STONE COLD FRIDAY: It’s The Hope That Kills You

Arsenal seem to have perfected the art of ‘Death by hope’. We’re suckers for it, sometimes unashamedly so. Last night on the bus back home after watching the second leg with friends at the bar, I got thinking. Atlético haven’t conceded a goal at home since the last week of January; Oblak their keeper has 10 clean sheets in 12; and Arsenal couldn’t even beat Atlético with 10 men at the Emirates. What chance did we have to squeeze through to the final? You don’t get to a European final and having what? One shot on target the whole game?

Like many of you, I’d hope we’d pull a 3-nil Milan-esque fight back; or one of them 2-nil’s we gave Bayern after the horse had bolted. I also wondered whether any other manager would have got more from this group of players in such a critical game. “Dear Diego, in case you’re reading, there’s a managerial vacancy at Arsenal”. The sense of the lost opportunities are somehow tempered by the knowledge that Arséne his bowing out and we have the hope of a new style of leadership and football coming. Like Delboy from ‘Only Fools and |Horses’ says, “This time next year, we’ll be champions”.

Fairy Tale? What Fairy Tale?

Yes, a fairy tale to end Wenger’s career at Arsenal was on everyone’s lips. It was not to be. Tiki taka was the order of the night at the Wanda Metropolitano as Arsenal reverted to type. A lot of motion, but little impact in the final third. An extra pass here, a cross with no one at the end. A defensive unit like Atlético could have defended that game until the cows came home. Arsenal had no bite, with Welbeck and Lacazette marshalled well for most of the game. Xhaka’s one shot on target was never going to flummox Jan Oblak from 25 yards. Both Monreal and Bellarin made sorties into the opposition half, but none produced a killer cross that couldn’t be handled by the Atlético defence. In the rare occasions that the ball flashed across the box, no Arsenal toe was anywhere near the ball for a poke home.

The home side pressed well high up the pitch. Just as you’re thinking “Come on boys, walk this game into half-time at 0-0, we lost the ball from the pressing, and that Costa fella was put through. Advantage Atlético. If there’s one thing that really baffles me about this Arsenal team, it’s game management. You really don’t need to be a world-class manager or player to know that with 45 minutes on the clock, the only objective is to not concede before the referee blows for half-time. All’s not lost you think. There’s 45 minutes to go. Surely, Arsenal can score a goal?

Beware The Wear and Tear of the Achilles

It was bound to happen, the only question was when. I feel for Laurent Koscielny, especially because he’ll miss probably what will be his last World Cup. For some reason, I was actually comfortable with Chambers stepping in. There’s something I saw in his play at Old Trafford, but also in recent times. I liked the way he communicated and marshalled the defence against United, especially guiding Mavapanos. I don’t think the introduction of Chambers in the 10th minute interrupted the rhythm of the game.

In fact, Chambers did very well, making at least two very critical tackles to rob Diego Costa of another opportunity to see the whites of Ospina’s eyes. The reality is that Laurent Koscielny should now be looking to take it easy and play a senior citizen role at Arsenal. I’d like to see Chambers given a chance to really make the position his. I like Dino Mavropano’s too. One has to ask, what if Mustafi, Chambers, Mavropanos and Holding are really drilled into no-nonsense defending. I suspect a new manager will want to get in their own finished articles, but whoever it is has a place to start.

Who’s Going to Pick Them Up?

Thursday night football is here to stay, at least for a season. At the final whistle, you could see the agony of the players with the realization that there’s no Champions League next season. To be honest, that might not be a bad thing as a new manager rebuilds Arsenal. No point in us getting back into the Champions League only to be given a good hiding by Bayern, Barcelona or whoever we meet in the round of 16. That nonsense was just getting tedious. If there’s one thing that is comforting about losing a semi-final, it’s that losing the final would have been more devastating.

There’s only pride left to play for in the Premier League. The next Arsenal manager has a huge challenge picking up the team. There’s a lot to look forward to for everyone associated with Arsenal. Perhaps a new type of hope that doesn’t kill. Maybe a manager who will drill the team in defence, as well as Mr Simeone, has done with his. Sure there will be a few players shipped out, and more to come in, but after a season like 2017-2018; something had to give.

Have a great weekend good people.

65 thoughts on “STONE COLD FRIDAY: It’s The Hope That Kills You

  1. Good write up as usual.

    Giroud would have been a useful plan B as he holds the ball up well and is good in the box.

