Things Are Looking Grim…

Had the media or the man a sense of humour, the notes of the Death March would fill the air as Arsène walked into this morning’s press conference. Or he could be dressed as the Grim Reaper…

That’s if anyone can get there. With barely half-a-inch of snow laying on the ground, it’s not so much the ‘beast from the east’ around him as a little tabby cat of a storm around here. The place has still ground to halt mind you; it always does. I don’t remember these issues growing up, but then I never paid attention. It was just one big snowball fight which of course you can’t have these days due to the worst four words in the English language: health and f****** safety.

Thinking about it, I recall a missive being circulated around our school which forbade the art of packing snow around stones on the occasions of snowball fights on the school fields. The school nurse was overrun by cuts and bruises which made a change from dealing with a puking child, I suppose.

Not that it will be a problem in the future. English football is to have a mid-season break except it won’t be a proper break; football will still be ongoing. A fudge only the FA could construct. Arsenal’s answer to force a mid-season break was to exit the FA Cup in humiliating fashion which seemed to work…

Which brings us to the question of tomorrow: on, off, do you care? The biggest danger is the stadium environs and if you were Arsenal, remembering Sunday’s performance, would you bother clearing steps? It will be a small crowd if the number of ‘spares’ flying around is a yardstick.

Disney Classics

The question we’re all asking – with or without question marks, smart arses – is how will Arsène get essentially the same team to play better? Mkhitaryan will no doubt slot into the side while Nacho Monreal’s run of goalscoring form is probably at an end thanks to the knock picked up on Sunday. Wenger’s options are limited; he could drop Mustafi but that seems unlikely.

Options are at best, limited.

With the weather set to wreak havoc on the fixture list, the television companies showed how it is done. Four fixture changes in April with two moved to Monday night. But not including the transport-friendly away trip to Newcastle; that’s a 1.30 kick-off on a Sunday. Nice early start for the intrepid travellers; bravo Sky.

A shame Comcast is promising to pretty much alone although Disney could lighten things up if they took over. Half-time entertainment for the whole family. You could have a bit of fun, I suppose. When a substitution is made, Captain Hook could appear on screen or there must be a Donald Duck cartoon with him being hooked from some show or other; he was Disney’s favourite stooge.

Bambi would be quite a versatile film to use. When Dele Alli dives, the moment when everyone’s favourite fawn steps onto the ice hits the big screen. Their back catalogue provides plenty of opportunity for such moments.

Or maybe not; you can have too much razzmatazz.

This Arsenal team is struggling to get the basics of football right. It’s easy to say that’s what they need to get back to bute how they do so quickly is the issue. We’ve never been a side which reacts well to defeats; expecting that to change this week is a step too far.

’til Tomorrow.

93 thoughts on “Things Are Looking Grim…

  1. Orson Kaert says:

    Going back a day or two, the pic was from Fellini’s 1954 movie La Strada . He said of the film “a complete catalogue of my entire mythical world, a dangerous representation of my identity that was undertaken with no precedent whatsoever.” Are we referring to Arsene Wenger somehow?

    The movie starred Anthony Quinn and Guilieta Massina.

  2. Orson Kaert says:

    A little more of the beast here in Norfolk, six to eight inches overnight and it’s still snowing. Needless to say our village primary school is closed, as is the high school in the nearby town.

    Things are looking dodgy for tomorrow, a drive down to Gatwick for a 13.35 flight to Dubai and on to Bangalore, we’re taking g a mid-winter break even if the Premiership isn’t.

  3. YW says:

    Spot the man who no longer has the best interests of Arsenal FC at heart:

    “I’m just amazed that I always have to answer things that are exactly the same. I’m here for 21 years. I’ve turned the whole world down and I’m amazed I still have to answer these kind of questions.”

  4. Jonnygunner says:

    Good morning YW,good morning Orse…..steady on the way to Gatwick my friend,it me and my wife 7 hours to get from Shropshire to Norfolk yesterday.
    Glad to be home….woodburner,proper coffee,WiFi…….God I sound spoilt.

  5. Jonnygunner says:

    Took is missing from my post…..

  6. Orson Kaert says:

    Yogi, I don’t know why anyone bothers to turn up for his press conferences, it’s the same old drivel every time.

    “We fought very hard to get to the final”. “Look, we beat Chelsea in the semi-final”. “Yes, top four is still our target”.

