On Aubameyang, Paying the Price and the Transfer Omerta

Forget anything you ever knew about transfer market values. Nothing from the past bears any resemblance to the now while the future is a genetic mutation tuning its’ banjo. Whatever the price is we’re going to pay it.

The price. What is the price? There’s little economic sense in it which makes the proclamations of intellectual genius futile if you don’t grasp the basics of how the footballing world has changed. Low-ball offers don’t work unless there is genuine desperation on the part of the selling club.

It’s why City pulled out of the Alexis deal; the wages didn’t frighten them but paying a fee on top of it did. For them, in pole position and as sole bidder, the price was zero. Then United came along with their player swap scenario, recognising our weakness and doing just enough to tempt us into a deal.

We, on the other hand, are now desperate buyers when Dortmund should be desperate sellers. Arsène, reportedly, wants Malcom while other senior executives want Aubameyang. We have been on this deal for ten days and have four to seal it; ‘Plan B’ doesn’t exist. It’s Aubameyang or bust so instead of capitalising on a club being stuck with a troublesome player, we’re in a weaker position than the selling club on paper.

Reports tell us that Arsenal believe Aubameyang wants out of Dortmund. Well, duh! Suarez wanted out of Liverpool and that didn’t get us very far, did it? We can believe all we want but until the pen is put to paper confirming the player is now registered to Arsenal Football Club, belief means nothing. That harsh lesson seems too readily forgotten if reports are to be believed…

Capitalism Punishment

I understand Arsenal want to negotiate the fee downwards but there are other factors to consider. Ten days ago, a deal had us a striker ready for his debut against Swansea. It’s unlikely PEA will debut against Everton unless we get a deal done by Tuesday. Two games missed out on when rivals for the top four – yes, we’re still in that chase – face tough fixture lists.

Tottenham face Manchester United and Liverpool with Newport doing us a favour of throwing an FA Cup replay into the mix before the North London Derby. If we don’t capitalise on dropped points in these matches, does the financial saving make sense? When the gap is less than the prize money for qualifying out of the group stage in the Champions League, no.

You’d hope the executives weighed up these factors before low-balling Dortmund. Maybe we didn’t low-ball them? Maybe Dortmund are squeezing a couple of million from us in the up-front part of the fee? We don’t know; like you, I haven’t seen the offer faxed over to Germany.

The only thing which is certain about this deal is that yet again, Arsenal are suffering from poor PR. Dortmund are playing to their fanbase far better than we are, getting their ‘interpretation’ of events across in the media more effectively. It’s something which we’ve got to improve on.

For all we know, Arsenal could be playing a blinder but they’ve lost the PR war. Zorc used the media to greater effect, playing Jonathan while we lie prone on the circuit having twelve bells of crap knocked out of us. The reality is that we’re Jonathan and Zorc is Mr Bartholomew, defeated by a determination to do right and a will to win which he can’t cope with.

We’ll never know.

Flip, Flop, Fly

And therein is Arsenal’s problem, seemingly unsolvable. While other clubs happily use the media, we get Ed Miliband lookalike David Ornstein, a former transfer oracle now the club’s unpaid PR stooge. No-one believes him after last summer’s flip-flopping on the transfer war chest, do they? Oh, you do? Okayyyy…

It’s a strange attempt to win back popularity by Ivan & co. At a time when their stock is at arguably its lowest point, we keep to the transfer omerta in the hope that ‘doing things the right way, the Arsenal way’ will get us brownie points and a couple of million off the price. I’d be interested to see if that actually works or if it damages the club’s reputation in negotiations?

Maybe that something Señor Raul will put right on Thursday when he joins; a more media-savvy approach, probably to the relief of the Arsenal PR team.

Scouring the media for good news today is an exercise in futility so I will just add my twopenneth-worth on last night’s VAR controversy. I wasn’t watching the match but flicked onto the BBC sport site to see the score. Headlines said to watch the game so I did; thank god for BT Sport’s ‘enhanced’ player where you can rewind the action.

How bad a referee is Craig Pawson? There’s nothing wrong with referring to the VAR but I suspect the inquest will start with why it took three minutes to get to the right decision. There’s no need for Pawson to go and watch a feed of the incident. Once it’s referred ‘upstairs’, the decision is out of the referee’s hands. Let the VAR decide. Forget obvious mistakes, referees make them all the time; just refer the decision.

Trust in Me…

Pawson copped out last night eight times. Or Kopped out, if you like. This is the inherent risk of VAR; referees fear making a mistake and become incapable of making all but the simplest of decisions. If it takes this to root out weak referees, so be it.