    Not sure we are prepared to go down the flanks and cross balls in, better to use the pace of Bellend and go to the line and cut the ball back for a shot.

  2. Entirely agree with Martin Keown: ‘Ozil ain’t kidding me’ either. He was hiding last night when he needed to be in the thick of it.

    Looks like Koscielny’s career is over, and I’ve changed my mind on Bellerin: if we get a decent offer for the lad we should take it.

    Xhaka, Mustafi, Welbeck, Ospina, Wilshere. All not up to the mark either. The new coach has some big work to do.

  3. Horse bolted last week.
    Pundits said Madrid defence won it – I think our defence lost it.
    Onwards and upwards chums – onwards and upwards.

  4. Monreal got into great positions but kept fucking up
    Why oh why make him left sided CB in 3 and then change it
    That suits him

    Away to tough team. Who is our DM ?
    Oh nobody yet we only need a 0-1

    Pick your team. Fine. Not working. Change it.

    Danny. Hard working. Likelihood of scoring.

    It is fair to say that a more negative approach or defensive approach by Mourinho type manager – including all those professional fouls which we do not employ – might have worked.

    Times change. Either way let’s not forget we became a ‘big club’ by playing attractive, positive football respected globally.

    We truly loved it at the time.

  5. Pete the Thirst,

    When Ozil will be the only problem for the team, then sun will shine again, lads. Put him as a 10, get rid of Wilshere who is useless at best, put Mki on the wing with Auba to ther other side, Laca as a striker and then see… BUT ask Ramsey to do his job and get a strong defence.
    I know, it’s sacrificing Holy Welbeck and Holy Jack…

  6. I think everyone is going to have to cut the new manager a huge amount of slack. There is such a big rebuild job that needs to be done here.
    That ‘squad’ is in such a bad state it’s not funny. You only have to look at what is put on the bench in these games to see how much work needs to be done.
    We need a few religious types to put In some fulltime praying for us.

  7. Might be best for me to avoid this place for a bit because I have a feeling both legs will turn into the Ozil is shit party despite the fact that he put in several balls that were BEGGING for a touch and would have been a goal but Welbeck is Welbeck and Lacazette seemed to be the focus of their CB’s. Guess the fact that the only reason Atletico scored was down to Ozil too right? Guess he was the one in the first leg who let Griezmann boss him in the dying embers or lost the ball because he couldn’t deal with being pressed that led to the goal that killed the tie? No, lets not talk about the chances Ramsey had right outside the 6 yard box were he took an extra touch for no reason and then looked shocked that he was closed down and then hit it wide, or thr fact that Jack was utterly useless over two legs…nope lets not talk about that, lets put all the blame on Ozil who actually created chances his teammates didn’t get on thr end of.

    I’m out because I know how this will go. Guess futbol isn’t XI v XI but its Ozil vs whatever XI we are playing, ahhhhh makes sense now.

  8. Wilberforce,

    Yep v good point re Giroud
    We def wanted to keep him but transfer merry go round conspired
    Compared to Danny
    He just scores!

  9. Alex,

    I completely agree, there are plenty of problems in this side. As I said already there are 8 players in last night’s starting 11 that I have serious concerns about. Of the defensive 4 and the keeper the only one that escaped was Monreal.

    I don’t think playing PEA on the wing is sensible (unless your name is Arsene?)

  10. Isn’t sensible!!!

    See what you’ve done to me Arsene!

    Pete the Thirst:

    I completely agree, there are plenty of problems in this side. As I said already there are 8 players in last night’s starting 11 that I have serious concerns about. Of the defensive 4 and the keeper the only one that escaped was Monreal.

    I don’t think playing PEA on the wing is sensible (unless your name is Arsene?)

  11. .C,

    I’m not a fan of MO as you well know – it’s simply that I prefer the original AW style over the more technical style with Ozil at #10. To be fair I was pleased to hear the commentators mention that Ozil was tracking back last night, not usually his forte but I didn’t get the impression that he was hiding. I think that they (both the club and the player) set themselves up for criticism when they agreed to pay stupid wages to a player who is unable to be a major influence on matches on a regular basis or who can be relied upon to turn the big games in our favour.