    Arsenal 22/1 four a top four finish.

  7. Iain says:


    Absolutely- my thoughts mirrored. He truly IS delusional. ‘I have turned down lots of job offers so I could stay and guide the club into mediocrity’ – mate, WAKE UP!

  8. Orson Kaert says:


    Yesterday wasn’t too bad, we drove into Norwich, traffic was much lighter than normal. It must be bad here today, the Telegraph hasn’t arrived yet.

  9. Jonnygunner says:

    Orson Kaert,

    There’s not a chance we’ll get fourth unless a miracle happens.
    We’ll get bundled out of Europe and then he’s toast.
    Josh is here for a reason.

  10. andy1886 says:


    Modesty never has been his strong point has it? Utterly deluded. he wouldn’t last five minutes at Madrid, Barca, PSG, Bayern etc. And they dodged a bullet as well.

  11. Harry says:

    This is why any lingering sympathy I may have had for Arsene, has all but evaporated. His acolytes will see this as him flicking the v sign to his detractors (including us mugs), rather than what it actually is: the deluded arrogance of a man who refuses to acknowledge his time is up.

    It’s a shame.

  12. Pete the Thirst says:

    He also said he will see out his contract…

    We need somebody to throw the towel into the ring to end this embarrassment.

    Spot the man who no longer has the best interests of Arsenal FC at heart:

    “I’m just amazed that I always have to answer things that are exactly the same. I’m here for 21 years. I’ve turned the whole world down and I’m amazed I still have to answer these kind of questions.”

  13. Ras says:

    Morning YW. Memories like the corner of mind. Snow ball fights, chill brains, sodden socks and shoes oh the joys of tester year.

    It’s sadly going to get worse before it gets any better. He’s obviously scared, frightened at the prospect of not being at AFC. Sadly his myopic view is fastly making him look idiotic and the Club à laughing stock.

    The Players are not immune to this buffoonery.

    We were here last year in the same position. Will he won’t he.

    Some folks never learn. Call me perverse, call me sad, whatever I think a beating, humiliation on the pitch will by City demain soir is another nail in his coffin.

  14. andy1886 says: have a poll on the result of tomorrows game. The votes so far favour City to win by three or more goals (36%) and City to win by two goals (22%). Overall 63% expect a City win, 29% expect an Arsenal win (including a mad 4% who think that we will win by three or more goals), and 7% expect a draw. And yes that adds up to 99% so some rounding up being done I guess.

    Hopefully the hierarchy will take note, when less than a third expect a club like AFC to win at home it shows a complete and utter lack of faith in the team and the manager.

  15. Ras says:

    I just started watching the Press Conference he has given this morning, and you can see in his gesticulations etc that (non verbal )that he revels in this. The smiles, the smurks when deflecting questions. The statement that he could have gone here there and everywhere is to Me ‘ The Club’ is fortunate, lucky to have me’

    He’s a ‘ real ‘ egotistical bastard. He always comes with the phrase ‘ Look’ which to Me is him saying ‘it’s my way I’m in charge ‘

    For how much longer we wait and see. We are into the final chapters of his rule. How much longer is anybody’s guess . We are in a state of retrograde under his stewardship.

    I have lost any respect that I have had for him

  16. Jonny says:

    Christ who buys the Telegraph these days it turned into a fucking clickbait tabloid smeared comic about 5 years ago and has only gotten worse since.
    Drivel. Utter drivel.

  17. Jonny says:

    I just cannot imagine paying for it. 😀

  18. Jonny says:

    AW sounds terribly peeved that we are ungrateful that he turned down other clubs for us – well he is freed up to explore them now isn’t he.
    For heaven’s sake man, just go.

  19. andy1886 says:


    As a propaganda sheet for the Tories we all ultimately pay for it if they are successful. My opinion if course 😢

  20. andy1886 says:

    I would love it if he got either the Madrid or PSG jobs unlikely as that is. It’s easy to stand on the sidelines and say “I could have done this, I could have done that”. Let him try and see how that works out for him. Let’s see how patient their fans would be, he’d be lucky to last ten months let alone ten years.

  21. Wavey says:


    I thought look meant, “f*ck off cos I’m right”.