Dean, in the penalty scenario, would be theatrical in every aspect although I suspect he is looking forward to being the first official to over-rule the VAR after watching a replay of the incident. Mike Riley’s head with then loop into the stadium and tell Dean to change his mind. He can do that because Dean is the only man with a 500-mile long neck.

And on vague ridiculous and utterly disturbing note, I’ll call it day.

’til Tomorrow.

82 thoughts on “On Aubameyang, Paying the Price and the Transfer Omerta

  1. Orson Kaert,

    On our earlier discussion:

    Agreed, Michy isn’t much of an option. Just trying to think of any way we can shake things up a bit in attack if we don’t get Aubameyang. I just don’t see us getting much from Giroud, so maybe the swap would shake up both players. Would it be worse, or better than doing nothing at all? Who knows?

  2. who approves the expenses of the negotiating team when they get back from Dortmund with no deal?? They had lots of free time so hope they brought a good book….

  3. Thanks for another fine write up YW.

    I think VAR should be the future, but they now have to sort out how it should be properly implemented. This idea that the ref is still the final decision maker is frankly ridiculous, if the VAR sees something the ref hasn’t it should go with the VAR. Is the ref really going to stare at the same footage that the VAR does on a screen next the pitch and really feel that he sees it differently? That’s just pandering to the arrogance of some refs. The other issue is the information provided to the stadium crowd. We at home can see all of the replay angles, but all those in attendance know is that the ref has been in discussion with the VAR and that has had an impact on his decision. Will showing the specific footage on the screen that went with the decision be that wrong?

  4. If you think Michy compares with Sanogo:

    Welbeck – 22 goals in 91 appearances for Arsenal
    Batshuayi – 17 goals in 52 appearances for Chelsea

    Not saying its the answer, but if nothing comes out of the negotiations in Dortmund maybe it would be an answer. Very much doubt that anything other than a big name signing would convince Ozil to sign a new deal though and I think that we will get a very disinterested Ozil for the rest of the season if we don’t show our ambition in this window.

  5. Wavey,

    I completely agree with that remark about Mesut-he’s holding fire with any contract nonsense until he can see what we’re going to do ….

  6. I don’t know who are sweating more over this Auba transfer?? The spunts are shitting themselves at the prospect of us getting him and are really hoping it all falls through.

  7. Wavey, I’m watching the Chelsea/Newcastle game, after twenty minutes the commentator said “Batshuyai hasn’t been involved much so far” and so he scores. 😎

  8. Great post Yogi

    The amount of money that has been flooding the top levels of world football in this century is the reason transfer fees and wages have grown at an exponential rate. The players and their agents understand the economics as well as the owners and they are not going to let ownership just tuck all that money away in their bank accounts. The money has to go somewhere. For the most part club owners are not stupid people and would not be doing something that would cause them to lose money. They would not be paying these sort of transfer fees and wages if there was not money available. We have to accept that reality and if we want PEA then we have to meet the price that Dortmund has set.

  9. Orson from yesterdays discussion. The quality of our finishers has been just as good or better in the last couple of season but Ozil’s assist totals have still taken a significant drop during those 2 years. We can’t blame the finishers because he was creating assists with these same finishers before 2 years ago. The eye test has told us that he has looked invisible for a lot more games then he has looked good for the last couple of seasons. The statistics do help to validate the eye test.

  10. Bill,

    Sorry Bill that argument doesn’t hold water, Walcott was a major goalscorer and beneficiary of Ozil’s assists but has hardly played in the last season and a half. Same goes for Giroud.

    By doing he way, what is “the eye test”?

  11. Regarding some of things from yesterdays comment section. I did not watch the Liverpool game but it sounds like VAR certainly has some kinks and procedural issues to iron out. I still think getting the calls right more often has to be the main priority and somehow they have to figure out how to use VAR to do that with as little disruption of the game as possible. There will never be a perfect solution.

  12. Wavey,

    Yup, also saw the latest Deloitte money list that had AFC up to sixth in the world (overtaking PSG) for income, Chelsea were eighth I believe. Chelsea the team that have won two titles in the last four years of course without any ‘financial doping’ that the acolytes keep harping on about.

  13. Wavey

    Conte is obviously not a big fan of Batshuyi and I would not be surprised if he was sent on loan. However there is no good reason for Chelsea to do anything that might help us

  14. Bill,

    We have just one more game to play against Chelsea this season, we can hardly be considered a threat to their title ambitions. Should Chelsea agree to loan Batishuyi to us they could insert a clause in the agreement preventing us playing him against them.

