Wenger Defiant – If Only the Team Could Be So Resolutely Stubborn

While the manager currently bears the brunt of the criticism at present, the players must accept their share of responsibility as well. A plaintive cry for help is all well and good, but on their salaries and with their abilities, they must be capable of finding some of the answers themselves.

Laurent Koscielny is leading by example. He’s reached the bottom of the form barrel, lifted the wood and found plenty of room beneath to explore; others follow willingly.

We signed strikers who are yet to integrate into the team. Neither Lacazette nor Aubameyang are unqualified successes, but how much of that is down to buying poorly, e.g. players whose strengths don’t fit our playing philosophy, and to what extent the poor form is affecting them?

Koscielny, in a rare public utterance, admitted: “we know we are in a bad situation, a bad period.” Essentially, he has no solutions other than to try harder, even if so far, “we tried but nothing is with us.”

He mentioned about trying to fight and play football but that passed me by during the weekend’s defeat at Brighton. “We miss a lot of things during the game,” he said, without referring specifically to Petr Cech missing the ball or Mustafi missing out on marking lessons. The German bunked football school that day and never caught up.

The players, by and large, have so far received a ‘free ride’ where criticism is concerned. To some extent there is a truth in wondering how a new manager would handle them or what they might achieve with a bit of coaching; some won’t improve enough, others will. I wonder what Jens Lehmann makes of it all; the Invincibles possessed a mentality that the current squad can only dream of.

The Sacked One?


The Times this morning claims Wenger ramped up the pressure on the board and Kroenke, asserting that he won’t step down. ‘Sack me if you dare’ from the defiant one. As I said on social media at the weekend, this is ending only one way for Arsène: badly. If true, there will be no dignified exit, probably steeled in the mantra of ‘never break a contract’.

Problematically, that presents itself as an ego trip rather than having the best interests of the club heart. Of course, in his own mind, he believes he can resolve the situation and that is in best interests of the club. Even if it isn’t. But assuming he remains, where are we headed for the rest of the season?

Facetiously, as I typed that last sentence, the phrase ‘down the pan’ sprang to mind. In some respects, Wenger has dug his own hole. Rob Holding rarely sees the light of day as he’s lost the manager’s confidence. What does Shkodran Mustafi have to do – or not – for that to happen?

Sunday was the latest howling error, although he was a reason 6’5 Petr Cech couldn’t jump for the ball on the first goal. The German backed into the Brighton player who leapt with Cech and hampered his own goalkeeper. Cech should still have done better, but the incident underlines the extent to which we are our own worst enemies.

We’re not out of options at the back but until we get some semblance of form, using Holding or Mavropanos is throwing them under a bus. Nacho Monreal’s return offers the chance to go to a back three again and that might be the solution.

Might is all we have at the moment and it isn’t in the powerful sense of the word either.

There Ain’t No Santi to Save Us

We’re currently sixth, five points ahead of Burnley. Watford bring their cojones to town this weekend and we’ll see how big they are. We ought to win but expecting that is foolhardy, I think.

However, the wrong combination of results could see us needing help to qualify for next season’s Europa League, albeit from the third qualifying round onwards. How far have we fallen?There’s plenty of space beneath the bottom of the barrel.

If you look at the squad, we have few options. A breath of fresh air is needed but there’s little sign of it coming. Our superhero, if we have one, is barely out of nappies. It’s youth or solve the problems yourselves. Can Ainsley Maitland-Niles do any worse than Granit Xhaka in the centre? If Wenger is worried about his lack of experience, when and how is Maitland-Niles going to get that experience if not now?

Other options exist but as less plausible. It’s hard to see Willock or Jeff usurping Mkhitaryan or Ramsey from the side, ahead of Jack Wilshere, whose kicking is questionable. I suppose he is at least kicking something, even if it is the opposition.

The solution is coming more from the existing first team than the fringes. Koscielny offered this view at the weekend, that the players must stick together and not rat to the press. Underlining the depth of the issue at the club, he finished with:

“The players have the responsibility on the pitch, the boss has responsibilities too and we have to be together. It is difficult to say if it is his fault or our fault.”

Hardly a robust defence of the manager, is it? But that is so typically Arsenal at the moment.

’til Tomorrow.

