Aubameyang Move Nearer While Uninspiring Can Be Just What We Need

Was it good for you? For most of us, yes, it was. Ornstein, the oracle with the hotline to the Arsenal Transfer Window Action Team, chose to believe Kicker instead and WHAM! it’s a done deal as far Arsenal Social Media was concerned. The kicker is Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang hasn’t joined Arsenal just yet.

Dortmund, all fussy about getting their fee, now want a replacement, which is football-speak for having your cake and eating it.

It seems Olivier Giroud prefers London to Dortmund, Rotterdam, anywhere, Liverpool or Rome, and Chelsea is the team for him. Or the team right now, I don’t actually think it bothers him; he needs first team football to be sure of travelling to the World Cup with France and anywhere will do.

That was the last straw for some. Sell Giroud? Not happening. There were some reasonable caveats added to that statement. The sane ones revolved around not selling to Chelsea; don’t strengthen a rival, especially one which is so desperate to strengthen their squad that they genuinely consider Andy Carroll. And Peter Crouch. You can see the way Antonio Conte is setting his team up there.

Others felt the prospect of a Cesc assist for a Giroud goal in the blue of Chelsea was too much to handle. Their hearts would be broken. Get. Over. It. For god’s sake, get over it. These aren’t Arsenal legends; uh-uh. Or if you think that they are, we need to redefine the word ‘legend’, we really do. shakes head in disbelief

The weirdest aspect was some claiming Giroud was a footballing god. It’s bizarre how one ‘scorpion kick’ melts away all memories of a 15-match barren spell. Or that seven goals in 24 appearances this season aren’t really the stats of a supersub (it’s four in his fifteen appearances from the bench).

The Good, The Bad and the…

There’s also the concern that selling Giroud somehow strengthens a rival. Chelsea are defending champions and eight points clear of us. They are the next level up from Arsenal at the moment but I don’t think their signing of Giroud pushes them beyond our reach; he’s not that good a player. He’s a decent striker but prone, like Morata, to long barren runs.

More to the point, it’s not as if we aren’t addressing our striker issues. PEA arriving helps Alexandre Lacazette in some ways, or puts a bit of pressure on him. It will be interesting to see how he reacts; was the Palace goal the lifting of a burden off his shoulders or a false dawn?

Certainly, it gives us options in an around the Europa League fixtures. With another striker available, Lacazette can at least be rested on the weekend before cup-ties. And it certainly makes the League Cup final a more interesting affair with City’s weak defence. If we’ve got a forward line firing on all cylinders, we have half a chance of beating City.

You may not think much of the League Cup but as with other managers, it’s a chance for us to keep a trophy-winning habit going. If we land that and the Europa League, is that a good season given where we started?

Anyway, if PEA is to feature against Everton, the deal you would think will need to be done by tomorrow at the latest. There’s a growing sense of a fairytale beginning; Tottenham, at Wembley – dare to dream.

And that’s the kind of feelgood factor we need around the club right now. No football since the shenanigans began with Alexis’ move to Old Trafford is not good; sometimes you need the distraction. shakes fist Curse you second XI who were so hopeless that we lost to a struggling Championship side!

Bad Rapping

Elsewhere, since we’re getting the transfer gossip out of the way, Rob Holding is the subject of an enquiry from Burnley. The Stalybridge Cannavaro is wanted by Sean Dyche on loan for the remainder of the season. If nothing else, it would do him good to go on loan and get some ‘old skool’ defensive coaching. Or any defensive coaching for that matter, which benefits us in the long run.

Which begs the question whether there is going to be a late move for Jonny Evans. He’d be an understandable signing but a curio. He’s getting a bad rap from us despite having three Premier League medals and a FIFA World Club Cup winners medal. You know, competitions that we don’t have a sniff of winning.

He’s not an ‘exciting’ signing but one which we need. It tells you the extent of the concerns when a hard-working pro improves our defence. It’s not a new problem, that’s for sure, but one we seem strangely disinclined to address.

That’s it for today. Not as long as the breath-taking comment yesterday but certainly a few more paragraphs. Oh, and a reminder that Mark E Smith retrospective is on Dad’s Jukebox.

‘ti Tomorrow.

110 thoughts on “Aubameyang Move Nearer While Uninspiring Can Be Just What We Need

  1. If this ends up collapsing on the back of a fee for Giroud it is going to be a complete joke. It may not be as good an outcome as selling Giroud, but why not send him on loan to Chelsea? No haggling over transfer fees and satisfies the player requirements of all teams in this little daisy chain. For the club it makes more sense to sell Giroud, but needs must. For the club it gets their attack sorted out now rather than the summer, so they can focus on other areas, such as defence. The only outstanding issues will be Ozil and Jack, but it sounds like they will be sorted one way or another in the remainder of the season.

    Somehow it took the BBC hours to work out the three player switch. Maybe they should have checked out ACLF earlier.

  2. Its Jim white. He is holding everything up so he makes sure everyone watches SSN transfer deadline day special.

  3. I have a feeling that at the end of the transfer window, arsene wenger will hold on to his beloved Oliver Giroud while Aubameyang will be forced to stay at Dortmund… Giroud is comfortable with his substitute roles at arsenal.. forget papers report of looking for first team shirt in order to make World Cup

  4. C,

    Morning C from what I know if you have played in the CL you are not eligible for the Europa.

    The stupid thing is that Sanchez having played in the Europa Is allowed to play in the CL.

    No consistency in how these regulations,
    wlaws are decided upon.

  5. EUFEA Rules are stupid. Dortmund are now in Europa League having played in n the CL.

    This disqualifies PEA.

    AFC are the only Club in for PEA. Does this say something about him?

    We have had a complete “free run” at it and still unable to get it done.

  6. Morning,

    I have read that the possible hair in the ointment affecting the player ‘daisy chain’ is that Conte does not want Giro.

    He is deemed to be simply the coach at Chelsea, and does not have a say in who they recruit or who they sell, as he has said himself.

    I am sure that Giro would not mind a switch to Chelsea, altho there are plenty of Arsenal fans who do not want us to sell Giro to another team at the top, following Sanchez to Manure.

    What a tangled weave there is when clubs try to sell and buy players. In the end I suspect it will work itself out, especially as Dortmund have managed to get a lot of money for a ‘difficult’ player they no longer want, and will not want him causing further trouble in the locker room until the summer.

    Personally I have always been a fan of Auba, but the years have slipped by, and he is now 28/29 getting on towards the key age of 30 — and the question is — will injuries start to strike, as often happens with older players, and therefore, is he worth all that money?

    A younger player (25/26 y.o.) might be a better investment?

    Que sera, sera — whatever will be, will be. 🙂

  7. I hope the Aubameyang deal goes through, because it would be a big disappointment for fans if after all said and done, the deal is not concluded.

  8. Bonjour, Ras, mon ami, 🙂

    It is a fine pickle we are in over all the transfer business we get involved in.

    J’ espere there is a faint glimmer of common sense showing because Kroenke & Co must now see how disruptive this whole process has been and it is costing them the loss of unnecessary £millions — and more importantly it has totally upset many of the fans who are the whole point of every football club.

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