Huddersfield Review: Wham, Bam! Thank You, Man

And with the shrill peep of Michael Oliver’s whistle, the end arrived. The era is over and interregnum begins.

Huddersfield Town  0 – 1 Arsenal

For once the players stuck to the script and won. The goal was a fleeting reminder of how good Arsenal can be; incisive, quick and effective. Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang applied the finish but the assist from the outside of Aaron Ramsey’s boot was delicious; it demanded a goal and the striker added it.

Beyond that, it was a pleasant game, lacking the intensity of the previous 37 matches because there was nothing riding on it. Huddersfield will feel they deserved a point and were more open than their league position enabled them to be at other times. We were off the pace and on the beach, enjoying the rest before resuming football in a fortnight with national squads.

But the day was about the manager. The celebration continued and Huddersfield gave him a nice gift. Their fans offered a round of applause for a couple of minutes which Arsène seemed to miss until halfway through. Courteously – what else – he acknowledged them when he did.

Courteous is a nice word to sum up the day, and Arsène seemed to enjoy it. There was a fantastic photo of him in the dugout yesterday. He’d walked out to take in some air about 40-45 minutes before kick-off and took a set. He looked at ease with life, relaxed and to be enjoying himself. Amy Lawrence hit the nail on the head with her observation that since he announced his departure, Arsène looks a lot less stressed.

And why wouldn’t he be? Post-match, he joked with the media that the wrong banner was on the plane which flew overhead. “Kroenke, you’re next” may sum up the mood but that is a battle which is a lot harder to win.

It’s as Well to Begin as One Intends to Continue

Arsène was magnanimous in his departure. In an age when football thrives on kissing a badge which means nothing more than a paycheque, Wenger’s recognition of the away fans was genuine. A bow, a wave with a heartfelt appreciation of their efforts to be there no matter the conditions, weather or of the team:

“It was spontaneous because I know that we’ve disappointed the away fans this season, that many of them they live the whole week and use their spare money to travel up to games.

“It’s part of the respect. We had disagreements which I accept but we had one thing in common: we loved Arsenal Football Club and I wanted to share that with them today.”

Which I don’t think is anything anyone can argue with. Whether you agree with the path he chose, the decisions he made; that’s another matter. However, I’d take issue with anyone who says he didn’t love the club; I can’t see any reason to doubt that.

Speaking of his time with Arsenal, Wenger added:

“I’m very proud, I’ve contributed a little bit. I’ve given some good moments to people who love the club. I don’t know what will stay or remain through the victories or defeats.

“I think what will remain is the formidable human aspect of the last 22 years – that is special and I will cherish that.

And it is. Make the most of it as football supporters for there won’t be another 20-year reign in our lifetimes. It’s almost ‘anti-football’ now. If a coach gets to five years, that’s almost the equivalent of forty-odd years at the factory or office. Certainly, there won’t be a club which lets the manager control so many aspects of it; football is big business and micro-management is off the agenda.

The Comfort of Sacrifice

The final words on the day itself belong to the man, who summed up what it meant to him to be Arsenal boss:

“I had fantastic human experiences at the club, above the results, it was a human adventure for 22 years and I wish everybody well and a lot of success to my club for the future.”

There’s no better way to put it.

’til Tomorrow.

81 thoughts on “Huddersfield Review: Wham, Bam! Thank You, Man

  1. HenryB says:

    Excellent Post, Yogi, and it has introduced us nicely to the new era!! 😀

    What to make of the latest rumours? Well, if we start by stating they are all bollix, apart from the one which guesses correctly, then we are told Allegri is the man – except he says he is staying at Juve, or it is a guy from left field, in the now ex-Zenit manager, Roberto Mancini, or wait – Pep has been bigging up Mikel and saying he would not stop him joining the gunners — umm, I think it will be Arteta — Allegri wanted a £200m war-chest, and obviously got the wrong answer — who wants a manager who was sacked (effectively) by Zenit — so Mikel will be cheap, and knows Arsenal will not fund big transfer — so there we have it — OK, more bollix by yours truly — but Kroenke has to pull his finger out and get this sorted.

