Ornstein Speaks, Arsenal Listens…

There’s always one. One player who is linked with a move to Arsenal for years but it never happens. Sebastien Frey, David Trezeguet, and never forgetting Yann M’Vila who is still stood in a corridor somewhere at London Colney waiting to undergo his medical.

Riyad Mahrez is on that list already, and just to prove the World Cup 2018 is almost upon us, and just to prove the summer is almost upon us, he’s let it be known he’d rather sign for Arsenal than Manchester City. The news we’ve signed Henrikh Mkhitaryan and Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang who are both filling his position in the side at the moment bypassed Leicester. Still, he’ll get to see them close up and personal tomorrow night.

It’s a quick turnaround at the King Power from Sunday’s game so plenty of changes to the starting XI will be expected. No Santi Cazorla – ” He’s physically working very hard, but medically it is too much of a risk to rush him back” – while Laurent Koscielny is out for six months at least. Mesut Özil is out for the rest of the season while Elneny might make it back for Sunday, but that’s unlikely.

Which deals with the thrust of Arsène’s pre-Leicester press conference.

Suffice to say, he spoke about his future – “[I’ve had] More [offers] than I expected” – all he committed to was remaining in football – “For sure, I will be active. My brain demands work and is active…what will I do? I don’t know” – while declaring Allegri, Enrique, and others applying his job as “competent”, which I think was meant in a more complimentary manner than it reads.

And that segues into the pearl of wisdom on his replacement. The general rule of thumb is the louder the voice in the early stages of recruitment, the lower the individual’s chance of getting the job.

The Change, It Had To Come

Ornstein spoke last night or tweeted at least, and we the minions gasped in awe.

I’ll be honest, there was some relief in David Brent being ruled out. To a lesser extent Löw – not a man whose hand I’d to shake; you’d never be sure, would you? – and Simeone as well. The latter is the other end of the scale to Arsène and too extreme for many. Not that our views will be taken into account, you understand, nor should they be. There’s a balance between the two and that’s what we must strive for.

I thought Enrique already ruled himself out with demands for a £25m salary but that’s the media for you. The talk of Bivouac and Faria smelt of speculation – ask Jorgi, he knows about smells – but then it’s all speculation until we appoint someone.

There’s no hard and fast rule about announcements, but I’d guess that the men the club want to appoint have another fortnight or so of their domestic season to complete. After that, there’s a window of a couple of weeks before the World Cup begins.

Do the recruitment team know who they want already? Probably. Is it agreed with the individual but still to be signed off by Enos? Presumably, the new manager will be dying to hear about Kroenke’s ‘no investment’ style of ownership.

It’s a lot more involved than you’re being led to believe.

The Men Who Spurred Us On

That shouldn’t stop Arsenal recruiting. Sven and Raul are on the job already; with the new structure, deals can be lined up before an announcement over the manager is made. Guardiola signed off on all City transfers while still boss at Bayern while Wenger himself was dealing with Arsenal’s business even though he was working in Japan.

Those heady days without transfer windows.

A World Cup year is never easy for a new manager. A hard job is tougher with the curtailed English transfer window; all in by kick-off on the first game of the season. Last-minute shopping is going to be interesting. What that will mean is the focus is on buying before then.

Selling to overseas clubs still follows the FIFA designated dates so can happen until the end of August. Clubs will either take a punt on their ability to flog their faltering midfielder or become ultra-cautious and not buy as many players as they might. Have a guess which camp we’ll lean toward. Or which one I think we’ll lean toward!

It’s going to be an interesting summer, to say the least.

’til Tomorrow.

34 thoughts on “Ornstein Speaks, Arsenal Listens…

  1. dalm,

    Stop it! We all know that Neil Warnock is the man with the credentials….. 8 promotions blah, blah, blah.

  2. Talking of players linked in days gone by at least Salomon Kalou will no longer be mentioned now that AW is departing. No more Sanogos either thank you very much.

    I expect that this summer will not deviate too much from previous windows, I expect to see more outs than ins and it’s likely to be one big signing with a few lesser heralded names making up the numbers. What I do expect is an improvement of the quality of those prospects along the lines of ‘the Greek lad’ which will be a welcome change. Arsene’s ability to pick out diamonds in the rough vanished at least a decade ago but it seems our new team are much better at finding talent.

  3. Afternoon,

    a bit quiet today. Sad to hear about Kos, but he’s been nursing his achilles for some time now so I guess its not much of a surprise that he’s finally fallen foul.

    A pal of mine has been going nuts since the announcement that Wenger was going. He seems to think that the lack of noise on the appointment of a successor makes the club look weak. I just can’t understand the logic. It seems reasonable to me to at least give Wenger the respect of signing off in charge rather than looking over his shoulder. The new guy isn’t taking over until after the season is over, so there’s nothing formally he could do now and the team in place would easily be able to liaise with a new coach on summer targets in advance of an announcement.