  12. I have been a lone voice in the wilderness for some time when I have been saying that Bellerin cannot defend which really cost us last night. I think fans have been blinded by his speedy runs down the wing which inevitably end with a uselessly poor cross. Debuchy was a much better defender and just getting back to fitness when we let him go – typical Wenger. If the likes of Juventus are prepared to pay £50m for Bellerin we should take the money and run. This would enable us to invest in a proper defender. We desperately need a class goalkeeper too; the likes of De Gea would have been quickly out to smother that De Costa goal.
    What a revelation Chambers has been in the last two games. With Koscielny’s career possibly just about over, we should build around Chambers and maybe Mavropanos too.

  13. andy1886,

    Kept the wrong one, Andy. Sanchez was our match winner, and could grab a game by the throat.

    Wenger takes the blame by letting all the contracts run down. Foolish, amateur, and destructive.

  14. ————–GK

    sell everyone else and buy what we need

  15. i made my mind up after the manutd game.
    it would be nice to have ozil and miki in the same team but i dont think its possible and ive never seen ozil control our midfield the way miki did at OT and for that reason, we keep miki, sell ozil and buy some fucking defenders.

  16. .C,

    This is a team that is short on quality, belief, and leadership, has been for years and that’s down to Wenger,
    When you are on 300 grand a week and not performing well consistently , you can expect to be the subject of some heavy criticism,

  17. i think i said the other day if it were upto me and there was a squad overhaul Id be struggling to name 5

    ainsley harriot giles displays this season, especially at OT made it an easy 5.

    everyone else can hit the road with the manager.

  18. I am an Ozil admirer. He conducts an orchestra and needs players with vision and intelligence and ability to read the game. He hasn’t even got a trio let alone an orchestra. He and Sanchez practically saved our season last year from being worse than it was. If we don’t make a keeper and the defence our priority with a leader and a physical presence we will continue to stagnate.I respect AW but the game has passed him by several years ago.The rebuilding job is massive but will we get the funds and a new approach ?

  19. yo kelsey
    of course we’ll get the funds.

    we spent 100mil on new shiney strikers and still made a profit…….
    … selling wengers rejects….

    lets learn a lesson.

    once hes gone……..sell the rest of them. maybe we can rebuild the entire squad at a profit, promote some youth prospects

    jobs a good un.

  20. The Wenger era is well and truly over and what hurts was the non performance for most of the season and we have to face facts that many have kept the faith that we would come good but it was blatantly clear we are not an elite club on the pitch anymore, no one is scared to play us as the system under AW is dated and other clubs have advanced
    Now what will Kroenke do? Will he really invest ? I think we know the answer and last game will be against Huddersfield where it all started with Chapman who revolutionised our club
    Major problems lie ahead and the lesson to be learnt is not to give one man so much power ever again
    It’s a sad night but we have to start to hopefully think the new backroom team will slowly put matters right
    Without CL football again will that detract a top manager to us knowing he will get limited funds from Kroenke. It will take years to get back amongst the elite where it matters, on the pitch.

  21. Thank heavens there’s only three more games of AW tenure to endure!

    Whoever takes charge needs to get rid of most of our defence and half our midfield as they’re simply not good enough.

    Cant be ars*d to mention names, but we all know who they are!!!

  22. Ian,

    Lack of funds and a shortened TW this summer mean that there isn’t going to be much change on the playing staff front. And the new man needs to settle in. My guess would be one, maximum two arrivals although we may sell some of the soon to be out of contract players. The up side is that we may get to find out if our defenders can actually do the job is they are organised and drilled properly.

  23. See told you…..

    Think about this and its something Bob was spot on about, our Captains yesterday were Jack, Kos and Ramsey…..Kos was literally the reason the first leg was cocked up, Jack was shit and if not for kicking Gabi you wouldn’t even have known he was on the pitch and if Ramsey doesn’t score he’s basically useless.

  24. .C,

    A bit harsh on Ramsey there. The evidence doesn’t support that. The facts are:

    A. Ramsey in 17/18 season
    Played 2268 minutes, Scored 11, Assists 11.
    M. Ozil in 17/18 season
    Played 2953 minutes, Scored 5, Assists 14.

    So even if we ignore the disparity in goals scored we see that Ozil makes an assist every 211 minutes compared to Ramsey who makes an assist every 206 minutes. Given that they both play with the same set of colleagues and that Ozil is supposed to be the assist king (and also plays a role where he’s more often in a position to deliver that final ball), the idea that Ramsey is useless if he doesn’t score just doesn’t tally with the facts.

  25. If Mavropanos is an example of the kind of inexpensive, imaginative Mislintat signings we can look forward to, then I’m quietly optimistic about next summer.

