Emery In, Arteta Out: Get. A. Grip.

Kudos to those who connect today’s photo without having to use an internet site or search engine.

Anyway, by now you know that Ornstein has spoken:

Deliciously, this came on the day Henry Winter had launched one of his diatribes about how Arteta’s appointment was a signal of softness from the Arsenal hierarchy. It wasn’t a statement of intent; chasing Diego Simeone was a statement of intent, even though the Argentinean doesn’t want the job or to leave Madrid. Never let the trivialities get in the way, eh Henners?

But John Cross took one look at Winter’s pretentiousness and declared, “I see yours, and raise it”:

I’m sorry, but which part of Arsenal died in this process? What complete claptrap.

What this has underlined is how well the club controlled the information and leaks about the process. Everyone was telling us how Arteta was a shoo-in, how it was just a matter of time. Out of nowhere, Emery waltzed into town and blew everyone away with his presentation and that was it; adios, Mikel, hola Unai.

Except there are counter-claims that despite not being on the original shortlist of candidates, Emery presented a fortnight ago. Or was contacted a fortnight ago; whichever it makes no difference. Just as we’d got our heads around Mikel Arteta as being the new Arsenal boss, we’re now thinking an experienced man might be the best candidate after all.

How about Mikel as his #2? Does that tick every box for Y’all? Was that the plan? IDK.

His credentials were questioned; one-horse title race…blah, blah, blah…finished second…blah, blah, blah. Cross says he’s not an ‘A’-lister. We’re not an ‘A’-list club at the moment; that’s the harsh reality.

A List is Better than No List

While I understand the clamour for an ‘A’-list appointment, let’s put this in context. We finished sixth last year, fifth the season before. We’re not the champions who finished fifth or worse; we make up the numbers, along with 19 other teams. We’re trying to break out of that cycle.

Consequently, the appointment is never going to be an Allegri or anyone of that ilk. Thomas Tuchel underlined that when he said he wanted to join a club which challenged for the Champions League. PSG have the money to do that while we don’t.

And the way that Roman Abramovich fell foul of the British authorities, don’t expect Alisher Usmanov to be investing in the club for the first time. Asking a billionaire to prove their money is legal is like asking the EU if we can leave, keep all the good parts and leave the regulations behind; it isn’t going to happen.

Consequently, we are left with a manager who ticks a great number of boxes, not least of which is working in a set-up where players are brought in as punts and sold off very expensively. That last phrase is relative; Sebastien Squillaci was expensive in the context of the deal. Mind you, that offers hope that someone might want to buy Mustafi.

While there are those who question his credentials, I believe they are impeccable. Remember the 5 – 1’s? I know they are tough to forget yet Emery bantered them off with a 4 – 0 first leg win turned into a 6 – 1 second leg defeat. Remember that laughter at the time? It’s got something of a hollow ring to it now.

However, the situation was succinctly summed up in one tweet:

Sob Story

While that was all going on, Santi Cazorla said goodbye:

As one door closes, etc.

’til Tomorrow.


82 thoughts on “Emery In, Arteta Out: Get. A. Grip.

  1. Ian says:

    So John Cross is disappointed and feels that a little bit of Arsenal has died because footballing ‘A lister’ Mikel Arteta hasn’t been given the job…

    Obviously John hasn’t been watching Arsenal in the last few years – If he had he would surely have noticed that a little bit of Arsenal has been dying every year since 2006/07 season.

  2. Jonnygunner says:

    Cracking summary YW
    Gary Neville’s on the bandwagon this morning having a dig at how the club have handled everything…..like he would know….

  3. skywalker says:

    John Cross talks nonsense.These scribblers prattle. An outsider appointment is the best thing the Board did.
    Wright, prattling again, he is sheer embarrassment.

  4. JonJon says:

    its not a hard task is it? teaching them to defend better than 8 year olds.

    i like emerys systems – its not very fluid, more systematic than dynamic but after years of watching teams drive jumbo jets through our midfield and defence it will be refreshing to watch us press like a pack of wolves and counter

    cant stand defending by keeping possession in the centre circle- like anyone ever has 100% possession.

    dreamworld tactics – not even pep tries that shit

    got to give this guy time though – most of these players wont be used to being told what to do – and i cant see ozil fitting in anywhere near how emery likes to play.

