoured team just because it’s the favoured team. Bettors who go this route pay attention to public perception. Regardless of team and player performance, these bettors prefer to turn their backs on the odds and bet on anyone who’s up against Arsenal. You can try this method, but you do so at your own risk.

When You’re Making an Underdog or Draw Bet

Sometimes, you see that a team has odds that make sense. For an upcoming game, Arsenal might have losing odds against an underdog team that’s been playing strong and improving. In that case, the opposing team is possibly due a win.

You might not feel confident enough to lay down a lot of money, and that’s all right. You can either place a small wager or bet on a draw instead. Arsenal is a strong team, but there are plenty of other strong teams in the league. If another team has winning odds, then you can split the difference and predict that the team will tie with Arsenal. That’s a bit smarter than going full-out against them.

When It Feels Right

Are your instincts screaming at you to vote against Arsenal? You should go for it. Sometimes, it’s better to avoid overthinking your wager. Trust what your gut tells you, but don’t bet anything you can’t afford. This is another time that you might want to fit your wager into an accumulator bet that includes other matches.

Past performance and player behaviour go a long way toward predicting the winner of a soccer match, but as in any game, something is always left up to chance. Do you ever risk a bet against the favourite?