    The new guy needs to see what he has, work with them and see if he can improve them before dumping them en masse, so next season will be a steady as yea goes, gradual evolution rather than a ‘let’s flog the lot’.

  26. Did everyone hear Keown after the match? I loved the fact that he would love to play against Costa and that although he respects him he makes his blood boil.

    Now compare that attitude to our defenders who were dreading face Costa or anyone else that bullies them.

    I hope the new manager brings in some ex players to the staff and Keown would be my defence coach without a doubt.

    Bellerin and Monreal had shocker and I would sell them both. Maybe a bit harsh on Monreal but I think we can do better than him on the left.

  27. andy1886,

    Actually mate, Ozil may ‘play’ that role vut more often than not its Ramsey who is beyond even the CF and its generally Ozil playing a ball to Ramsey who has made a run into the box. Ozil should be there but, like yesterday, he had to drop deep to link play between our defence or Xhaka and the attack because Ramsey was already bombing forward.

    That’s not the biggest point I was making, the point I was making is that people will crush Ozil but for all the chatter about Jack and Ramsey being future Captains and we should build aroumd them, neither of them shown (Jack was useless over the two legs and cared not at all about defending) and when Ramsey was presented with one of out best chances instead of being ruthless, he took an extra unneeded touch that then cause the ball to bounce and while getting closed down he never got the shot off.

  28. C

    You have spent plenty of keystrokes criticizing Ramsey and Kos and several other players so I don’t understand why you would be upset when someone criticizes ozil. You can’t have it both ways

  29. Bill,

    Damnit, I said I was taking the day off but I’m bored as fuck in this meeting so o well.

    I think there is a massive difference between criticizing a player for a performance and what happens to Ozil. For instance, people talk about Ramsey scoring the match winning goal in the FA Cup but fail to remember that Ozil was sublime and arguably tthe best player on thr pitch both in the semi and final to get us there. They talk about Ramsey being a big match player and future captain yet fail to mention the matches were he offers nothing in those matches or the Chelsea match this year when Ozil and Sanchez were dropped and we didn’t have a single shot.

  30. So if Welbeck and Jack offered nothing all match then 2 of thr front 4 didn’t even have to be accounted for and Lacazette was being blanketed by 2 quality CB’s so that left Ozil to create the chance for who.

    If people are saying Welbeck isn’t of quality and Jack is no goal threat then how the fuck can we kill Ozil for not doing enough when he has to slip balls to him. Why don’t people realize, he is the one who slips in Lacazette, Aubameyang and that lot. Keown compared Ozil to Vieira but they are drastically different players who play in different positions. Keown should have compared Vieira to Ramsey and Xhaka who do the midfield business.

  31. Players who play up to expectations on a consistent basis do not divide opinions. The reason ozil Ramsey and Wilshere divide opinions is because they don’t do that

  32. Afternoon all.
    Another painful European night, thank God We won’t have to go through this excruciatingly painful Arsene-esque performance again. Just too painful.
    Now am beginning to see reason with Bill, we just didn’t have enough scorers on the pitch.
    I lost count of how many chances ozil had to smash the ball into the net instead, he would decide to pass to an empty space, same with Wilshere, lacazette and welbeck. We really really need more scorers in the team.I know our defending cost us the first leg, but Playing ozil, Wilshere and welbeck in the same line up drastically reduced our scoring possibility and that ultimately cost us the tie.
    Believe me, if we had a Sanchez on the left and maybe a Wallcott on the right we would have scored an away goal and gone through over both legs.
    The Athletico Madrid of 2-3 seasons ago is much more better than the side we played, yet we couldn’t scale through. Thats to tell you how much we have deteriorated as a team. Pathetic.
    Am really amazed at how i can still get really emotional about the Arsenal, after everything i have gone through supporting this team.
    I really wish I could stop caring, because some times the pain seems unbearable (like last night) seriously i couldn’t sleep last night, i kept reminiscing the wayward crosses from Bellerin and Monreal, the reckless passing from ramsey and welbeck and the amateurish defending from Koscielny mustaphi, Bellerin and Monreal. I just wish I could stop caring.
    The only positive from last night is that wenger would be gone with his outdated and tactless coaching and a new regime would surface.
    So its good riddance to bad rubbish.


