Swansea City Review: Can Aubameyang Save Us? I Somehow Doubt It

Swansea City 3 – 1 Arsenal

Thank god there’s a transfer window to distract from the football.

I don’t know where to begin. We’re a team bereft of confidence, lacking leadership and so dull that Alan Shearer wouldn’t less us creosote his fence. We’ve become the antithesis of everything Arsène used to hold dear and all that tiki-taka was not. Arsenal 2017 is full of aimless sideway passes and when Mesut Özil is snuffed out of the game, we have no-one with the invention to drive us forward.

Jack normally does that, but illness ruled him out last night so Aaron Ramsey returned. The binary argument of either one or the other in the team ended last night. Ramsey isn’t the same player as Wilshere; the question is whether Xhaka or Ramsey is the right partner for Jack.

The Swiss put up a compelling case for the Welshman. Xhaka was, well; I’m tired of writing about defensive frailties, of how players let runners go. This is a defeat that while the players don’t get a free pass, the repetitious nature of it means Wenger must shoulder responsibility.

You can argue that it isn’t the manager’s fault when midfielders don’t track back or if defenders don’t make tackles. But when these faults recur, it’s obvious they aren’t being addressed on the training ground. That’s down to the manager and coaching staff.

Yes, Petr Cech’s error was a nightmare and really puts us on the back foot next summer. Where was our response? Where was the attacking purpose to reclaim a goal? We conceded an equaliser before we’d even settled back into our nonchalant routine; did we strike back at Swansea as quickly? No, because they managed the game. We, with all our fancy wage bill, failed miserably at that. Again.

Distinctly Average

Arsène wittered on about how Swansea won the duels but this was a side rooted to the bottom of the table and which hadn’t scored more than two goals in a match all season. Not once.

We are 19 points from the relegation battle, 23 off the top of the table. You scoff at George Graham and the mid-table finish but this is as bad. It’s worse given the calibre of the players. Wenger is incapable of inspiring the team, of firing them up and dare I say it, making them fearful for their places.

We’re signing a new £55m striker having coached the belief out of the £52m striker we signed in the summer. That’s going to work well, isn’t it?

Regularly, I read the acolytes telling us we can’t compete financially with City or United. Well, duh. Of course we can’t; it means we compete by being smarter in the market, better at squad building and superb at coaching to create a team which can challenge. You know, how we used to do it.

Except we can’t do that anymore. Our mojo has gone in the transfer market and we don’t have a coherent squad-building policy. We panic buy to plaster over the cracks. Nice shiny striker? Thanks, but what about the defensive midfielder, centre back and goalkeeper?

What will we do when Nacho Monreal stops scoring? We can’t defend to save our lives. Three at the back has been ditched by a manager who doesn’t believe in it. He told us he used the system 20 years ago when we won the league. He is consistent, I’ll give him that. Doesn’t like three at the back, doesn’t want to win the league anymore.

Don’t Let the Door Slap You on the Arse on the Way Out

And when we go to a back four, he subs the one defensively minded midfielder we have and leaves the slapdash £30m misfit on the pitch. There’s no cohesion in the manager’s thinking. Xhaka was anonymous last night while Elneny was proving to be our best defender. So we take him off.

It’s not the only curio. Alexis was ready to step into United’s team, Mkhitaryan not so, despite having a week to bed into the Arsenal set-up. Presumably, Aubameyang will make his debut in August.

I’m tired of writing the same post over and over and over again. I’m tired of seeing the same horror show over and over and over again. Paddy can’t even be bothered to stand up and sing anymore, he’s so fed up with it all.

The manager has to leave this summer, if not sooner; it’s as simple as that.

’til Tomorrow.

214 thoughts on “Swansea City Review: Can Aubameyang Save Us? I Somehow Doubt It

  1. So we made a late bid of £12m for Evans. Why? Because we thought they were desperate to sell him and would accept anything? What a truly stupid thing to do and insulting to West Brom. It must make sense to at least keep a civil relationship with other clubs, so that when you deal with them (potentially over someone you really want) in the future they won’t be more difficult than they need to be. Sounds like we struck out elsewhere and thought a cheeky bid would make sense. Someone have a word.

  2. Phil,

    There is a clause in Evans contract that says if West Bromwich are relegated he can move for fee of just £3 million.

    That’s much closer to his true worth.

  3. Orson Kaert,

    I agree Orse,and from the amount offered its clear he’d only be a stop gap until the summer.
    That’s when the business of defence will start.
    I don’t know why they left it so late with Manolas-if the Swansea result would’ve been a couple of weeks ago we’d have put him top of the shopping list.I think summer will see both Kos and Mustafi packing their bags

  4. Jonnygunner,

    I think it’s time Macey was moved up the pecking order. Surely Ospina will go in the summer and on present form, Cech should go too.

    I don’t know how much game time Martinez is getting, but we should be looking to reclaim him as soon as possible.

    If we fail to win the Europa League, and therefore any chance of Champions League, next season will be the ideal time to sweep out the defensive trash and give extended runs to Holding, Chambers and Mavropanus, or as Wenger knows him “that Greek kid”.

  5. Orson Kaert,

    Yeap-I really can’t see the powers that be(not Wenger now)willing to go with Chec any longer-after this season’s done.Maybe after his absolute shocker at Swansea he’ll be dropped straight away-Wenger’s got form there,remember Lehmann and Almunia?
    Macey’s a big lad…I think C said 6’7”….and agile with it,but like you,I think Martinez should be brought back.I must hold my hands up and admit I was pleased to see Chezzer go,but,now I think it was a mistake.
    The back line needs a complete re-boot,I’m still not in agreement with C from yesterday when he said Bellerin could defend,he just needs coaching-that’s bollocks.Thats like saying a given striker can score but he just needs to be shown how to put the ball in the net.

  6. Jonnygunner,

    I agree with you on Bellerin, a decent wingback if playing with a solid back three, but too inclined to bomb forward and lacking the discipline to be a successful member of a back for.

    Especially ours.

  7. anyone can be taught to defend.

    defendings not like scoring – you can either score naturally or you cant. its the hardest thing to do in football is to score.

    defendings different because it is done as a unit. it cant be taught. which is why scorings so hard

    as a striker you’re on your own, just you and the keeper. if you cant finish your pretty much fucked.

    defenders work in multiple combinations. youre not alone – and if you cant defend your not being shown how…

  8. Based on the fantastic work done by the Gazidis team on recruitment and departures in the Jan window, I’m sure we can see a complete re-working of the defensive side of the club when the window opens again. The offensive side of the squad now looks great, change out the horrific defence is next. Can’t see Wenger being allowed to stay to mess with the valuable players assets now on view. He will be gently eased out. Good times ahead now Gazidis has won the war with Wenger.

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