  5. Pete the Thirst says:

    I am surprised by the appointment of Emery. Maybe I read too much into the ITKs who were certain Arteta was about to be appointed. John Cross was one of them. I think they’re more upset that their prediction went belly up.

    He did well at Seville, not so well at PSG. I was impressed by his tactic switches when they beat Liverpool in the EL 2016. Apart from that I don’t know a lot about Emery. Looks like he plays two deep lying centre midfielders, one centre forward, an attacking midfielder and two wide midfielders/wingers. Not sure where Lacazette fits in that formation.

    Welcome Mr Emery. It’s going to be fun!

  6. Harry says:

    Believe that pic is from the “The Big Job”, which also starred Dick Emery (only know ‘cos I watched it on Talking Pictures).

    Anyhow, that’s a great post YW. Nailed it. This looks like it might prove a canny appointment. Twitter will always have it’s meltdowns, but I think the vast majority of fans will give this guy the time he’ll need. Exciting times ahead.

    John Cross though. Granted they’re all full of shit but that bloke….deary me.

  7. Michael says:

    Morning All

    Have to confess I had come to terms with Arteta coming, and suspect he was hawked to get a feel for the fans opinion. Maybe Emery wasn’t particularly fancied to begin with because of his poor English, and possibly the reason why Jardim wasn’t apparently interviewed. If that is the case, have to give them credit for the appointment.
    I had started to get excited about next season, with Arteta, now I can start to get excited about Emery, happy days, I hope….everyone knows about our defensive failings, and players will now know they need to shape up or ship out…Indeed happy days and thanks to Birdcamp for that link

  8. Dukey says:

    They fooled us all again…

    But dick Emery will come with more ability to get our lazy bunch working for him. Arteta had a cheek really to think he could take such a big job straight away..manage somewhere else first, show us how good a manager he is. Maybe in a few years if he excels elsewhere he could come back and manage us.

  9. Michael says:

    A little sad to see Santi leave, has to be done I know, but my favourite player since the Invincibles, he has so much talent for a little fella and a great smile…good luck to him.

  10. jabberwocky says:


    I’ve got a bad feeling (based on absolutely no facts as I have no idea if he was ever seriously in the running, so pure speculation) that Arteta is going to end up as special as and that this whole process has burned that bridge. We’ll have to wait and see.

    I do wish we could just sort things out cleanly and quickly – was hoping the new management structure would make us more efficient but this all smacks of the will he/wont he ‘medical scheduled for tomorrow’ palaver that has dogged every transfer since time immemorial. Fair enough if they’ve been leading the misdirection, but not sure why secrecy is seen as more important than potentially burning bridges while playing at Machiavelli.

    Anyway yes, he’s clearly a logical choice, I just wish they hadn’t made us all come around to Arteta as the wannabe hipster in me took over and was anticipating an exciting football story (either unbridled success or total catastrophe but a brave move either way) and so now am inexplicably disappointed!

  11. Stu says:

    So the Board have nailed the appointment of Emery. Let’s hope they have the signed contract on file. I hear he can be a little abrasive, which is good. He will soon smooth out the cracks in the defence and splits in the dressing room.

    I’ll get me coat…

  12. Dgob says:

    And what IF Emery is another smoke screen being erected by the media and a naive public…?

  13. Perseus says:

    I feel gutted as someone who went all into the pro Mikel camp. I was happy the club was operating with a long term vision, bringing in a whole new set of coaching staff including Mikel’s boyhood buddy Xabi Alonso to create a North London version of the boot room. Oh well, football is cruel, if I wanted to watch only nice things I should stick to my daughter’s children’s books. But something in me feels that Mikel was the plan and everybody who knows about football at the club was on board, but then somebody showed Kroenke a spreadsheet saying that Mikel would put his investment at a higher risk, and so Emery is the pick to protect the investment, not to win through innovation. I guess the bootroom days are over as big clubs feel compelled to sign safe big names to minimize risk

  14. Stu says:


    Why would Ornstien or the club do that? What conceivable benefit would he/they gain? Ornstien appears to be as fairly straight for a journalist, so unless someone at the club is selling him a pup – again for what benefit? – I cant see this.