    It could be argued that by improving Arsenal by loaning us the player would in fact help Chelsea as we may take points off of their closest rivals for the Premiership.

  15. Orson Kaert,

    They don’t even need to insert a clause nowadays. The ruling is that you can’t play against your own team in the league, but you can in cup competitions. Not that that makes much difference now.

  16. Orson,

    I cannot remember Arsenal ever taking a ‘major’ player on loan — or any first team player for that matter (same thing?) — truth being, I am only speaking from memory, so if I am wrong — it is clearly someone else’s fault – obviously! 😀

  17. Hiya, Wavey,

    Just been catching up on recent past comments over recent days, and I would like to know — are you really Andy is disguise? — 😀 — your usual equanimity seems to have taken a distinct shift to the dark side — you can borrow my anti-Andy silver foil hat if it helps.

    Andy has an excuse — he has spent a lot of time stuck in fume filled Airbus wings!! 😀

  18. Dortmund and Arsenal are currently playing the old ‘who blinks first – loses’ game.

    I have no idea what is going on, apart from Dortmund wanting to screw every dollar out of Arsenal for Aubamalama, and we are conversely trying to spend as little as possible — quite normal stuff — but each club would see the transfer as a good result, in their own interests – so I am confident that matters will be resolved (ish). 🙂

  19. HenryB,

    If we can’t get over the line with Aubayang, a six month loan deal for a player such as Batshui makes sense, particularly if we can eventually get Aubayang in the summer.

    I’ve no idea if Arsenal have ever taken a player on loan, but that shouldn’t stop them doing so now. Needs must when the Devil drives!

  20. Bill,

    Bill-because a finisher doesn’t finish,doesn’t mean that the supplier hasn’t supplied.
    You cannot blame individuals chances to score(some of them gilt edged) on a bloke that assists the opportunity.That’s what it is-an opportunity.

  21. Orson

    I think most people not named Orson or perhaps C who have watched the tram woukd agree that Özil has not had nearly as much positive influence in the last couple of years on any sort of consistent basis. Its discussing a striker. It would be hard for anyone to make a case that he is underperforming if he scoring goals and it’s hard to make a case that he is just as good as ever if he has a sudden drop in the number of goals he scores. Assists is the single most important measure of production ozil can give us and the significant drop over the last 2 years adds a lot of support to the argument that he has not played as well starting 2 years ago around January 2016.

  22. Bill,

    You have continued to say that Özil does not score many/enough goals, and many of us have tried to explain your misunderstanding — anyway, as Orson says, he is a creative/assist player, not a goalscorer per se, so any goals are just a bonus.

    You just do not get that, I guess. 😀

  23. Bill,

    I repeat Bill….if Giroud is given 20 chances to score in a season and he puts away 15 of them….unlikely…and in the next season he’s given 20 chances to score and he puts away 10 of them,then Ozil(the assistant in ALL of them) only gets credit for 10 in the second season.That ‘stat’(as you love ‘em)is down to Ozil then is it?…..or Giroud’s inability to convert?
    The assistant has done his bit…it’s then down to the converter.
    You’re laying the blame squarely at the feet of the assistant,even though he’s done his job.
    However you dress it up Bill,you’re seriously misguided.

  24. Pep certainly is not rotating very much for teams like Bristol in the league cup or Cardiff in the FA cup. Over the years we have often complained that Arsène never rotated but in reality I think that was a case of us seeing what we expected and then saying it so often that it morphed into incorrect conventional wisdom. Arsene certainly rotates as much or more then any other big team manager.

  25. Jonnygunner

    You are completely dismissing the possibility that part of the reason Giroud scored fewer of those chances is related to a change in the effectiveness of the service he was getting. In the case of ozil something clearly changed in terms of the number of assists he was creating after the first part of the 15/16 season and without an significant change in the players around him or a change in system. In the first 2/3 of this season we have dropped Giroud and we have better finishers and Mesut is on pace to have 9.5 assists for the season and that is with a relatively better run of form recently. If you want to blame that drop in assist production all on the rest of the team and absolve ozil from any responsibility then I am not going to change your mind.

  26. Isn’t it funny that all the talk thus season has been about not getting Ozil a contract yet he has been our best player since the NLD and has actually taken on a bigger role and been massive in the big matches. Isn’t it funny that people kill him for not being a big match player yet it was Ozil who was brilliant against Citeh and then Chelsea and drove the team in thr FA Cup semi and Final.