    “On whether there will be a review of his position…
    We have won many games, what you forget is that we were in the final. We were not there by invitation, we had to knock Chelsea out over two games. The team can fight. It’s not available for everybody to get there. We then played a team that dominates the Premier League, you of course do not accept defeat, but it is part of the game.
    My position is my position. Honestly, that’s the last worry I have at the moment. My worry is to get the team focused.
    Will there be a review? ‘I just told you, I gave you the answer. [Our focus is] the next game.’
    Are you expecting to remain in charge? ‘I just gave the answer. If you need clarity, I can repeat exactly the same answer? Does it stop you to sleep that my position is uncertain? No.'”

    In fact he never answered the question at all.

  22. Wavey says:

    Late in the Peterborough v Walsall game last night the players had to get the brooms out to clear the lines so that the game wouldn’t be abandoned. Wouldn’t be surprised to see the fans actually shovelling snow onto the pitch tomorrow night.

  23. Jonny says:

    Funnily enough, Andy, I mind less the fact it is a Tory mouthpiece than I do the stunning and sad decline of decent journalism. I never liked its politics but it at least used to be worth reading.
    The sport section was pretty thorough too.
    It’s just another comic since they gutted the staff.

  24. James says:

    Christ who buys the Telegraph these days it turned into a fucking clickbait tabloid smeared comic about 5 years ago and has only gotten worse since.
    Drivel. Utter drivel.

    If you want the truth, don’t look to the mainstream media!!!!

  25. andy1886 says:


    It certainly looks like traditional newspapers are going down the pan, I’d imagine that even the Sun now it has taken out the only two things that most of their customers bought it for will be in terminal decline. Most of them treat their readers like complete fuckwits.

  26. Ras says:


    Absolutely Wavey he avoided the question.

    He should just sling his hook. He’s damaging the ‘ brand’ but sadly making himself look even more stupid and desperate

  27. wilberforce says:

    I’m not sure I would go as far to say I have lost all respect for Wenger. There are still some qualities to respect in his character like staying loyal to players through injury, when some (Mourinho) would have thrown players on the scrap heap sooner.

    It’s easier to talk about his many flaws. I think he is a good guy but sadly his powers have gone and it’s time someone advised him to step down in the summer.

    I think now it’s looking more and more likely he will be persuaded to step down in the summer. Even if we do beat AC we will lose to another team as surely on this current form we are close to another beating. Then that’s no cup and no champions league after a year of “catalyst for change”. By then the the fans will be mutinous and the players will have stopped playing for the manager (I believe some already have).

  28. wilberforce says:

    I also sense that we are all pent up with anger and frustration and when he does leave those feelings will change to relief. Then hopefully the manager will get the appreciation and accolades he deserves for the years gone by.

    The longer he hangs on, the sader his case becomes. I’m just not sure who he would listen too? David Dein? Bob Wilson?

  29. Wavey says:

    Looking at his replies this morning, it’s interesting that he was getting so pissed off with the questioning that he let something slip:

    “Does it stop you to sleep that my position is uncertain? No.”

    He is obviously aware that his position is uncertain now. In the past he has had unquestioning support of the Board and, more significantly, the owner. There must be some communication going on internally which is making him acutely aware that they are reviewing his position.

  30. Randy Thompsett says:

    The only information to be gleaned from these press conferences are the injury updates. The rest is an exercise in avoidance and minimal disclosure.

    How would you react if your position was publicly questioned? There is nothing new and you shouldn’t expect there to be.

  31. andy1886 says:


    Sadly being ‘a good guy’ while in itself is great, doesn’t win football matches which is what he’s paid to do. While being loyal to injured players is good for them it’s often been a handicap for the club overall. I can’t recall one of those perennially injured players coming back and performing to a level where we were glad that we held on to them. Most end up retiring or fading away into obscurity. It’s just another facet of the cosy culture of mediocrity under AW that some try to pass off as special ‘values’ that mitigate failing to compete on the pitch.

  32. andy1886 says:

    Randy Thompsett,

    If I were being paid £10m a year I would expect it. It goes with the territory from the top of the league to the bottom. I’ve seen many managers stand up and accept that when results are not going their way the fans are entitled to ask questions and admit that they need to improve. Wenger on the other hand seems to believe that he is never responsible.

  33. Harry says:

    Agree with your @1.22, Wilberforce.