  15. lari03 says:

    Dear John Cross, the great Mirror SEO machine must be angry his predictions didn’t come true. I wonder what he thinks makes an A list coach, is it winning the UCL or just being a press favorite like Pochettino ?

    A lot of things could take shape soon. Joel Campbell might stay in London, if he does well at the world cup and at pre-season. Plus, he has the ability to be a wide forward in the new 4-2-3-1 system, as he dribbles quite well.

    Ramsey, Wilshere, Iwobi and Danny are going to find that they are not suited to Unai’s system. Though Danny could play as a wide forward, and he could benefit the most from Unai, as he is an enigma. The Mirror says Emery will build the team around Ramsey, so we must wait and watch how events unfold.

    Ozil goes back into the CAM hole. His style is exactly just as Unai likes it, a player who can drop back and spread the ball, and who can also initiate thrilling counterattacks. Iwobi could be Ozil’s understudy.

    Unai is credited with the development of Juan Mata & David Silva. I imagine, this is definitely what we need, with some academy talent waiting to break into the first team.

    Plus, we would become good at pressing as a team.

  16. Phil says:

    Nice one YW, clever link.
    I had no pull in any specific direction in terms of our first manager AW.
    A fresh face, new voice, with a focus on making us hard to play against.
    So good luck to Dick’s son.

  17. Damon says:

    I like this. I like this a lot on the face of it.

    As YW says, it ticks a huge number of boxes for me. The fact that he’s a micro manager and seemingly won’t take too much shit off anyone who won’t pull in his direction for the good of the team is more than a bloody good start.

    It would appear I’m going to like football again for a bit 🙂

  18. Fabian K says:

    This is a superb appointment. Ian Wright is an embarrassment at times, although I do love him. He has verbal diarrhea and cannot stand that things happen way above his intellect, which is severely limited. He is very one dimensional sort of like Paul Mersin. They just say whatever comes to their mouth without first considering the actual words. They are not well thought out in their words hence the reason serious people do not regard them highly.

    This appointment is exactly what Arsenal needed.

    Emery is a winner first of all. He did extremely well with Valencia to have them top four and everyone knows Valencia is a poison chalice of a job due to their ongoing off field problems year inbuear out. Then he took Sevilla which is the equivalent to perhaps Everton or Leicester to three consecutive Europa Leagues. This has never been done ever, with a very limited budget and not spectacular players either.

    He then took over PSG and won 7 trophies in two years including the treble this year, having managed the biggest players out there such as Cavani, Neymar, Silva, Draxler etc.

    Therefore he can attract big name players, he can control big name players, he will have authority to demand respect which Arteta would not have had.

    He improves players greatly which is what we desparate need. He won’t tolerate slackness which our squad has become accustomed to doing under Wenger. He will weed out the unmotivated and get rid of them without sentiment.

    He prepares meticulously every game. He pays individual attention to each player and their role in the upcoming game. He bases tactics on the opposition strengths and weaknesses, yet still plays attractive football.

    As I said fantastic appointment. And yes his English insnt great, but he is Spanish so he will learn it fast as that is the easiest two languages to learn from or to. English to Spanish or vice versa.

    All True Goobers should be ecstatic right now we actually going to a really top class manager who more importantly knows how to work under the new system as he has already experience of doing so successfully. He will slot seemlesly into working with Sven and Raul. Yet as he has some experience he will also have his input repsected as well. It’s really an excellent appointment.

  19. Damon says:

    Just going off topic a wee bit, Kane as England captain?

    Not just because he plays for Spurs, but in the last year I think he’s become a petulant little tart, that has a self centred attitude coupled with an over inflated opinion of himself.

