Jose’s Tears and It’s Goodbye from Him…

The only true happiness in an FA Cup final between United and Chelsea is Kim Jong Un nuking it. Or they became immersed in an eternal penalty shootout when neither side wins. A Highlander for football, if you like, running through the centuries.

Jose Mourinho’s tears will have to do.

Thank god it’s over with. Now the crusading press wonders how Mourinho is wrecking United’s young talent. It’s easy to work that out: he’s breathing. Duncan Castles won’t, of course. He has yet to remove his head from the Special One’s arse so isn’t aware they have lost.

Mikel Arteta hasn’t been announced as the new gaffer yet, but it’s coming this week apparently. Presumably, he’s having a medical at the same clinic Yann  M’Vila is having his. There’s something reassuringly Arsenal about the delays. It allows sneaky tales of holding interviews this week with other candidates or of how Arteta wants the power of veto on transfers.

Much the same way as with player transfers, we’re left waiting for it to be announced on dot com. The race is on between that event and hell freezing over, it seems.

The first task is assessing the squad. Some he will remember as a player; are their weaknesses assessed differently having spent time at City? You’d have to think so.

I wonder what he makes of Shkodran Mustafi, who for next six months is our senior centre-back. The frightening prospect will garner one of two responses from the German. He’ll either be a world-beater, thriving on the responsibility or sink to new lows of inconsistency?

We all hope for the former but quietly expect the latter. Talk of Sokratis makes me wonder if we will find it cheaper to buy Dortmund and use them as a feeder club?

What difference can a pre-season make?

The talk is whether Aaron Ramsey will be the first casualty. He won’t; Santi Cazorla, whose contract expires this summer, is returning to Villarreal, where he made his name. Pre-season training with them may see a new deal with them as he looks to make up for lost time.

It’s a genuine pity and if it works out, you kind of hope we get Villarreal in the Europa League to give him the proper farewell injury deprived him of.

Ramsey is the interesting question for Arteta to answer. He was a surprising choice as Player of the Season – Nacho for me all day long – but as one of the few saleable assets we have, is he the ‘sacrificial lamb’. All the players are saleable assets but Ramsey is a rarity in the sense is a fee which can make a genuine difference to our transfer budget.

The question is whether his departure affects the balance of the team next season. We certainly have the goal threat with Aubameyang and a (hopefully) rejuvenated Lacazette. Like Wilshere, the latter is missing the World Cup – barring injury –  which when you look at how few are going, gives us a strong squad for the start of the season.

That ought to be to Arteta’s advantage in getting preparations completed during the summer. Will he give the any players who reach the final a full month off as Arsène did? I know FIFA regulations said players must be given four weeks rest, but if felt like we were the only club who actually adhered to them.

Anyway, it’s a quiet day today and the sun is peeping through so off into the world we go.

’til Tomorrow.

25 thoughts on “Jose’s Tears and It’s Goodbye from Him…

  1. Tommykaynie says:

    arteta the perfect man for now to replace arsene

  2. Jonnygunner says:

    So Ollie wins back to back FA cups with different teams….Brian Talbot anyone

  3. lari03 says:

    Everyone’s talking about selling Ramsey, but no one has mentioned a price. Would £50 million be a fair price ? This would push our transfer budget to a £100 million. And might be able to get 3 sensible additions to the squad with this amount.

  4. lari03 says:

    No Ramsey and no Wilshire, with the purchase of a no nonsense DM. This would change the composition of our midfield options.

  5. James says:

    Waiting for Arteta….its like waiting for the end of the interminable interlulls

  6. C says:


    Sorry I should have clarified the Cesc bit, his was more about not dividing opinions on his play than actually being a leader.

  7. C says:

    Arteta is coming and I generally think thr biggest changes will be in midfield. All thr talk of Seri coming is really good news but leads to Ramsey more than likely leaving. Saw something where his agent said he is still waiting to discuss a contract which to me is either agent talk given Ramsey somehow won Player of the Season, agree with Yogi it should have been Nacho, or they truly haven’t started and he will be one to help beef up the transfer budget.

    Santi heading home is perfect for him its just a shame that it happened like this and he didn’t get a proper send off.

  8. C says:


    Completely agree, adding say Seri would not only give us a player who is a quality passer but also somebody who wants to boss the midfield and is consistent defensively.

  9. Woolwich Freddie says:

    YW – I like your tragicomedy/ eternal cup final scenario.
    Dortmund really wouldn’t be the worst feeder club, I suppose but I hope we still have some ideas left when that source has been bled dry. Maybe we can steal their home ticket prices and attendance while we’re at it!

  10. Woolwich Freddie says:

    The cup final did nothing to persuade me that Pogba is as good as people seem to think. He has the talent and an incredible physique but his ego does not benefit the team or his decision-making. Perhaps he just needs to be played further forwards. Oh well, I guess that’s the Crying One’s problem (or one of them).

  11. C says:

    Griezmann looks more and more likely to be moving to Barca this summer then I would GLADLY have Dembele on a 2 year loan. That would immediately solve our winger situation and move Ozil back into midfield then grab a CB, GK and midfielder.