    AW is the very last of his kind. He’s been here far too long and the club has allowed itself to become ridiculously over reliant on him. That’s changing now. Just need to him go (sooner rather than later) so we can all move on. He’ll deserve the eulogies, and even his most ardent detractors will (eventually..) begin to look back with fondness at those early achievements. Probably. We often display selective memory when it comes to old managers and players. Our prerogative.

  34. Alex Ice Cream says:

    “Turned down the world, Judge me in May (2009), I built this club…”

    More bile spewed from the mouth of the most arrogant man in football history. PSG aside (hardly the world) Madrid have not been interested since 2003 ish. I am informed that in Spain these statements are viewed as an utter joke and Wenger is a joke figure. The idea that Wenger could replace say Guardiola or Ancellotti is staggering in its sheer stupidity.

    He would have had little power at these clubs and he would not have lasted the week. Madrid players owe him nothing and he would be laughed out of the dressing room after telling them to “just play”.

    I just want this utter, utter **** out of Arsenal forever.

  35. Bill says:

    Great post yogi.

    I have to admit that I never thought I would see the day when Arsene was truly under fire from inside the club and there was a realistic possibility he might not finish his current contract. Thank heaven there has finally been a break out of a little common sense from our owner and board and Ivan when they hired Sven and Raul to start the transition. If Arsene does leave this summer, I hope whoever makes the final decision regarding whom to hire gets it right. We have a lot of rebuilding to do in terms of getting rid of over paid underperforming personnel and bringing in new players and rebuilding the entire culture of our organization from the top of the boardroom to the bottom of the U21 squad players.

  36. Colts says:

    “Josh is here for a reason”

    Yup. Hopefully. 3 months they said.
    I’d be surprised if he needs a month once he’s handed the dossier from the four horsemen of the catalypse.

  37. Orson Kaert says:

    Not taking any chances we’re heading off later this afternoon and have a hotel booked near the airport.

    The hotel has agreed to supply a copy of The Telegraph free of charge as I’m a True Blue Tory.

    You really shouldn’t believe the innuendo, fake news and scurrilous lies put out by the Corbynite gutter press otherwise known as tabloids.

  38. Phil says:

    Snow anyone ?
    Only have to wear gloves when doing the dishes or committing crime in Oz.
    Here, they are needed everyday . Bloody hell its cold.
    And talking of crime – it’s criminal that Wenger continues to front up and spew out the same rubbish m about turning down the big clubs during his Arsenal tenure.
    I would be very surprised if anybody has come calling for Wenger in the last 5 years.

  39. Bufallo says:

    I hope we get an absolute thrashing by Man City to pile even more pressure on him. He would be best served by showing some humility rather than peddling his increasingly delusional and dishonest nonsense. He is, as somebody said above, a joke figure and sadly he’s our joke. How can the club let this continue, they are letting him damage the club in much wider sense than just the football, i find it most strange. All having their pants pulled down by Wenger, how embarrassing for them…but maybe that’s what the top man really likes wink wink.

  40. lari03 says:

    Hi Buffalo, I don’t hope, I know for certain, that this team will crumble at home against Man City, if Wenger does what he usually does.

  41. Jonny says:

    I’m no great Corby fan (though we definitely share many ideals) but if you think the gutter press is Corbynite you need your fecking head examined. Honestly, that’s an hilarious claim, regardless of the aisle in which you operate.
    In fact, the only paper that (largely) tacitly supports him is The Daily Mirror (both The Independent and The Guardian have attacked Corbyn as much as they have extolled him).
    Every paper in the UK is either neoliberal or True Blue as witnessed by the latest recent ridiculous and widespread smear campaign.

  42. C says:

    I’m tired of talking Arsene, lets talk transfer….there is a player that me and CA/MA chatted about a couple years back and nothing came of it but yet he continued to prove himself in the Bundesliga as a do everything DM. But now at age 27 he is flourishing but doing so not as high profiled as others but just as effective. Yup, I’m talking about one Christoph Kramer who is an athletic 6’3″ DM currently playing for Gladbach but continues to be brilliant. Sure he isn’t the big sexy names people are accustomed to but I would gladly have this boy shielding our back 4 because he has it all to do it.

  43. Dukey says:


    Leave the fairweatherness to the players!

  44. Harry says:

    Yup, Jonny. Exactly.

    The “Corbynite” label makes me laugh anyway (quite happy to be one meself).

    Now “Wengerite” on the other hand…..

