Brave or Foolhardy? Arteta is Hardly the Conservative Choice

If nothing else, the shackles of conservatism will hang a little looser around Arsenal Football Club when the appointment of Mikel Arteta is announced. That is as far as the club is concerned a huge risk and we’ll only find out if it was worth it the hard way.

Will it signal a more adventurous Arsenal on and off the pitch, certainly as far as the football side is concerned? There’s a lot of chatter that points to that being the direction in which we’re headed.

Santi Cazorla being appointed to the coaching staff, Thierry Henry as his assistant; even dear old Bobby Pires is volunteering to come back and help. If Steve Bould and Jens Lehmann are persuaded to stay, the coterie of former players so often felt to be missing from Arsenal will be complete.

Yes, there will be coaches who’ve never played for the club but if that basic core is in place then nobody can complain that we’re not staffed by people who have Arsenal in their blood.

Appoint Bob Wilson as chairman instead of Chips and we’ll be there. Or Sir Bob and Lady Megs as it should be, for all their charitable work. If Theresa May can appoint cronies just to get legislation passed through the Lords, then the government can damn well reward people whose efforts warrant recognition.

The question of whether Arteta is the right man for the job is a different aspect of the appointment. Is he the man I’d have chosen? No, he wasn’t even on the radar until his name was floated. I’ve long held the view that the club needed a steady hand to negotiate the choppy waters of Arsène’s departure. The changes at the top were designed to negate that necessity; are they right? We shall see.

Two Out of Three Ain’t Bad

For people used to being cautious in their actions, this a huge leap in the dark. Ivan & co will point to the move to the Emirates from Highbury as equally risky. Well, only Ken Friar was on the board at that time; Harris the carpet fitter wasn’t onboard until six months before the move took place.

And let’s not forget, the reputations of Ivan, Sven, and Raul are on the line. Get this one wrong and their backs are against the wall if they are trusted with finding his replacement.

I’d guess Ivan is the one with most to lose. It strikes me that Junior is being lined up as his replacement with the broad interest he is taking in the business side of things. Maybe not and I’m doing him a disservice. It won’t be the last time.

There’s much to be gained by Arteta doing well, as much as there is by things going pear-shaped. What it won’t be is boring, or at least that’s my feeling. Appointing an unknown quantity brings the new season into sharp focus. How will pre-season shape? What input is he going to have in the recruitment process? Presumably, the ‘final say’ is retained even if the extensive control of Arsène is a thing of the past.

Sven and his team do their part, Raul his; Arteta must surely have input, just as releasing coaches will have. He didn’t take the decision, but the extent and numbers of people departed were sufficient to warrant notice. It’s a huge risk for whoever was the mover and shaker behind it if they didn’t involve a new boss.

Whatever the case, these are exciting times at Arsenal. We’re used to seeing the club develop players, now we’ll see a head coach learn on the job.

Paradise by Floodlight?

That’s an appointment which echoes their US operations. Is it KSE looking for the cheap option? I don’t think so since they stand to lose value on their investment if it goes wrong. Is it cheaper to pay the wrong man off? Of course. When you see Sam Allardyce’s severance package, you understand why.

The Walrus is a good example of why experience isn’t necessarily a good thing. Yesterday saw reports that having called the players in for Sunday training after a defeat, Sammy Lee then informed the players Allardyce was at his home in Spain. The squad were less than amused at the news.

We’ve got as low a bar for improvement as could be expected. There are several issues for the Spaniard to resolve quickly: Wilshere and Ramsey are the notables. The former? The ball is in his court as to whether he signs. Maybe missing out on the World Cup is the trigger for a permanent move away. Maybe Arteta can slot him into the starting line-up and get the best from Jack.

Ramsey is the question with the tough answer. If he isn’t signing a new deal, he has to be sold. He’s one of the few saleable assets we have and letting him walk for nothing would be as criminal as anything which threatened to happen recently.