    The other thing is, Ozil is top 5 in both assists and chances created in Europe’s top 5 leagues since 14/15 only behind De Bruyne, Suarez and tied with Eriksen all of whom play with top 5 strikers and Ozil has had to work with Giroud and Welbeck…..

  27. Henry I don’t expect ozil to score goals but if he is not producing assists then he is probably not playing as well as we expect from someone who probably wants to get the worlds biggest contract for a purely creativity players who happens to be entering his age 30 season at the start of that contract.

  28. If you consider Lacazette a good finisher then we have had better finishers then any season since RVP left and nothing has really changed.

  29. Bill,

    You are missing the point completely Bill-what is a quality assist?…..you may look at a striker with a semi-chance and think ‘no way….not from there’….and then …BOOM…aka Damon…and its in the net.
    You may have Welbeck with a tap in on the line….and then….how the fuck did he miss tgst?(overlooking the fact he IS Danny Welbeck…)…..where does it end?

  30. Bill,

    Not sure where you get the idea that we have had better finishers. Apart from Sanchez, who tended more towards being involved in the build up as well as at the end of plays, we have had pretty poor finishers. Giroud has never scored 20 goals in the league, Welbeck has an appalling scoring record and Lacazette is in his first season and is therefore adjusting (note Morata who is also regarded as a good finisher and is adjusting to the PL).

  31. Maybe not the best examples of what can be achieved by bringing in loan players, but it shows that we haven’t been averse to it in the past.

  32. Interesting update from BBC journalist Michael Gravesande who is reporting that Arsenal’s deal for Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang is “all but” agreed.

    He said that “Arsenal & BVB have all but reached an agreement for Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang for a fee of around €60m”.

  33. Dare I say it, that sounds almost promising, C.
    Mostly, I just want it to be over already. 😀
    Are there other big deals at other clubs that are awaiting conclusion? I ask out of genuine interest/ignorance – I have not heard much noise about anything else going on this window.

  34. Orson Kaert,

    €60m mate which is a steal. I do think though a LARGE part of the deal being done at that rate is what actually took place at, during and after the Dortmund match. Fans literally booed Aubameyang the whole match as well as held LOADS of signs, the manager came out and said that Aubameyang’s transfer has unsettled the ENTIRE club, Sahin cam out and said that the players are know he is leaving and because of that part of their attack is weaker cause everybody isn’t together and apparently the German press has been waging a war against Aubameyang since last season and its getting even worst.

    I think at this point its gone from managing the PR to simply getting a player out of a club for all parties involved.

  35. Wow, that’s spooky. No sooner had I mentioned that than Ornstein pipes up with:

  36. Jonny,

    Its very promising mate! Its crazy to think that the Aubameyang situation is much more toxic than the Sanchez situation not because of performance but its seems the whole country has turned on Aubameyang and its affecting the club.

    The only other news that I have really followed was the Lucas Moura situation and probably the BIGGEST is HIGHLY RATED CB Laporte has signed for Citeh which is MASSIVE because he was literally being chased by Juve, PSG, Madrid, Athletico and Barca over the summer and he turned all them down.

  37. If we can sign a committed Aubanayang on top of Mikhitryan then we will have more than compensated for the loss of whatsisname.

  38. Orson Kaert,

    If we get Mhkitaryan and Aubameyang than I think we will have actually come out better this window especially because I think signing those two will lead to Ozil and Jack renewing.

  39. With Aubameyang looking all but signed, has there ever been a situation to where a club signed the leading goal scorer or runner up from two of Europe’s top 5 in back to back windows with both players either just entering their prime?

    Well done Arsenal

  40. HenryB,

    Hi Henry,

    I’m always like this in transfer windows, especially when we let top players leave and appear to do nothing to replace them. You may recall that I was incandescent when we sold RVP to Manure and thought that we could make do with Giroid. If Aubameyang does come in we will have had a really good transfer window for a change. I can’t trust that it will happen until it’s formally announced though.