    And on to Ozil, who always divides opinion. He worries me. I know that he is very talented and that a lot of what he does is under appreciated, but he does seem to glide around doing very little some times. I thought he had a very mixed performance in the second leg against ATM, some of it was high quality but he also played some very poor balls and seemed to be cross at his team mates when they weren’t in position to receive one of his misplaced passes. I know it wasn’t all down to him and others have to take responsibility, but he is meant to be the flair player on the team and didn’t do enough for me on the night. The season-ending injury seems convenient as well and isn’t it lucky that it will only keep him out until the German squad meets for final World Cup preparations.

  4. Wavey,

    Divided opinion for far too long and our highest earning “marquee” player, generally, shouldn’t divide opinion.

    I really can’t see us earning anything out of moving him on. On the wages he’s on, he’s going to need a comparable packet. Even at £200k a week, we’d probably need to subsidise the deal with over £100k a week to make it palatable to “Team Mesut”. Nearly £20m? Can’t see him being worth much more than that on the open market.

    Can you?

    Even if it’s £30m, by my very crude maths, it makes more sense to sell, say, Welbeck to, say, Burnley for £15m

    The folly of that absurd contract is yet to play out in the public realm, but have no doubt that it fully will. Especially with his season-ending-but-only-to-the-world-cup injuries and other sillybollocks moves he gets away with. Mark my words

  5. Keep Mesick ozil for now, see how he fares under a new boss first, ditto the rest of our indolent lot.

    Interest is back at the club indeed..

  6. You have to say Keown called it dead right when he said Ozil wouldn’t play again this season!

  7. Lets see how Ozil gets on under a new manager and with Lacazette, Aubameyang and Mkhitaryan…players that are of his quality and the finishers he needs.

    I’ll say, Sanchez often divided opinion when he wasn’t scoring goals based on his overall play. Ramsey still divides opinion.

    I have decided I will reserve judgement until we see players under the new man because how can we truly judge them if we all knew Arsene was done and clearly wasn’t getting through to the players. No way to say we have poor players when they have shown other qualities and often times been more dynamic away from Arsenal. Think we all forget that sure they are talented players and should take some of the blame but the sole purpose of the manager/coach is to get the best out of the players and get them playing as a collective with using their individual talents.

  8. Great post yogi.

    Disappointed that Simeone is not on our list of potential replacements but I didn’t really expect that he would. I think arsene suggesting that he has several job offers is probably a big of Wengerian spin. That is not the sort of thing you can keep quiet and there have not been rumors.

  9. I heard Palace offered him a two year deal on £45k a week as head coach, scout, kitman and groundsman.

    Point being, he didn’t say he’d had any offers he’d even contemplate taking.

    Huge difference, imvho

    Great post yogi.

    Disappointed that Simeone is not on our list of potential replacements but I didn’t really expect that he would. I think arsene suggesting that he has several job offers is probably a big of Wengerian spin. That is not the sort of thing you can keep quiet and there have not been rumors.

  10. Bill,

    Simone would not fit the rather conservative Arsenal mould, I’m afraid.
    It will either be a well-established manager like Ancelloti or Allegri or a young (and cheap) manager looking to make a name for themselves at a big club.

  11. Damon,

    Added to that, if your expectation was zero offers, then one offer is more than expected.

    It might also depend on whether he considers being invited to “do one”, also qualifies as being an offer of some sort?

  12. thebigM,

    I saw an interesting discussion somewhere recently suggesting that the club isn’t looking for a manager at all.

    What they’re looking for is purely a coach, and that the “manager” function would be executed by the combination of our DoF, Sven, and the coach rather than the current “Demi God” incarnation we see in the EPL

  13. Its certainly no surprise that Ozil has decided to shut down for the rest of the season. He has not played a minute of PL football in April or May. Even his most dedicated fans have to accept that Keown was probably closer to the truth then we like to admit and Mesut’s motivation at least for our league campaign this season has faded since his contract was signed. I think its more evidence that motivational issues may have played at least some part in the drop in production we have seen for the last 2 1/2 seasons. Perhaps the new manager will find a way to reignite the fire in his belly however he has won plenty of big trophies and ran a lot of miles in his career and we are going to be playing in the Europa league and fighting for 4th place so we won’t have any big trophies and he has the big contract so there is not that much left to play for. Although I am not happy about the potential of complacency, I understand how he might think and I suspect its going to be a mental struggle especially if the next manager expects him to do more then Arsene did.

  14. We can only pray tht Ozil responds differently ti different managerial styles and that the next manager is the type that is able to make Ozil play like he gives a damn.
    I wanted to sell both Ozil and Sanchez last August because I felt neither was committed to the club, neither wanted to be here. Football is a team sport – a team ethos is as important as the sum of the talent. People often need to make the selfless runs either for defensive cover or for dragging opponents out of position. We lack esprit de corps and neither of them were contributing to that.