  45. Jonny says:

    Harry, to a point yes, but I simply cannot support his Europe stance – it will undermine everything he is intending on trying to change. The funding we need to rescue the NHS and other socialist ideals will demand a robust economy, not one flailing for decades. The cost to the country is far too great and is in direct stark contrast to the empty promises of the leave brigade.

    Of course like you, I am no longer a Wengerite (Wengershite might be a more apt description for his true-believers) – that love died a long time ago but I will still support the players tomorrow night. I cannot bring myself to willingly wish us to lose – however I fully expect us to do so.

  46. andy1886 says:


    To be fair he has changed his stance in the last few days to one whereby we would remain in some form of a customs union – whether he can deliver that of course is another matter. What we do know is that every impartial expert has suggested that a hard Brexit as favoured by the more rabid right wingers would scupper the economy and leave us facing austerity (unless you’re one of the top 1% of course) for decades. Not a future I want for my kids.

  47. andy1886 says:

    About this report of “Change in the summer if we don’t make top four” in the Islington Gazette:

    Many fans seem to be suggesting that ‘change’ means goodbye Wenger but reading the piece it seems more like Wenger suggesting a clear out of players while he himself remains. Of course it may also be a conveniently leaked piece of hot air to try and keep fans on board until after season ticket renewal time after which any ‘change’ will be watered down before another groundhog season in 18/19.

    My second issue with this is that we’re still limiting our ambition to the ‘Top Four Trophy’ which really pisses me off. I don’t give a flying feck about CL qualification, it’s just another competition where we are also-rans at best and another opportunity to be humiliated by the big boys. And we’re the seventh richest club in the world by the way.

    I’d be happy with a fresh start without Wenger even if it meant regrouping in mid-table for a couple of seasons. We’re heading that way under him anyway.

  48. andy1886 says:

    Quick Finance Update:

    Arsenal have announced a pre-tax profit of £25.1million for the six months ending 30 November 2017, when they had cash reserves of £137.6m.

    That figure was up from £100.5m in the same period of 2016, boosted by £58.4m from player sales after Arsene Wenger finally sold players like Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain, Gabriel and Kieran Gibbs last summer.

    These new figures do not take into account the club-record buy of Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang this January, nor the sales of Theo Walcott, Olivier Giroud and Francis Coquelin.

    Turnover dropped by £23.4m to £167.7m because Arsenal were competing in the Europa League rather than the Champions League.

    They are currently sixth in the Premier League and can only realistically qualify for next season’s Champions League by winning the Europa League.

    “This has not been the easiest of campaigns but we are all working hard to ensure we have a strong finish,” said Arsenal chairman Sir Chips Keswick.

    “Breaking our transfer record twice in one season and the player contracts we have signed shows our commitment to getting the club back competing for the Premier League.

    “However, our strategy remains self-financing and we must accept all the challenges that brings at a time when the inflation of transfer fees, player wages and the fees demanded by agents has become super-heated.

    “We need to spend effectively and be the best we can across the whole of our football operations if we are to compete at the level our ambitions for the club demand.”

  49. Jonny says:

    Any kind of Brexit is going to be financially disastrous and felt for decades (on the back of austerity and crushing debt) – there is no real such thing as a ‘Soft Brexit’ it’s just smoke and mirrors.
    Sad to admit that I simply do not trust Corbyn on Europe (he is a Bennite and, as such, has always been anti-Europe) and this Customs Union thing scarcely changes anything.
    It’s an incredibly poor band-aid when what is really needed is to stay in the single market (which will never happen because of freedom of movement) – furthermore, we don’t even really know if it is achievable – call me cynical but I think it’s just a proposal to mollify the Remainers that make up the vast majority of the Labour vote.
    For me what should clearly happen is a second referendum – it is stunningly apparent most people had no clue what they were voting for and that whatever it was it was not this.
    Corbyn’s refusal to offer one reveals his true agenda and that, like May, he is prepared to plunge the country into ruin to get it.
    Personally, I doubt the Leave campaign would get much more than 40% in a second vote.
    In fact, it has been estimated, given it was enacted largely by the ‘silver vote’, that by the time Brexit goes through – we will be made of up more Remainers regardless (through younger voters coming through and older ones dying off).
    Crazy times.