Tough calls for the new coach to make. Ramsey, I suspect, is one where he will be asked for his opinion, but find others are making the calls.

As I said earlier, these are exciting times at Arsenal and I’m glad we have but a short break between the World Cup and pre-season starting.

’til Tomorrow.

42 thoughts on “Brave or Foolhardy? Arteta is Hardly the Conservative Choice

  1. AJ says:

    I am very excited by this appointment. Arsenal have been stuck in a rut for 10 years now; I am thrilled to witness such a radical change; just copying the rest was never going to pitch us to the front. I really can’t wait to see how it works out but without a bold move, I can’t see is tearing up trees. As Pedro at Le Grove pointed out, we cruised into 6th place, having lost 7 consecutive away games; we are unlikely to be under threat of relegation, we haven’t been winning everything in sight so what is there to lose? I hope our supporters give it a chance; it’s not like we are appointing LVG, Moyes, Allardyce or Pardew!!!
    Bring it on!!!

  2. Dukey says:

    Time to get behind Arteta then.

    Its still more exciting then another predictable season of la la wenger land.

  3. Dukey says:

    I suppose there won’t be many comments today what with everyone pre occupied with the royal wedding yogi!

  4. arlic says:

    fully behind the arteta appointment excited, and am sure he’ll use many promising gooners in the academy which is something that am looking forward to. can’t wait for the new season

  5. lari03 says:

    Good morning all. Interesting times ahead.

  6. YW says:

    There’s a royal wedding Dukey? Never knew; such low-key media coverage of it all.

  7. .C says:


    Your comment yesterday and mirrors many I have seen about Ozil and free rides. I wonder if people including yourself realize that Ozil’s best years and beat play have been under managers that deman the absolute most from him whether its Low or Mourinho or when he was in Germany just breaking through. Not you but others always say, well he got subbed off in the 70′ under Mourinho but fail to realize he did his job and it just made logical sense to bring him off same as we have seen managers throughout history do, and set up shop to see out the match.

  8. C says:

    Could honestly careless about the royal wedding especially given these really are exciting times at Arsenal.

    Will Arteta and his staff get the best out of players, I personally think with different tactics and a focus on attacking he most certainly will if only because they are fresh ideas and the players clearly were tuning Arsene out.

  9. consolsbob says:

    Well, there is much to be said for an appointment like taht after Wenger’s long reign. We have something differnet to look forward to.

    That is huge in itself after suffering Groundhog day for so long.

    Change. Bloody brilliant.

  10. Bill says:

    Great post yogi

    Arteta would not have been my first choice and I have concerns but I agree with Dukey and its much better then another season of Arsene. At least there is now something new and unknown and a reason to be hopeful. If his appointment is inevitable then let’s announce it ASAP. He has a lot of work to do and the sooner the better.

    I hope he has some big cojones. The first real indication of their size will be whether or not our players with the biggest reputation and biggest wages are told to get back to training and be ready for game 1 of the season. Under Arsene our players have become accustomed to the worlds longest vacations after summer international tournaments and they will probably expect more of the same. Arsene and the players lackadaisical attitude about being ready for game 1 of the season has resulted in an absolutely miserable record in the first couple games of the season during this decade and we can’t afford to take any points for granted if we hope to get back to 4th place. A strong start is critical and repeat of the World Cup hangover of 2014 would be an absolute disaster for the new manager

  11. James says:

    From a dinosaur to a really modern leading edge club again. That’s the real Arsenal.

  12. Bill says:

    It says a lot about the way the team played when Rambo is the player of the year. He played well in the last 1/3 of the season but the lack f any other realistic candidates not named Nacho is telling. There was not even a decent candidate for 3rd place. Our biggest reputation players including Ozil, Bellerin, Mustafi, Kos, Cech, Xhaka, Wilshere were not worth their wages.