  41. Dukey: “Let’s be honest, I think getting auba and mikh is better than having that sulking Moody Mexican midget!”

    Big teams have speed up front and it only makes sense for Arsenal to replace Sanchez and there is no better option than Aubu.Wenger and chrome plated Porsche?? Maybe not the right combination! Pictures from Dortmund training ground shows Aubameyang packing up his car with boxes. Arsene says it might not be close but it looks like, ITS ON. I am really excited because contrary to what other says, most of the top clubs in the world play with 4-5 attacking players the biggest difference is that they generally have a DM who plays like Elneny did against Palace. I actually wouldn’t be surprised to see Mhkitaryan score more goals for Arsenal because the problem for Iwobi is that he is getting into position to score goals but he cocks up his finishing, I think Mhkitaryan would score a bit more.Add Aubameyang in the mix and top 4 will be ours again. Great times ahead. I am happy that we took a potentially disastrous situation (Sanchez leaving) and are about to get some very good news (Auba and Mikhi). Would have just been nice to see them make moves sooner. But I am happy we have something took look forward to be optimistic about. I think Sven is doing a great job. The net spend for January is going to be modest with all the outgoings. But in return, we have regenerated the playing roster. We are getting more bang for buck using the same relatively tiny transfer kitty and loving the new Wenger,“You celebrate some teams who have not been in a final for 25 years and yet you kill us even though we have won the FA Cup three times in the last four years. We have to live with that.” The names of those supposed favoured clubs were not mentioned but, while 25 years might have been something of an exaggeration, we can speculate that Liverpool and Tottenham Hotspur were not far from his thinking. Jurgen Klopp and Mauricio Pochettino are both still waiting for their first trophy in English football and Wenger remains confident that Arsenal can still overhaul a five point Premier League gap to Liverpool in fourth. “Stan Kroenke shows he’s gunning for Alisher Usmanov as Arsenal owner buys 22 more shares in club.” Excellent news. Usminov will hold out for the best price & then join Moshiri at Everton. As Le Boss said: “At the end of the day we are a serious football club with responsibilities. “We want to spend the money we can afford. The maximum we can afford we do, but as well you have some decisions to make. “Are you responsible in your management or not? If you can’t afford you have to say no, we’re sorry we can’t do that.” We will not spend over the odds, and I won’t blame Wenger when we have an owner who can authorize it. Until the owners sacks Wenger for not spending, I won’t belive he is hoarding cash. It’s a club policy. I called it, when I said the line up was good enough, the hatred some of have for Wenger is clouding your reasoning process. Our transfers drag so long because we hagle prices so much. Ivan is in Germany, yet the deal is still on the balance, that tells you it is a club policy and not Wenger “the powerful” sole idea. We don’t want to throwaway our 400m revenue in a year and don’t have money to pay players and staff. Do the math, if we have a revenue of 400m, and our wage bill is 190m,we have little to buy players with and run the other expenses of the club. We are not that rich people, Wenger or no Wenger, I believe the reason why Kronke trust Wenger so much is because, he is the only manager that don’t care about the abuse of not winning trophys. Jack should learn from Atom and Humber to stay fit. Jack Wilshere has returned to full match fitness after numerous injuries ordeal he went through and has started playing regularly. And he has even started over 10 games for Arsenal this season wherein he has performed credibly getting acolades for his top quality performances for Arsenal from football pundits and fans. He’s now looks to be integral to the senior Arsenal starting XI team. And based on his recent consistent top performances for Arsenal, the England national team manager, Gary Southgate is contemplating on recalling him to the England squad for the 2018 World Cup tournament. Therefore, if Jack continues to work very hard in training and in games for Arsenal to improve on his present game playing quality and be fortunate to escape injury that is devastating when playing for Arsenal till season’s end, there is no reason why Jack won’t make the England 23 list for Russia in the summer. But a question remains on Arsenal giving him an extention to his deal that’s expiring at the end of this season with a lower wage earnings. I think Jack may find this proposal to him irritating irrespective of whoever is responsible for it. But being an Intelligent man that he is, I believe he has the capacity to deal with the situation appropriately and come out it happy. BTW When Poch really thinks he is same category as Wenger, Pep. Jose, Klopp, Conte etc. He doesn¿t know that in the game you must have history and trophies behind you to really speak up about the superior managers of the game and the superior clubs! Small fish in big pond. Stf you are just irrelevant and nobody! Coming third in a two horse race was probably Pochy’s biggest achievement so far. You could not make it up with this guy. Imagine being a fan spurs, but you¿re embarrassed about it so you parade around as a an Arsenal fan. If Spurs would have had a decent manager they would have won the title and this is a fact. Are there any surviving Tottenham fans who were able to witness the Hotspur club winning the title LAST TIME? If so, they deserve our heartiest congratulations for reaching such a grand old age. First and foremost Wenger did not mention Spurs name. Secondly what Wenger said is the truth. The media want Wenger out of arsenal more than the arsenal fans want. They (media) are behaving as if arsenal belongs to them. The guys at ESPN are typical example. If Liverpool or City were in for Auba, they would say it shows ambitions, arsenal going for him, and all we hear from the media ESPN is, where arsenal will play him because arsenal have Lacazete. Wenger has and always will be one of the greatest cup managers in the history of the game. You won’t see his tactics on the team sheets like a mourinho or a Conte but he just makes these tweaks which are