  50. YW says:

    I’d like a bit of honesty so people could see their chains being yanked. Spot on about Corbyn but also the likes of Rees-Mogg who stands to make millions off the back of his investment company which specialises in emerging markets. The sort we’ll be doing a lot more business with or certainly under more advantageous terms to the capitalists who exploit them.

  51. Harry says:

    All true about Br*x*t, Jonny.

    Corbyn though, warts and all, has made Labour the party of opposition again. It’s a start.

    You need some hope to cling to. What else is there.

  52. lari03 says:

    I read the article and I am happy because, maybe we can let go of some of our deadwood. Secondly, I know that failure means Arsene’s bargaining power is reduced. Furthermore, player contracts means sales will happen, and realistically, Welbeck may be sold, Ramsey offered a new contract, Jack Wilshere goes on a free, Elneny, Xhaka and Chambers would be sold and new players brought in. Also some less popular loan players are permanently excised.
    That is an interesting prospect. Arsene leaves too.

  53. lari03 says:

    By May, we would be facing our second season outside the champion’s league. The financial report covered by Matt, shows we are already feeling the effect of our exclusion from the champion’s league.
    So it makes sense to cut off Wenger’s contract, and get a new manager to move forward after the world cup. More players would be on the move after the world cup, with a new manager and strategy, we might shake things up for the best.

  54. DALM says:

    The summer is too late

    Logically AW goes now – if there is a successor identified – who then has the end of the season to check out the playing and back room staff and consider changes….and be on the front foot for the close season and transfer window…


    somehow I don’t see change at the top happening for quite some time WE all see the current performances as unacceptable BUT they’ve been similarly bad for several years – so where is the driver for change ?

  55. Dukey says:

    Hang on what’s this…corbynites!! Hhhhm.

  56. consolsbob says:

    Even now I would rather talk about football than politics. We all have our views, I am sure, but I do not come here to see them. There are plenty of ways for me to enjoy that particular form of self flagellation, should I so desire.

    What seems like a sensible view to one of us seems like utter bollock to another of us. I see no value in further dividing us along political as well as Arsène lines.

    This is always exacerbated by the tendency to belittle the views of those who do not agree with our own.

  57. andy1886 says:


    I hear what you say but have the following reservations:

    1. New players while Wenger remains to ruin them (or at least fails to get the best from them either individually or as a team) is futile. Deck chairs on the Titanic sort of thing.

    2. The loss of CL money has been estimated at £23m – hardly enough to buy an average player. Financially it makes more sense not to invest a hundred million on the off chance that we might make top four and claw back £23m in return (again with Wenger at the helm the odds wouldn’t be good and more than likely we’d be throwing the money down the drain). Better to save the cash for Wenger’s replacement who may actually know what he’s doing.

  58. andy1886 says:


    Fair enough, no need to abuse anyone about football, politics or anything else.

    Except Rees-Mogg, I mean seriously, WTF??

  59. C says:

    So looks like Nacho could be out for a while, time to see Sead get a run in the team. I would also really like to see Elneny and Maitland-Niles get a run, I mean FFS, I can’t take another dreadful performance from Xhaka and Ramsey as our midfield pivots.

    Also, I would like to see Macey get a run, I know people keep talking about Ospina and Cech aging as well as spending money on Butland and Pickford………but we have as talented a GK in Macey (Martinez is on loan) who just happens to be English (for those that are always banging on about that) and he is a big and athletic GK.

  60. MikeSA says:


    Hi Andy

    I saw this and kind of got the feeling that Wenger has been told from higher up that he finally does have a KPI that his continued employment will be judged on, i.e. finish in the top 4.

    Nothing is ever his fault, so like any weak boss being put under the spotlight, he’s jumped on his underlings and transferred the responsibility to them instead, i.e. trying to bully them into saving his arse.

    Somehow I get the feeling they’re not really that motivated to do so.

  61. Harry says:

    “I see no value in further dividing us along political as well as Arsène lines.”

    Wise words, Bob. Point taken.

  62. Dukey says:


    Fuck it, let’s get the class divide over and done with!!

  63. C says:

    Watching Milan v Lazio and Milan at times look like Arsenal when they are pressed……

  64. C says:

    Gattuso has done well with Milan since taking over.

  65. Phil says:

    Well , I am just hoping for a Wexit.

  66. Harry says:

    Jonny’s political fervour can be contagious, Duke.