  13. C says:

    Interesting reports say we are close to signing Sokratis from Dortmund on a 2 year deal.

  14. andy1886 says:

    Madness or inspired selection, only time will tell. At least it will be interesting along the way. It does have the sign of the hand of Josh in it though, and to be honest I’d rather he were more involved than his dinosaur dad so that may prove to be a positive too. First target is to put the Spuds back in their place, then we can reel the rest in.

  15. Fabian K says:

    Reading these comments it’s like everyone has lost their fucking minds.

    We are being handed Arteta by Gazidis and Josh who both know nothing about football. They are happy to be midtable in the Premiership because the tv money on offer has negated the need for Champions League football.

    This season alone we got £140,000,000 from TV, league position, central committee . Plus that DOES NOT include internal sponsorship (maybe another £50m) or gate receipts. Where is the fucking money?
    Plus what is in the bank already!

    Arteta will not attract any big name players, he will not be able to sort out the defense, will not be able to control or discipline the big name players. He is not a leading candidate for the job, but the club is doing an excellent propaganda job of releasing information to their favourite journalists to drip feed BS to gullable fans about how great he is when in reality he has done fuck all.

    Explain to me how is it an improvement to get rid of Wenger to put Arteta in. It’s like the lunatics are running asylum. Plus because so many fans are so happy that Wenger is finally gone they will accept any shit the club feeds them. I am not buying this crap they are peddling.

    This is the reality of the lack of ambition of this club. The years of taking money out , leveraging against the club to finance loans for Kroenke’s other sports franchises including helping him to finance the building of his new stadium for his LA team. That was done because of Arsenal’s finances. Whichever fan doesn’t know this please do your research and understand that this club is being bled from within by the worst kind of parasite.

    The owner doesn’t even care who we appoint.

    I am looking at fans saying it cannot get worst. Let me tell you it can easily get worst. We can stil drfit to midtable even relegation with the wrong appointment.

    Now they are talking about appointing Henry as assistant to Arteta with Santi as coach. It’s all just a bunch of BS.

    We need a proper manager to take us through at least two seasons get us back into Champions League then we can look at how Arteta and Veira and Henry or whoever has developed.

    This blatant attempt to leak propaganda to the press of how great Arteta is stage managed BS and the fans need to wake the fuck up and realise what they are doing here.

    More to follow. Wake up Arsenal Fans!

  16. Noon Gunner says:


    Yes, I read this and thought it helped explain (a) why Per was chosen for the new job at the Academy, and (b) why we have underperformed as a team for so long. Reading this alongside the rumours swirling about the young, inexperienced but serious-minded ex-Arsenal players being considered to form the management team, I see a pattern that I like.

  17. C says:

    Fabian K,

    Interesting post though I disagree with quite a bit. Look at Germany and the Bundesliga for instance, there is a STRONG shift from recycled names to these young bright minds who are highly thought of with fresh ideas and training methods that not only bring in staffs with ex-players but quality players.

    Who knows the game as a backro staff in modern futbol then those that have played and excelled in modern times. Bayern recently appointed a young bright manager who, if I’m not mistaken filled his backroom staff with futbol people.

    People bang on about Allegri who would have been a brilliant choice but forget that when he took the reigns at AC Milan people questioned it because of his age and look how that turned out. Before you make judgement, I suggest coming with an open mind.

    I’m not one who ever wanted an older manager to simply see us through, but instead one who is highly regarded as a futbol mind and one who will put together a staff that is filled with strong willed and high futboling IQ.

  18. MikeSA says:

    Would Arteta have been on my radar originally?


    But if they do decide that he’s the man then I see little point in running around panicking like my hair’s on fire until we’ve seen quite what does or doesn’t transpire.

    I have no idea what thought processes (if any), go through the minds of our intrepid management team at Arsenal, but I’m not going to shoot them down before they’ve even had a chance to prove or disprove what they can or cant do.