    The nonsense with “I touched it, I swear on my kids lives” trying to win the Golden Boot? Horrific. He should of left it and said something like, “it doesn’t matter who scores, its just about the team getting goals and winning games”. But he didn’t, he wanted the personal glory and had awfully sour grapes whenever he spoke about Salah and him tearing it up all year. Which he did, in the press, a bit too much for me. Someone got a chip on their shoulder Harry?

    Then strolling up and taking free kicks in shooting range, when Erikson has been fantastic for them all season and takes a great dead ball. Even taking the ball off him on occassion. Then whacks it 9 miles over the bar and pulls a soppy little face as he watches to see if it actually leaves the stadium or just gets into the upper deck of seating.

    In short, he’s a cunt, doesn’t know anything about team play and is possibly the most pretentious prima dona in the PL that’s English atm. Great pick to lead our lads out in Russia then.

  20. Damon says:

    Getting back on topic, anyone agree with me when I say I can see Emery making Mustafi look like a defender again?

  21. Chennai Gunner says:

    This blog seems to be one of the few places where sanity prevails.

    Why does every process have to be dissected to infinitesimal levels, analysed and showered opinions on? We seem to be too much bogged down by looking at statistics and try to predict the future. If everything can be predicted so perfectly using past data, we could as well watch recorded games from FIFA’18 or Football Manager 2018! And all this when Emery’s appointment has not even been officially confirmed.

    Why can’t we just wait for the announcement, simply get behind the manager (whoever it is) & the team, savour the wins, crib on the losses and go about our normal lives? It’s going to be a new person coming in, and we should give time and space for him to prove himself.

  22. Dukey says:

    Yes. Its amazing how quick a player can go from good to bad or vise versa. Who knows, he might even get elneny playing like kante!!

  23. Dukey says:

    Agree with your previous comment as well Damon. Greedy millennial selfie generation snowflake Kane..pfft.

  24. andy1886 says:

    Nice to hear that he intends to build his side around Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang and Aaron Ramsey. Sounds just like the sort of dynamic set up that we used to have when Wenger started winning things. Now if he can sort out the defence…..

  25. Damon says:

    I’d imagine Ozil is worried about where he might fit in. Will he even start? Most expensive bench warmer ever?

    Still, earning a small countries GDP each week probably offsets that enough to stay to the very last day of the contract

  26. C says:


    I think we could potentially see the best of both Xhaka and Mustafi. Emery likes his players to sit, dictate and be positionally disciplined and he teaches that, I could see him telling Xhaka, ‘sit and stay om your feet, its what you good at’.

  27. C says:

    Excellent stuff Yogi!

    Emery is somebody I talked up a couple seasons back and he has done nothing to change that. Andy was spot on yesterday when he said this Emery will solidify the defense to go along with the attacking talent Arsene left much the same way Arsene brought the attacking talent to go with what Graham left in defense.

    Santi, what a brilliant player and I still say with him we would have been a much much better side.

  28. C says:


    Spot on except I could see Emery using Aubameyang and Lacazette together.

    Its funny people are saying Ozil is the odd man out except I think, like you he will be #10 with 2 sitting midfielders which is exactly the type of setup we need and he flourishes in.

  29. Wavey says:

    Noon Gunner,

    An interesting article. He seems to have the same passion for football that Wenger is reputed to have, but has more technical knowledge of how to make a team play. Some members of the team could clearly do with looking over some of their performances to make them aware of the mistakes they make on a regular basis. Mustafi pretty much made the same mistake in back to back games to allow our opponents to score when a simple review of his performances may have helped him be more aware of his surroundings.
    The appointment of Arteta was a concern for me, as I didn’t think he had the experience to get the dressing room behind him. If Emery is appointed I’m hoping that he is able to get the team working as a functioning unit again.
    It’s also going to be interesting to see what he proposes to do with some of the loanees who will be coming back to the club this summer.

  30. Oldtimer says:

    Oooo you are awful Yogi but I like you

  31. Damon says:


    Yeah, could see Perez having a job to do here under him

  32. Bill says:

    Great post yogi

    I do not know much about Emery but I like everything I have heard. He ticks all the boxes I was looking for because in many ways his philosophy seems like the polar opposite of Arsene. We needed a complete break from Arsene’s influence. The problems of this decade were in no way Arteta’s fault but he was part of the mess for about 5 years and he was a team mate and coconspirator with a lot of the current group of players. If emery is the new manager then credit where its due and kudos to the board and whomever in the club hierarchy that made this happen.