100 thoughts on “Wenger Defiant – If Only the Team Could Be So Resolutely Stubborn

  1. Morning YW,
    Wenger’s ego has been an issue for a while.
    I would play Holding , knowing his inexperience will mean mistakes, but he is more of the future than any of our CDs. Think there is a real leader there.

  2. I would like to thank the academy. My agent , and ofcourse the Aussie test team who inspired my victory here this morning.

  3. Morning,

    I timed that wrong:


    I’ve said before that it isn’t a tactics thing, but there is some basic coaching on what to do in various situations on the pitch which is not being imparted to the players as a group. Individuals can’t do it on their own, no matter how talented they are.

    You said that we have been playing the same way for a decade and that this group of players, in particular, is unable to execute. What has changed on the pitch is that more teams are willing to press the ball. We used to get plenty of time in our own half to move the ball through to the midfield where we could look at moving the ball up the pitch, but we don’t get that time now.

    For many years there has been a belief that Wenger’s teams were weak and could be roughed up. We didn’t like it up us. Teams like Stoke would routinely put us to the sword and there was always the odd defeat to a team who we should be beating. When we started to come up against Barcelona regularly in the CL I said that one of the things they did really well which didn’t need great technical ability was to press the ball and regain possession high up the field. We are now seeing that the high press is used much more frequently in games and we clearly still don’t like it up us.

  4. Reading some of Lee Dixon’s comments from the AST AGM was enlightening. He said Steve Bould was allowed to work with the defence a year or so back. This seemed to be working quite well. The Press got wind and made a few assumptions that Bould was behind the improvement. Next thing his involvement with training the defence was pulled back.

    This backs up YW point that Wenger’s ego is the problem. It has to be about HIM.

  5. The team is clearly a reflection of their manager – they don’t have a clue what is going wrong or what to do about it. What did Einstein say the definition of stupidity is? Something like Koscielny’s “we tried hard and it didn’t work so we’ll try harder”. If only it were that simple.

    If Wenger really is that arrogant that he’d tell the owner that he’d have to sack him then surely that should elicit only one response, one that involves his P45 (that’s a piece of paperwork and not a hand gun for our American friends). His £10m pay off would be the best money that the club has spent on the last decade or more.

  6. Morning.
    Great post YW
    One thing: paying Arsene while releasing him of all duties at the Trainng Ground or with the players for 2018-19, would NOT be the club breaking a contract!
    Make it so….

  7. Pete the Thirst,

    No prizes for guessing how I respond to the AST’s poll on Wenger…

    All of these revelations from ex-players (and Dixon is someone I would trust 100% to be completely honest) are no surprise to many of us who have suspected that Wenger was no coach at all for many years. Nutritionist yes, counsellor maybe, but coach? No chance. This quote was also damning:

    “Tony Adams coached Ashley Cole into becoming the best left back in the world. It had nothing to do with the coaching from Arsené,” he said.

  8. andy1886,

    I read that quote and also Dixon’s quote about Bouldie not only helping the defense as a whole but Bellerin and it is quite damning.

    I know out mate Bill doesn’t always want to believe it but even the most talented players need both coaching and tactical direction. Talent lets you flourish but only after you have been coached up and give direction.

    I mean De Bruyne and Salah are the perfect examples of this: weren’t getting coached up for their talent with Mourinho, left to another club and started to get proper coaching and tactical attacking direction, came to thr PL and found managers that tactically can get the best out of them and their talent.

  9. Afternoon YW has he gone yet?!

    Glad to see that unlike me you haven’t given up the ghost. I was under the impression that his two year contract extraction was done with caveat of the second year being agreed upon by both parties at the conclusion of this season based on the performance during this season.

    With even the most ardent AKBs agreeing that this is end, all that is left is trying to do things with some sort of reverence & fondness towards what Wenger gave is in the 1st decade to 12 years or so, I want him out as much as the rest but lets find a way to do it anything other than Wenger sacked or words to that effect.

  10. I see reports are surfacing that the locker room has turned on Ozil, Mhkitaryan and Mustafi; I would be really interested to see who exactly the players who turned on them are. I wonder if its the same players who apparently were against Sanchez (reports had the likes of Kos, Ramsey and that lot) because he challenged Arsene.

    Reports also have Bellerin pissed off at Arsene for dropping him right before the match.

    The sad part is all the leaks coming from the locker room show a divided locker room that is either pro-Arsene or seeking change.