    Who knows, they might even totally flummox us with someone else they’ve been hiding out of sight.

    Whatever does or doesn’t happen, it will take some time to evolve before we can cast any judgement on the new team.

    Quite frankly, my cat could have got more out of our squad than Wenger did, so I’m not exactly stressed that we’ll continue to plummet down the table.

    IMO at worst we’ll tread water.

    What really will be interesting is to see how the season ticket renewals go.

    I wonder if there’s a degree of trepidation announcing it with management having an eye on those stats?

    I have no idea myself, but I wouldn’t be surprised if season ticket holders actually do renew on the basis that we are entering a new era.

    Good or bad, we simply don’t know yet.

  19. Begeegs says:


    Those bright young minds had managerial experience prior to their appointments. In the instance that they hadn’t, it was Hoffenheim and they were flirting with relegation when Nagelsmann was appointed.

    Arsenal are not in the relegation table to be appointing not only one novice, but potentially two if the Cazorla appointment is to believed. If Henry is considered, he is hardly experienced either.

    The Arteta appointment would be shambolic on so many levels.

  20. C says:


    Right but the point is, recycling names isn’t the way forward for me, its about getting the bright young mind that knows modern futbol. In the Bundesliga, they aren’t just flirting with relegation but could be midtable and generally their coaching experience is as a #2 or youth academy.

    The back room staff will be crucial to any manager whether they are experienced or not. Sure the Santi rumor is interesting but again, we simply don’t know how the players will respond.

    Would Arteta have been my first choice or even on my radar, no, but lets wait and see because their is one thing that is clear, if he is highly thought of in the futboling circle and Pep made him #2 immediately then obviously he isn’t the worst choice because those futboling minds have probably forgot more than we will ever know.

  21. C says:

    Interesting that rumors are circling that CB’s Sokratis and Soyuncu are either close or the deals are complete. Would be very interesting but welcomed additions.

  22. Woolwich Freddie says:


    Would the signing of Sokratis signal the adoption of a new philosophy by the club?

    I’ll get my coat.

  23. C says:

    Woolwich Freddie,

    The crazy thing is one is wildly experienced and the other is a highly rated 22year old who many compare to a more aggressive and quicker Hummels.

    Sokratis makes sense though as a ready made replacement for Mert and Kos.

  24. C says:

    Nothing against Ramsey I just find it quite hypocritical that damn near everybody says we lack leaders on the pitch but now all of a sudden think Ramsey is the Captain and leader we need.

  25. Zhord says:

    I would have voted Reiss Nelson for thirdif he was nominated. I hope he gets more first team football next season under Arteta. Exciting times ahead. It feels good not to know what to expect of the club.

    It says a

  26. Welsh Corgi Cardigan says:


    Oh, I think he’s the leader of the team and has been for quite some time. I think you see it in how the other players respond to him, how he demands the ball, gets in the team the moment he can walk as well as flooring the Dutch skunk😀.

  27. Bill says:

    I would have voted Reiss Nelson for thirdif he was nominated. I hope he gets more first team football next season under Arteta. Exciting times ahead. It feels good not to know what to expect of the club.

    Reiss Nelson is only 18 so I have no idea why we would want to rush him. He actually played quite a bit this season. In 463 minutes he gave us 0 goals and 0 assists so based on this year I can’t imagine a manager who is going to need every point he can get wanting to give Nelson more minutes. Reiss looked ok in the middle 1/3 of the pitch but he has long ways to go before his ability to provide end product is ready for the first team. He should go on loan to a championship team next year. If he shows some evidence of being good enough for the championship then we can move him to a lower or mid table PL team.

  28. Bill says:

    Nothing against Ramsey I just find it quite hypocritical that damn near everybody says we lack leaders on the pitch but now all of a sudden think Ramsey is the Captain and leader we need.

    Who among our current group is the leader we need? Ramsey seems like as good a choice as anyone else in this squad.