  33. consolsbob says:

    Well. talk is that it was Arteta wanting control over transfers that put him out of contention. Our new appointment is used to working in a system like we now have. Interesting. So much change to digest and look forward to.

    First time in a long time that i feel excited about football gain, never mind the Arse.

    Might even make it up to London again for a few beers…and a match, of course.

  34. Bill says:

    Nice to hear that he intends to build his side around Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang and Aaron Ramsey. Sounds just like the sort of dynamic set up that we used to have when Wenger started winning things. Now if he can sort out the defence…..

    Building the attack around PEA and Ramsey sounds like a fantastic idea. We still need another goal scorer so there has to be a way to get Lacazette into the team.

  35. Bill says:

    Wavey. I copied and pasted this from an article I saw. It does not sound like there is much help available from our loanees. Perez and Campbell have both been a bust and it does not sound like any of the others could offer any help.

    Lucas Perez and Chuba Akpom both scored this weekend, but only six of Arsenal’s 15 loanees featured for their current clubs.

    Perez scored a penalty as Deportivo La Coruna won their first league game this year against Malaga CF. It was his first goal since he scored against the same club back on November 19th, almost five months ago.

    Chuba Akpom also scored in St. Truidense’s 4-0 win over Royal Antwerp. The goal was his second in eight games, and he played 81 minutes of the match.

    Kelechi Nwakali and Ben Sheaf also featured in wins for their teams. Nwakali played 90 minutes of MVV Maastricht’s 3-2 win over Helmond Sport, and Sheaf played 82 minutes of Stevenage’s 1-0 win over Newport County. Both players picked up yellow cards.

    Stephy Mavididi and Jeff Reine-Adelaide played 64 minutes and 68 minutes in 1-1 draws for Charlton Athletic and Angers respectively.

    That 1-1 draw for Charlton was against Bristol Rovers, but Marc Bola played no part in the match. Takuma Asano, Carl Jenkinson and Cohen Bramall also failed to make their teams’ squads.

    Joel Campbell and Emi Martinez at least made the bench for Real Betis and Getafe, but didn’t get onto the pitch.

    Tafari Moore didn’t play over the weekend as Wycombe Wanderers didn’t have a fixture.

    Finally, Krystian Bielik continues to wait for his Walsall debut thanks to his injury problems.

    Honestly, the weekend doesn’t paint the most promising picture for the group. Hopefully they can all feature a bit more before the end of the season.

  36. C says:


    In fairness to Campbell, he was injured for most of the season and just returned to full fitness.

  37. C says:

    The other thing is that Emery’s players and teams are always the fittest and he also isn’t afraid to make big decisions on players and that actually includes younger players. For instance, he was never afraid to drop PSG captain Thiago Silva for Kimbempe nor was he afraid.

  38. Bill says:


    In fairness to Campbell, he was injured for most of the season and just returned to full fitness.

    Joel Campbell was a flop the season before when he was healthier.

  39. andy1886 says:

    The new kit is horrible. The only down side on a good day for the Goonerverse.

  40. Stu says:


    The home kit is truly horrid. Looks like a 5 year old designed it…..start with a white top, put a big red rectangle over the front of it and a bit of red, mum…MUUUUUUM! my red pen is running out and I’ve not finished the sleeves.

  41. Bill says:

    Lucas Perez is another example that if the sample size is large enough the players past history is the best guide to their predicting their future productivity. His struggles this season matches his output for most of the rest of his career.

  42. Aaron says:

    Totally fine with this appointment, actually more than fine!
    Bloody damn good one.
    All this talk of Arteta made me disappear from many blogs for the last week, as I thought the club had lost their collective minds.
    If Arteta came in and lost the dressing room, could easily happen, it could have been bottom quartile for the Arsenal.
    This guy is a WINNER! Does tactics, youth, limited budgets, but do not expect him to hang around for more than 4 years, which is to be expected.
    Team is going to get their ego’s handed back to them in a dog bowl.
    Good times indeed.