  2. Pete the Thirst says:

    Mmmmmmmmmmmmm a fresh wind is blowing Our way!

    Bye Bye Arsene.

  3. Ras says:

    Salut ‘ Tis the season to be jolly tra la la la…..’

    I wonder if Arsène is going to allow himself the luxury of a lie in this morning?

  4. Harry says:

    Lovely stuff, Yogi.

    Yeah, you sense a weight has been lifted from the old man’s shoulders. Little bit spring in his step again. Maybe he will discover retirement from management isn’t the death knell after all (probably not). Good luck to him though, whatever he does.

    Now to embrace the, er, Arteta era. Give over. Surely not. They wouldn’t….would they? Oh.

  5. andy1886 says:


    I’d rather have Sean Dyche than Arteta – at least he’s earned a crack at a bigger job. Could he be this era’s Bruce Rioch?

  6. Fabian K says:

    Hi Guys,

    We got to really careful here because I think the board is about to completely shaft this club for the next ten years at least.

    They are being rebuffed by all the top coaches right now. That is a very worrying sign. Allegri has just ruled himself out, so has Enrique. Didn’t want Enrique, but still.

    We have to fight the appointment of Arteta. That will be disastrous for the club and demonstrate what a total lack of ambition we have. It’s wrong in every way except that it is cheap and that he will not ever challenge the board because he will be their perfect yea man.

    That is not what we need from a raw and inexperienced manager. He will also have no star attraction power and won’t be able to control and already undiscipled dressing room.

    The way it is going everyone seems to be allowing the board to get away with murder Der just because Arsene has left and there is a relief. But that should be the case. All the fans need to unite to send a clear message we will not tolerate mediocrity at the club any longer, other wise the Kroenke out banner that flew yesterday will have to be enforced by full boycott of the stadium bring them to their knees until he is forced to sell.

    If they hire Arteta then I beleive it time to fully back a Kroenke out campaign, Wenger sheilded all of them for years whilst they got away with murder, taking money of the club, leveraging against it, preventing any funds from being spent etc etc.

    It’s to get the need for Arsenal. We need a top manger with experience and to back him in the market. That’s the reality of where we are. Not penny pinching now. We are at the the point of being cast permanently adrift of the top four even six in the league. It’s time to start serious pressure on this gutless lying hierarchy of this club. It all stems from Kroenke lack of ambition and live for Arsenal.

    No fucking Arteta, spread the word. Veira yes, Jardim yes, Ancelloti yes they can get any of those guys and they will work with a 100/120m budget for this summer which we can easily provide.

  7. lari03 says:

    Great end to the season.
    Like I said a few days ago, it won’t be long before the Kroenke out buzz starts and I was not disappointed yesterday. I doubt if that will be as effective as Wenger’s campaign. It however does effectively turn all eyes on, who the next manager will be.

  8. lari03 says:

    It’s quite early for Bill to come on here, but Chuba Akpom had a fair loan spell in Belgium.

    Do we need stand by squad players like Akpom ? I would say yes. If we gave Danny Welbeck a chance, then we certainly ought to give Akpom a chance too.

  9. Michael says:

    All the talk recently seems to point to Arteta, while he wouldn’t be my first choice, if given the go ahead to become our head coach, he should at least get the opportunity to show what he can do, before being lambasted. Whilst certainly not advocating him, he was approached by both Pep and Ponch to work with them, and he appears to be doing a good job. Of course there is a big difference between being the no1 and no2, hence my concern, that said good bosses invariably have very competent people running the show. So lets not have an Arteta out, before he comes in….there are bound to be a few problems with a newish set up for whoever comes in imo.

  10. Pete the Thirst says:

    Fabian K,

    The club should belong to the fans, no doubt. Kroenke Out will become a ‘thing’.

    Tbh Fabian I would take Arteta over Ancelloti. Why the hate for Mikel? Although I agree with Andy: Dyche deserves a big job.

  11. Harry says:

    I’m amazed that there are folks out there who actually think it would be a great appointment, Andy.

    Tellingly though, it appears the more extreme Arsene loyalists are the ones overjoyed at the thought of Arteta over, say, Allegri (or whatever other names are bandied about).