hugely effective. He doesn’t spend money. When he does he buys the wrong players. And then he makes them regress. He is a tactical idiot. He is a dinosaur as faras modern football is concerned. Etc. etc. etc. Yet he took Arsenal to the CL for 20 years running. Won the PL three times. Reached a CL final which he would have won if his ‘star’ player, the one who advised Sanchez to leave, would have taken his sitters. Eight FA cups, 3 in the last 4 years. Nearly won the league in 07-08 and 10-11 with largely a bunch of kids, and obscure players picked up on the cheap. Made countless players into stars. All while paying for a stadium. Must be knowing some dark arts. All those who are dreaming of mega Arsenal after Wenger, please pray that suddenly we get a mega rich and mega generous owner like the Sheikh, or an absolute managerial genius. Both are unlikely. What is more likely that in five years time, a lot of us maybe looking back on the Wenger years and saying they weren’t so bad, we buy players for the price and we are getting what we deserve. There is nothing like getting it right when you buy above everybody. Patience is the companion of wisdom. It never ceases to amaze me how little people really crave change. It’s always one guy, one select group, those willing to sacrifice life and limb, reputation and asset. As I said, the people are ready they simply do not have the will. To hold a season pass, yes the vast majority of the stadium is filled by this demographic! And the stafiimnis quiet. The enirates lacks atmosphere and that is produced by those same inhabitants, do they know what it means to support! A parent watches their obese child running on sports day, the parent is not ashamed, do they sit quietly now aware that fatty won’t win? Only when it directly affects you! Do you know who does the most damage to Arsenal? Supposed fans of Arsenal. The GAO to city is as wide as them dropping points in the six games that see them to a Champions league (CL) final. It’s about as big as players dropping gears to make sure they don’t miss that or an FA Cup final. The game winner De Britney is out, they are now without Heyzus, until, guess what the CL starts again, relying on the jotriously fragile, Sergio. They just lost the right back from what is essentially and 18 man squad and they are already playing a make shift left back, who probably adds better balance than an actual left back. Sterling is scoring all their goals because they are doing what every team should do and having two options open when any one man Ian on the hall. Pep, that very effective manager, had no management experience, he went from reserve coach to 18 trophies just like that. Dismissing someone’s knowledge of the game because they have little experience is answer clumsy as the fools who are ruining a game to make more money for someone else than they or that person could spend on a lifetime. Sounded, great assessments, Neville also, I’ll even allow him the odd snipe, he is United through and through, as he should be. And he is critical of us, constructively, he respects the rivalry that much. Carragher, when he focuses is often spot on. In fact the worst pundits are Danny Murphy, just a bitter guy, Henry because he’s not sure what to say, he’s over thinking it, which means he cares for something, I wonder what. Alan Shearer cannot hack that he can’t play and Liniker, is a spud, when he and Jermaine, another bitter, career cut short spud, get together it’s like nails on a chalk board. But it’s either they are too harsh or cynical or the manager has to go or the players or the ref or the FA. It’s never assessed by anyone (really) as an in depth combination of these mitigating factors. Yes it was easy to say Dean would do it, but nobody said (other than me) he would do it in spectacular fashion. He threw in the towel, why, because it was already over, not just the job, but the huddle and it is about money, money always leaves a trail. I said, where is the news regarding Sky bid, then it released. Not from The Culture secretary but The Guardian. You know what happens to that Sky bid? Restructuring and re-application. You want VAR, you know who just ensured it happened, Arsenal and Arsene – courtesy of an undeserving young Englishmen who had just decided to focus. Never proud, just always proud! Do you love the game more than a club? I do! Wenger does, what is the point in supporting the club if the game is dead. And it’s dying! Empty seats, liquidations, administration, arbitration. Look at the last Olympic Games and the one before and cycling. We ‘Arsenal’ are bleeding for the game, I am proud. City play because they get political protection, we have to ask, will someone break my leg, will he be offside if I pay the trap, will my valid goal stand if I break the trap, maybe I should hesitate for a second and make sure I’m onside. This is adversity, this builds character, Arsene has learned to fume and think simultaneously, to ascribe sons for other sons. Go sacrifice your son to god! What a lesson. Jack had to overcome what would be a career ending injury and he gave up for a bit, but had a daughter and that maketh a man, do you know what’s different about a Jack, he’s calmer on the pitch, his movement Ian even better. I would have to stop playing for some reason or anothe, but I’d dream games and when innext played it was as if Inhad learnt through simulation, what I would do if. What is different about Jack is, he’s pissed off, but channeling it all. Someone goes for his ankle and they have, he just gets up. Who was booked for remonstrating with the official, see their personas, one tubes to work, the other is the prodigal son returned and he’s being even more efficient with the ball, that pass for Alexis was just that, it was so superior it was simple. But do you know what else that ball said, who the fuck do you think you are Alexis? It said grow a pair, to the boy who’s impoverished Chilean mother came back from the mayors house with only half the money for boots. He’ll play, Dean just made sure of it, Ozil found a wifey, he’ll play, it’s all he wanted. Lacazette is almost done acclimatising, he’s now chasing lost causes. What is missing up top is wide right and Theo as I said should happen is gone. Not going but gone. Arsene took out his own right flank, why? Err dummy he’s financing his own change in personnel, because he has accepted the status quo, when Tony accept