  43. Woolwich Freddie says:

    The video obsession is interesting. Was that not the cause of Keown and Arsene’s dispute?
    Overall, the attention to detail and hardworking philosophy sound like just what the doctor ordered.
    It also sounds like all competitions will be taken seriously, which probably suits our squad’s current level: why not win the league cup and Europa (as we should have this season) and build from there. I can feel myself getting a little carried away!

  44. Bill says:

    I think our teams results will significantly improve with a new manager because of better team defense. However I don’t think Arsene’s tactics were holding back individual players as much as the team as a whole. Joel Campbell and Lucas Perez certainly did not improve after they left and got the opportunity to play for a different manager. I am sure there are a few exceptions but its very uncommon for our players to improve after they leave. The opposite has actually been more common

  45. kenyangunner says:

    So why believe the English tabloids. Only yesterday Arteta was a shoe-in. Now it’s Emery. As far as rumours go I prefer Emery. Arteta is too much of an unknown. Even Wenger failed at Monaco first. Let him try his hand at a smaller club first!

  46. Bill says:

    For the most part I think a managers ability to improve or damage individual players is heavily over rated. He does not have time for working with individuals. Anyone who has watching us play for 14 yearsknies the performances of every player improves dramatically when the team as a whole plays well and the opposite is even more apparent. Almosr all players thrive on a really good team and that’s how a manager can improve an individual.

  47. C says:

    Noon Gunner,

    Honestly, I think the PSG job is as wacky as they come and its long been documented that because the owners back players as opposed go managers even before Emery its led to a culture were the playefs go complain to the owners and get their way. I have followed Emery for quite some time and I’m not worried at all about his ability to manage or deal with personalities or his ability to axe a player.

  48. Stu says:

    Julien Laurens has written an interesting article on BBC Sport about Emery and his focus on coaching players, his style of play and how he works effectively with a team who purchase talent for him. Sounds very positive. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/44204959

    Of course there are the cretins commenting on the Beeb, saying Emery must purchase X numbers of players – GK, 2 x CBs, DM – but isn’t the right guy for purchasing players etc etc. Do these people not actually read the article or understand what it says?! It says he coaches up young talent, who, lets think could be Mavrapanos, Holding, Chambers, Maitland-Niles etc. They clearly have no appreciation that Arsenal have been changing the structure of the football side of the business radically over the past year with the appointment of Raul and Sven. Emery – if appointed – will be the final piece in that new look jigsaw.

    Wenger may go down in history as the last ever Arsenal manager. We are now in the era of having a Head Coach. Bring it on!

  49. Ras says:

    Many of us wanted change at the Club. We now have it.

    I think We just have to give the whole process time. All shall be revealed in full time.

    If pressed on whom I’would have wanted appointed as Manager it would have been either Allegri or Benetiz. We were never going to get Allegri.

    Emery is a decent Coach. Can he get a tune out of the current incumbents? Will the newly assembled Dream Team be able to bring in the young obscure talent? We must wait and see. I’m quite excited to be honest as we enter the unknown.

  50. Bill says:


    We can’t bring in a new manager with the mandate that he needs to get us back into the top 4 in the next couple of years and then tell him he has to do it with the central spine of his defense that includes a group of unproven players like Mavropanos, Holding, Maitland-Niles and Chambers who are all probably underprepared might turn out to be not talented enough to be regular first team players on a top 4 team. If we are ever going to make progress we have to start thinking like a big team. continue to think lik

  51. Bill says:

    I realize that transfer fees can be misleading but they are a reasonable good indication of the perceived talent level of a player. How many big team managers would be happy if they were told that they have to go with 2 CB’s in high leverage squad spots who cost a total of around $3M together and have hardly played over the last couple seasons?

  52. Bill says:

    I can’t imagine any of the worlds other big teams would have considered hiring someone with an empty resume such as Arteta. Hiring Emery definitely suggests a big team thought process. However, we can’t ask him to bring us back into the realm of one of the worlds top 10 teams if we tell him he has to build his squad using a small team mentality.