  33. andy1886:

    A bit harsh on Ramsey there.The evidence doesn’t support that. The facts are:

    A. Ramsey in 17/18 season
    Played 2268 minutes, Scored 11, Assists 11.
    M. Ozil in 17/18 season
    Played 2953 minutes, Scored 5, Assists 14.

    So even if we ignore the disparity in goals scored we see that Ozil makes an assist every 211 minutes compared to Ramsey who makes an assist every 206 minutes. Given that they both play with the same set of colleagues and that Ozil is supposed to be the assist king (and also plays a role where he’s more often in a position to deliver that final ball), the idea that Ramsey is useless if he doesn’t score just doesn’t tally with the facts.

    Thumbs up. Or green thumb thing if yogi had one of those silly things you get on some sites.

  34. C

    No one is suggesting that Ramsey or Wilshere or Welbeck played well yesterday. They all got plenty of criticism and they all deserve it. Ozil did not do anything particularly wrong and it wasn’t his fault that we conceded the away goal. However the problem is he did not do anything right. He has not been asked to even sit on the bench for a league game for 3 weeks in order to be rested for these 2 games and then over the course of 190 minutes of football the player who is supposed to be our best and theoretically most important player did basically nothing that had a positive impact.

  35. Bill,

    Agreed completely.
    Ozil is simply a waste of resources, imagine if we had eriksen of the spuds playing in the ozil role.
    For me ozil should be sold and the funds used to purchase a more influential and productive player.

  36. Darius great post. You are an excellent writer

    I am not sure how anyone could have realistically expected anything different then what happened. I know that as fans we always look for hope but if any of those hopeful fans had bet a lot of money and been forced to have realistic expectations they would have certainly bet on exactly the results we saw over the 2 legs. The away goal we conceded and ball possession without any threat to score that we saw in the second leg and the final result are symbolic of everything that has gone wrong in the last 8-9 years of Arsene’s reign

  37. Hello all hope we are enjoying friday. Not surprised at all, a little sad. Have to agree that watching ozil is a farce. Statistically he has a good assist rate with us but when you watch a game it’s clear to see the game just passing him by. If you are pulling in 300k a week (usually) you are capable of taking a game and dominating on your own thru your skill & sheer will. Give me the bleepin ball, i’m going to take on this defender and make something happen. instead we get, i’m going to run over to this space and wait for you to pass to me.

    French _ gunner,
    ”’Believe me, if we had a Sanchez on the left and maybe a Wallcott on the right we would have scored an away goal and gone through over both legs.”’

    Sanchez had the ability to create on his own and score but i feel like his ‘cut inside’ approach was getting found out. And cmon lets not mess around with walcott. He was a goal threat but Atletico is the exact kind of defense that will deny him any space behind and his threat is totally nullified. How many games did we watch where we pass ourselves dead and walcott offers little threat!!

  38. The only job for any purely creative player is to make the players around him better and the idea that a specific creative player can only be effective if all of the players behind him and in front of him are playing a high level is exactly opposite of the way its supposed to work. The creator in chief is paid to make things happen and in theory the other players are supposed to play off the things that he does and not vice versa.

  39. I know it probably won’t happen but I think this 2 legged series demonstrates exactly why I would love Simeone to be the next manager. He would be the perfect person to follow Arsene and change the lack of defensive organization and the culture of complacency and the negative mentality that has developed during the Wenger era. Simeone knows how to get results against the odds.

    I don’t know how to actually quantify this but I suspect Simeone’s results per dollar spent are better then any other manger in the last 10 years and that sort of pragmatism is what we need to get results during the next few years while we go thru the rebuilding phase.

  40. I think Martin Keown’s rant about Ozil was over the top. However, there are 2 possible reasons why Mesut’s effectiveness and production has been diminishing over the last 2 1/2 seasons. Either he has lost motivation or Father Time is catching up a bit early and he is hitting the downward part of his career arc. In reality its probably a bit of both but we actually need to hope the bigger problem is motivation because a new manager and new situation might fix that. However, my own belief is that the downward part of the career arc is the biggest issue and if true that is only going to accelerate.

  41. I should have taken a screen grab of when Arsenal were “attacking” compared to when AM were attacking.

    Every Arsenal “attack” was a horribly slow, aimless, stop and pass back to the person who just passed to you, or straight to the opposition.

    The snail’s pace of Arsenal “attacks” meant that whenever we got anywhere near their 18 yard box, there was a disciplined row of 5 behind a disciplined row of 4 covering every space and blade of grass, so no room to penetrate, even attempts at crosses took about 54 years to get taken, by which time there was no room whatsoever.