  11. Great post yogi

    I agree with your post 100%. I am not and have never tried to make excuses for Arsene. My point about calling out the players has only been to suggest that there is plenty of blame to go around and they deserve their share. Any schoolboy and even someone as inexperienced as Iwobe knows that you can’t get caught with the ball at your feet and lose it 30 yards from your own goal the way he did in the first half. There is nothing the manager can do when a player just makes a stupid play and we are doing that a lot right now. The only solution is to drop the player if it continues to happen but unfortunately we don’t have a lot of great options when players like Kos and Mustafi continuously make stupid mistakes. We have always been an error prone defensive team but there is no doubt that what we are seeing in 2018 is far worse then it’s ever been. I have no doubt that getting a new manager would help especially someone who really focused on the defensive organization and getting back to the basics and I am 100% in favor of sacking Arsene ASAP. He has clearly lost the dressing room just like Mourinho did in 15/16. However the difference is unlike that Chelsea team our squad is unbalanced and over loaded with central midgets (Dukey’s term), many of whom cant score goals and don’t defend worth a crap and are over paid, under motivated and over rated. If you look at the squad n paper it looks much better then it really is. However, looking good on paper and playing effectively together are very different things. Even the worlds greatest manager has a lot of reengineeering and rebuilding to do before we will ever be more then a team which competes for 4th place.

  12. I understand why someone might want to drop all of these underperforming overrated over paid players and run out Holding, Chambers, Mavroponos, Nelson, Maitland-Niles, Eddy etc etc. The problem is we still have Europa league to play for this year we need to hold on to 6th place. We have less then zero percent chance of winning the Europa league if we run out Mavraponos, Holding, Maitland-Niles, Nelson and Nketiah. Our only hope to salvage anything from this season is to keep running out the current first team and hope they somehow temporarily exorcise the demons that currently inhabit the space between their ears for long enough to put together a good run in the Europa league.

  13. There’s got to be a case for playing the U-23s at this point.

    If the stories of our ex- defenders having their influence suppressed are true, hopefully the snubs have not put them off in the future. What a potential resource for a future manager.

  14. C,

    Seems like the place is imploding. Someone needs to get a grip and there’s no reason to suggest that Arsene can do it, indeed he seems to be the focus of all the issues. If Stan wont take the bull by the horns then perhaps Junior will. Ivan is the invisible man when trouble rears it’s ugly head. I would happily see Bould be a caretaker until the end of the season if that’s what it takes.

  15. Bill,

    It really is all or nothing with you huh?!

    Funny that you talk about playing the younger players and having zero chance but your literally saying roll out the same players that have been underperforming. Now, I’m not saying roll out a full squad of U23’s but playing Maitland-Niles and telling him to sit and defend and keep it simple works and helps us defensively in midfield.

    I mean lets be honest hear, Nketiah has as much of a chance to score a goal as Welbeck does.

  16. andy1886,

    It does seem to be imploding and I genuinely think that by the end of the season we could see even a deeper divide between players who seem to be pro-Arsene (Ramsey, Kos, Cech, Welbeck and the rest of that lot) because they know he will keep rolling them out hoping they will play themselves out of it and the anit-Arsene/pro-change (Ozil, Mhkitaryan, Bellerin, probably Sead, Aubameyang, Lacazette and that lot) who have played under and know what a manager with direction is capable of and know that Arsene doesn’t seem to be that manager.

    The upper management is interesting because Josh has been more involved in Kroenke’s American sports and has sacked all the older managers for young-younger managers who are thought highly of and I would imagine he is thinking the same at Arsene. Ivan is the invisible man but to his credit he has shifted all the power away from Arsene. Silent Stan, well

  17. andy1886,

    It’s not stupidity. The Einstein quote is “Insanity is doing the same thing again and again, expecting a different result.”

  18. I see that we’ve been inked to Bayer Leverkusen goalkeeper Bernd Leno. Another one that I doubt is a Wenger idea, if true maybe more evidence of all change in the summer?

  19. andy1886,

    Isn’t it a shame that we had Szczesny in house and he wanted to stay but Arsene seemed to choose Cech and Ospina along with Martinez over him.

  20. Josh Kroenke spoke on a podcast and when asked how being president of the Colorado Avalanche NHL franchise and the Denver Nuggets in the NBA compares to his role with the Gunners, Kroenke said:

    “It’s all different, but it’s all fruit to fruit. Whether you are sitting in on transfer deadline day at the Arsenal training facility like I did a few weeks ago or you’re sitting in the trade deadline room of the NBA.