  53. MikeSA says:


    Except that that’s exactly what is strength is based on his track record before PSG.

  54. C says:


    Worked out pretty well fot him at Sevilla didn’t it? Shame quality managers with quality tactics can’t get the best out of talenyed players in your world.

  55. C says:


    Haha beat me to it. I wonder how Bill would feel if he learned that at PSG part of him not fighting for Matuidi was to give a young but talented Lo Celso more mins or that he went with the young but talented Aerola in goal and demoted the full German #2 at the time Trapp to #2 at PSG.

    Maybe we will see Macey over Cech….

  56. Stu says:


    You confuse my comment on an article with what you assume is my view. I did not say that we should rely on Mav, Holding, Chambers, M-N. I was reflecting on an article which reported that Emery coached up young talent.

    If you want my opinion, from the little I have read of Emery and what I know of Arsenal, and my own assumptions of what the Owner/Board/CEO wish to achieve, I suspect we will spend some money of improvements but we will not be buying the highest quality GK, 2x CBs and a DM. We may purchase 2 or possibly 3 players for a total spend of under £100m. That will require some sales to balance the books. Emery will then work on coaching up existing players. If pushed, I suspect one CB and either a GK or a DM will come in this summer.

  57. C says:

    Looks like Emery himself has confirmed his appointment as Arsenal manager.

  58. YW says:

    Evening C,

    His website has now been taken down!

  59. Bill says:


    If our ambition is to be the next Sevilla and win the Europa league then so be it. If we want Emery to move the team back into the level of the top 10-12 teams in Europe its unlikely we will do that by trying to build teams the way he did at Sevilla. No?


    Often times it takes several years before we know a player like Senderos of Djourou or Ignasi Miquel is good enough to be a starting CB on a top of the table team. I don’t think we can afford to wait 3-4 years to find out if players like Mavropanos or Holding or Chambers might work out. Those players are all in their early 20’s with almost no experience and at the best they will be inconsistent while they are learning. There is no rush for them and I think we should send them on loan. However, there has to be a sense of urgency for the club as a whole if we want to get back into the top 4 in England. Top 4 is going to be very difficult to do with a group of inexperienced CB’s when we don’t even know if they are ever going to be good enough.

  60. C says:


    Evening Yogi,

    Must be official then cause we know Arsenal don’t like employees doing things like that…

  61. Bill says:

    It took about 1 1/2 – 2 years before we really knew that his form in early 2015 was not the real Le Coq and he was not the best DM in the league. Maitland-Niles has looked in the few cameo appearances he has made but he is still only 20 with no experience as playing regularly at any level above the academy. AMN may turn out to be the next Claude Makelele or he could be the next Manu Frimpong and we won’t know for a while. While we wait we will probably have to struggle thru a couple years of inconsistency. Thats not a problem if we have infinite patience and we accept that getting back to the CL anytime soon may not happen.

  62. Bill says:

    Sevilla’s finishes in La Liga in this decade. 5th, 9th, 9th, 5th, 5th, 7th, 4th, 7th. Emery did wonders winning the Europa league multiple times and I hope he can be a superb manager. However he is not going to be a miracle worker and there is only so much he can do if he part of his mandate is to build his own star players

  63. C says:

    Honestly, anybody that judges Emery based on his time at PSG and don’t know what he has done need to realize a couple things:

    1. They had a massively divided dressing room filled with MASSIVE egos lile Verratti, Neymar, Silva, Raboit, Alves and others that have caused problems for every manager they have had and we have no such typr egos.

    2. PSG want to think they are a massive club who can win the CL, Arsenal are wanting to join thr CL party but presently are EL bound.

    3. Emery is the ONLY manager to win 3 straight Europa titles and helped to get Valencia back into thr CL when they were going through massive financial problems and were selling every good player they had.

  64. C says:


    Emery isn’t a topoc you should touch mate if your purely going to talk of his successes and failures because Sevilla are essentially a selling club. What he has done has done was brilliant given Sevilla regularly sold his best players. Your so black and white yet he won silverware and made good players even better and unlike Arsenal they can’t pay wages and must sell to stay afloat.