  15. Nooners gooners,

    How upset was i when I discovered Leo couldn’t speaky de English? Gutted. But now maxmillions looks odds on. If there’s any coach out there that could ease whatever pain we might be feeling right now, it’s him.
    I’ve quietly been admiring the job he’s been doing over there, mainly on the transfer front.
    At one point I thought we were their equal and couldn’t understand how we missed out on some of the players they’ve had over the years.
    When we brought Sanchez and were then linked with his compatriot Vidal, I thought, perfect. Arsenal, wasn’t convinced. Dybala, I could be here all day with players at teams around us. That said, diamond eye supplying Allegri?


  16. MikeSA,

    I actually think in modern futbol the coach, even Pep and Mourinho, give the likes of Mislintat and Sanllehi a list of players that fits their style of coaching, play, mentality, etc and leaves it up to them to get them one of those players in each respective position.

  17. I think this season has provided an answer to a question that was hotly debated on this blog for years regarding whether Arsene did or did not rotate enough or if he was over using our players and how this might have affected our results. Clearly the number of minutes our players were asked to play was never more then other big team players. This season we have had one the most well rested squads of any of the worlds big teams in this century and this has been our worst season since before George Graham.

  18. Would I be upset if we sold a wizard? I dunno. I like players who manifest the spirit of ‘fuckit’ viera, bergkamp, rosicky, keown, sanchez, van….
    Though some of the things I’ve seen that dude pull off, at a club our size I don’t mind having a bit of magic in there. At 29, he’ll be off soon and can help develop some of our youngsters technically. He’ll bully the bottom half of the table with bammy and laca, with a solid base behind. I wonder who Mas will bring with him from juve? Speaking of which, think I need to watch the documentary.

  19. Wenger isn’t going to get any offers from big clubs. He can’t fill stadiums anymore, and the mass fan walk out before he was fired was the reason that SKE finally woke up. He might get French TV analyst offers, or perhaps an International team role post-World Cup, either of which would clearly suit him, but the only clubs that will offer him anything are second or third tier sides on short deals. I couldn’t care frankly, just relieved that in a week he will have packed his bags and the club can fumigate the premises.

  20. So Arsenal’s mouthpiece Ornstein is saying Allegri (probably)? That would be excellent. A proven winner. No serious risk there.

  21. Maybe just agent talk but if Leno has stopped talks with Napoli because we have shown a greater interest than I hope he does come.

  22. Ozil, the lazy was a panic buy. I agree with Keown. Best he goes and his pay will deter many. Sanchez was warming up Barca bench for long before Wenger picked him up.
    As for Wenger,having left this club in this state, not many will be interested as a manager , and even if they do, he will be sacked. That has been his fear for long, but boasts he could have gone to manage other clubs. At best he will be a GM in clubs like PSG.

  23. It’s not an issue. About 80% of you here have at some point scratched your balls. Therefore, everything is good.
    – Lucas podolski
    You can now shake the hand yogi B-)

  24. Seems you read my posts as much as I do yours?


    Thanks for the info, I had not heard about Arsene getting an offer from Palace.

  25. Maybe Lucas. But I’d fathom far fewer have had a good sniff of said hand immediately afterward the withdrawal from your undercrackers

    That number tumbled far further when you throw in the high possibility of being broadcast global whilst doing it

    I’ll add as a footnote. Broadcast beyond your own control

    Mr church:
    It’s not an issue. About 80% of you here have at some point scratched your balls. Therefore, everything is good. – Lucas podolskiYou can now shake the hand yogiB-)

  26. Damon,

    Maybe he had just shaved his balls and sprayed them with Boss aftershave and was just checking that they still smelt good:-)

  27. Damon

    I am certainly guilty of reading thru comments very quickly and on occasion misunderstanding the main point. I am also guilty of not proof reading my own comments especially when I am in a hurry and sometimes when I read the comments later I wonder how I could have possibly made that many mistakes.

  28. So Stoke and West Brom are now gone…….gooner graveyards so no tears spilled there…..

  29. Damon,

    Agreed. The Ozil situation is what it is, because we ain’t getting out of it any time soon. Signing up at any cost was very much a knee jerk reaction to the possibility of losing two ‘world class’ players in the same season, with one of them going on a free. Ozil dutifully put in a shift for a few games to help sweeten the pot, but has been in and out of games since. That’s when he is actually available for selection.

    I think his tweet is a real piss take, letting the fans know that he will be available for the World Cup. Germany don’t pay his wages every week. I’m more interested in seeing him back in pre-season training as soon as possible. We know that won’t have happened under Wenger, so hopefully the new man takes a tougher line.

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