    “It’s similar conversations and it can all be compared and contrasted. The wants and need are all very similar. We have a saying over at Arsenal, victory through harmony. I think that victory through harmony can take a lot of different meanings, but for me victory through harmony comes from communication.

    “You got to have open and honest dialogue about the reality that we are on because if we are sugar coating anything about ourselves, about our team, about our direction, we’re only kidding ourselves and we’re only going to be worse off for it in the long run.”

  21. C,

    It did seem very short-sighted. I assumed that Szczesny wasn’t an ‘Arsene Man’ which is why he got the boot.

  22. “We have a saying over at Arsenal, victory through harmony. I think that victory through harmony can take a lot of different meanings, but for me victory through harmony comes from communication.”

    A saying? FFS, why don’t these pricks learn about the club.

  23. “Victory through harmony ……”
    No wonder none of the Kroenke sports franchises are successful.
    It’s even too wanky to have come from an MBA course.

  24. A transfer of management from senior to junior will still leave us where we are I suspect. They have no idea.

  25. YW,

    If that prick is saying that and it leads to Josh pushinh Arsene out, then I guess that will be the quote of the day

  26. Bill @2.25
    I think the only thing to salvage this season is to blood some youth. Obviously don’t run out a Cup squad.
    Europa is better than nothing, but we can still do both I think.

  27. I’m certainly not a fan of the Kroenkes but at least Junior appears to be taking an interest unlike his old man who seems to spend most of his life in a coma.

  28. Great post as always, just can’t imagine how difficult it must be to work the same words each day in a different way: “Arsenal’s a mess, Wenger out immediately”!

    Actually, the squad is a really good squad. All squads could do with tweaking, but at Arsenal a different manager could get them up-and-running and back in contention pronto. If anyone isn’t behind the (new) manager, they have to go.

    The squad has good back up GK’s, (Cech out pleez), a nippy winger in Nelson, and some really talented midfielders and attackers. Even the defenders are top quality, just need coaching. A new manager might not have to spend much. maybe a quality CB and DM, and that’s it.

    If Wenger is challenging the Owners, fire him now. Well, he needs firing anyway. His ‘nadir’ will be the two Milan games. If he fails then, surely he’s toast.

  29. Might even make an effort to watch that game on the box. It’s kind-of Wenger’s last chance…err, heard that one before.

  30. I ask for one thing and one thing only. When Wenger goes can he please take all the wet fishes with him!

  31. G’noonerrs.

    Another that got away…

    Anywho, for ten mil a year and allegedly working hard everyday. How is it that the team are asking for help? Major piss take, hence why I’m not opposed to a sacking of the most humiliating fashion.
    Birmingham, 8-2, 5-0, 6-0, 10-2, 4-4, selling van p, selling Sanchez, selling woe check, selling fab, only buying cech. The shit list has run out of bloody paper. We’ve all had to live every second of all that nonsense and now he says he won’t step down after another embarrassing trousers speech.

    Please God if your listening, replace Jesus with Josh. Amen Ra-stafari

  32. No, Duke.

    Funnily enough, they think the Board will sack him and that he will be a martyr.

    All our fault, and the media, and the refs, and the FA, of course.

  33. Its funny that Bill always talks about big clubs not playing younger players in big matches, well Zidane has dropped Modric, Kroos and one of Bale or Isco(normally one of them start) for Lucas Vasquez, Asensio and Kovacic for their 2nd leg tie in Paris.

  34. Apparently Wenger has told staff he has no intention of leaving this summer. He will need to be dragged out by his legs kicking and screaming. You can just imagine gazidis giving him the old sorry Arsene you’re fired and Wenger clinging on to Ivan’s legs as he walks out the office screaming please no I have nowhere else to go…..

  35. C

    Modric and Kroos returned from injury at the weekend so was too much of a risk to start tonight. They are on the bench.

  36. YW,

    I know but I imagined one of them would get the nod or if not then Isco and Bale would get the start but instead Zidane went with Asensio and Lucas Vasquez (honestly, both have the potential to be absolutely brilliant and top players) instead.

  37. Good evening All. Not long listened rob the Arsenal Vision podcast.

    A Mangan of Arseblog stated that ‘sources ‘ revealed that after having won the FA Cup last season, AW on the Monday waltzed into Kroenkes office with extended contract and got him to sign- sanction the extension.

