Your Essential Guide To Betting On The Premier League

As a result of the English Premier League being such a frantic and exciting football league, there’s plenty of shock results which are on the cards each and every season. In fact, while the unpredictability of this particular league offers explosive local derbies it can seem almost impossible to accurately bet on any of the games! However, there are a number of essential trends which you may be able to spot after a long time of betting, which even the best football tipster would be proud to know, which can help to make your weekend a profitable one. Here, we’re talking you through an essential guide to betting on the Premier League.

The Home Advantage

Everybody has always believed in the home advantage; however, some tipsters are starting to suggest that this is becoming irrelevant as the teams become more professional. Nevertheless, the statistics stick to the common thought and suggest that the home advantage does still exist. Home wins often account for around 45% of results during a season. Playing at home can often give the team a morale boost, and with the fans pushing the team on through every second, you should always consider the home advantage when placing your bets.

Goals Per Game Averages

Despite the implementation of football tactics over the past 20 years, the goals per game average remained somewhat consistent. The lowest average of all time was 2.45 goals per game, and the highest has only just broken 3 goals per game. This is generally a result of the wins that top of the league teams are having over the struggling teams, and with more money being put into the more successful teams, there appears to be a growing gap. While there will always be some upsets, top of the table will generally defeat bottom of the table, by more than just one goal. Take Arsenal for example, in November, the team beat Huddersfield 5-0 and in February beat Everton 5-1 (and both of these games were played at home).

The Most Common Score

Interestingly, there have been numerous trends seen when it comes to the most common scorelines appearing in the EPL. While it is one of the most exciting leagues in the world, that doesn’t necessarily mean that every game boasts a large number of goals or skilful play. In fact, the most common scoreline since the Premier League began is 1-0, and this typically makes up around 20% of matches every season. The second most common is 2-1 on average, and the most common draw score is 0-0.

As you can see, there are many things to consider when it comes to betting on the Premier League, and this is just a small guide to the essentials. With so many other factors such as the most common half-time score (which is often 0-0) and the number of yellow and red cards being seen in a game, there’s plenty to consider when placing your bets.