  29. Bill says:

    Maitland-Niles played well enough to consider having him compete for elneny’s role as defensive minded midfielder on the bench. However the best thing we could do for Maitland-Niles would be a loan spell with a PL team. Let him get some experience playing regularly for a full season and then we get a test drive with another team which will give us a much better idea is he is really ready for high leverage PL minutes on our team.

  30. keef66 says:


    Aubangawam was easily player of the year in less than half season, the only one out of the whole rabble who did his job properly the whole time he was there.

    I would make Lacazette second, overall showed real class despite injury issues and appalling service from midfield.

  31. keef66 says:


    Isn’t he good enough to challenge our current midfielders for a place already?

  32. Bill says:

    I think one of the reasons Arsene’s lost the sense of urgency about results was because he became complacent about his job security. I think part of the problem for our squad was they mirrored Arsene’s attitudes. Hopefully Arteta will bring a new sense of urgency regarding getting results to the job because he needs to get us back to the top 4 next season or at the latest in 2 seasons. He can’t afford to make the same mistakes Arsene did and hopefully he won’t try to develop underprepared U21 players by using first team minutes.

  33. C says:


    Thats the problem, he is as good as Xhaka who demands the ball, Ozil who demands the ball as does Aubameyang and even Lacazette when he drops deep. I juat found it funny that people say give Ramsey the armband and he is the Captain yet he plays loads of matches has been here through the Arsene years and been a key part yet splits the fan base and is that what we want as a Captain? People talk about Ozil not being what we need because he splits the fanbase yet Ramsey does rhe same so how can all of a sudden he be the player that leads us forward.

    I know people talk about him scoring that goal in the FA Cup runs but lets be clear and stop having short term memory, Ozil was MOTM in both the semi and Finals of those FA Cup runs, Ramsey just finished Ozil’s work.

  34. C says:

    Take off the rose tinited glasses because he won the award for a bang average season…..has he been the midfield boss in big matches, has he not been bossed by lesser players, sorry, he is as much Captain material as Mustafi or Xhaka or the rest of the lot. We need a midfield general and if he was so mich of a Gooner than why do those in charge not see it and why did Ramsey tell them to fuck off even prior to Ozil signing. Wouldn’t our Captain be the undisputed leader, I mean people talk about how great he is but doea anybody remember the Chelsea match when Arsene benched both Sanchez and Ozil and for a FULL mMATCh we had 0 shots.

  35. C says:

    I’m not saying Ramsey is a bad player but Captain material, sorry he isn’t even in the same sentence as Vieira, Cesc and Adams.

  36. Bill says:


    I am lot suggesting that Ramsey would be a good captain and If we had a better choice then I would happy to see him get the armband instead of Ramsey. Unfortunately I don’t think don’t have anyone who is a leader like Vieira which is part of the problem for any new manager but especially one who has no experience and who was recently a team mate to a lot of these players.

    Ramsey divides opinions but realistically are there any of our regular first 11 players not named Nacho who have been with the club more then 1 year and do not divide opinions? I I would be happy if Nacho got the armband but I have no idea if he would be captain material.

  37. MikeSA says:


    I think it’s difficult to tell who in the team is captain material because IMO Wenger evolved into disliking having any possibility of contrarian opinion or strong character on the pitch because of the growing of his own excessive ego after Dein left.

    Leadership ability and capacity is not always clear to outsiders in those conditions because it’s being supressed.

    Personally I don’t like Ramsey at all.

    IMO he and Ozil play in the same position, the difference for me is that Ozil doesn’t think he’s Ramsey.

    I suspect there’s a reason why the early Wales captaincy was taken away from Ramsey and why Xhaka was captain elsewhere.

    The new coach/manager wil hopefully have slightly less of an ego than Wenger in that regard and a lot more skill than Wenger at identifying leadership candidates.

  38. andy1886 says:


    Can’t say I agree that Cesc was a good captain at all.

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