    C if you could sell 3 players at the end of the season who would you get rid of?

  38. YW,

    8 trophies including 2 CL titles and running PSG this season…..you couldn’t blame them for wanting Zidane

  39. Ras,

    Xhaka, Iwobi and Ramsey.

    Cech is a prime candidate as well, but maybe with better defensive midfield cover he won’t be as exposed as he is currently.

    I know Ramsey has his supporters, but for the odd thing he does well, in most games he does very little and just leaves huge gaps in the middle. He, like Iwobi, flatters to deceive. I will give both of them credit for the effort they put in, but most of the time very little comes of it.

  40. YW,

    I’d keep our three new boys, Lacazette, Mkhitaryan and Aubameyang. Then we need to build the rest of the team that would get the best out of them. They have the ability, so it’s about providing the ammo.

  41. Have to say, I’ve been doing some reading and its amazing how many people are picking Spuds based on the first leg without taking into consideration that Juve were without Dybala and Matuidi. I mean Dybala can win the match single-handedly and Matuidi is superb not to mention they have their full cast of first XI defenders back.

  42. Asensio and Lucas Vasquez again doing the business and setting up Ronaldo for the easy goal.

    Funny that Bill again always talks about big clubs not growing their own players and there you have 2 who have, lets be honest been the biggest difference makers in setting up the Madrid goals.

  43. Buckagh,

    The question is what have they done that has made them apparently the overwhelming favorite over Juve?

    Until it happens, I’m sorry I don’t see Spuds going threw. Maybe its just me, but for all the talk of Spuds what have they actually won? Sure they look better than us because we are in free fall with Arsene at the helm but even then we have still found a way to lift silverware.

  44. On the bright side, our youth have run riot over Colchester, 5-1 in the FA Youth Cup with Smith-Rowe putting in another MOTM performance and looking a class above everybody else.

  45. I mean if were going with who we would keep, I would keep Ozil, Lacazette, Aubameyang, Mhkitaryan, Sead and Bellerin; bring in 2 more defense minded midfielders and see what happens.

  46. Have to say, I can’t blame Verratti, he has been getting kicked all match and only a couple of them if any have been called. Shame it was his 2nd yellow though

  47. C,

    They are not overwhelming favorites and as we know anything thing can happen in football, but I think Spuds have learned much quicker in Europe than our lot, and they have a manager who will have plans also just maybe Juve are not quite the force they were, I have seen them twice this season in the flesh and I think they were a stronger side in previous seasons, Spuds have won nothing as you say but IMO they have looked better than us for awhile,

  48. Tonight’s result PSG v Real makes for an ideal scenario.
    Wenger trots off to the Parc de Princes to replace the obviously outgoing Emery with his dignity in tact and calling it a return to his ‘beloved France’.
    Win WIN

  49. Buckagh,

    Everything I have been reading, makes you feel like the futbol world feela Spuds are set to win the leg and the tie. Sure, Juve have been stronger in past seasons but I think Dybala’s absense was massive for Juve in the first leg and even with that they could have scored 3 goals. Maybe its just my feeling, but having their CB’s back along with Matuidi and Dybala makes the Juve Spuds face a different proposition. Sure they have looked better than us but then again Pochettino is a good manager so you can see why.

    Just a feeling, but I just feel like Juve are being underestimated because Spuds are the current futbol Darling’s but there is a reason why in 2 of the past 3 years Juve has been to the CL Final with essentially different midfield’s and strikeforce.

  50. They could all go, apart from our two new forwards as they are not proven useless plus Monreal and Bellerin.


  51. Mkhitaryan? Only keep because he hasn’t had a chance yet to show what he can do. Based on performances to date he’d be on his way.

    On another note it’s almost a rumour every hour – latest is the club want Arteta but some of the players aren’t keen because they don’t like him. I’d have thought that the fact he hasn’t managed a single game would be a more valid reason but then again I haven’t worked a day in football:


  52. I have been underwhelmed by LJW recently. Head not in the game. But probably salvagable with the right manager. Somebody to tell him to eradicate the petulant behaviour.