    In stark contrast, when AM attacked, it was often 2 AM players vs 2 or 3 AFC players, or 3 to 4, but seldom more, we had no discipline in positioning, and there were acres of space available.

    As far as I’m aware, we’ve never played in red and white vertical stripes with blue pants in the Wenger era, so one really has to wonder why our players kept insisting on passing to them.

    Bellerin has got particularly bad at this, often close to our own box, so whilst I used to defend him, I’d be comfortable if he were sold for anything above 30m.

    I just don’t like Ramsey. He’s a footballing version of Brendan Rogers, far too far up his own arse. Too many flicks and attempted tricks, no positional discipline, and as slow as grass growing when it comes to deciding who to pass to, by which time any runs by other players have been cut off.

    If he’s not interested in signing by the end of the season then get rid of him.

    If the board actually manage to select a half-competent manager (not very optimistic based on their shockingly shit performance to date), the new coach/manager will have his or her work cut out.

    But thank fuck Wenger is nearly gone.

  42. Atletico had the perfect defensive set up to hold us. They let us have possession and gave us space on the wings but they controlled the space in the middle of the pitch in their defensive 1/3. They forced the ball wide and the only way we could get the ball into dangerous area was with crosses from the wing. It did not help that Bellerin and Nacho’s crossing was poor but even if they did put in more good crosses, Atletico is very good at defending balls in the air and their GK is superb. It was highly unlikely that we were ever going to score against them in their stadium but we probably could have put in 1000 crosses and we might not have scored.

  43. MikeSA

    Every Arsenal “attack” was a horribly slow, aimless, stop and pass back to the person who just passed to you, or straight to the opposition.

    “The snail’s pace of Arsenal “attacks” meant that whenever we got anywhere near their 18 yard box, there was a disciplined row of 5 behind a disciplined row of 4 covering every space and blade of grass, so no room to penetrate, even attempts at crosses took about 54 years to get taken, by which time there was no room whatsoever.”

    That is exactly correct and it could not have been said any better. Its something we have been talking about for the last 2 1/2 years.

  44. I suspect a different manager could improve Bellerin defensive nous but the same is true of almost any player. However ,Hectors ability to have a positive influence on the attacking end has plateaued at a level much lower then we had hoped. Unfortunately history has shown it’s very hard to teach decision making and quality crossing and you can’t teach how someone how to create end product. In order to justify turning down a big transfer fee a full back has to be good on both ends of the pitch and the prognosis for Hector is guarded at best.

  45. Update on Soyuncu:

    Soyuncu’s current club, Freiburg, have moved to deny the claims.

    Club director Jochen Saier insists Soyuncu, 21, and rated at around £30m, is not leaving.

    “Ozkan can know little about the overall scenario,” he told Bild.

    “This is total nonsense. Arsenal did not contact me and there is no offer.”

  46. Literally shouting at the TV every time Arsenal were attacking: SHOOT, JUST F@CKING SHOOT

    The final straw came right near the end of the game when the ball came into the box and Welbeck tried an audacious back heel to Lacazette. It was intercepted and cleared…JUST F@CKING SHOOT!!!

  47. Unlike Hector, Nacho has always been pretty good at crossing. I think part of Atletico’s strategy is to have a first defender block the most direct line for a cross. In order to even get the cross into the box nacho had to get it around or over a well positioned first defender which makes it harder to cross accurately.

  48. MikeSA
    Have to agree with your assessment on Ramsay, but add he gives the ball away a lot in the final third. He is buy no means a bad player, but needs discipline imo.
    It’s interesting to see who people would get rid of, or keep…Jack anybody? Personally, I would like to see Chambers kept and given a run in the team, I have a feeling he could be good, that said I have been known to get it wrong before.

  49. I actually think we have a good squad if the new manager shows more control.

    Buy a new GK
    Buy a proper DM to complement Xhaka
    Possibly $50m for both of we’re lucky and our new team do well
    Apparently that is the money to spend

    Then play

    New Big Young GK
    Bell chambers must Nacho Kol
    Xhaka new DM
    Ramsey PEA

    Lac instead of Ramsey if does not sign new contract immediately
    Elneny can play DM
    Cech training new GK

  50. The inevitability of the result was defined by 10 years of similar performances. If we were able to get through that match we wouldn’t desperately need a new manager.

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