    Who knows. Maybe there’s nothing in it and it’ll be some left field appointment that will take us all by surprise. Much as AW was. These are different times though…

  12. Pete the Thirst says:


    Ponch needed a new partner? What happened to Larry? I loved CHIPS!

  13. Harry says:

    I wouldn’t be “Arteta out”. Good grief.

    Whatever misgivings, the new man (whoever it may be) needs backing, time and, hopefully, money.

    We’ll soon find out.

  14. silvergunner says:

    Well au revoir Wenger 22 committed years to the job with differing results. First 10 years being clearly better than his last 12.
    I appreciate all the years of his tenure but like most agree it was time for a change.
    Let’s hope we get the best coach available not one with the most promise in a league saturated with some of the best coaches in Europe.

  15. andy1886 says:


    Absolutely. There’s a big difference between having a preference for another candidate and actively campaigning against the guy if he’s appointed. The number one priority for the new man is to sort out our so-called defending and I can’t think of a reason why Arteta would be the man to do that. I suspect that he would be another attack minded coach without the money that Pep has to overcome any shortcomings in that area.

  16. nicky says:

    In all the brouhaha surrounding the departure of Arsene Wenger and the appointment of a successor, there has been no news so far of (a) the usual Summer tour and (b) the Emirates Cup. Does anyone have any info on either of these? 😉

  17. Bufallo says:

    Mikel Arteta, odds closed right in….the next Arsenal manager ? Well, that is left field, i imagine no-one would have predicted that as the post Wenger option and wouldn’t have been happy if told. Maybe he will be a great success but it seems like a bizarre risk given that Wenger is essentially being sacked because underperformance was damaging the brand and therefore the bottom line. Allegri, Jardim, Ancelotti…..all managers. Arteta, well it’s like giving Gerrard or Giggs the job imo. If i was an Arsenal player i think i’d rather have a proper manager not a recently retired ex player who was, at best, average at the club and hardly a cult figure but maybe he is a supersonic coach because he’s spent the year with Pep…..why oh why hasn’t he spent the last year at Arsenal if the club thought he was so wonderful? Cheap as chips though probably why Kroenkes want him, risk it for a biscuit and if it goes south hire someone more established.

  18. Pete the Thirst says:


    Emirates Cup is cancelled due to Project Saturn!

  19. Bufallo says:

    I have to admit despite wanting Wenger out for so long, it felt all rather sad and emotional and he has handled himself with incredible dignity given he clearly didn’t want to go. Whatever, he’s given us an emotional turn, polar extremes…it really has been a journey. Wonder what he’ll do next ? i reckon he will reappear as a manager sooner rather than later.

  20. James says:

    The best thing about yesterday was the confirmation of West Bromwich, Stoke and Swansea going down. Now that’s a result!!
    Whoever comes in, there will be a clear reasoning behind it. The guys in the appointment committee know what they are doing, in the same way Dein did in his day.
    They have access to information we are not privy to, and no appointment will be perfect. We can’t get Guardiola of course, and we missed Klopp during the period of BoD incompetence before the team around the CEO was created. The decision will ultimately be taken by the Owners, but they will base that firmly on the committee recommendations.
    I’ll go along with whoever they choose, I doubt any of us could do better based than the appointing committee – they know the facts and realities, we don’t. Change is definitely better than another season with the Old Man.

  21. silvergunner says:


    All I know is the ICC competition in Singapore I’m sure more will be announced later.

  22. Dukey says:

    The shitter the manager the happier the wengerites will be. They do not want a big name guy coming in and doing well, no they want to see us squirm to mid table to make the messiah look good.

  23. Harry says:

    Absolutely, Andy.

    A slow start and wouldn’t be surprised if some do campaign against him (if he’s the one). I blame the internet. Just fear he’d be little bit Arsene-lite. Perfect fit then, but not what we really need. Footballistically speaking.

    Nothing wrong with expressing doubts (Was sure Arsene was a dodgy appointment when he arrived. So, y’know…).