that much, you are now ready to tackle it. They don’t hate Arsenal, they hat Arsene, he knows way too much and has never said a thing. Bet he does now! Oh I’ll put money on it that, that charge is the catalyst. When I listen to your flipppant, pessimism, I think these people deserve Brexit, for their country built of immigrants, exploitation and other people’s blood. When I listen to your casual stoicism I think this country isn’t the place for the best league in he world, full tonthe brim with imported talent. Last great arnglishmen to win Too national honours, likes pristitutes, cheats on his rather dedicated wife, deinkndrives and is overweight. Yes he sounds English to me. Not even so much British. History has taught you nothing, change always come, just later than those who are righteous would like. I listen to Sam try and give his best positive vibes and admire his bravery, rather than consider it folly. He dares to believe every game. 60,000 believers, you have an ampitheatre, with 11 lions already used to the taste of man, 7 more baying to be released from their lairs. Instead ArsenalFanTV, when statistically changing manager fails and the guy who put together the invincible class of 03’04 didn’t just lose the ability to assemble a squad. No he knew his job and began an empire, the fabrications of which consist of Vieria, Henry, Van Bronckhorst, Amelia, Hleb, Cole, Clichy, Adevbayor, Fabregas, Sagna, Nasri, Wright, Cole .A. His success is his, our undoing, we were rampant. When those who walk accross that bridge and over that threshold realise, acknowledge or remember these things. We will crush our opponents. No he isn’t perfect, the team isn’t perfect, but it’s pretty, built from the bones of its forebears, not wads of 0’s and 1’s. You don’t know what I sacrificed, to affect an investigation, criminal standard burden of proof, so high up, I can barely breathe, against those who are faceless. Do you even grasp how a case is built at that level. How painstaking and meticulous I must be. That Sir Hardly Anyone would want to do it, making the road even longer, without the benefit of many hands. When it’s so crazed the levels they’d go to that you are scared for people you love and to attempt to explain is insanity itself because it would sound insane. To know what it feels like to say the earth is not flat or to know e does equal MC squared and spend a youth working out how. No you don’t, you don’t have the will to, you barely have the will to make a sound when your team are under the cosh! So how fickle to expect you to see that a case is being built because it pays to, because it protects national interest. It’s like me saying before the American election, Trump will never win, well he didn’t. Certainly not the popular vote and how do a House of Representatives, representing the interests of those states for which they were elected, end up not representing them. Oh now people on Facebook want to talk to me, well I’m ok thanks. It’s like me going on and on about the reality of economic collapse, so long ago and the timeframe for it, that I deserve letters before my name already. I don’t know an ecomonmist who was earlier than me or more accurate. The absence of proof is not proof of absence. It’s like me turning to Conor and saying they are investigating the league, midway though a Home game so long ago, I will leave you ignorant to the shape of the current cabinet and PM. Or me praying we sold Santi before what happened, happened, because I knew it would happen. It was for him and us undesired it. The guy may ever walk properly again, let alone play. Yeah sign for Arsenal and have your legs broken, put anyone off signing. Do you grasp what Wenger is about to do, maybe a factor in his separation, or the personal delivery of his daughter to Fitz of the Iniversity of….Leicester can’t win a League even if for a season Vardy has Midas glued to the bottom of his boots. Do you know how many betting company’s blocked me, why because I lose a lot. Yes history repeats itself, every now an again someone goes to the full extent of expressing their humanity, and people are touched that never knew they were gifted anything. If I pray anything, it’s that he sells Theo now for his good and ours, that he considers sending Mo somewhere hot after a wonderful Workd Cup performance, for his sake and ours. You like Montreal, well he’s seriously injured now, your micro view is distorted even as it is tunnelled. Penmanship, I’m just flexing muscles, stretching before the final. Writing ambiguously here just in case something happened to me, oh yes it was a terrible 17, as if I was robbed of CL qualifications and the heart, brain and soul of my team was crucified. History repeats itself, thengood always fall for the many, because their are only a few good men, but good men always come to the fore. We fed back, Untold improved, we lamented on the journalist hacks who cannot actually write a column and they write what we want, while we should Ben learning we write well enough for a broader stage. The cronies came and nownteuy by and large are went. Change is here, the people are ready, they just lack the will. But someone or at least a few good men, will have the will and will rise to the occasion and maybe they will remain, Sir Hardly Anyone, or maybe not. A blight on ones health may be the trigger for some works much greater and we are measured by just that. You see evil and oppose its equal and opposite. When the world superheats, it then freezes, when particles freeze they become dormant, when toxins are frozen to abnormal temeperatures, none remain. If you are right then we are all dead, if I am right, we have a chance, literally in hell. Boycotting tickets and games feeds the negativity, turning up and making a racket doesn’t. #vuvuzaela In Arsene I trust. #protectKoscielny #protectHector #wekeepwhatwehave #reinforce #doitnow We need a CB and to play with a back four and a dedicated DM. We need a pass key for defences on the right flank. We need to get Cech’s successor asap and he has to be English. All of these things finish Empire and allow our youth the freedom of development. COYG Sometimes appearing to perfect is costly, sometimes the odd mistake is perfection. I am happy we have something took look forward to be optimistic about. We’re in the right direction and with the Mikhi and Aubameyang’s arrival will ensure us the top 4 will be ours again.