  53. In theory our the real strength of our squad is our midfielders or players who play like midfielders. Ozil, Wilshere, Ramsey, Mkhitaryan. However, I think that is also our biggest weakness because we try to shoehorn as many of them into the line up as possible and leaves us unbalanced without much firepower or defensive chops. Most team would play 1 of those 4 or at most 2 in any regular lineup. Ozil and Mkhitaryan as wide forwards is a big mistake, IMO. Their skill set fits much better in central midfield. In reality we are probably stuck with Ozil and Mkhitaryan because of their big contracts. No one else in their right mind would take either of them which probably means that Ramsey and Wilshere should let their contracts run out. I would keep PEA and Lacazette although both are CF and we can hope for the best but I don’t think we can count of Lacazette. He had a great record in France so did Gervinho, Giroud, Falcoa and all of them struggled in the PL. We really need 2 wide forwards who are a threat to score and can move the ball at pace down the wings such as Sanchez or Mane or Salah. Xhaka and Elneny are clearly not adequate as our DM so need one of those and perhaps even a second midfielder for the box to box role since Ramsey’s contract is running out and he can’t stay healthy anyway. I think we need at least 1 CB and a better GK. That is a big shopping list.

  54. Mkhitaryan had one great game but he has been highly underwhelming overall. A lot of the highly rated players who did well in Dortmund never replicated their best form after they left. Sahin, Kagawa, Mkhitaryan come to mind.

  55. I think Gotze was one of the most heavily hyped younger players in this decade and he also struggled to replicate his Dortmund form when he moved to Bayern.

  56. The fact that Lacazette has been a disappointment so far does not mean he is destined to be a bust. However, we can’t build our team with the assumption that he is going to come back and score a lot of goals next year. Plenty of players for the French league have struggled when they left. The way the squad is currently constructed we need PEA and Lacazette to score lots of goals since they are the only legitimate scoring threats on our entire squad. If either Lacazette or PEA struggle then we are left with only 1 actual effective scorer. The other problem is that both PEA and Lacazette have been playing CF for a lot of years and in order to get both into the lineup at the same time 1 or the other is going to have to embrace moving back to a wing position

  57. C:
    Asensio and Lucas Vasquez again doing the business and setting up Ronaldo for the easy goal.

    Funny that Bill again always talks about big clubs not growing their own players and there you have 2 who have, lets be honest been the biggest difference makers in setting up the Madrid goals.

    Let’s see what happens over the course of a couple of seasons. Plenty of players like Asensio have a nice start but then come close to replicating those early adrenaline fueled performances. I did not watch the game but using Asensio and Vasquez may have worked for Madrid in these 2 games against PSG but overall this has probably been one of the worst year for Madrid in more then a decade. They have a lot of spending to do to rebuild and lets see if these players you are fired up about keep their starting spots when new players start coming in.

  58. C

    Lukas Vasquez is 26 years old and has been with Madrid since 2007 so he has been kicking around the squad for 11 years without making an impact. Sort of like Danny Welbeck. May be he has suddenly come good but I can’t imagine a player like that being more then a squad player when Real start to rebuild.

  59. Phil:
    Bill @2.25
    I think the only thing to salvage this season is to blood some youth. Obviously don’trun out a Cup squad.
    Europa is better than nothing,but we can still do both I think.


    We have been the most aggressive team in the world with blooding youth over the last 14 years and look how many of those youth have ever succeeded at Arsenal? How many have actually ever made it to the PL on any team?

    The whole concept of finding all of these ways to blood youth has been a dismal failure for the club and for the youth.

  60. PSG want Wenger?


    Wenger has punted that sort of rumour every time his contract has been up for renewal.

    It might have worked on the fan base several years ago, perhaps even 2 or 3 years ago, but now?!?!

    Puleeez! Absolute crap.

    Before the latest renewal he tried this line yet again, but when PSG damagement were actually asked about it, they rather waftily stated that he was somewhere on their list, but nowhere near the short list.

    So basically trying not to piss on his shoes whilst making it very clear that there were two chances of him being selected to manage PSG, fat, and slim.

    This is pure propaganda from Wenger and his camp to try and cast doubt about getting him out the club asap.

    He ALWAYS punts his line about the whole world wanting him if we don’t (along with his line that he always respects his contract – another bullshit).

    That might have been true a while back, but right now his reputation is so far down the toilet I’d be surprised if he got a job anywhere other than in China or for a national team.

  61. I’d keep them all if it’s a new man at the helm and let him decide.

    Frankly, each of them deserves the opportunity to prove themselves against their own performances under the current regime.

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