  24. Michael says:

    I think its simplistic to suggest that going for Arteta is the cheapest option for a tight arse owner. The new guys, if they are worth their salt wouldn’t hang around a club with no ambition to compete. Personally I believe IG was working with 1 hand tied behind his back with AW’s pull with Stan, and that he is just as ambitious as anyone else….We will see.

  25. .C says:


    Mate, if Bill didn’t want to keep Szczesny after his 2 years in Rome, you know he isn’t going to even think about keeping Akpom.

  26. JonJon says:

    if we want a guy who can work with small budgets then we might as well go for someone with experience at it like alladyce.

    names like arteta dont really push my buttons – wenger, although unknown in england at the time was a manager who had won trophies in france and japan.

    i know after years and years of wenger it feels like a tooth pulled but unlike you lot im not allowing myself to fall into the ‘anyone will do’ trap.

    we finished 6th, 1million points behind the champs and a thousand points behind spurs.
    this is a massive job – its going to need a massive personality to stamp his own authority on the team.

    otherwise we are just looking at a bunch of players coached to player wengerball – continuing to play wengerball under another guy who played wengerball.

    and wengerball doesnt work.

  27. .C says:

    Good read there Yogi.

    Can we all also appreciate just how quickly Aubameyang has adapted to the PL, our attacking options next season for the nee man will be more than fine.

    For Arsene, it certainly has been a wild ride even from when his appointment but I have enjoyed it both the good and the bad times. Agree with Yogi, there is no doubt he loves the club and it was one of those moments with Arsene taking a bow to the away fans.

    As far as the new man, well if we do go the young or sorta kinda inexperienced then I want Naglesmann.

  28. .C says:


    Agree with some of that but I think some of thr players only know how to play Wengerball, the likes of Ozil, Lacazette, Aubameyang, Xhaka not only have played but thrived playing other styles and do even now when they play for their countries.

    You then have the likes of Jack, Ramsey and that lot who have only played for Arsene and not for nothing but maybe thats part of the hesitation about giving them contracts.

  29. Woolwich Freddie says:


    Absolutely. How refreshing to have, in Auba, a more instinctive striker who doesn’t overtthink it and will just get in the box and stick his leg out. I really enjoy Laca’s technique but he doesn’t offer that and neither has any Arsenal striker for aome while.

  30. Dukey says:

    Can’t wait to see Rambo under an even more tactical manager. Maybe the new guy can build a team round him eh c?

  31. .C says:

    Woolwich Freddie,

    Yup, and its why I think Lacazette and Aubameyang will flourish together because they have different skillsets that actually compliment each other. Aubameyang is thr poacher who doesn’t always get involved but can be a flying wide player while Lacazette is better in tight spaces and doesn’t mind dropping a bit deeper but is clinical. Our attack next season can be mouthwatering.

  32. .C says:


    Don’t need to build a team around one player but instead a core group which he can be apart of BUT it will be interesting, if he is still here.

  33. Stu says:

    Arséne is a clever chap; the use of “my club” in his farewell, is his final offer of reaching out to the fan base. I’m sure he has a genuine love for the club and wants to see it succeed, even if Kronke’s rug was pulled from under his feet. Fair play to him. Just a shame it had to take the toxic atmosphere for him and/or the BoD to act.

    The other day I said I want to be inspired by the new appointment. I think that applies to all fans. Arteta doesn’t inspire at this time. Max Allegri inspires; he is in my view the best fit. Age, experience, playing style – he wouldn’t throw the passing style out of the window, but he would want a solid base behind it. Fix the one problem; don’t create a second problem.

    Left-field for me would be Julian Nagelsmann. Young, up and coming, positive views of him from his peers. But would a 30 year old have what it takes to enthuse Özil, or does that not matter?

  34. James says:

    astounding statistic – Xhaka set a new PL record of 3,117 attempted passes since records began in 2003. No slouch there then.

  35. Wavey says:


    0 goals in 10 appearances according to his Wiki. Sounds like a perfect stand-in for Welbeck or Iwobi. Although he apparently did well in the Belgian league, (Sint-Truidense).