    Great times ahead.

  42. Wow.

    Started off okay and then went down hill rapidly. Sounds much more like a Wenger supporter than anything else. Supporting a club doesn’t mean having unconditional faith in those who run it. Too many statements that can easily be shot down and have already been many times before. We are the sixth richest club and other teams are now doing considerably better than us with substantially lower wage bills. The transfer poiicy and management of player contracts has been a disaster. And I’m not just talking about not paying up. I’ll stop there, but there are so many more other points made which can so easily be refuted.

  43. Papa Bear,

    Well I guess it falls to me on this occasion to comment after papa bear

    I was about to say ‘Rollerball’ !!

    What a film and quite the saddest scene with Moon pie??

    I was also going to say some good chat as usual – C showing enthusiasm and yes positive vibe. Why not?

    Papa Bear – lot of thoughts and I hope you found cathartic

    I will only endorse your overall optimism

    Ultimately as I have written before I still like Wenger and want him to succeed because I truly believe his heart is in the right place

    However I enjoy slagging off his weird decisions or strategy as we must

    It would be a very boring site if we simply simpered.

    So I appreciate all the opinions even if I disagree sometimes

  44. Papa Bear,

    Well I never….that was one hell of a read…..you went in so many directions…more tangents than a maths lesson.
    I had a coffee break half way through mate…….you do love Arsene don’t you?
    ‘Patience is the companion of wisdom’ was my favourite bit.The football side of your War and Peace was pretty lame,but Jesus….you must’ve been up early to get that lot written-are your fingers sore?

  45. That Giroud might leave as we sign PEA got me thinking as to how I might remember his time at Arsenal. It’s a pretty tough one, he was decent without being spectacular. He scored some useful goals but had some long streaks where he couldn’t buy a goal. On occasion he was brave, putting his head in where it hurt, on others he flopped to the floor at the slightest touch. It’s hard to categorise him, the only thing I could think of was him as a modern day Alan Sunderland but with better hair.

  46. According to most of the tabloids…the transfer window slams shut on Wednesday.Why can’t it be gently closed?

  47. Well, that’s today’s post done. Papa Bear’s comment is twice as long as anything I’d ever write. Question: has anyone read it yet? I’m kinda scared too…

  48. andy1886,

    I had a thought about Giroud and I think he more so than any player not named Ramsey was everything that has been good and bad about the last couple seasons of Arsenal under Arsene: enough quality to think there could and possibly should be more but not enough quality nor consistency to actually make it happen.

  49. Papa Bear…. let me go back to your comment, you know you could have posted that over 10 days instead of bottling it all up. lol

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