    I’m all for a, er, hard Wexit though.

  67. Phil says:

    Surely we can all agree that Trump is a dick ?

  68. Phil says:

    And I will stay away from UK politics.

  69. George says:


    Var is having a field day with the spuds lol…

  70. C says:


    I stopped watching to watch Milan v Lazio, much more entertaining and better futbol.

  71. George says:


    If Milan are susceptible to the press they must be quaking in their boots at the prospect of Ramsey and xhaka closing em down 😉

  72. wilberforce says:


    I hear what you say but have the following reservations:

    1. New players while Wenger remains to ruin them (or at least fails to get the best from them either individually or as a team) is futile. Deck chairs on the Titanic sort of thing.

    2. The loss of CL money has been estimated at £23m – hardly enough to buy an average player. Financially it makes more sense not to invest a hundred million on the off chance that we might make top four and claw back £23m in return (again with Wenger at the helm the odds wouldn’t be good and more than likely we’d be throwing the money down the drain). Better to save the cash for Wenger’s replacement who may actually know what he’s doing.

  73. Wavey says:

    Not sure what the Rochdale share of any gate receipts would be, but I think the FA have let them down by scheduling the replay for a Thursday night. That and the weather mean the attendance is only around 24,600 in Wembley tonight.

  74. C says:


    For a moment they looked shaky, well I’m sure Ramsey and Xhaka will lool at Kessie and think of Wanyama 😱

  75. Jonnygunner says:

    Even now I would rather talk about football than politics. We all have our views, I am sure, but I do not come here to see them. There are plenty of ways for me to enjoy that particular form of self flagellation, should I so desire.

    What seems like a sensible view to one of us seems like utter bollock to another of us. I see no value in further dividing us along political as well as Arsène lines.

    This is always exacerbated by the tendency to belittle the views of those who do not agree with our own.

    Absolutely spot on Bob.I find it a way of undermining other people based on their views.When it kicked off on here after Brexit things got rather unsavoury-to put it mildly.
    I’m not surprised at some of the political bollocks on here today-it was only a matter of time.
    What I find unacceptable is the way that some of us are derided if we are not in the Labour section of the camp….or voted for Brexit….or being told that we didn’t know what we were voting for…I still haven’t changed my mind on my decision.
    I’ve made a point of not mentioning politics since that spat on here which a few of us fell out over.I thought it best.
    I think I’ll observe your blog YW….it’s part of my daily life…has been for a good few years now….but I’ll try and refrain from posting…I’ll be no great loss YW-I really only talk about marmalade with Orse and other bollocks.
    It’s a brilliant football blog-and one that ties us altogether for the same reason in one way,our love of the Arsenal.Its just unfortunate that we can’t leave off the other nonsense-not even you YW…although it is your blog!
    Jonny-you are a thoroughly unlikeable individual-I’d truly love to bump into you one day,away from the security of your keyboard-alas it’ll never happen.
    However you dress it up,people voted to leave-you can’t just have another vote until the balance changes in your favour.Thats not democracy.
    See y’all.
    Orse…..have a splendid holiday mate👍

  76. YW says:

    I’m not going to mention politics but… 🙂

    Anyway, Arsene’s done us all a favour ahead of tomorrow’s game…

  77. Dukey says:

    Storm Emma is coming and will mix with the beast from the east bringing killer snow , apparently Wenger has gone out panic buying again.

  78. Wavey says:


    Has he bought a back up coat just in case he has a zip failure tonight?

  79. andy1886 says:

    Any chance of a cancellation tonight due to bad weather? A real kicking may well cause Stan to push the nuclear button on Wenger, but as he usually manages to hang on somehow when he’s on the brink so a postponement until the end of the season when it’s all died down would suit him just fine.

    Incidentally, a loss tonight would leave us 30 points behind with only 30 still available and a goal difference of at least -45 to make up. If that’s Ivan’s definition of a title challenge he needs psychological help.

  80. consolsbob says:


    Don’t pack it in, jonny, you would be missed. This site has always benefited from a liberal dose of humour and random descents into obtuse subjects.

    I have met t’other jonny on a few occasions and he is indeed a very charming and affable fellow, as are all the rest of the current aclf regulars that I have supped ale with. I would be happy in their company and in hearing their views on football at any time.

    I wouldn’t talk politics with them though, That is done only with my closest friends and my own conscience.

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