  36. Bill says:

    Great post yogi. Arsene was certainly relaxed. I know he didn’t want to leave and I thought he might give the fans and the media one last double barrel middle finger salute but his comments were excellent and full credit to him and I wish the best. I think Dukey’s comment at 12:20 is more accurate then we want to admit but hopefully time will heal the divisions in the arsenal fan base and we can get on with the job of rebuilding the club

  37. .C says:


    I actually do think he Nagelsmann would because its the German way, rarely do they continue to retred old managers (okay Bayern does it Heynckes when they need a stop gap) they always look for young fresh and inventive managers and the German players seem to understand that. I knoe most that only follow the PL won’t have a clue but Nagelsmann has been described as a young futboling genius and his training methods and ground has been described as revolutionary.

  38. .C says:


    6 in his last 15 appearances is what I think he was getting at

  39. .C says:

    I think Dukey’s comment is spot on but I also wonder how will all suppporters react should we have a slow start. The othet thing that must be taken into consideration is the World Cup and the shortened transfer window.

  40. Dukey says:


    I’m sure the cat appreciates those outside of the boot assists!

  41. Stu says:


    I agree with you C about Naglesmann’s potential. If Kroenke wont splash out on Allegri (wages and transfer kitty), then Naglesmann would be the cheaper “has potential” option. If he can deal with Ozil and the other big egos, then briliant. He has no history with the club, so no legacy issues to resolve as would be the case for Arteta – who I feel ought to cut his teeth elsewhere, such as back at Everton.

  42. Wavey says:


    In Belgium. They may have a good national team, but most of their top players are playing in other leagues.

  43. .C says:


    He did, sure he also like Ozil playing him clean through and playing with Lacazette.

  44. .C says:


    Yup and I think the other thing about Nagelsmann is that he understands defending and puts a system that is solid defending and attacking and gets players to play to their strengths.

  45. .C says:


    True but then again, its just good for him to find form anywhere.

  46. Exit the Lemming says:

    Thoroughly left field suggestion for Wenger’s successor: Neil Lennon (Hibs manager) has managed in the goldfish bowl/cauldron of Glaswegian sectarian divide to the extent of having received parcel bombs and death threats but has taken a Scottish team with a relatively modest budget beyond the group stages of the Champions League. His teams play good attacking football and are well organized defensively.

  47. Dukey says:

    Neil mr angry chip on his shoulder hates the world coz he’s an ugly fucker Lennon! No thanks. An even dour man than Brenda rodgers and that takes some doing.

  48. Exit the Lemming says:

    Anger is maybe something the current squad have never yet encountered on their travels

  49. Dukey says:

    We need someone firm and disciplined but who would command the ultimate respect. I’d love to see simeone…shame coz he really does produce a team ready for a good old battle. That’s what we need now, a side prepared to get in the trenches. Arteta would probably be another Wenger….pitty patty nice on the eye but with the same soft core.

  50. Bill says:


    “It’s quite early for Bill to come on here, but Chuba Akpom had a fair loan spell in Belgium.

    Do we need stand by squad players like Akpom ? I would say yes. If we gave Danny Welbeck a chance, then we certainly ought to give Akpom a chance too.”

    I suspect Chuba may have found his ceiling in Belgium. However, If we are really hoping to give him another chance with Arsenal then we should bring him back to England for a year on loan in the championship. Last time he was at that level it did not go well but may be he has improved. If he does really well in the Championship then the following season move him up for a loan spell on a PL team and then we can see what happens. He is still young and there is plenty of time. It will hurt Arsenal to give up a squad spot and it wont help Chuba if we rush the process and he fails again.

  51. .C says:

    Interesting that reports have the list down to two- Nagelsmann or Arteta.

  52. Colts says:

    Mike arty would be very disappointing, I agree 110% Everton should have him first. Unfortunately I can see us doing it based on Josh, the rams and our moneyball routine.
    Could it work? Yeah, probably. This ain’t astrophysics, he’d have to be pretty dense if he was unable to see what needs to be done. Plus tactically he read the game better than most so I wouldn’t have too much of a problem wondering whether he could cut it on field. Innovative enough to take us to the next level? If he’s a keen study in his spare time who knows.
    I remember when arsenal fan tv attended some event with Mike there. The thing that stuck with me was.