    This transfer business is easy.

  12. C says:

    Lacazette said not scoring goals got inside his head:

    “I had never experienced that,” he said. At night, when I would go home, I would repeat to myself, “Come on, next time it’ll go in!” But it didn’t. And I’d only realised this after five or six matches.

    Suddenly, I started asking myself, “How long has it been since I last scored a goal?” It started to bother me.

    “I don’t know how the other strikers manage, but personally, it got to my head. I couldn’t blame anyone, it was all from me.

    “I couldn’t blame the coach because he was giving me my chance on the field. I couldn’t blame my teammates since chances were being created.

    “It was just me.”

  13. C says:

    Happy to see Campbell back fit finallly after being out injured for since I think October and he scores. Good on him

  14. Bill says:

    Great post yogi

    I agree that Nacho was player of the year. I would hate to see us sell Ramsey but if we get the right offer then anyone is for sale. Its just a matter of economics if we can replace him with someone who could be just as effective for less money then we can sell himit becomes an easy decision. We have talked about this a lot but the player best suited to be a sacrificial lamb to help us raise cash is Bellerin. If we can really sell him for $40-50M it’s a complete no brainer. The idea that Hector is the next Danny Alves or a right footed Roberto Carlos looks to way off target. Its more likely we have a right footed Kieran Gibbs. Fullback is also one of the easiest and least expensive positions to replace. I think the only players that we should not consider selling are PEA and Lacazette. Good Goal are easily the most difficult players to find and they cost a fortune and there are very few good ones who are ever available and we are already undersupplied in scorers.

  15. Bill says:


    Our instinct us to make excuses for players we like when they struggle. I remember a few suggested the reason for his 3 month dry spell was an injury or being subbed off. I think its positive that Lacazette is honest enough to know what the real problem was. Its also concerning because if it happens once it can happen again.

    Barca would not be spending huge money on Griezmann if they were as confident about Dembele as you are. I bet they would love to have a mulligan with regards to spending $100M on him

  16. YW says:

    Well MikeSA, we’re in the middle of a heatwave and frankly with a half-arsed post like that, I’m not surprised.

  17. Bill says:


    Barca’s other option instead of spending a lot of money on Griezman would be giving a chance to one of the younger players in their academy but the attacking talent from La Masia seems to have dried up in this decade.

  18. Bill says:

    In 2011 after Jack Wilshere played well against Barca in the CL, Pep stated that he had an academy full to the brim with players who were as good as jack. I wonder what happened to all of them?

  19. C says:


    If you get Griezmann, you get him and you can still give chances to the La Masia products as there are plentt of matches to be played.

  20. C says:


    Lacazette has also come out and said he was playing through an injury so that part was true mate, I know you don’t believe players get injured but he was. He struggled in his first season, thats fine because guess what, Suarez struggled his first 1.5 seasons scoring and assisting so it can happen to even the best. Honestly mate, scoring draughts happen to EVERYBODY, you always talk about Ronaldo but he has had some draughts as well most recently the first half of this season and is one of the main reasons Madrid were out of the La Liga title race by November.

    Dembele was injured for most of the season: got injured 2 weeks after he signed then re-injured himself a month after he returned. I know your futbol bubble is small but actually go out and read about Dembele, he is really highly thought of and has all the talent to be a world class player.

    I honestly don’t get your whole hatred of talented youth players and only wanting the finished products. If only buyong finished pr experienced players led to success than over the past couple of seasons Arsenal should have won the PL title and our more experienced players would have been our best.

  21. C says:


    Unless your going to actually watch more futbol and follow other leages outside the CL and PL than its not wise to talk about other leagues and clubs. There is a legitmate reason why people value La Masia as one of thr best youth systems in world futbol.

  22. Bill says:


    In this decade, no one from La Masia who has been good enough to be part of the Barca regular first 11 other then Sergie Roberto this season and he only made the regular line up after he was moved to RB when he couldn’t lock down a spot as a regular central midfielder for the last 4-5 years. I remember a whole bunch of Sergi someone’s who were heavily hyped but never really had much chance to actually make an impact with the first team.

    I admit I may be missing a couple but other then Thiago Alcantera at Munich, which La Masia product has become a consistent first 11 starter in any of the worlds “big teams” in this decade?

  23. Bill says:


    “I know your futbol bubble is small but actually go out and read about Dembele, he is really highly thought of and has all the talent to be a world class player.”

    That may be true but paying $100M for someone with potential but who probably won’t even be a regular starter next season if they buy Griezmann is a mistake even for a team with Barca money and I bet they wish they could have a do over and get the money back. If they didn’t have Dembele then they might have a chance to give the next heavily hyped player from La Masia a few minutes next year.

    The bottom line is that it’s very hard for a team like Barca to give a chance to their academy players because they have buy $100M players like Dembele, Griezmann and Coutinho to keep up Real Madrid and the rest of the world. You could argue it’s not fair to the players in their academy but all of the Sergie Someone’s do not really have much chance.

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