  65. Bill says:


    Emery isn’t a topoc you should touch mate if your purely going to talk of his successes and failures because Sevilla are essentially a selling club.What he has done has done was brilliant given Sevilla regularly sold his best players.Your so black and white yet he won silverware and made good players even better and unlike Arsenal they can’t pay wages and must sell to stay afloat.


    I am 100% in favor of emery and I think he can get more out of the players we have by building a more organized team. In Valencia and Sevilla he has done better then expected given his available resources. However he is not a miracle worker and the ceiling for Arsenal is going to be a lower if he has to try and develop his own star players. You know that as well as I do.

  66. Bill says:


    I know Valencia sold Villa and Silva but who were the players that Sevilla sold during the Emery era? I have no idea.

  67. Bill says:

    The competition for a CL spot is probably more difficult in England right now compared with any of Europes other major football leagues. Most of the time there has been 1-2 or at most 3 teams who were sure fire top 4 teams and then there was the rest. However, having 6 teams in England who are all legitimate contenders for those top 4 spots is highly unusual and perhaps unprecedented in this century.

  68. MikeSA says:


    If our ambition is to be the next Sevilla and win the Europa league then so be it. If we want Emery to move the team back into the level of the top 10-12 teams in Europe its unlikely we will do that by trying to build teams the way he did at Sevilla. No?

    Actually, based on Gazidis’s listing of criteria in his speech, the answer is yes.

  69. Birdkamp says:


    Bill, as C said, their financial model was to sell off the big performers each summer. This is all around the time when I knew a bit more about European football. But some names you might recognise are Bacca, Kondogbia, Rakitic, Fazio, Aleix Vidal and Alberto Moreno.

    What’s funny is that not all are household names or have gone on to bigger things since they left, but all were crucial to Emery’s team. One mark of a good manager is that players look worse after leaving a club, suggesting that it was the coaching methods or system that helped them play well – or seem better than they were.

    Players seem to improve under him. Gameiro was signed from Lorient and ended up at Atletico the season Emery left. Krychowiak came from Reims, Mbia came from that dismal QPR team, and then won two ELs. And could you ever have imagined N’Zonzi becoming a France international in his Stoke days?

  70. Birdkamp says:

    As has been said, the obvious difference being that Sevilla were on a financial footing with a lower league PL side. Gaston Ramirez shunned Sevilla for Hull City in 2015.

    Arsenal will be able to find better talent and won’t have to jettison as many important players every summer.

    My biggest worry about Arsenal since 2013 is that we’ve been expected to make statement signings, but can’t draw the world’s top players. So we’ve had to spend massive amounts on big names with obvious flaws, on or off the pitch. Ozil being one. Aubameyang has been a hit so far, but there was a reason he was available. January felt like a gambler chasing losses.

    Unlike City we don’t get to roll the dice multiple times, so it’s a huge gamble we’re taking on some of these signings. To me, the only way to make up the gap is to get smarter with scouting, and wringing the best out of the players we’ve already got (obviously).

    I’m not even talking solely about teenagers coming out of the u23 team, though I’d be interested to see what Emery wants to do with them. I think players who have been in the squad a while like Bellerin, Chambers and Iwobi are yet to come close to realising their potential.

  71. lari03 says:

    I think addressing the issues surrounding the PSG period of Emery is necessary. To put things in perspective, the club hierarchy allowed players to feel and act like stars. Are we going to play Wengerball, certainly not. If the new man has a trophy winning system, then bring it on.

    At Arsenal, things will definitely be different. While the PSG players wanted to return to their tiki-taka style of football, and which meant jettisoning the head coach’s winning formula. With the new structure at Arsenal, the new coach’s system would be the rule and dissenters are welcome to sit on the bench until the transfer window opens.

    Ozil could still get a higher wage offer from China. So, I am optimistic no player would prove a difficult sale.

    Going forward, we are likely to be more ruthless, than we were in the past 8 years. Thanks to IRS or GSM, depending on which abbreviation you prefer, the triumvirate of power now at the Arsenal.

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