    1. His eyes appeared to contain no soul.
    2. He seemed quite irritated but handled it really well.

    Perhaps it was I that was irritated. Anywho, coupled with ‘Ivanwatchgate’ i think he has enough self awareness to handle a dressing room. The stickler being what players will be lookin our way this summer thinking the giant turned over, fluffed his pillow and went back to sleep.

  53. Bill says:


    Trying to integrate a player like Akpom into the squad is a crap shoot and even the most heavily hyped players such as Chuba or Afobe have not made it. It has proven almost impossible to guess which ones might succeed and its hurt the team to give important squad positions to players who are not ready or not good enough. However, the chance of successful integration of a player like Chuba would be greatly increased with he has had a successful “test drive” at another team where the competition is reasonably close to PL level. That will add a couple extra years to the process but in the long run it would be much better for Arsenal since we get get to cherry pick the ones most likely to succeed and we get players who are more experienced and gone thru at least part of the inconsistency of youth stages. I think its also better for the players themselves. It seems like a win/win.

  54. Bill says:

    astounding statistic – Xhaka set a new PL record of 3,117 attempted passes since records began in 2003. No slouch there then.

    In my mind that is not a good thing. Having you deepest midfielder lead the world in passes attempted is a certain sign of tippy tappy. That is part of the reason we have so much meaningless ball possession and its not a surprise that he breaks the record during our worst season in 22 years.

  55. HenryB says:

    I have been growing more irritated with Kroenks and or the BoD, by the delay in appointing a new manager — the decision to let Arsene Wenger go must have been made some months back — perhaps even as far back as last summer — before giving him one last go to win the Europa, or the EPL — unrealistic tho’ both of those aspirations were, with the squad we had.

    Then the thought struck me that the only other similar managerial appointment was after Sir Alex retired, and the codswallop choices Manure made in appointing Moyes, and then the Dutch guy, Van Hefalump, and even the narcissist Mourhino whose style of play has angered many Manc fans up here.

    So maybe the top managers, whom Arsenal may have wanted, have been frightened off and do not want to become sacrificial lamb. Maybe that’s why Arteta is tempting the powers that be, because if he screws up, he would not cost as much to replace as the £20m a year top of the tree characters they have been linked with.

    It still does not explain why all the bloody delay.

  56. Bill says:


    Mate, if Bill didn’t want to keep Szczesny after his 2 years in Rome, you know he isn’t going to even think about keeping Akpom.

    In retrospect you were right and we should have kept Wojo. I will certainly I missed the target on that one. We needed to dump wages and I think Wojo was on the final year of his contract and he was unlikely to play regularly with Arsene as the manager. We can’t have a player with world class wages sitting on the bench especially when the it was very likely he would have left on the free at the end of the season. Arsene getting sacked changes everything but we could not have known that would happen at the time.

  57. HenryB says:


    Maybe James was only telling half the story. Perhaps it should read; “Xhaka set a new PL record of 3,117 attempted passes since records began in 2003 — and missed with 3,100 of them”.

    That I could believe. 😀

  58. .C says:


    True but presently we now have Cech and Ospina both average and not only that but heading into their last years of the contract and now we have to sign one. Its a shame that we finally had used the loan system properly with Szczesny and instead Arsene used it as punishment and now we have to spend funds on a new GK.

  59. .C says:

    Welp, Arsene won’t be manager of PSG because they just appointed Tuchel.

  60. Colts says:

    Welp, Arsene won’t be manager of PSG because they just appointed Tuchel.

    Lmao, did anyone really think a club obsessed with winning the cl would appoint Wenger.

  61. Bill says:


    All of what you say about Wojo is correct and again in retrospect now that we know arsene is leaving we may have made a mistake with selling him.

    Wojo is the perfect example of how a loan can benefit an inexperienced and perhaps immature player. It’s unfortunate that Arsene had 5 years of negative history with Wojo before shipping him off. If we had sent Wojo on loan for 2-3 years before handing him the GK job and let him mature on someone’s else’s club then everything might have turned out differently.

  62. Bill says:


    I hope the new manager does not want to repeat another season of endless ball possession and thousands and thousands of passes around the midfield.

  63. James says:


    Maybe James was only telling half the story.Perhaps it should read;“Xhaka set a new PL record of 3,117 attempted passes since records began in 2003 — and missed with 3,100 of them”.

    That I could believe.

    Both of you guys are right…..I suspect….but there’s a good player in there somewhere. 🙂

  64. Colts says:


    Think it’s just a sign of respect, doesn’t clear his desk till Thursday. Then they may wanna give it a week or so for the Wenger mist to clear.
    For me who ever comes in has it easy, real easy. Fabinho, 2 athletic powerhouses at the back, a true winger and a coherent plan and we’re good to go. Who ever the manager is he’ll be licking his lips knowing he’s got bammy.

    That dude. Ffs. His movement is ridiculous. Even without his speed, for a defender, you blink and it might be a wrap.

  65. Bill says:


    I am not sure why Wojo would have wanted to come back. He didn’t have a great experience during his 5 years playing for Arsene. Wengerball has not done good things for our CB’s or GK’s in the last 10 years.

  66. .C says:


    Its funny you talk about 5 years given thr year before he was shipped off he won the Golden Gloves.

    It shouldn’t even have been hindsight, it was during his loan when most not named Bill thought he should of been sold because Cech was better. Szczesny wanted to come back and sign and stay, the problem is, Arsene didn’t want to keep him.

  67. lari03 says:

    I think the media has had a field day, predicting who appoints the next manager and the power bloc that favors such candidates. It is all pure speculation. The idea that Sven, Raul and Gazidis will play more than an advisory role is false. The BoD and the Kroenke’s are the main decision makers.

    They have recruited the modern structure for a new manager and I dare say they will appoint a manager with history; and a proven winner as an Arsenal man: Patrick Viera. Mikael Arteta would only be a manager of last resort.

    He has played football at the top level in Europe and he is already into management in the MLS.

  68. consolsbob says:


    You are showing up again, troll.

    Fun bus figured you out as well, have they?

  69. will_the_thrill says:

    good discussion here all, i’m with you that bringing in Arteta isnt ideal. To be fair, when he was here i do remember a bit of fire in him. But can he inspire the lads, i think they would be in awe of Viera honestly. Arteta is smart, tidy, tactical and all that but yeah let him get his bearings somewhere smaller before leading the gunners!

    quoting Bill from earlier,
    “its not a surprise that he breaks the record during our worst season in 22 years.”

    this actually surprised me! I would have thought Denilson held the record for most sideways passes =) haha. In all honesty Bill has a good point, of all the years of the soft tippy tap with meaningless passes, we have reached the tipping point this year.

  70. Bill says:


    Its funny you talk about 5 years given thr year before he was shipped off he won the Golden Gloves.

    It shouldn’t even have been hindsight, it was during his loan when most not named Bill thought he should of been sold because Cech was better. Szczesny wanted to come back and sign and stay, the problem is, Arsene didn’t want to keep him.

    Wojo was clearly one of Arsene’s favorites. Arsene gave him 5 full years and you can’t blame Arsene for being tired of Wojo after that many years of underperformance. At the time we sent him on loan we clearly needed a new GK and Wojo needed a change of scenery. At the time Cech looked like a gift from heaven and he was still young enough for a top GK for several more years. At the time he was a world class GK and only cost $10M which was far to good to pass up and I can’t imagine Wojo would have been happy sitting on the bench.

    I think we need a new GK but Cech is certainly a candidate for a player who might regain better form with a new manager and a new defensive mentality

  71. Arsetralian says:


    Emery board to the fore then
    Surely ticks the boxes for us or is off somewhere else already?

  72. Arsetralian says:

    Funny how trendy German managers have become
    Maybe the jumpers?

  73. Dukey says:

    Arteta looked happy yesterday in his man city gear.

  74. Colts says:

    Arteta looked happy yesterday in his man city gear.

    I guess he’s always been more blue than red…

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